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Back to the X-Files Ch. 1


For this story to work your going to have to pretend That everything on the x-files takes place ten years earlier.

* * * * *

Washington D. C.

Oct 19 1985 9:30 am

Scully walks into the basement office and yells Mulder you here.

No one answer, and thinks I guess not Scully says and sits down at Mulder's desk.

She sees a note, Scully had to go up to see skinner be back soon, Mulder.

At the same time in assistance director Skinner's office Mulder is sitting listening to Assistance director Skinner, Agent Mulder, I know this isn't what agent Scully and you usually work on But this is very important to the agency, take a look at this file.

Mulder takes the file and opens it, its date is Oct 6, 1985. Skinner Continues agent Mulder as you can see two weeks ago a case plutonium was Stolen by a group of Libyan nationalist terrorists from the pacific Nuclear research center.

It is our belief that the terrorists intend to make a nuclear bomb and Blow up a u. s. city with it. Sir do they know how to make the plutonium into a bomb? Mulder asks.

No, but a man called and told us that they hired a scientist to build it for them, his name is on page 8 of the file along with his address.

Mulder flips to page 8 it says,

Emmett L. brown

1640 John F Kennedy drive

Hillvalley, California

Agent Mulder, agent Scully and you have been booked on a noon flight to Hillvalley.

Why Scully and me sir, like you said it's not what we investigate.

Because agent Mulder, Scully and you are the best I have, and because the Pressure is getting put on me to close the x-files and if you break this case maybe things will get better, you better go tell agent Scully to pack then go pack yourself, your flight leaves in two hours.

Mulder leaves Skinner's office and goes down stairs.

When he walks in the office Scully says what did Skinner what you for? Well Scully he assigned us a case? What case Mulder? Scully this isn't our kind of case, we have to go to California and find a case of missing plutonium before a city becomes a big microwave oven, you better go and pack, I’ll pick you up in an hour at your place.

Ok Mulder, as Scully walks out the door Mulder smiles and says it is California you can pack a bathing suit if you want. Scully looks back at Mulder and replies in your dreams, they both laugh and Scully leaves.

About an hour later Mulder pulls up to Scully’s apartment, Scully gets in and say Mulder we better hurry or we're going to be late.

They get to the airport just in time.

Hillvalley California

Oct 19 7:00pm

In the car on their way to the motel.

Mulder I’ve read the case on the way here, and this Emmett L. Brown is Kind of nuts, he burned down his own house trying to invent something but It doesn’t say what, it also says he made a formula and some poor lost All his hair, because he told him it would help him keep and the man put It on and in five minutes all his hair fell out.

Smiling Mulder said I know Scully it's too bad.

Mulder what do you think would make some build a bomb for group like that? Greed for the right price some people will do anything.

Your right Mulder, I guess money will make people do dumb things.

Here's our motel Scully.

Mulder and Scully goes into the motel and Mulder rings the bell.

The clerk says can I help you? Mulder says yes, Do you have a two rooms held for agent Fox Mulder and Agent Dana Scully f. b. i.

Well let me check the old clerk says, yes rooms 4+5, but I will need to see some i. d.

Mulder shows his i. d. and badge.

And you young lady.

Scully shows her i. d. and badge Well that's you two all right, just sign here and he pass them the book.

Mulder signs the book and hands it over to Scully.

Sir, Mulder says.

Yes the old man says.

Do you know an Emmett L. Brown, Mulder asks.

Yes I do, answers the old man He's a crazy old guy that lives on the other side of town.

I remember when his house burned down, I was the fire chief then, and I asked him what happened he said he was inventing something when it caught on fire.

I asked him what he was inventing, but he wouldn't tell me, He wouldn’t tell anyone. That's about all I can tell you about him.

Why don't you go ask the principal of the high school he and crazy Brown was good friends.

Was, Scully asked.

Yes, I don't know what happened but sometime just before his house burned down they stopped speaking, you will have to ask Strickland or crazy Brown what happened.

Thank you sir for your help, Scully said.

Any time the old man answers can I ask you one thing.

Sure, what, Mulder says.

What kind of trouble is crazy Brown in? Oh nothing really we just need to ask him some stuff.

Mulder and Scully says good night to each other and then goes in their rooms.

