tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBackstage Pass Vol. 1

Backstage Pass Vol. 1


January 14th, 2001. A day that'll live forever in my mind for more then one reason. You see that was the day the WWF dropped into my backyard of Dallas, Texas for the 1st of I'm sure many shows there. This one had a little background to it with HHH making his return to Dallas in over a year and the 1st time many people would see people like RVD and others. But you see, this one had just a little something more intriguing. That factor was that almost all the incredibly sexy WWF Divas would be in attendance, and that's what really got my blood pumping. But also, tonight I had a plan. You see I got the tickets before Christmas, but for an X-mas stocking stuffer I was given a backstage pass to RAW before and after the show. The plan? Get one diva to have sex with me. Desperate? You as was I will be surprised at how it all turned out.

The show started at 6:30 with most wrestlers and such arriving at 2:00 or so. I had class from 1:15 until 3:50, but my college is maybe 10 minutes away from the arena so by 3 PM I was expectant on using my pass to the utmost capabilities. I pulled into the back of American Airlines Center at 2:58 on the dot and hopped out, backstage pass slapped on my jeans I walked to a security guard, and wouldn't you know it? I know the guy! He said no one is allowed even with a pass inside until 4, but he knew what a die-hard fan I was and knew my favorite tag team was The Dudleyz and that they were already in the arena so I got in. Break #1. I walked into the sleek backstage area and right there walking right into his back was The Undertaker! I apologized many times, but he just laughed and said "You cal always tell the true fans apart from the rest, they treat you with respect." I eased up and asked for an autograph on the magazine I happened to have and without hesitation he signed it for me. I got a handshake and walked on.

Not a diva in sight, what the hell is the deal here? Then there was a decision to make, a left turn or right turn. To the left was catering, to the right…diva locker rooms! I made the fast right and the 1st door was marked Jacquelyn and Jazz. Oh my god that's revolting. Let's try the next door and JACKPOT BABY! Trish Stratus' locker looked me dead in the eye. The door was completely closed and with deeper listening I could hear Jim Ross in there telling Trish something about commentating that night. I walked back towards the main hallway and heard Trish's door open and J.R. giving her luck. I turned and told J.R. how much a fan I was of his, big lie, but I didn't want any questions from him.

He was grateful and I got an autograph from him as well. He left down the hall and I knew Trish had to be the girl I went for 1st. This was crucial because If I'm denied, A. My confidence is shot and B. She'll probably throw me and I'm done for the night, so with the deepest breath I had, I went for the door. I gave my knock, 3 shy ones and Trish with a sweet voice, almost coming to a surprise for me, I was expecting annoyance, asked for who was at the door. A slight stall from me, but I spoke. "Trish, I hope this isn't any kind of inconvenience, but I'm a BIG fan of yours and I have this backstage pass and was walking around and was just hoping for any amount of time from you for possibly a picture and/or autograph."

"Oh that's so nice of you, I've always had a heart for my fans, please step inside I'll just be in the other room for a minute." With a sigh of relief I walked in to the smell of coconut oil and pinpointed it when an opened bottle of Coconut Oil was by her big mirror she had in her locker. "If you don't mind I'm switching my On-Air outfit tonight so I got to see how it looks, I'll be right out. Tell me your name and such."

"Oh that's no problem Miss Stratus, I'm just a big fan. The name's Kurt. I go to college just down the road and was hoping for a glimpse of somebody I've loved for a time, and you fit that description perfectly."

"Well Kurt you sound like an upstanding gentleman." After just a few seconds more, a spinning Trish walked out into my eyesight for the 1st time and my heart almost stopped. A completely beautiful Trish Stratus stood in front of me with a low cut black leather skirt and tight blue velvet shirt that encased major cleavage. My jaw dropped with authority and a melting smile from Trish made me even more in disbelief. "I look that good huh?" A simple nod was all I could handle. "You know what blue reminds me of?"

I didn't know and she went on. "Dark Blue to be exact is a color that turns me on. It's the color of the night sky in my mind, and when the nighttime sets, all I ever think of is Sex. You have no idea the horny thoughts that run though my mind at night, 365 days a year. That's why I love my job because I wrestle at night and I'm so horny I get to rub other women. And I've yet to have a match where I didn't finish it with a wet pussy. Lita's the best because she's Bi-Sexual. She loves the little rubs I'll give her pussy. But you know Kurt; it's only 2:15. I'm not horny right now, but I can tell you are, and like I said at the door, I have a heart for my fans, and I always deliver 100% Stratus-Faction." With that her skirt dropped to the floor and a clean-shaven pussy was were my eyes met. Her pussy was obviously loose and that suited me just fine. She gave me a little nod and with her index finger commanded me to her. I walked over and even though I was taller then her she reached her hand up to my head and pushed me to my knees, her pussy in my face. "Kurt if you ever want to make me horny, eating my pussy will do the trick. If you do it right, you can have any part of my body at your disposal afterwards."

