tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBad Blind Date Ch. 02

Bad Blind Date Ch. 02


After firing three loads in quick succession both into and on Lucia's face, Adam seemed to finally be somewhat satisfied. Absentmindedly, he began to stroke her hair as her head rested in his lap on the driver's side of the car, still parked on the shoulder of the lonely country road. He turned her head towards him, so that her right cheek rested against his sticky and flaccid cock, and her eyes could look up to meet his.

"I have to admit," he said groggily, "for an over-educated bitch, you sure know how to take a good mouth fucking."

Lucia, still somewhat delirious from lack of oxygen - and shocked by Adam's behaviour -was at a complete loss for words. Though an admittedly unabashed lover of cock, Lucia was far more used to being the one in control, be it teasing a cock with her mouth, or riding on it cowgirl style. Though her throat was on fire, her jaw ached, and her lips felt puffy and tender, she was momentarily impressed with herself for her ability to survive the worst of his oral onslaught. Though unused to giving up control of the situation, Lucia admitted to herself that her many hours deepthroating cocks in the past had certainly paid off and kept her from throwing up all over Adam's lap - an act that surely would have only spurred on further abuse.

"And those thick lips of yours," Adam went on in a complimentary tone, "were absolutely made for worshiping cock."

Involuntarily, and without thinking, Lucia pursed her lips in response to the compliment.

"That's it! Kiss it for me you slut. You love my fat cock, so kiss it!" A hard edge returned to Adam's voice as he began to recover from his post-orgasmic bliss. When she paused, looking up at him with big brown eyes rimmed with tears, Adam responded quickly with a light smack to the back of her head with his hand. "Do it slut!"

Lucia complied with his demand, and began to kiss his cock and balls, lightly at first with tiny pecks. Adam's hands returned to stroking her hair as he gave her verbal encouragement to match his now-gentle touch. He ordered her to kiss it more lovingly, and she quickly did as he said, without need to a corporal reminder. Fresh saliva mixed with the drying cum all over his shaft, and Adam began to grow hard again as Lucia lustily made out with his fat member.

"Moan while you kiss me." he ordered.

Lucia did as she was told, and moaned as she forced herself to worship Adam's thick fat cock - once again fully hard - with her mouth. She felt him twitch as her moans vibrated up his length, and soon his groans joined her own, and his hand became more insistent on her head, guiding her up and down the length of his shaft and balls. What started as an act began to take on a life of its own, and Lucia found herself beginning to grow moist despite her confusion and disgust at Adam's behaviour. Her natural instincts as a generous lover began to take over, and her moans became more sincere as her mouth - and pussy - grew wetter. To her dismay, Adam quickly picked up on her shift in perspective, and his response was immediate.

"I knew you were fucking into this, slut. All you uppity bitches secretly just want to be on your knees eating cock." he said with excitement. "Cassy was right, you were totally worth saving up a three-week load for!"

Lucia was frozen in place by his words, unable to comprehend them at first. The idea that Cassandra - Cassy as Adam called her - had arranged for her humiliation sent anger coursing through her veins, and she felt her face grow hot with shame. She was still pondering this reality as Adam opened the door to his car and stepped out before reaching back to grab a handful of her hair once again. Dragging her by her head, he positioned her on all fours, straddling the glove box between the two seats, her head just reaching the edge of the door frame. Pausing only to kick off his pants, Adam plunged his rock-hard manhood back into her mouth once again, and began to face fuck her mercilessly.

This time, Lucia gagged fiercely as he pounded her, and streams of drool quickly snaked and bobbed their way to the pavement at Adam's feet. His cock felt longer, thicker, and harder than ever as he thrust home in what he had now decided was a willing mouth. His enthusiasm was obvious as he encouraged Lucia on, all the while never easing up the vice grip he held on the back of her head.

"Yeah! Fuck yeah! Take that cock you whore! Take every fucking inch you filthy slut!" he yelled into the cool night air. "Fucking gag on my big cock!"

Lucia squealed and tried to feebly slap at Adam's legs, but he seemed to take her motions and muffled screams as signs of encouragement, and sped up his thrusts - his own chest now heaving with exertion. His balls began to slap higher and higher on her chin as they tightened and he approached his fourth orgasm in a row. Lucia, despite her discomfort and anger, was none-the-less somewhat in awe of his virility as he began to pump jet after jet of cum directly down her throat without a word of warning. He gasped for air, and hugged her head tightly to his stomach as he spent himself inside her, staying perfectly still until his orgasm faded.

When he let go, Lucia came up gasping, dizzy and disoriented from lack of air. He gave a sharp tug on her hair, and pulled her forward, causing Lucia to crawl towards him. Grabbing her by the armpits with his strong hands, Adam pulled her from the car bodily, and placed her woozily onto her feet. Lucia shivered as the night air seeped into her sweat and saliva-soaked skin.

"I think its time to unwrap my present." Adam said in a tone that suggested he wasn't open to reasoned debate.

Before Lucia could formulate any attempt at dissuasion, she felt Adam's hands grasp her dress in the front, on either side of her amply-displayed cleavage. She gasped in surprise as she heard a loud rending sound, and felt the flimsy material of her dress part and pull away across first her chest, then stomach, and finally between her legs as Adam ripped her dress off her like a 1980's wrestler. In shock, she tried to cover herself as her dress fell away onto the gravel of the road's shoulder. As she attempted to cover her breasts and pussy, she was intercepted by Adam's hands. Grabbing her wrists, he placed her hands at her sides and held them there while he inspected her up and down.

