Bad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 01


She wanted to be abused instead of that random woman.

Her juices were seeping through her married hole and wetting her underwear.

In a daze she began running.

She went out of the house and continued running until she reached the outskirts of the village. She knew she will not be able to resist anymore.

That day, Najibi waited till sunset to return home. She timed her arrival with her husband's arrival so that she does not have to stay alone with the manly stud in the house.

All through dinner, Khaled noticed his mother absent minded and shaking slowly. What he didn't know is that his mother's cunt was on fire.

Like any female, his mother needed to get penetrated from time to time. When confronted with a strong male like his friend, his mother should be praised that she hasn't submitted to the course of nature yet.

Najibi could not take it anymore. She went to her room and waited for her husband. She heard her son and his friend go to their rooms to sleep and her husband's footsteps approaching.

She has decided to quench the heat of her pussy juices rightfully with her husband. After all, it was his conjugal duty to satisfy her.

She slipped off her clothes and got under the bed sheets.

After a long day of work, the poor Youssef just wanted to sleep. Entering his bedroom, he took off his shirt and his pants and went to bed.

Suddenly, he felt his wife's body sticking to his back. He felt her big breasts under his neck as she seductively rubbed her penny-sized nipples on his hairy back.

The horny woman was licking her husband's earlobe while reaching with her small hand to touch his dick and balls. Putting her hand under the elastic waistband of Youssef's old underwear, she began fondling his flaccid manhood.

In her mind, she could sense the huge difference in size between her husband that she has loved for many years and the young bull sleeping in the room next door.

While she was able to cup the penis and testicles of Youssef in her hand, she remembered the huge size she felt that day in the kitchen.

Youssef was very tired.

Youssef: "Honey, tonight I am very tired. Please let's go to sleep. Tomorrow I have a lot of work"

Not taking No for an answer the hot wife seductively repeated:

Najibi: "I have a special something for my loved husband tonight"

She took his calloused hand and put it on her dripping pussy. Youssef felt a jolt through his body. Like any straight man, his penis came back to life standing up when his hand touched his horny wife's pussy.

Turning her on the bed in the missionary position, the middle-aged husband spread his wife's legs and laid on her.

Although he was feeling tired, he knew that it was his duty as a man and as a husband to please his wife.

Holding his 6-inch penis in his fingers, he forced it between Najibi's honey-covered pussy lips.

The woman has wanted to be fucked for many months now. As soon as her husband's average dick entered her hungry female hole, she arched her back and let out a moan.

She knew that Mansoor in the next room will have surely heard her moan but she was too horny to care. Symmetry could be seen between her two mouths: the one on her face and the one between her legs: both of them were shaped like an O and trembling with lust.

The husband began the fornication process. He wanted to please his wife and go to sleep as soon as possible.

With each thrust, Najibi was shaking: "Oh yes, my dear husband. Put it in harder. I need you so bad"

Two minutes after beginning his fucking session with his wife, the father felt his breath begin to shorten and his dick going limp inside his wife.

Najibi felt there was something wrong. She was too horny to take into consideration her dumb husband's feeling.

Najibi: "What is happening? Why have you stopped? Continue damn it!! I need you to continue. Come on!!!"

Her voice was raised. This time, she was sure that the young man next door would have heard every word she is saying.

Humbled and angry, Youssef said: "I'm sorry. I don't know what happened. I told you I am tired. It must be the long hours of work. You know that it has never happened to me before."

Saying that, Youssef got off his wife and slept on his side of the bed turning his back to her.

Najibi was enraged. She wanted to get fucked badly. At that moment she felt jealousy. Extreme jealousy from the woman that her son's friend fucked in the morning. She desperately wished she was the one receiving the pleasure of the stud.

Crying softly into her pillow, Najibi went to sleep.

Youssef heard her. He knew he has failed in his role as a husband, as a man. Fuck Hell, he tanked in his simple role as a male.

Any male should be able to satisfy his female mate sexually. Could he be passing through middle life crisis? Is this the beginning of the slope?

The incident tonight was a blow to this proud stern man's ego. It was a blow to his identity as a man.

