tagNonHumanBack to Nature Ch. 03

Back to Nature Ch. 03


Chapter 03

The cubs find their own mates

Author's note --

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. Any resemblance to real life people, events, or someone else's writings is coincidental. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.

This story contains a non-human interaction. If that's not something you are into, try finding something else to read. To get a better understanding of this story, go back and read Ch. 02, A Mate for Life.


The male and female mountain lions had bred the year before and had produced a pair of male cubs. With the parents being of prime age for breeding, the cubs were healthy and strong. With plenty of game in their remote northern American Rocky Mountain habitat, their mother Felicia, was able to provide them with plenty of milk, ensuring a fast growth from the start. When the cubs were old enough to hunting with the parents, they quickly picked up the skills to hunt small game and survive on their own.

At the end of the day, the cubs' mother, Felicia, would lick their golden fur, helping to keep their coats clean and shiny. At the same time, the male mountain, Lionel, would groom his mate Felicia in the same manner. During these times, the den reverberated with the throaty purring of the contented family.

In these times of contentment, Felicia would have vague images and recollections. It was almost as if she had once been something else. There were images of strange canyons of hard stone and walls that reflected brilliant sunlight. What was most unexplainable was that instead of walking on all fours, she was walking on just her hind legs and there were similar creatures walking in the same manner.

There were also vague recollections of the first time she met her mate Lionel, not far from the den. How she had taken to him right away and followed him to his den. There was something about the first time Lionel had mated with her, she was on her back and he was on top. This was the only time he had mated with her that way. After that, he had always taken from the rear, his big paws clutching at her chest, and his jaws nipping at the back of her neck. He always knew when she was in heat. His nose would pick of the scent of her moistening sex and his tongue would lap at the opening causing extra stimulation so that she was more than ready for his hard prick to penetrate her and fill her with his seed.

For two years, the cubs Rajah and Felix, had been nurtured by their parents. With each passing month of their maturity, they ventured off for longer and longer periods of time. Sometimes they hunted alone and sometimes they hunted together. Even when they were apart, there was a sense of being together. The sounds of the forest, the sights, the smells were as if it were a shared experience.

Sometimes when they ventured far from the parental den, they came close to humans. During those times their keen sense of smell would pick up the human scent from quite a distance. Not only that, but a peculiar trait of human scent would cause a transformation of their physical form. They became similar in form to the humans they observed. This transformation allowed them close contact without fear of being shot. They were able to observe the human behavior and speech. While it was educational to observe these human males and females, Rajah and Felix much preferred the simpler life in the wild.


It was late Fall in the high country when two biologists, Kitty and Tabitha set off on a four week field trip to do a survey of Bald Eagles in the area. The 25 yr old women were accustomed to the rigors of the wild, with supple bodies and strong legs. Both Kitty and Tabitha had ancestral native American backgrounds that probably contributed to their love of the North American Rocky Mountain wilderness. It was almost as if they were inextricably linked to the wildlife they studied.

They had heard tell of three pairs of eagles that had nested in the tall trees near some remote mountainous terrain. The women knew that kind of area would be perfect for the eagles. The tall trees offered perfect nesting habitat and the mountain cliffs would promote strong updrafts, perfect for soaring for hours in search of food.

It was nearly a 3 day hike from the closest road to the place where an old Indian had reported seeing a pair of eagles. From there, it was another day's hike before they spotted their first eagle. Since they knew an eagle's hunting range usually was fairly close to the nesting site, Kitty and Tabitha picked the first clearing they came to, for pitching their tents. They would use this as a base to start out from every morning. Besides, the ring of evergreens around the clearing, would provide a windbreak from the cold winds and snow, should that happen.

Every morning after breakfast, the two would climb to a high vantage point, high up on the face of the mountain for an unobstructed view of the whole valley. There they would sit in a crudely constructed windbreak of pine boughs, and quietly observe.

It was on the fifth day of their observations that they noticed some different kinds of tracks. In the lower elevation closer to their campsite, there were the unmistakable hoof marks of deer. Occasionally, they spotted some hare in a clearing, munching on the wild flowers. As they climbed higher, a set of paw prints, about the size of mountain lion, followed the trail for a short while. The women were prepared for the possibility of meeting large predators, and had come armed with a carbine lightly strapped to the side of their packs.

The women were nearing their lookout point, with only a hundred yards to go. This part of the climb was the most treacherous. It was steep and the ground was composed of loose soil and rock. The only way up was single file, Kitty in the front and Tabitha close behind.

Just as Kitty was having a hard time getting her footing, she heard the ominous sound of a startled black bear. The sudden distraction caused her to loose her footing altogether, sending her crashing into Tabitha. With nothing to grab onto to slow their tumble, the two of them went careening down the side of the mountain, barely missing sharp rocks and brush. Back and forth, and end over end the women went, their packs becoming dislodged from their bodies and rolling along side them. The fall would have been a lot worse and a lot longer had it not been for a couple of trees whose roots had a tenuous grip on the rocky outcropping. The upside was they were no longer being pummeled by the tumble. The downside was the hard stop against the trees caused them to black out. What's more, their packs, with all their gear, kept on going for another fifty yards before going over a 200 ft cliff face.

