tagGay MaleBack to You Ch. 04

Back to You Ch. 04


Hey Guys! Here's the fourth chapter of Back to You. Apologies for taking a little longer than usual to write this, but I'm sure the boys will make up for the wait.

Chapter 4: Best believe I'm taking full advantage

Matt leaned against his car, tapping his foot on the asphalt like it was the drumline to a particularly upbeat song. But the parking lot was silent, and for Matt, that meant dangerous territory. He was only waiting a few minutes for Oliver, but being alone in one place for too long was like wearing a bullseye on his back. He knew that things seemed to have cooled down this year- that maybe the bullies had noticed his larger frame and better definition on the muscles he didn't know he had until recently. But no amount of boxing classes or improved time on his runs could ease the paranoia he felt after years of being preyed on. He breathed out, finally seeing Oliver peek through the gates of the soccer field. He strolled over as Matt attacked him with his eyes. Oliver looked damn good, dressed in a team shirt of a sport that Matt didn't follow and gym shorts that swayed in every direction, leaving Matt hypnotized. They didn't speak across the lot, instead choosing to use their eyes as the only method of communication.

As Oliver closed in, he acknowledged, "Hey, boyfriend."

Matt bit down on his lip, loving the way that word rolled off Oliver's tongue. He replied, "Hey, boyfriend." His voice was low enough to only carry a small space between them, but to Matt that was all he needed.

Oliver snaked his finger around the waistband of Matt's pants and, leaning the boy in, greeted him with a quick but passionate kiss. The minute their lips met, Oliver struggled to hold himself back. The taste of Matt on his lips was enough to send all the blood rushing to his cock, leaving an obvious tent within his gym shorts that could effectively dictate the flow of traffic.

Matt pulled away first, feeling the wetness of Oliver's mouth on his lips. He muttered, "Ollie", as he straightened himself.

Oliver flashed a cocky smile, wiping his lip, "Sorry, man. I guess I just got carried away."

Matt faked a laugh as he swung his bag over his shoulder. He bit down on his tongue preventing himself from speaking the truth he so badly wanted Ollie to know. As he walked over to the driver's side, he felt the weight of his back pack on his shoulder like the manifestation of Atlas, holding up the entire world. Here Ollie was, being fearless by kissing him where other people could see. Matt shook his head, knowing full well that he could never be as daring. Daring meant trouble. And trouble, Matt knew too well, always found a way to crawl into bed with him.

They hopped in the car and drove off. Matt was unnervingly quiet, driving the two of them as if Ollie was an instructor and he needed to pay close attention to every waking detail. He kept his eyes fixed on the road, keeping a perfect speed of 45 down the secondary streets- not a mile faster or slower. Oliver fell deeper into his seat, listening to the whirling cars beside them and realizing the radio hadn't been turned on at all.

He looked over at Matt who was neither stealing glances nor attempting to touch him. Instead, he dug his fingers into the steering wheel so hard that Ollie swore he'd be able to pierce through the fresh leather. He spoke finally, breaking the silence they both endured, "Pull over."

Matt looked over in a delayed reaction; unable to hear over the deafening silence that fell over the space. He asked, taking his concentration off the road, "What?"

Oliver persisted, not losing the same affirmative tone, "Pull over. Right here."

Matt argued, "Ollie, I'm not gonna pull over, we're in the middle of the road." He looked over in time to see Ollie glaring at him with an expression that he wasn't about to be questioned. He sighed, signaling just before pulling over. Matt turned off the car and tapped his fingers against the wheel- growing anxious from Oliver's lack of an explanation.

Putting the boy out of his misery, Oliver commented, "You're doing it again."

Annoyed, Matt looked over, "Doing 'what' again?"

Oliver let a slight smirk grace his pouting lips, "That thing where you get all up in your head and don't tell me what's going on."

Matt rolled his eyes, trying his best to sound convincing, "Ollie there's nothing going on. Now can we please get going?" He reached over to the ignition, not waiting to hear an answer. But Ollie's reflexes were faster- the boy leaned over and grabbed at Matt's hand before trying to turn the key.

The two settled back in their seats with Matt quickly realizing that Oliver wasn't going to back down. He breathed out, frustrated, "You kissed me in the parking lot."

Oliver peered his eyes, not understanding what he had done wrong. He replied, waving his hands in the air, "So you're mad cause I kissed you?" He could sense the tone in his voice, "Well newsflash Matty, we're dating now, so you gotta get used to me wanting to kiss you."