"Fuck you'll do nicely slut. You're going to make a fantastic plaything for the next few months until I get tired of you."

Lucia's gaze dropped in submission and humiliation with the knowledge that she was, for the time being, powerless to counter his statements. As her gaze drifted down, she found herself staring at his once-again impossibly-hard dick between his legs.

"I fucking like what I see." he said, "And this time I'm going to really make it mine."

Lucia yelped as Adam grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her knees on the hard pavement in front of him. Grasping her chin in one hand and hair in the other, he tilted her head up so that she was looking into his eyes.

"Suck on my balls, bitch." he commanded.

Lucia had little choice but to comply as he pulled her head in, and buried it into his scrotum. Lucia mouthed his balls, drawing them gently into her mouth one at a time, and licking them all over. Adam, meanwhile, amused himself by slapping the heavy and fat head of his cock against her forehead, alternating between slapping and stroking himself. Amazingly, he was one hundred percent hard yet again, a feat that caused a shiver of arousal to run down Lucia's spine. She moaned softly as she suckled his balls, and Adam responded by rubbing his sticky cock shaft across her forehead, back and forth like a windshield wiper.

"I'm going to fuck your sweet, wet mouth like a pussy." Adam blurted suddenly. "Fuck yes I am you insatiable slut."

Pushing forward with his hips, Adam drove his cock and balls into Lucia's face hard, the pressure knocking her back onto her bare butt on the gritty pavement behind her. She reached back with her hands to catch herself, but quickly found herself being pushed flat on her back on the side of the road, parallel to the traffic lines. Adam straddled her chest, slapping his long dick up and down on her tits and rubbing his head on her nipples while Lucia watched.

"Push your tits together for me slut." Adam ordered. "I want to fuck them."

Lucia reached up one hand on either side of her ample breasts and pressed them together to form a pocket around his throbbing meat. Adam groaned and began to thrust his soaking wet pole in and out in her cleavage, rocking back and forth with gusto. When Lucia put her head back onto the road and closed her eyes in an attempt to hide the naked lust she felt watching his thick member sliding between her breasts, Adam reached down with one hand and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back up.

"Watch me fuck your tits, whore. I know you love it."

Lucia whimpered as she felt him pulse against her warm skin, a distraction from the discomfort of the small stones digging into her backside. She wondered to herself how many more times he would subject her to his cum before he was finished for the evening, and found herself secretly hoping she would inspire him to a new personal best record. She soon discovered that she need not wait long for his fifth load, as she felt and heard a powerful blast of cum ricochet off of her chin to splatter between her open lips. Three more followed in quick succession, coating her mouth, neck, and chin with his slick fluid. Lucia moaned in unfeigned pleasure as its warmth and salty taste.

"I knew you would turn out to be a cumslut, Lucia." Adam said, rubbing the head of his against her face, smearing the cum on her lips.

Lucia licked it from her lips with relish, now savouring the taste of him. She was never-the-less surprised when she found his still-hard rod pressing between her lips as Adam shifted his weight upwards to mount her head. Without skipping a beat, he began to vigorously thrust himself into her mouth, gagging her with his still-leaking cock. Lucia tried to push him away and catch her breath, but she found her arms pinned to the asphalt by Adam's knees. She gagged and coughed around his shaft as he pumped himself into her throat, careless of her feeble struggling. Lucia felt warm wet saliva begin to run down her neck, and slather her cheeks and chin.

"Oh god you fucking whore. You take my cock so good. I fucking own this mouth." Adam groaned.

Her head pinned between his thighs, and her airway partially blocked with his massive tool, Lucia fought to suppress a feeling of claustrophobic panic despite the cool night air and open sky above her. Her fear was quickly replaced by a new one however, as she became aware of both the sound and flickering headlights of an approaching vehicle. Coming from the direction of her head, Lucia just managed to tilt herself back far enough to look past Adam's parked car and watch the twin beams of light rush towards her. For his part, Adam seemed spurred on by the car's approach, and began to pummel her mouth all the harder.

"I hope this guy likes watching me destroy you face, you slut." Adam said, pushing himself as deep as possible. "Gag on it, whore."

Lucia half-hoped the car would stop and help her from her predicament, but to her disappointment, it drove right on past, slowing only briefly to rubber-neck at their display. Adam waved to them, his smile huge as his other hand pulled Lucia's head up, impaling her on his meat. As the sound of the car receded, it was replaced by the sound of Adam's ragged breathing. Knowing what was next, Lucia braced herself, eyes closed, as Adam let loose a primal and wolf-like howl and shot his load directly down her throat.

Adam left his cock in her mouth for several minutes as he finally grew soft, and Lucia instinctively licked and sucked him clean. When he pulled out, he helped her wordlessly to her feet and ushered her back into the car naked, the torn remains of her dress left on the roadside. Adam seemed to be satiated at last, and in silence, he started to drive her the rest of the way home. As he pulled into her driveway at 2:30am, Adam reached out wordlessly, and pressed his fingers against Lucia's pussy lips. Too tired to stop him, she watched as he hand came away sticky and wet with her juices. She blushed as he sniffed his hand while staring at her.

"I thought so. You loved every second of that didn't you whore." he said. "No. Don't try and deny it. Get your naked ass out of my car."

Head down, Lucia got out, and clad only in her heels, rushed for her front door, hoping her neighbours were fast asleep. She turned as Adam called out to her through his car window.

"Call me when you're ready for more." he said before backing out of her driveway and pulling away.

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