tagNovels and NovellasBadge of Dishonor Ch. 07

Badge of Dishonor Ch. 07

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County X: Badge of Dishonor

Chapter seven

Rod Billingham finished his paperwork at the state patrol office, then he headed out to do a few hours of traffic patrol, the primary focus of which was speed enforcement. Not long after he'd been assigned to the Jamestown office, he had found a spot on one of the state highways outside Jamestown that allowed him to clock speeders without being seen. He was guaranteed to write five or more speeding tickets in less than three hours.

The patrol's brass adamantly denied they had quotas for the number of tickets troopers were expected to issue but, like any bureaucracy, the patrol depended heavily on statistics to rate the performance of their troopers. Every trooper knew they needed to write a certain number of traffic tickets every shift if they wanted a chance to advance up the promotional ladder. Rod very much wanted to move up in the department. In fact, he could imagine himself being head of the patrol one day.

He had just gotten in position when the alert tone on his radar unit went off. He glanced at the display, which read "68." The speed limit on that particular stretch of road was 40 and, when he glanced at the highway, he saw a red sports car whiz by. The operator looked like an attractive blonde.

"Here we go," Rod said. He pulled his cruiser into "Drive," and pulled out onto the highway after the red car. As he neared it, he flipped a switch on the panel above the two-way radio and siren. The blue lights mounted on the roof of his car began blinking. He saw the driver of the car he was behind check her mirror. She slowed down, but didn't stop.

"What the hell?" Rod thought. He was about to reach for the radio mike, to alert dispatch he had a subject who was failing to yield, when the car's right turn signal and brake lights came on. He was even more puzzled when the car turned onto a barely visible dirt road and proceeded in a little way, then stopped. His jaw nearly hit his chest when the driver waved to him, as if she were beckoning him to come up to her car.

Rod pulled up behind the car, shut off his flashing blue lights, grabbed his ticket pad, and got out of the car. He should have called dispatch to let them know he was making a traffic stop and what his location was, especially since the driver of the car he had stopped was acting pretty weird, but he didn't do that. The driver was a woman. How much trouble could a lone woman give him?

Rod did practice some safety measures. He unsnapped the strap that held his pistol in his holster and held his hand on the gun as he approached the red car. Once he was able to look down into the car, his jaw hit his chest again and he began gasping for breath.

"Hello, officer, was I speeding again?" the driver asked in a very husky, sexy voice.

The speeder he'd stopped was an extremely attractive blonde, who was wearing a tan cotton dress that had buttons all the way down the front, and a black belt around the waist.

What made it hard for Rod to breathe was that all of the buttons down the front of the dress were undone, as was the belt. And the woman wasn't wearing anything under the cotton dress! The girl had a fantastic tan...all over...and no tan line! He realized immediately she wasn't a true blonde. A thatch of curly brown hair nestled where her smooth, athletic legs and curved torso met. Her breasts, firm and capped with large nipples, jutted from her lean chest.

Rod was stunned. He'd heard about women who got off on guys in uniform, and he had taken advantage of more than a few of them. But he'd never met a woman this wanton before.

As Rod stood next to the low-slung car, his crotch was at the woman's eye level. As he stood there, gasping for breath, staring at her, a slim arm emerged from the car and her fingers slid lightly over his groin. He'd begun getting hard the minute he saw the woman in the car, but when her fingers touched his cock, it snapped to attention.

"My goodness, officer!" the driver murmured. Her fingers measured his swollen wand, then they sought his zipper.

Rod was shaking, trying to figure out what was going on, when he felt her tug on his pants, then heard his zipper buzz down. His legs got a bit wobbly, so he leaned on the car to support himself. "Uhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" he groaned when the woman reached into his uniform pants and began caressing his cock with her soft, warm hand. "This can't be happening!" he thought. "I must be hallucinating!"

"My, my," the woman whispered, running her fingers lightly up and down Rod's cock, which now protruded obscenely from his pants. "You have quite a nightstick here, officer!"

"Ah..." Rod gasped, trying to respond, trying to get his thoughts together. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" he moaned when warmth and wetness engulfed him. He looked down and saw his cock disappearing between the blonde's swollen red lips.

The woman began moving her head back and forth. She was fucking Rod with her mouth, holding onto his pants for leverage. His aluminum ticket pad slid from his hands and clanked off the side of the car as it fell to the ground.

All Rod could do was lean on the car and let the woman do what she was doing. He realized quickly that the woman was no amateur at sucking cock. Stupendous feelings rushed through him and he felt himself rushing rapidly toward release. He'd never had a more erotic experience, had never felt more out of control! Then he lost control.

"Gahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" he groaned, his hips bucking, as his seed boiled up, then spewed out of him, into the woman's mouth. He thought she'd stop what she was doing then, but she didn't, not right away.

The woman kept working on him with her lips, tongue, and fingers, sending sensations into him that were so intense that they verged on pain. His legs went weak and his fingers clawed at the smooth metal of the car's roof. Then, finally, the overwhelming sensations stopped.

The woman looked up at Rod, smiled. Some of his spend had dribbled onto her chin. Her tongue emerged and licked it off. "You aren't going to give me a ticket, are you officer?" she purred.

"Ah...no...I...I'm not..." Rod gasped, trying to get his wits about him. "You...you can...you can go..."

"Thank you so much, officer," the woman purred. She put her car in gear, backed past his cruiser out onto the highway, then drove off.

Rod stood there, staring at the red car as it disappeared around a corner on the highway. Then he stuffed himself back in his pants, and zipped himself up.

He bent and retrieved his aluminum pad from where it had fallen, then, on wobbly legs, he walked back to his cruiser and sank into the driver's seat. He realized he hadn't gotten the woman's name, so he copied the license number down, his hands shaking so hard the number was barely legible. Then, finally, he backed out of the small road, and sat next to the highway, still trying to convince himself that what had happened to him was real.

"Jamestown to 321," the radio crackled, startling him enough so he jumped.

Rod grabbed the radio mike. "Ah...3...321, go ahead, Jamestown," he replied.

"325 is requesting backup at a domestic," the dispatcher told him. "2125 Markview, Jamestown Estates."

"Copy, Jamestown, 2125 Markview, Jamestown Estates," Rod repeated. "I'm 10-76 to that location, ETA ten minutes."

"Jamestown to 325, 321 has a ten minute ETA your location," the dispatcher said.

Rod put his cruiser in "Drive," flipped the switch to activate the blue lights, and pulled out onto the highway.

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