Matt shook his head, yelling out, "Oliver!" The other boy looked at him with wide eyes. He could feel pain in Matt's voice as it cut through his own mocking. Matt took a second to cool down, not wanting to yell at the only person who cared. He wasn't mad at Oliver; he was mad at the situation he was stuck in. He wished that he could live in a world where he could kiss his boyfriend without fear of anyone else seeing. The world had been cruel to him, and it prevented Matt from being able to express how much he cared for the one person who'd ever been so kind. Lowering his voice, he explained, "You kissing me at school just puts a target on both of our backs. Anyone could have seen it and you don't have to wonder what they'll do- cause I've been there. I've been shoved into enough lockers and seen the end of too many fists to underestimate a bunch of bullies who fear something they don't understand. Those guys practically made a sport out of kicking my ass and I never so much as talked to another boy for too long."

Oliver fell silent as if stepping into Matt's shoes. Matt continued, "And I swear I wouldn't be able to live with myself if they hurt you for something that I started."

Oliver could sense that Matt was seconds away from breaking down. So he reached over, gripping on Matt's closed fist tightly. The boy slowly relaxed, easing up his hand to allow Oliver to slip his fingers inside the empty spaces. Oliver called out, "Hey, those guys aren't going to hurt us. Matty, don't let those assholes hold so much power over you. You're not in this alone anymore, man." Oliver raised Matt's hand up and kissed it, brushing his lips against the bruised knuckle that looked like it was starting to heal. Oliver finished, catching Matt's deep blue eyes, "You got me. And we're a team now."

Matt eased up, leaning over to Oliver and placing a gentle kiss on the boy's lips. He could feel all of his worries wash away as Oliver's mouth met his- unable to believe how he managed to steady him in times of unnerving motions. He sniffled, suddenly aware of how sappy the situation had become. He laughed slightly, "Guess it was about time for another one of my famous breakdowns."

Oliver joined in, "Look man, you can break down all you need to. You feel things- and that's what made me want to be with you."

Matt raised an eyebrow, changing the tone of the conversation, "So it wasn't my rugged good looks?"

Oliver kissed the boy's cheek, feeling his lips press against the stubble of Matt's sculpted jaw. He offered, "You're gorgeous, dude." That brought out a chuckle in Matt, finally free of the heaviness he built up before. Oliver pulled away slightly, whispering, "And that big cock of yours helps too." He winked at Matt, who felt his cock grow within his pants just from being mentioned.

Matt shifted his pants, trying to find some angle to alleviate the pressure building inside his crotch as it pressed against the tight fabric. He grunted, "You can't say shit like that to me, dude. Especially when there's nothing we can do about it here." There was a playfulness in Matt's tone which made Oliver all the more happy to share some news.

Oliver's face brightened up, "About that. Before you got all 'brooding teen angst' on me, I was gonna tell you something." Matt raised his hands, waiting for Ollie to spit it out already. Oliver continued, amused at his boyfriend's impatience, "My mom's actually leaving on a business trip to Boston this weekend, so I get the house to myself."

Matt's head immediately swirled with all of the possibilities the weekend could hold- he could practically hear all the gears spinning at full speed. Still, Oliver decided to state the obvious, "Which means that you and I get to spend the weekend with no interruptions and no distractions."

Matt flashed a sultry glare at Oliver, feeling his cock throb, "So when does she leave?"

Oliver shot back, "Tonight. She's heading off to the airport just after seven."

Leaning back into the headrest, Matt shook his head, "Seven! Dude what am I supposed to do for three hours?" Oliver knew that Matt was talking about the very noticeable bulge that remained in his pants. Licking his lips, he too couldn't wait until the two of them were alone so he could wrap his lips around that thing. He reached over, squeezing firmly and causing Matt to moan out from the attention.

Oliver pulled away shortly after, leaning back into his seat and pulling over his seatbelt. He looked over at a stunned Matt, still reeling from the touch. Oliver reasoned, "I suppose you could jerk off." He picked up seduction in his voice, piercing through Matt's clear gaze, "But where's the fun in that?" Matt groaned as he pulled back onto the road, not even bothering to match Ollie's banter. He managed to go eighteen years without sex, yet he was almost positive those three hours would break him.


