tagLoving WivesBad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 01

Bad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 01


Khaled was 20 years old and living on a farm with his mother and his father. He helped his father in raising the cattle and selling them on the market for money. He finished school but his father did not have enough money to send him to college so he stayed in his parents' farm and helped with the work.

Khaled's mother, Najibi, was a beautiful woman. She was 40 years old. She was about 5'6" tall with a slender figure and a set of big breasts that she could barely conceal under her clothes. She had married Khaled's father, Youssef, at the age of 19. He was the first man she fell in love with in the village. She has never been with any man before him.

Youssef was 55 years old. He inherited the small farm from his father and worked hard in order to enlarge it by buying more cattle and selling them to more markets. He worked nearly 15 hours every day on the farm and will return exhausted at the end of the day to his wife and three sons.

Other than Khaled, Youssef and Najibi have two babies born in the last two years, Tannous and Adam. After the birth of his two last children, Youssef had to work a lot more in order to be able to feed his family.

One of the main clients of Youssef was the richest man in the village, Nassim. He lived in a big villa at the outskirts of the village and he had a good relationship with Youssef. He used to buy 100 heads of cattle every year from him for his meat factory. Nassim's son Mansoor was the friend of Youssef's son Khaled. But unlike Youssef, Nassim sent his son to America to continue his university.

Like every year, Nassim and his wife would travel during the summer for tourism, while their son Mansoor would return to the village. His parents were surprised why would their son come to this poor village in the summer when he can go to any place he wants.

It was the beginning of the summer and Khaled was working in the field with his father. The day was very hot and the two men were very tired from the work. Looking at the road, khaled saw a Ferrari coming speeding toward their home. He left his father and ran towards the road knowing that his friend has arrived for the summer break.

It started two years ago when Mansoor returned for the first time to his village. Youssef was glad to let his son's friend stay in his house as a favor to his father who every year buys a large number of cattle from him.

The handsome young man approached the mother and sat next to her. She took glimpses of his body underneath the wife beater and the shorts. He was a man that any girl would want and Najibi was a woman after all.

"How are you doing Mrs. Hanna?" He liked to call her by her husband's family name. "I'm fine. Thank you" replied the wife trying not to look him in the eye. "You look more beautiful every year I come". Before he could continue, his friend Khaled came to the room. Seeing him, he said he wanted to take a shower before dinner. His friend's mother replied that dinner will be ready when he comes out.

Smiling mischievously at her behind her son's back, the rich young man went to the bathroom to take a shower. Half an hour later the dinner was ready. Najibi has prepared a good meal for her husband, son and his friend. Her husband came home after a long day at work and sat at the head of the table. Because of the hot weather, Mansoor got out of the shower shirtless wearing only his shorts and shoes. Najibi saw the young stud shirtless and felt her heart skip a beat.

Passing next to the father, Mansoor patted him on the back and said "It is so hot today, isn't it?" all the time looking at his wife behind his back. The father smiled and nodded his head.

At the table, Mansoor talked arrogantly about his life abroad and about how much money his father gives him every month to spend. He knew that the man of the house probably could not make the amount that he spends in one month.

Khaled was fascinated with his friend. He asked him: "I am sure you are still getting a lot of girls in America. Girls have always loved you" He replied, "You know, my taste in girls has changed. I don't like them young anymore. I like the woman that is mature and has experience... in life (he insinuated in bed)"

The mother was feeling a little uncomfortable from this talk sensing that his young man is coming on to her even in front of her husband and son. She felt relieved when the dinner was over. The tired father needed to go to sleep but he did not want to leave his guest the first night alone. So he sat with him and his son in the living room to talk. But a few minutes later, the old man fell asleep.