Hillvalley, California

Oct 20 1985


Scully knocks on Mulder's door, Mulder are you a wake? Yea Scully I’ll be out in a minute, I just got to put my coat on.

O. K. Mulder, I’ll wait in the car.

Mulder comes out of his motel room and walks over to the car and gets in.

So Scully do you want to get something to eat before we go looking for this Brown guy.

I think we should I could be a long day and it might be awhile before we get to eat again.

Mulder tells Scully, I’ll go and ask the clerk if there's a good place to eat in town.

Mulder walks in the clerk is stand at the desk reading a newspaper.

Sir Mulder says.

Oh it's you young fella, what can I do for you? I'm wondering where is there a good place to eat around here.

Well there's a nice restaurant just down the street, about 3 or 4 buildings.

Thank you sir, just one more thing could you tell me where I can find this Strickland I might need to ask him about Emmett Brown.

I think he's at school now.

Thank you again sir.

Mulder and Scully goes inside the restaurant and sits down.

Mulder and Scully looks at the menu, what are you having? Scully asks.

I'm going to have eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee, how about you? I think I’ll have the same.

The waitress comes over and takes their order.

Mulder looks at Scully, do you think that he's made the bomb yet? I hope not if he has millions could be killed, we better make this a fast breakfast and get over to his house? Mulder and Scully eats and goes over to Doc Brown’s house.


1640 John F. Kennedy drive (Doc Brown house)

Mulder and Scully gets out of the car and knocks on the door.

There’s no answer.

Mulder can you see in? Yes, I think the bomb went off in here, the place is a mess, There’s a speaker that's been blown apart, a book case that is knocked over, and a big pile of dog food on the floor, but no sign of the plutonium.

We should go to see that Strickland guy Scully says, maybe he will know where we might find Mr. Brown.

Ok Scully let's go to the high school.

The high school


Mulder and Scully walks in to the office.

Excuse me, we're looking for Principal Strickland.

The secretary says and may I ask you who you are.

I’m Dana Scully f. b. i., and this is my partner Fox Mulder.

May I see some i. d..

Scully and Mulder show her their i. d. s.

Just a minute I will page him for you, the secretary want started to go over to page him just as he walked in the door talking to himself.

Them dam kids, think they know it all, I would like to, just then the The secretary broken and says Mr. Strickland these two people are here from the f. b. i to talk to you.

Strickland looks at them and says please come into my office.

Mulder and Scully fallows him into his office.

Please for give me for that out burst you just saw, I just had a disagreement with one of my students, he's a good kid but the person he hangs around with I don't know, but you didn't come here to hear about that, what may I do for you.

Mr. Strickland we're looking for an Emmett L. Brown, We were told that he was a friend of yours at one time.

Yes, We were friends up until about ten years ago, when he almost blew up my school.

How did he almost blow up the school, Mulder asks.

Well I thought I would be nice a give him a job as a science teacher for a day since the regular one called in sick. Everything went fine until about one o'clock, then there was a load bang and I ran down to the room to see what happened. When I opened the door I saw all the windows had been blown out, and the students weren't there.

I look at him and asked where are the students, he told me he sent them to the library. I didn't mind that, Then I asked what happened and he said he was mixing something and it blew, that didn't even bother me that much, all I thought was well I can't let him teach any more after today.

Then I asked him what he was mixing, and he wouldn't tell me.

We had few words and haven't talk since.

He would tell you what he was mixing Scully asked.

No, all he would say is that it was going to be big, and I have no idea what he met by that.

Mulder looked a Strickland and said we heard that he caused you to loose your hair is that true, if you don't mind me asking.

Yes and no, yes he made something that caused me to loose my hair, but I was the one that took it.

You see in my family there's long line of people who loose all their hair by the time they are 30, so one day I was talking to My good friend at the time Emmett, and I knew he was good at Science.

So I asked if he could help me, he told me sure that he’d work on a formula that would stop me from loosing all my hair.

So one day about a month later he comes over to my house and gives me this shampoo and told me to use it and I won't use my hair. I thanked him and he left.

I go right up stairs and use it. Then I go down a sit at my table and start to grade some papers, and I noticed big clumps of hair on the table, I run over to a mirror and look and almost all my hair has fallen out.