Next day, Mansoor finished wearing an old jeans and t-shirt and headed to the living room. He told Youssef that he decided to try working with him and his son for a day to see the nature of the work.

Youssef was surprised. Khaled jumped from joy.

Mansoor noticed the father and the mother nearly talking to each other.

Before leaving, Youssef approached his wife and kissed her on the cheek to say goodbye.

Najibi was still furious from his inadequacy the night before. She didn't even look at him.

A small smirk was drawn on Mansoor's face. He knew exactly why the hot wife was frigid this morning.

Youssef and Khaled went to the truck and Mansoor looked at the poor wife patronizingly as if to tell her you deserve what happened to you.

Najibi was burning inside. She had a burning flame in her heart from rage but an even hotter flame was raging between her legs.

She has decided she can't take it anymore. Tonight she will claim her fornication right as a woman. But the thing is she will not ask it from her husband.

A long ride the three men had to take today to go buy food for the cattle from a village 10 km away and then return to the fields.

While on the road, Khaled watched from the backseat his father in the mirror. He was used to his father's strict looks. He was a very respectful man.

He barely joked but he showed his affection to his family through his hard work.

Khaled loved his father very much. He was his idol. From when he was little, he wanted to grow up to become like him. Looking at his father's rough hairy arms tanned by the long hours in the sun, he saw a masculine man in front of him.

He was proud of his father. He was proud that all the people in the village respected Youssef and considered him a leader who stands up to the wrong and is not afraid of confrontation.

Khaled always found all the characteristics of a real macho man in his father and he loved him because of that.

Next to Youssef, Mansoor was sitting looking at the nature outside. His tight white shirt barely contained his big muscular frame. His biceps and pecs nearly teared the fabric.

Looking at Youssef, he said:

"Your babies are really cute. You must be really happy to have them".

Youssef's mature handsome face lit up at the mention of his two babies Tannous and Adam. He was a very affectionate man and he loved them very much.

Youssef smilng and looking back at Mansoor:

"Yes I do. They and their brother are all my life. But you know when they were born in the past two years they took us by surprise. I know it is probably my fault for not taking extra attention in the bedroom but my financial worries are because I don't want to not be able to give them everything they need.

And now I am under debt for the bank for taking two loans when the two babies were born. They are a blessing but their responsibility is too much for one man in my age"

Mansoor: "Did you rethink my offer about selling the farm?"

This was a subject that irritated Youssef. Wiping the smile off his face he replied without looking at Mansoor

"Don't worry. As long as I have my truck and I am able to make the deliveries in the nearby villages after finishing my work with the cattle, I will be able to make enough money to repay my loans next month at the latest."

Thinking to himself, Mansoor was furious.

Mansoor was thinking: "Look at the dull old man. He is so fuckin stupid. Look at his wrinkly neck and face. He is such a disgusting old man. I bet he smells awful also.

How could his whore wife accept him as a husband after he became old. He is 55 years old. He is not a virile man anymore. Yesterday he could not even get his puny little dick to stand for his wife. He should not be called a man. He thinks he is strong and respected.

We'll see about that. That dirty cock sucking old man will be forced to sell me the farm or I will destroy him.

He is just a dirty animal, a pig that should be slaughtered. He is not a man. He does not deserve to have male genitalia. They should cut off his puny dick and small wrinkly balls. He does not use them anyways"

What would Khaled do if he knew what his friend thought of his father, if he knew how much his friend hated, despised and disrespected his beloved father?

After spending the whole day buying cattle food and plowing the fields, the three men decided to take a shower. Outside showers were available near the fields. After seeing his son's friend's huge bull cock, and his failure yesterday with his wife, the old man's self-esteem was shaky.

He told Khaled: "You kids go and take a shower. I will wash at home"

Khaled replied: "Don't be silly. Take your shower here and then we'll leave. We're all men here. You don't have to be modest in front of Mansoor"

Hearing that, Youssef didn't have a choice. Taking off his clothes, he stood under one of the water pipes and began to soap himself.

The father and the son were not small-built. They were like all men but compared to Mansoor they seemed less than that.