Mansoor joked to the wife "It seems that your husband is getting old. He goes to sleep early like the elderly people" In order to defend his father, Khaled replied "It's not like that. He is working all day. He comes exhausted at the end of the day, eats and goes to sleep directly" "I see. Maybe you are right"

Khaled's telephone rang and he went to the other room to answer it leaving his friend with his mother and his asleep father. As soon as Khaled left the room, the shirtless hunk went and sat next to Najibi and her asleep husband. "So the old man goes to sleep every night. Huh? I bet you are not very happy with this fact"

Najibi felt a shiver in her body when the muscular man was next to her talking to her and insinuating dirty things while her poor tired husband was sleeping on the same couch. "I need to continue my work in the kitchen" said Najibi, her red face flushed. Mansoor smiled and put his hands on the sides of the couch and his feet on the table in front of him. Najibi woke up Youssef and told him to go to bed. The old man stood up dizzy, said goodnight in a low voice to the young man and stammered to the bedroom.

Left alone in the living room, evil thoughts began to flow in the young stud's head. Thoughts involving a particular unsatisfied mother.

Khaled woke up on someone's voice. Opening his eyes, he saw Mansoor waking him up. "Come, today you will do something you should have done a long time ago. Meet me in the front yard in ten minutes"

Going outside the house, Khaled saw his father, his mother and his friend. Youssef was trying to lift a 50kg bag of cattle food to put it in his old truck and take it to the stable. He tried a couple times but could not lift it. The third time, while lifting it, Youssef slipped and fell on his ass.

Looking at his friend's father, Mansoor was thinking: "Look at that dumb old man. He looks so stupid falling on his fuckin ass" Talking to the poor man, Mansoor said: "Let me help you with that".

Youssef was a proud man. He did not like it when the younger man took off his shirt, and lifted the bag easily. What he nor his son saw was how the mother looked at the young strong man. As he flexed his big veiny muscles, the mother licked her lips unconsciously. This move was not lost on Mansoor. He blinked at her and put the bag in the truck.

In order to change the subject, Najibi asked her son: "So where are you boys going today?" Khaled shrugged pointing at his friend who laughed charmingly. "Today we're doing boys stuff, Mrs. Hanna" The mother blushed understanding what he meant. Khaled liked his friend not only because he is cool and he gets any chick he wants, but also because of his car. Every summer, Khaled's joy is to ride in his friend's luxurious Ferrari.

Today was such a day. After 30 minutes in the powerful car, Mansoor stopped in front of a small motel. He has arranged for him and his friend two bimbos to fuck. Khaled knew his friend's intentions but did not expect that. Mansoor talked to him straight "I know you're still a virgin. You're 20 years old. I am also 20 years old. Do you know how many girl and woman have I plowed until no?"

Khaled shook his head surprised. "More than 300 have tasted my torpedo and loved it." He continued, "You know, what I am doing today a father should do to his son, but with your father, I guess..." This comment stang. Khaled liked his friend but he did not like him talking bad about his father's manhood. But he didn't reply.

Entering the brothel, two girls were waiting for the two guys. Both of them in very short miniskirts and tops. Going up the stairs to the rooms, Khaled saw how his friend put his hand under the girl's skirt and began playing with her cunt before arriving to the room. This girl moaned slowly as she climb the stairs. All the way he was playing with her pussy. She became very hot and hurries into the room to get fucked. Before entering Mansoor winked at his friend wishing him good luck.

While getting the first fuck of his life from a big-breasted bimbo, Khaled heard the moaned and screams of the girl in the adjacent room and heard the bed banging against the wall. He loved the feeling of a tight pussy on his virgin average cock but he could not concentrate because of the other girl screaming.

"Oh my, you are too big. I have never felt such sensation. Please ram it in. Give it all to me. So big. So bigggggggggggggggggg". Her voice was so slutty Khaled knew that she was in such lust and pleasure she can't control herself. The girl riding his cock seemed to like it but she was not doing like the other one. He was curious.

An hour later, he was finished. He has fucked the bimbo twice. Once in the missionary position and the other time she convinced him to let her ride him. In 5 minutes he came each time. But what surprised him is that Mansoor was still going at it. The girl's voice was coarse from all the screaming, she shut up and continued moaning.

He waited another 30 minutes until his friend was finished and knocked on his door. He saw the girl getting out, her make up all smacked, she couldn't walk right, she was bowing her legs and a white substance covered most of her body. Entering the room he saw his friend on the bed, covered until his waist, and putting his arm behind his head showing his gigantic biceps and the bush of dense hair in his armpit. He was smoking a joint.

