tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBad Little Bat Ch. 02

Bad Little Bat Ch. 02


Fake tits and bleached blond hair flipped and flopped wildly on the stage. Tiffany was a new dancer, fresh off the street, yet here she was dancing in the Pimp Room. The Pimp Room was the place to dance in Gotham. Of course, all the dancers were working girls as well Oswald saw to that. Each and every girl was a tried and true slut, and every man a pervert or a criminal.

Mr. Hot Shit sat at a table in the back and eyed the fresh meat on stage. She danced clumsily, but with enthusiasm. Her breasts fell like ripe cantaloupes into large pink nipples and her bush was trimmed gold, framed with a simple runic tattoo and her legs were impossibly long. As she jiggled her unnatural assets the clients began pricing her out. On man came over with 30 dollars and she smoothed him in her ample cleavage as he felt up her ass. She only pushed him away as he pressed his finger into her naked, puckered asshole.

A man in a suit came up and threw a hundred dollar bill on the stage, the she took his hand and sucked two fingers into her mouth, licking them till they shone with spit, then guiding them to her wet pussy lips. She ground her hips into his hand as he licked and bit at her breasts. He pulled out two more fifties and she thrust her hand down his slacks and began to jack him off as he finger fucked her. She moaned loudly to the beat of the music as he came in his 300 dollar pants and 100 dollar silk boxers.

She crawled on all fours across the stage to suck on a cock that a brawny thug had pulled out of his working class jeans, and then pulled the money from his hand after he came prematurely. His buddies were laughing at him as he sat down. Tiffany stood up and licked his cum off her lips, eyeing the crowd. It was a big crowd tonight. 50 men at least to every girl. Tiffany was very selective about her choice of men on the floor, and she was not shy about it. She was after more than money.

Her target was an elderly gentleman who was getting his limp cock fondled by a raven haired beauty. He was rich and well connected, but clearly he had some problems. Normally it's unheard of for a dancer to steal a client like this, but Tiffany walked right over and whispered into his ear. "For three grand, I'll make you cum in five minutes, or I'll be your slave."

As she said this she traced her hands along his shoulders and neck. She smelled powerfully of musk and sex and sweet sweat. Looking at the raven haired lady, she held up the $500 she had made on stage and waved it at her. She looked her dead in her brown eyes, placed her free hand on the back of her head and said "Suck this man's cock for money you dirty little whore"

"Tony" the man called to a goon "Time me five minutes, I'm gonna get a new girl."

The men all laughed. The dirty slut started slurping on the limp cock as Tiffany rubbed her finger on the back of his neck. He felt warm all over as she pressed her thumb softly on his thigh. Then she bit the lobe of his ear. He nearly jumped because she bit down hard, but just as she did his cock woke up and finally realized it was being sucked.

He sat back and enjoyed the warm feeling. It had been quite a while since his last errection, let alone his last blowjob. But he was older, and quite experienced, and the dark haired slut sucked like the blond danced, enthusiasm, but no talent, no skill.

He held out four minutes easy, and smiled at his fortune. Tiffany would soon be his to do with as he pleased; he wondered why she had made such a silly bet. She must have thought he would climax instantly, as that poor sap had. But this lady was not silly, and she had a plan.

Her massively cosmetically altered breasts slid past his face. He was suddenly eye to cunt with Tiffany. She pulled the other girl of his hard, wet cock and took it in her hand. With practiced ease she rubbed it and squeezed it in all the right ways, licking down the shaft twice before sucking the head into her lips. The she drew her own hand up and spread her pussy lips wide. Her middle finger, long and slender pierced her pink hole and her womanly juices dripped out like golden honey. The man grew very aroused, his men looked nervous.

Tiffany's long legs then wrapped in a rope dangling from the ceiling and with only 30 seconds left she pulled his entire cock in chin deep, his balls slapping her face. She bit down firmly and as he winched in pleasure and pain her wet finger slide unnoticed up his tight, brown sphincter. If he felt the pressure on his prostate he made no mention. She licked and slurped with an unsurpassed lustful skill. He held out as his cock was played like a fine instrument. With 10 seconds left he shot load after salty load on her heavily makeup laden faces and down her hungry throat.

The old man's head rolled back in delight and exhaustion. He hadn't come like that in years, if ever. Clearly, dancing was not her thing, cock was. She walked away with three thousand in cash. More importantly, she had picked his pockets clean and made a copy of his PDA, phone records and digital copies of his keys. There is no end what you can get out of a distracted man in four minutes.