I rub my head and the rest of it falls out.

So I call Emmett and tell him.

He says he doesn’t know what to say, other then he was really sorry.

I told him not to worry, that I would have happened anyhow.

So you see I weren't up set about it.

Mulder ask do you think he would ever hurt anyone? No, not intentionally, but who knows what he might do by accident.

You know it's funny you came here to talk about that crackpot. He’s the one that student and me got into an argument about.

Why’s that, Scully asks.

This student is always hanging around him, and I tried to warn him about that nut, but he just got mouthy to me.

If you would like I’ll send for him.

No, let him stay in class, if you would give us his name and address, we'll talk to him after school.

Ok, his name is Martian Mcfly, but everyone calls him Marty, he lives over in Lyon estates, I’ll write down the address for you and how to get there.

Strickland writes down the information and hands it to Mulder.

Mulder and Scully Stands up to leave, and Strickland says I just want to is Marty in any danger by hanging around with that nut.

Mulder looks back no I don't think and then leaves.

9:45am high school parking lot

Mulder and Scully in the car.

Mulder if Brown is making a bomb, that kid is grave danger.

I know Scully let's go looking for him until we can talk to Marty.


Lyon estates (Mcfly home)

Mulder and Scully walk up to the door and hear someone yelling.

Mulder knocks on the door.

Yes come in a voice says softly.

Mulder and Scully goes inside.

Inside are two men one small warring glasses with black slicked back hair, the other one is big and has blond hair.

Is there a problem in here, Mulder asks? What is it to you if there is, the big guy remarks.

We're federal agents.

Sure you are and I'm president.

Mulder and Scully shows their i. d. s.

You are f. b. i agents, the big guy says, then looks at the small guy and says what did you do Mcfly rob a bank with a laugh.

The small guy looks at Mulder and Scully and says I'm George Mcfly, and this is my friend Biff Tannen, how may I help you.

We're here to talk to Marty, Scully replies.

Biff buts in and says Hey what did your butthead kid do now Mcfly.

George asks what do you want to see Marty for? Scully replies we need to ask him about a friend of his.

Mulder asks do you mind if we have a look around his room? No go ahead, I don't think he will mind.

Thank you Mulder says and him and Scully goes into Marty's room.

Mulder looks in the closet and says Scully I feel bad for George.

Why's that? Because you can see he's scared of that Biff, so he let's him walk all over him, and that he doesn't see that Biff is just a big bully and if he stood up to him he would back down.

I see what your saying Mulder, me too.

Marty opens the door, what's going on here he exclaims.

I'm agent Mulder and this is agent Scully we're with the f. b. i..

I know who you are, my father told me, but what are you looking for in my bedroom.

First let me tell you your rights, Mulder says.

I know my rights, what do you want.

Do you want to talk in here or out in the living room with your parents around, Scully asks.

In here is fine.

We’re looking for an Emmett L. Brown do you know him? Yes I do agent Mulder but I don't know where he is right this minute.

Have you heard from him today? Yes, this morning when I was at his place he called, the first time I've heard from him all week.

What did he say? Nothing much just to tell me he was ok and that he had Einstein with him and not to worry.

Einstein? Scully asks Yes his dog, why what is this all about, is the Doc in trouble or something.

He could be we don't know yet, we just need to find him and ask him some questions.

If you hear from him let us know all right, it's very important we talk to him and soon.

Mulder and Scully walks out to the door and George meets them there.

Sorry about my friend’s behavior before but he just had a little too much to drink.

That ok Scully tells him.

Did Marty help you any? No not really Mulder replies, but I think he told us everything he knew.

Is Marty in any danger? I don't think so Mr. Mcfly.

Oh that's good, I don't think I could take much more today, first Biff gets into an accident in my car because I forgot to tell him about a blind spot, and then I forgot to do my report and give it to him.

What a day, what a day.

Tomorrow will be better Mr. Mcfly, just take it easy, good bye Scully tells him.

By the way Mr. Mcfly I forgot to give Marty our card will you give it to him Mulder asks.


Mulder hands George the card and says good bye.

I'll make sure Marty gets this bye bye you two.


Lyon estates

Mulder and Scully outside in there car.