"Do you want some?", asked him his friend. "No thanks. That was really a long time man. You fucked her for 90 minutes. That's good stamina. Maybe sports has enhanced your health" Mansoor laughed and shook his head. Sports can enhance to a certain limit but you have to have a base at least. Catching his cock over the drapes, Khaled saw a big log shaking but did not believe his eyes. He thought he must have seen wrong. On their way back, Khaled was happy but he began to think about what Mansoor said about his father. Was he really supposed to introduce women to him. Why hasn't he done so? Mansoor watched his friend in the seat next to him and as the wind blew through his thick black hair, he knew that the seeds of doubt have been planted.

Youssef was not used to drink alcohol, but tonight he has already consumed more than half the bottle of whisky. Something was troubling him. He was not rested. He began to think how he arrived to this state.

Youssef was a well-built guy with a solid body. The years of working on the farm has given the old man a good amount of muscles under the hair that covered his body.

At his age, 55, he was balding. He still has hair on both sides of his head but none in the center.

When he was young, 20 years ago, he and his wife fell in love from the first sight. He was 35 years old and she was 20. He helped his father on the farm since he was little and he made it what it is today.

He sacrificed his youth without marriage in order to build something. In the whole village, Youssef has the utter most respect. All the people respect him and even think of him as a leader for them when they want to get their rights from the rich people.

Youssef was a good man. He did not gamble or smoke. He treated everyone with respect and he was a real honest family man. He loved his wife and children and works for their comfort.

But everything seems to be disappearing now.

Najibi saw her husband drinking and asked him what is the problem.

Youssef: "Today, the bank sent me a warning that I have to pay back the rest of the loan in the next two months or else they will take over the farm"

Najibi was scared. She felt her heart beat fast. She said: "What are we gonna do?"

He replied: "I don't know yet"

While they were talking, Khaled came in followed by Mansoor. Seeing the concerned look on his face, Mansoor asked:

"Hey Youssef, what is wrong?"

"Nothing son. Just some financial problems"

Najibi could not hold her tongue and told Mansoor the situation. Youssef was not happy. He frowned at his wife.

Mansoor looked at the concerned father and said: "I have a proposition for you. I have been coming here for the last three summers and I like this farm although it is a bit dirty". Mansoor laughed while Youssef felt humiliated at this comment.

He continued: "I will buy this farm from you and pay your whole debt to the bank: Looking intently into the father's eyes, he said: "Of course, you will become my employee"

Youssef was a proud macho man. Even though this boy was the son of one of his richest clients, he would not take insults about his home from him. At the end, he was his son's for fuck's sake.

Looking back sternly at the young man, the father replied: "This farm is not for sale. It has been in the Hanna household for a long time. And I will not sell it for anything. I will get the money myself"

And he stood up and went outside. Mansoor looked at him intently and then entered his room without saying a word. Khaled was not happy at all with how his father talked with his friend. He followed him outside and asked him to go and apologize to the young man. He reminded him of the importance of the man's father.

Youssef was a mature man. The long years of fatigue and work made him learn how to be patient. He knew that his son was right and maybe the young man was really trying to help.

He went to Youssef's bedroom and knocked. Youssef did not reply because he was in the shower. Youssef decided to enter the bedroom and wait for Mansoor to get out.

5 minutes later, the bathroom door opens and Mansoor comes out in all his naked glory. He had a towel in hand wiping his hair but he was wearing nothing. The old man was caught off guard by the young man's nudity. Mansoor was walking nude dangling his bull cock between his leg and not caring that the father of his friend is in the room.

Youssef tried to keep his eyes looking at Mnasoor's eyes but the sight of the big member in front of him made him forget what he wanted to say.

Like a shy kid in school, Youssef stammered a little and then told Mansoor that he was sorry for his reaction earlier and he knows that Mansoor meant well. Mansoor felt the dominating effect his nudity is having on the mature man. He didn't try to cover his cock. He was proud and arrogant.

One thought Youssef could not get out of his mind. The young man had a cock as big as a bull. He did not think about size before but after this sight he began to reconsider his own size compared to the young stud.