Others dancers looked at her in nervous awe as she slinked backstage, pausing to rub a man here and there, or to wink at customers. Two ladies in schoolgirl outfits backed away from her quickly when she entered the dressing area. The sign on the door said "Dancers Only" and it smelled of incense and makeup. Inside sat several very scared looking women, one very unconscious bouncer, and Tiffany, buck naked and comically bound and gagger in thick black silk rope and a bright yellow gag and blindfold.

The young woman with the large, fake breasts looked at the scene. She pulled of her bleached blond wig and shook out her fine long red hair. Casually she dropped the money she had lifted from the old man at the feet of the strippers. "Split that up amongst yourselves, ok."

The women did not move as the thin red head pulled off her breast plate, the massive bed pillows falling down limply as her own pert breasts sprung out firm in the cool air of the room. She pulled off the cum strained latex face popped out the color contacts., hiding all of this in a black leather backpack, the placed her cowl back over her head and pulled on her calf high yellow custom boots and gloves. Then she calmly jumped out the seventh story window.

It took nearly an hour to get to one of her hidden places, decode the pda files and work out the map and codes to the private villa. She cut herself a set of his keys, downloaded the map and codes to her portable bat computer, and went downstairs to power up her Bat Bike.

Batgirl put on her safety gear and entered the ignition codes, the powerful diesel engine roared to life as she tested the throttle, brakes, batteries and options. All six spike launchers were loaded with grapples; the smoke/oil dispensers were full, as was the back up medical/fire kit and small weapons cache of battarangs and blow darts. Her pussy tingled in anticipation of her plan as the engine pulsed strongly beneath her. Her tight leather bike suit covered her head to toe as she revved the bike to full power and launched herself onto the roads of Gotham.


Mr. Hot shit and his gang left before Tiffany was finally untied and cried bat. In the confusion calls were made to warn Mr. Hot Shit, but none got thru, all his contact numbers now went straight to the 4th precinct’s special crimes desk.

End interlude

Barbra Gordon broke every traffic law in Gotham city that night, and even more as she jumped her bike from roof to rooftop, sailing by traffic and down alley ways. She flew across the Gotham Bridge to the suburbs across the river. She shut down the engine and went into stealth mode as she glided down the long driveway. Mr. Hot Shit was at least 45 minutes behind her as she hid the bike. She carefully disabled a sensor that would trigger the dogs, and scaled the back fence. She ran inside quickly to disable and bind the three armed men guarding the house. Silently she stalked upstairs and found the housekeepers room. She gassed the sleeping immigrant and hid her in a closet for safety, then found the butler. Barbra always had a thing for butlers.

This one was a man in his mid forties dressed in a well tailored suit. He was pouring drinks for Mr. Hot Shit and his men when Barbra stepped in beside him and spoke for the first time. "So tell me, what does your Boss do to earn such wealth?"

The butler was stunned, he was sure he was alone! No dogs had cried out, no alarms rung, but he turned and there she was, the Bat Girl. He dropped the bottle as Barbra caught it and stood up in a fluid motion. She sniffed lightly. "A good single malt, 50 years old at least, tell me what does he do?"

"He's in investments" he stammered, insincerely "he works very hard."

"Really now?”Batgirl smiled at him and pressed her tight body against his, the hot leather rubbing his slacks as all color left his face. "But you don't believe that, do you?"

"Yes I...no, no I don’t. Vie seen too many guns and drugs, but honestly, I don’t know any details, nothing I could go to the police with. He's very smart you know."

"I know that, but I've got him solid, now I only need a little help to nail him, and his gang. Can you help me?"

With that batgirl look at him with big, helpless childlike eyes and his heart melted and his cock got stiff. She noticed it and rubbed her leg against his hard on. "Mmm nice, help me out here" she dropped a bit of clear liquid into the liquor” and later I’ll take care of that."

Then she kissed him sweetly on the lips and snuck back into the shadows behind the liquor cabinet and the curtains. Just as he lost sight of her, the lights came on as Mr. Hot Shit pulled up in front, his dogs barked with alarm as they always did and the six men strode inside, laughing heartily at Mr. Hot Shit's good night.

They came in and shook the night chill form their coats then came into the den to have drinks. The butler nervously handed one to each man in turn as they sat in large chairs and sipped confidently.

Barbra smiled, her plan was going perfectly.

To be continued.....

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