Mulder I think that Marty knows more then he's telling us.

Me too Scully, I think we should stake him out for a while.

I do too Mulder.

8:17pm Lyon estates (stake out)

Scully I was just thinking why doesn't George just stand up to biff.

I don't know Mulder maybe it's been that way a long time and he just too afraid to stand up to him.

Yea, But what started it all, was it he didn't want to fight when he was younger, or that he couldn't fight, or maybe he did fight once and lost, so he was too scared to fight again.

Mulder I think at first it was a lack of self-confidence.

Maybe your right Scully, I guess we will never know.

8:45pm Still on the stake out.

A pizza delivery truck pulls up to the house, Mulder and Scully are Parked at.

The deliver man knocks on the window.

Mulder rolls down the window.

Pizza man I’m glade your here my boss had his debut about this he thought it was some kind of joke.

Well we’re here did you bring the drinks too.

Yep, but you got to pay first.

Mulder hands him the money.

Here's your pizza sir and I'll be right back with your drinks.

The pizza guy goes and gets the drinks and gives them to Mulder.

Mulder hands him another five-dollar bill tip, don't tell anyone we were here, and say that you sold the pizza to someone on the street ok.

Ok the pizza guy said and got back in his car and took off.

Oct 21 1985


Still on stake out of Mcfly house

Mulder I don't think anything is going to happen tonight, maybe we should go back to our rooms and get a fresh start tomorrow.

No, Scully I've got a feeling that something is about to happen, just give it one more hour and then I'll call it a night.

O. k. Mulder one hour then we're leaving.

Oct 21 1985


Scully look he's leaving his house.

Scully wakes up and looks.

Let's go, Mulder keep the lights off until he reaches the main road.

I know Scully.

Oct 21 1985


Outside Brown's residents

So Scully it looks like the extra hour paid off.

Yes Mulder you were right this time.

I wonder what he's doing in there? I have no idea Mulder but let's give him five more minutes then we go in.


Marty comes out of the house about five after one, with a video camera in his hand, and takes off down the road.

Oct 21 1985


Twin pines mall

Scully do you think that they’re going to plant the bomb here and want it on video? That might very well be we better park the car up here and walk down.

Mulder and Scully get out of their car and walk down to a clock that says Twin Pines mall.

Mulder what is that thing? I don't know Scully, but it looks like a Delorean.

Mulder, he just put that dog behind the wheel and closed the door.

Just then the car backed up.

What's going on Mulder, is that dog driving the car.

I don't think so Scully, look at Browns hands, he has a remote control in them and the remote must be driving the car.

Just then the car went flying forward towards the Doc and Marty.

Scully Tried to stand up to yell but Mulder held her down.

Wait Scully.

Just then the car vanished in a bright blue flash.

Mulder, he just blew up that dog in that car.

Scully, if they were that close to a nuclear blast wouldn't they have been killed too.

Yea, but what happen to the dog and the car.

I don't know let sneak closer and try to find out.

Mulder and Scully start to get closer just when the car reappeared for No where.

Mulder what's going on here, Scully exclaims? I don't know, maybe this is a x-file after all.

Mulder and Scully sneak to the back of the big van in the parking lot, which reads Emmett L. Brown on the side.

Marty this read out tells you where you’re going, this one tells you where you are and this one tells you where you were, the Doc says, then keeps Going on.

Mulder what is this man talking.

You don't want to know Scully.

Yes I do.

All right then, from what I can put to together is that he invented a time machine, out of that car.

Mulder you've got to be kidding, time travel isn't possible.

I know, but this man has figured out how too, shhh Scully I think he’s about to talk about the plutonium.

Mulder and Scully listens to the doc talk as they sneak around and open the door to the Delorean.

Well Scully, we know he didn't make a bomb with it and never intended to.

Mulder it still doesn’t make it legal for him to have or safe.

Right Scully, let's bust him now.

Just as they were about to stand up, there was shots fired from a machine gun.

Scully I think the terrorists have found him and want their plutonium back, I guess that bomb case of pinball machine parts didn't make them to happy.

Mulder and Scully stand up just as the terrorists pull up in front of the Doc.

Freeze federal agent Mulder and Scully yell.

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