The next three hours were agonizing for Matt. His cock stayed hard throughout the rest of the ride. And even though he tried to shift it around, it was no use. Every so often, he could feel the edge of the steering wheel graze against the fabric of his shorts causing him to moan softly to himself. Oliver proved no help either, taunting Matt by licking and biting down on his full lips. When they finally made it to Oliver's driveway, the boy leaned over and slipped his tongue into Matt's mouth. He felt his boyfriend's quivering lips against his before biting down ever so gently. Oliver was taunting him and Matt would have been more angry, had he not looked so sexy doing it.

Some time after reluctantly parting ways, Oliver found himself in the hallway. He pressed his ear against his mother's bedroom, hearing the clatter of footsteps and suitcases being zipped up. He made sure she was occupied as he grabbed the keys and slipped out of the house without being noticed. As he drove down the familiar street, his mind focused on one thing only: Matt. The past week had proven to be just as confusing for him as they were for Matt. In the span of a few days, he suddenly found himself with a best friend and a boyfriend who just so happened to be the same person. He smiled to himself at the thought of the boy, feeling his stomach leaping inside him. The one thing he was certain of among the newness of everything was Matt, and tonight, he wanted to prove it to him.

Oliver made it back home, slipping in just as quietly as he snuck out. He hurried up the stairs, clutching onto the plastic bag in his arms like his life depended on it. Closing the door of his bedroom, he emptied out the bag and examined the contents. He flashed a devilish grin, looking at the bottles of lube, packs of condoms ranging in size, and a few more items to prepare himself for the weekend. He wanted it to be special, and he wanted to prove to Matt that he was just as in this as he was.

A little after seven, Oliver finally texted Matt that the coast was clear and for him to come over. Matt sighed in relief instantly as he hopped off his bed and started to make his way over to Oliver's with nothing but the clothes on his back, which he hoped, wouldn't be on long. Stepping onto the driveway, he felt the cool evening breeze sweep across his skin. He kept it simple: dressed in a plain t-shirt, a pair of khaki shorts that ran just above his knees, and sneakers. He bit down on his lip, feeling the cool air penetrate his corduroy shorts and blow against his exposed crotch beneath him. He didn't feel the need to put on boxers before he left, a decision that he soon regretted as the exposure left his cock visibly hard against the soft fabric. He hoped that the darkness that was filling the sky would be enough to hide the bulge from his neighbors. But the rush and the hungry look on Oliver's eyes when he opened the door made the thrill worth it.

Oliver looked down to see Matt's noticeable bulge, raising an eyebrow, "Excited to see me?"

Matt glared at Oliver, pushing him hard up against the wall. Oliver eased up, allowing his hard body to be pressed against the drywall with little force. He looked into Matt's eyes to see hunger. His tactics from earlier had worked and now he was about to reap the rewards of edging his boy on. Oliver broke the intensity, joking, "Pretty soon we're gonna leave a dent in this wall."

Matt pushed his lips against Oliver's, shutting him up with a powerful kiss that left both of them breathless. He pulled away, seeing a matching lust in Oliver's eyes. Matt affirmed, "Keep making cheap shots like the one you played this afternoon and there will be more than a dent." He slipped his tongue into Oliver's mouth before he could respond. Oliver dropped his hands, feeling Matt's cock pressed firmly in his grasp. Matt licked the inside of Oliver's mouth as if trying to gather as much of his taste as he could. He flicked his tongue against Oliver's like two expert swordsman fighting for control. Oliver knew better, giving into Matt and allowing his mouth to be explored to its full extents. Matt pulled off slightly, breathing out, "God, Ollie you taste damn good."

Oliver's fingers took the compliment, working up the boy's bulge so much that he could feel precum seeping through the thin fabric. His motions were quick, pressing his fingertips against the embossed shorts. Oliver pulled away to press small, quick kisses against Matt's lips, slowing the boy down. He smiled, "I'm liking this new side of you, dude."

Matt blushed hard as Oliver kept his quick kisses coming. He admitted, "I've been crushing on your ass since we hit puberty. Best believe I'm taking full advantage now that I can have you."

Oliver softened his face at Matt's words. He'd never seen him so confident and so sure of something- and that something just happened to be him. He grabbed Matt's face, kissing him firmly on the cheek. The gesture would have been cute and juvenile considering their past, but Oliver's firm grip on Matt's swelling cock was anything but innocent. Matt continued to pour his hot breath into Oliver's gaping mouth, oozing sex with every gust of wind. The boys paused for a second to catch their breaths, both with wide smiles sweeping across their faces as if realizing how much they enjoyed that moment. Oliver traced his finger at the wet spot left by Matt's leaking cock, offering, "Let's get you upstairs, lover boy."