My head dropped down between Trish's knees. My tongue rolled up and down her slit as her hands covered mine. "Oh god Kurt, you've got it baby, just lick that pussy like that." As she moaned, I burrowed my tongue deep inside her womanhood. She was already so wet. Her hands flew back behind her head and she gripped her hair with all her might, tugging it every which way. I removed my left hand from hers and rubbed her clit with it. I removed my right hand from her other hand and placed two fingers deep inside her moistness as my tongue continued to probe her insides. Trish's moans now turned to heavy panting. "Oh God, right there, that's exactly where I want you." It was now my turn to make sure I was going to get what I wanted later on. I removed my tongue from deep within her and placed it over her clit. I softly sucked it into my mouth. Trish's hands went to my head as she tried to push me deeper inside her. Her feet were almost off the ground as she screamed that this was the best she'd ever felt.

I too wanted to get more inside of her so I grabbed her ass and forced her into my face, crunching my nose, but no pain, only pleasure was felt. I sucked on that clit as if I was on Life Support and with a tremble of her legs and her feet coming back down to earth she let out a deafening moan of pleasure as floods of her woman cum came onto my tongue. I took all she gave me, but dribbles of it ended up around my mouth and Trish raised me off and licked off the excess and with a seductive smile said, "My, don't I taste yummy?"

Afterwards I had an erection that was almost painful to stand. Trish took off her shirt with no bra underneath and sat on a leather chair provided in the room. She left her legs spread wide so I could see everything of hers and followed through with her promise. "Well Mr. Kurt, I'd have to say that was some of the best action I've gotten, and as you can see I'm well beyond horny." Trish demonstrated this with a long trail of her finger over her pussy and then sucking it clean. "So now Mr. Kurt I'm up for anything, you give me the call and we're going to go at it." By this time I knew I was in control so I wasn't gonna beat around the bush, I knew what I wanted and dammit she was about to know too.

"All right Trish, I'm going to give it to you now. What I want is that ass impaled on my cock and for a huge load of my cum to land on those beautiful tits and for you to rub it all around in your skin."

"Well, it seems like you had that planned from the get-go, but that's not a problem at all. I just don't think you're ready for my ass yet, so let's do something to fix that." I hadn't thought of a problem, but it was clear right away as she crawled to my massively hard cock and took it in her mouth, coating it with all her spit and sucking on it hard and fast. She sucked it with a passion and I wanted to bust nut right there but she looked up at me and could tell my enjoyment of the blowjob, but she knew I just wanted that ass. "Who am I to make you wait?" Trish said and stood up and faced a wall with her ass sticking out. "And don't try to ease it in, I'm not one of those type of girls, stick it in and go crazy." No better words were ever said to me and I lined my cock up, squeezed the head in rather easily and then just thrust for all my life into her ass and she loved it. She said it had to be the biggest she's ever had in her ass and I just kept pumping.

Trish gave me 3 fingers to lick and I did and then she stuck them feverishly into her pussy, which was wetter then Niagara Falls and I took my right hand and went to her pussy with her, rubbing it hard and slow, getting a good pace. Trish stuck her ass out further, trying to get any more dick inside her as she could. I took my hand that I wasn't using and pushed it up to the wall for more momentum. This is when I really let loose. I bucked with abandonment. She left her pussy for me while she pinched her nipples and kept calling for me and God himself. I felt her orgasm coming with a force so I stuffed the 3 fingers I had inside to the maximum and was bombarded with juices. I gave the fingers to her and she acted like she was giving my fingers a blowjob as she sucked them dry. Since she had cum already I had to blow my load and there was only one place I was doing that. I pulled out and Trish realized why. I sat on the leather chair and asked for her to join me and she got on her knees and took her hands and proceeded with an amazing Hand-job. She talked dirty to me while she did it, which was a plus.

"Oh Kurt, yes you want your cum to land on my tits don't you? You'd love to see my humongous tits covered in hot cum." The pleasure left me speechless and then all of the sudden I felt it. It was building and I told Trish I was about to cum and she positioned her tits to take it and then stream after stream of cum landed all around her tits with a big part of it landing between the two jugs. She was in sheer bliss as she took all the cum. I sat there in nothing short of awe as we connected eyes and with lust in hers, rubbed the cum all into her tits, but she scooped some and rubbed it right into her pussy. "Just so I can have some of you forever."

Once all the cum was accounted for I went for my pants and dressed to the best of my ability. Trish headed for a shower and her closing remarks were, "I'm sure you don't feel like stopping now, so if get 1 on 1 time with another diva, give her the words "I've met with Trish today" and they'll know the code and be all over you. You're an incredible fuck, and those are hard to come by, so sometime soon I hope we'll reunite." With that I polished my clothes off and walked out the door a better man, this is until I walked into...

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