During the next two weeks, Mansoor did not miss any chance to flirt with Najibi whenever her son and her husband were outside the house. Every time he tries to make a move she runs away and stays in the stable or in the field where she is not alone with him.

One morning she was preparing breakfast for her husband who was sitting in the living room. Suddenly, Mansoor comes and hugs her from behind. She is startled but she does not want to make a scene.

She tries to escape but he is holding her tight. She senses his naked torso on her body. The struggling made her hot but she did not want to acknowledge it.

"Stop struggling and let me have what I want. You know you want it too."

Mansoor spread his arms from behind and get hold of her big tits.

"At night, I am masturbating when I think of your big tits. They make me so horny" While fondling her tits, Najibi sensed her pussy on fire. The liquid from her cunt was about to coat her thighs but she knew she had to resist the attacker.

"You want to know how you make me feel?" asked her Mansoor. "Touch my cock" He took her hand and put it on his boxer. A shiver coursed through her body and her nipples tingled at the touch of the monster.

"Please, my husband is next door. We can't risk it"

"Fine!!" He said angrily.

She wasn't expecting him to leave her and go although she was on the verge of submitting to his virility. She felt she wanted to call him back and make him fuck her brains right there in the kitchen. She then thought "I can't do that. I love my husband and I can't betray him. This young man is my son's age. I must not accept his advances".

A few hours later, Najibi was alone. Her husband and son went to work and Mansoor did not return yet. Suddenly she heard the Ferrari.

Her heart beating fast she was preparing to run away from the predator. But she saw the young hunk entering the house with a young woman about ten years younger than her (10 years older than him). She looked like a supermodel: slim body, long legs, big breasts and firm ass.

Passing next to the surprised mother, Mansoor did not say a word while leading the beautiful woman to his room.

The mother went back to the kitchen leaving the man and the woman alone. A few minutes later she could hear moans coming from inside the house. Could it be what she was thinking? Going to the door she noticed that it was open. She couldn't forbid herself from looking.

There she saw her son's friend standing while the whore he brought was kneeling on the bed begging him to fuck her. The woman raised her ass so her man could have a better entrance to her slutty cunt. The gigolo was teasing the desperate woman with his hammer. He was putting the oozing head of his cock on her pussy lips and teasingly moved it up and down until she couldn't take it anymore.

"I beg you. I can't take it anymore. Please give it to me."

"What about your husband Mrs. Kahi? What will he say if he sees you begging for my young cock?"

"I don't fuckin care!" She shouted "You are my man. I beg you please fuck me. Fuck MEEEE FUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK MEEEE...AAAAAAAAAAAAA"

Before she could finish her sentence, the young stud parted her dripping pussy lips with his fingers and slammed his meat to the hilt inside her cunt, all 12 inches.

The woman threw her head backside, her eyes rolling in their sockets from the orgasm and her cum flowing from her raised pussy. All she needed was for him to penetrate her to reach orgasm.

Mansoor turned and looked arrogantly at the mother standing at the door with her jaw open. He obscenely licked his lips and made her a gesture with his arm signifying that he wants to bang her. While pistoning inside the crazy slut, he began pinching her engorged clitoris. The stimulation proved too much to the bitch, she began gyrating violently trying to take more of his heavenly organ inside her. At each thrust, she could sense him knocking on her cervix door, something that her wimpy husband could never dream off.

After 20 minutes, the sweat was dripping from the woman's body and from her nipples. She came dozens of times while Mansoor hasn't cummed yet. He grabbed her by her D cups and squeezed hardly. The poor whore screamed from the pleasure in her cunt and the pain in her breasts. No other man has used her like that before.

Carrying her by her big breasts, Mansoor sat on the bed, opened his legs and slammed her on his pole. The woman at this instant fainted between his arms while he came buckets inside her. He took his cock and turned towards his friend's mother. The towering piece of meat was still jerking from the orgasm.

His milk was being thrown all over the room, even some of it came on Najibi's shirt.

Looking at the abused and bruised female on the bed and at the towering king in front of her, Najibi became crazed with lust.

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