Matt nodded, kissing Oliver one last time before being led up the stairs. Their movements were slow this time around, knowing there wasn't a need for urgency. They held onto each other's hands long enough to feel the creases of skin like braille, telling the other every story there was to be told. When they reached the door frame, Matt peeked in, seeing Oliver's room completely immaculate. The boy clearly picked up after himself, managing to store away all the piles of clothes scattered throughout the carpet floor. Matt loved the gesture, as if Oliver had made space for the two of them to share. As the bedside lamp illuminated the room, Matt could see the indent on the right side of the bed where Oliver had slept every night, and he hoped he could leave his own indentation. Wanting to make it a reality, he grabbed on Oliver's shirt and pulled it over his head. Matt dove into Oliver's chest, wrapping his tongue around the boy's nipple, sucking hard. He continued to work that small piece of flesh, grazing it with his teeth, sending Oliver moaning loudly. After a few seconds, he pulled off, proud to see he managed to leave it even more pink and sensitive than when he started. Oliver's hands found their place at Matt's head, pulling the boy to the other side, demanding the same equal treatment.

Two bruised nipples and a few bite marks later, Matt straightened himself, locking his lips against Oliver's neck. Oliver's skin was so smooth and creamy white that Matt knew he would surely leave a mark. But the grip Ollie held on his neck, digging his fingers into Matt's skin, only encouraged him even more. So he sucked even harder, enjoying the taste of slight sweat his boy had worked up since his shower this morning. Matt couldn't see it, but his worshipping of Oliver's neck had the boy's eyes rolled back so far that he felt disoriented.

Finding his center, Oliver pulled Matt off just enough to kiss his dripping lips. He tugged at the boy's shirt and pulled it off him, sending it flying across the room onto the newly cleared carpet. That left only one thing standing in the way of him and the object of his desire. Oliver expertly undid the button of Matt's shorts without leaving contact of his lips- the only thing besides Matt's rounded ass that held the loose shorts up. With a small pull, he freed the boy of the only clothing he had left. Oliver smirked as Matt lifted his legs, kicking the shorts aside into the pile he started. Matt wiggled his toes on the soft carpet, loving the feeling of being completely exposed as Oliver kissed him repeatedly. Oliver teased, "I can't tell what I like better: you with or without clothes."

Matt laughed, slipping his tongue into the boy as his cock pressed firmly against Oliver's raging bulge, "I hope the answer is without." He looked over at Ollie, seeing the waistband of his shorts rest perfectly against his hips, cutting off the perfectly defined V at his crotch. He continued, "Speaking of which: you, my friend, are wearing too many."

Oliver's hands found his waistband and pulled down his shorts- the only thing separating him and his boyfriend. Kicking them aside, Oliver too savored his exposure, stepping closer so that he and Matt could enjoy their mutual nakedness. The boys had seemed to strip off their awkwardness along with their clothes, letting their curious fingertips roam about as they pleased. Oliver felt a little more daring, grabbing onto Matt's throbbing cock without hesitation. Matt moaned into Oliver's open mouth as the boy's soft hands worked over his flesh. He loved the feeling of another person's touch on his cock, and the fact that it was Oliver, who's own cock throbbed against Matt's skin, couldn't have made it any better. Oliver continued to stroke his boy, letting his hand grow accustomed to Matt's size as if learning every contour of the boy's cock. He could feel how slick his hand was getting as precum oozed out of Matt's dick. Oliver raised it up, turning his face into a mischievous grin as he stuck out his tongue and licked off the precum from the palm of his hand. Matt admitted, "I've been leaking all afternoon for you, Ollie."

Oliver took the boys lips in his again, unable to decide whether he preferred their taste over Matt's sweet juices. He replied, "I should tease you more often."

Sticking out his tongue, Matt licked Oliver's lips as he pulled away, warning, "Don't you dare, Ollie."

Oliver motioned at the bed as Matt crawled backwards towards the headboard, knowing what the boy meant. Matt watched as Oliver made his way over to him, giving a full view of his perfectly round ass as his knees dug into the soft mattress with every movement. There was a hunger in his boy's eyes as he crawled on his hands and knees with his attention fixed on the near nine inches of meat that stood between Matt's legs. He felt his throat go dry at the thought of having that piece of aching flesh in his mouth once more.

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