After seeing his friend's cock, Khaled knew that he was not imagining things back at the hotel when he went with Mansoor and got his first fuck.

Youssef tried his best not to look at Mansoor because he felt insecure. Standing there in the nude with such a superman like Mansoor did not help. His average penis shriveled even more to only 3 inches.

Mansoor was laughing inside as he saw Khaled mentally comparing him to his father. Khaled saw his friend's flaccid penis. Even flaccid, it was at least 7 inches, more than twice his father's size and thicker. His friend was like an Adonis. Tall, muscular and hung like a bull.

Soaping his big biceps, and smooth muscular chest, Mansoor heard Khaled say:

"Wow man. You must be really getting chicks with that, pointing at his Mansoor's huge phallus"

Without paying attention, his father intervened:

"You know son that a real man is not measured in the size of his genitals or his muscles. A real man is compassionate, wise and has justice. I am sure your friend has also all those qualities"

An awkward moment ensued as they dried themselves and Mansoor put on a wife beater covering the trimmed hair on his hard chest.

Arriving home, Youssef went directly inside while Mansoor wanted to talk to Khaled in private.

"I know your father does not have enough money to send you to college. I will take his role and pay for your tuition. You can go to the college in the city in the fall and I will pay all your tuition."

Although Khaled did not like the implication that his father is weak or poor, he was desperate to continue his education, so after a few minutes talking to his friend he accepted his offer and thanked him.

Mansoor flexed his biceps putting his arms behind his head smiling evilly as his plan is beginning to come to fruition.

Najibi has been waiting the whole night for her husband to fall asleep.

This was the night when she will surrender to the lust of the young stud next door.

Making sure Youssef was asleep after hearing him snoring like a pig, Najibi went out to Mansoor's bedroom.

Wearing only her nightgown, she opened the door slowly and was startled by Mansoor lying in his bed and smiling at her.

"I knew you were coming, whore. I heard you and your pathetic husband yesterday. Do you call that a man?"

Like in a trance, Najibi did not reply, she just ran and kneeled next to his bed. Looking at the stud lustfully she said: "Please" and reached for the woman pleaser between his beefy legs.

Mansoor was fast holding her arm and asking her: "What are you doing you horny bitch? I haven't allowed you to touch your master"

Feeling rejected and nearly going crazy from the lust, she said:

"Please I need you. I can't endure any more. I am on fire. I am so horny"

"Tell me what do you want, whore. Say the word"

"Please. You know. I want it"

Grabbing her by the hair, he said: "What do you want? I want to hear you say it"

Desperate and in heat, her juices were soaking her thighs: "I want your cock. I want your big fat meat. I want you to fuck me. I want you to quench the thirst in my pussy. Please I beg you help me."

Laughing at the debased mother, Mansoor said: "There are some things you have to do first before you are dignified to see my royal cock"

Making her stand up, Mansoor reached with his big hand to Najibi's thigh caressing it.

The touch of the man sent shivers through the married mother's body. His hand crept up until he reached her panties.

Najibi let out a deep moan as the stud grabbed her cunt from outside her underwear.

He fondled her pussy's lips and began molesting it obscenely. Involuntarily, the mother stood up on her tiptoes to escape the attack of the man on her poor inflamed pussy.

His towering height prevented her from going anywhere.

While massaging her pussy, Najibi held to his biceps. The two big mounds of muscle flesh under her palms turned her even more.

She began to squeeze them. She was not lucky with her husband even in his upper body. Like most men, the old Youssef worked hard but did not go to the gym to develop huge manly muscles.

Najibi felt lucky to be touching such big manly muscles.

Suddenly, Mansoor put his hand on her underwear and snatched it away.

She was surprised but fast she felt a jolt shooting through her whole body ending in her quarter-sized nipples as Mansoor inserted his middle finger in her snatch and began to fuck her with his finger.

"I bet this is how poor old Youssef makes you feel.

I saw what he has between his legs. I don't think he should be called a man with that thing between his legs. It is as big as my finger. Isn't it?"

Najibi was delirious. She hissed through her clenched teeth as she felt the milk from her breasts staining her bra.