Gone was their carbines, the protection they'd counted on from predators. Even if they'd had them, they wouldn't have been able to use them since both Kitty and Tabitha were out cold.

While their tumble had taken them a ways down the mountainside, they were still within range of the bear's ability to go check out the intruders to its territory.

As the black bear started advancing on the unconscious females, it was caught up short by a feline snarl. Spinning around, it rose up on its hind legs and faced down a 200 lb mountain lion. It was a strange contest. The bear had the strength and claws to best the cat but the cat had the speed and sure footedness to run rings around the bear. It was, for the most part, a stalemate until the bear saw he had to deal with two mountain lions. It became obvious that investigating the female intruders wasn't worth picking a fight with these two big cats and the bear soon left the area.

The mountain lions, Rajah and Felix, had been hunting the upper south face together when they picked up human scent and started tracking it. Coming face-to-face with the bear was as big a surprise to Rajah and Felix as the big cats were to the bear. With the bear gone, both Rajah and Felix could continue their investigation of the two humans whose scent they were tacking in the first place. Their sure footedness allowed them to approach their quarry without succumbing the same uncontrollable tumble down the mountainside.

Approaching the two unconscious females, Rajah and Felix sniffed the air and watched for the slightest movement. They could tell the two humans were still alive but the human forms appeared to be unresponsive to their surroundings.

As the human scent in their nostrils grew stronger, a transformation took over. The front paws turned into arms and hands. The catlike snout became a human face. The two cats 4-legged walk became two and they were now standing on what was their two hind legs.

A light snow was beginning to fall and the unconscious women would need shelter to survive. With an unspoken communication, Rajah and Felix picked up the battered women and carried them to a nearby cave to protect them from the cold wind that was picking up. Placing the women toward the back of the cave, Rajah broke off small pine tree boughs and laid them on the floor of the cave to cushion the hard floor. Felix gathered larger pine tree branches to put across the face of the cave to further block the wind and cold.

With the tumble having snagged and ripped Kitty and Tabitha's clothing to shreds, there wasn't much on their bodies to keep them warm. To help keep them warm, Felix snuggled up to the front of Kitty's body and Rajaha snuggled up to the front of Tabitha's body. The extra body heat help stop the women from shivering.

As Kitty began to warm up, she had the sensation of a raspy tongue licking her scrapes and bruises. In her semi-conscious state, her memories recalled the time she spent the night at a friend's house. During the night, her friend's male cat snuggled up with her and began to use its raspy tongue to lick her skin. When it found one of her nipples that happened to poke out from her nightshirt, it began to lap at the sensitive bud. With each raspy lick, the cat's tongue sent little electric pleasure twinges through her body.

Felix was now lapping at her breasts, bringing her nipples into stiff peaks. All the while, his purring vibrations further stimulated her body. While Kitty was mewing at the attention being given her body, Tabitha was enjoying the same experience. In Tabitha's semi-coconscious state, her body was squirming with pleasure and it escalated when she felt the raspy tongue start licking her pussy and clit.

As Kitty and Tabitha's body heat returned to normal, the closeness of the women's bodies began to affect Rajaha and Felix. The odor of the female's fertile condition caused each of their penis' to harden and poke and the furry triangle between the women's legs. Without really being aware of their present condition, both Kitty and Tabitha imagined it was their boyfriend's strong arms that were wrapped around them, and who's penis was trying to gain access to their hot channel. Each woman spread her legs some to allow better access for the hot shaft that was rubbing the outer part of their labia.

It only to took a few moments for each of the penile shafts to gain entrance to the women's sex and begin sliding in and out. It was as if their boyfriends were making love to them. After ten minutes, they both felt a hot jet of sticky cum shoot into their womb. The effect of this was to spark an orgasm that rippled up and down their cunt walls.

As each penile shaft was removed from the vaginal openings of the women from the front, they were re-inserted into the women's sex again from behind. Since this was Rajah and Felix's first sexual experience, the drive to deposit as much sperm into the women's womb gave them extra energy. This continued until the women were thoroughly filled and thoroughly satisfied. A warm penis still firmly imbedded in the women's sex kept the warm, sticky fluid inside.

As Kitty and Tabitha snuggled against the warm male bodies that had rescued them, they lightly purred with contentment. As the hours of blissful sleep passed, the warm sperm that filled their bodies began to interact with their cells at a DNA level. As they slept their body form began to alter. Where once was smooth shaven legs and hairless smooth skin, the skin was now coated with a soft golden fur. The golden fur covered Kitty and Tabitha's entire bodies. Where once were hands with fingers, were now strong paws with sharp claws.

Hours later, both Kitty and Tabitha were purring in contentment as a large raspy tongue licked the fur on their necks as they groomed their own forearms. This new body form seemed so natural, as if it had been that way all their life.


During the time all four had taken shelter in the cave, a fresh blanket of snow had been deposited on the ground. There were two sets of footprints leading into the cave. Leading away from a hollowed out formation in the mountainside were four sets of mountain lion tracks, heading for somewhere in the high country. There were no human footprints leading away from the cave.

A couple of miles away two pairs of young mountain lions were having a reunion with their parents before heading off to their own territorial areas.

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