Noticing that, Mansoor popped his finger outside her cunt and grabbed her bra tearing it into shreds. His big palms on her breasts felt so right for her.

He took the two big jugs in his hands and began to sway them and slap them from side to side.

All the while, the mother has her mouth open and her hand between her legs trying to satisfy her sexual hunger.

Suddenly, she felt a great amount of pain as her male fucker grabbed her nipples and twisted them squirting milk to the two sides.

Putting her hand on her mouth, she muffled her scream so as not to wake her husband and son.

But she loved this pain. She loved the man inflicting the pain even more. She wanted to worship his nude body.

In a swift move, her dainty soft hands reached and grabbed the monster in the tight underwear of Mansoor. Her hand couldn't even grab half of the meat in the underwear.

"You whore. I ordered you not to touch my fuckin cock. You don't deserve it yet. Because you disobeyed me, I will not fuck you tonight"

Hearing those words were like a dagger in the horny mother's heart. She was getting crazy from all the foreplay. He can't stop now.

She began crying as he pushed her sending her reeling to the floor.

"Please don't do this to me. I will do whatever you want"

"You go grab the keys to your idiot husband's truck and meet me there. Don't you dare put any piece of clothes on you. Whores like you don't get to cover their cunt and their breasts"

"But what if my husband or my son see me?"

"It's your choice you stupid whore"

Najibi was not used to being called these dirty names, but to her dismay, every time he called her a slut or whore she felt the juices boiling deep inside her cunt.

Having no other choice, Najibi went back to the room she shared with her husband, to the side of the bed where Youssef slept and took the keys to her husband's truck.

She did not even doubt if she should take the keys or not. She did not care that she is giving something that belongs to her husband, the supposed man of the house to another strange man. Anyway in a few minutes this strange man will have her, the wife of the man of the house. So what's a truck in front of that offer?

Opening the door to the truck, the young stud sat in the husband's seat and parted his legs and his underwear was around his muscular legs.

The look on Najibi's face was priceless. Her eyes were as big as saucers. She was looking at the big stud's erect cock like a whore. She couldn't take her eyes off of it. She smiled and licked her lips frantically anticipating the fuck she is going to get. She couldn't contain her trembling lips and began to purr like a sex kitten as shivers rocked her body.

Mansoor raised her like a doll and put her on his lap in front of his cock. His 12-inch cock was rock solid and sticking between her legs to her breasts. Mansoor held the base of his cock and began to slap the big breasts with it.

Each time, Najibi moaned and a small stream of milk spurted from her jugs until the head of his cock was covered with mommy milk.

His manly cock was covered with the milk intended to feed the small children, his friend's brothers.

He was handling her breasts as if he owned them. He was very suave, very confident with her. Everything he did was slow and deliberate. No wasteful moves with this guy.

He seductively caressed her belly as she handled his cock with her two hands.

It was awesome in its length and girth. The mother took hold of it in her two hands as if it were some sort of sacred object and began running her hands over it in wonder. She gazed at it with reverence.

The tip was large and engorged and had turned a deep purple. The head of his cock was the size of a tennis ball. Najibi could see the thick, distended ropey veins of his cock.

She looked at his formidable equipment and told him lustfully: "I missed your big cock. I have been missing it since you have left last summer"

Mansoor was thinking in his head: "What would Khaled do if he knew that his pure faithful mother has been getting fucked by him since the first day he came to stay with them two years ago?"

"Time for a real man to satisfy you, Mrs. Hanna"

Najibi knew that this night she was finally going to feel like a woman again.

Najibi raised her hips from Mansoor's lap, grabbed his thick cock with both her hands and aimed it at her hungry hole.

Compressing the head of the cock that was covered in her breast milk, Najibi was frantically trying to squeeze it inside her vagina.

Whimpering with lust and growing impatient, Najibi began to press herself hard on the solid pole between her highs.

She wanted to get fucked right there right then. She didn't care about anything in the world other than the burning itch between her legs.

Seeing her desperation, Mansoor grabbed her engorged clit with two fingers and began shaking it fast.

Najibi let out a slutty moan, arching her back, protruding her big tits forward as the head of the bull cock began to conquer her female defenses.

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