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Judy's First Step!


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I felt kind of silly waving like some school girl through the windshield of my minivan at the man on the porch. I didn't even know him two hours earlier and now I was backing from his driveway with my pussy slick from the load of cum he put in me. Wow! I never would have thought running an errand for my husband could end up being the first time I cheated on him.

I'm Judith. My husband Tom and I have four children. We made the decision to have my tubes tied after the fourth. Life had been carefree after that although it didn't out to be the sexual circus I had anticipated. Quite to the contrary.

So, what just happened to me? How did I fuck a man I had never met until today? As I pulled away I felt really good and excited about it. He was someone new when I hadn't even considered there ever being someone new. There was a little something extra. About three inches of something extra that hit me in a really good spot. I let him cum in me. For the most part it was still in me. I could feel it. I felt well fucked. I'm driving down an unfamiliar street with a better than familiar feeling.

I'd be home soon. The kids would probably be there, home from school, before I got there. How does a mom with first time cum up her cunt from a lover she just met greet her kids? I talked with them, got them a snack and started them on homework. I could feel Kenny's cum in me as I moved around the kitchen talking to my children. A little more leaked into my underwear. I felt like I was dancing on clouds.

With the kids busy I went to my room. I couldn't keep my mind off what I had done and how Kenny's cock had managed to nudge my cervix while we fucked. I would shower.. My husband would be home soon. No, let it stay. I could fend him off with some excuse if he got frisky. With four active kids there wasn't a lot of time or energy for that sort of thing anyway.

In spite of how I should feel about what I had done I liked it. I wanted to hold the stranger's seed inside me. Having deciding against a shower I dropped my shorts and laid back on the bed. I lifted my ass and pulled my panties to the back of my thighs. I pulled up the crotch and looked at cum that didn't belong to my husband. One finger dabbed at it and touched it to my tongue.

"Hmmmm ... Not bad. It had been years since I'd tasted any and even then my husband promised he wouldn't cum, but fired off as soon as I took the head of his cock in my mouth."

No ... not there. No, I tasted his cum in my mouth. I wanted it in my pussy. I ran my finger back through the puddle in my underwear and rubbed it deep between my cunt lips. Another couple of swipes and I had it all inside me. I rocked my hips up to level my slit. I could feel juices slide back inside me towards my womb. A quick grab of my pillow to slide under my butt kept the angle so Kenny's seed would collect at my cervix.

I lay there a few minutes. I couldn't do that. Cheating on my husband was one thing. Getting freaky about having a stranger's cum stay inside me was something else. It would be enough that I'd let someone else fuck me. I rose up and started for the shower. Kenny's cum drained along my thigh. I giggled and hurried to the bathroom and the tile floor.

The shower felt good. The residual from Kenny would remain my treat. Along as my husband didn't try to eat me I'd be fine. How would I react to being near him when he got home?

What I had done raced through my mind when he arrived and we were all family like as I finished preparing dinner. He even helped in the kitchen. The fuck session with Kenny flitted in and out of my mind. I liked the thought that I had cheated and here we were as if it had not happened.

At dinner it was a little more gripping. I'd drift in and out of the conversation as the prodding of Kenny's cock inside and the release of his cum barebacked inside me seemed so real and so wicked as if it were still happening. I managed smiles as I would look around the table at my husband and four kids. No one had any idea that Mom had gotten herself fucked that very day.

Dishes were exciting as my oldest daughter and my husband helped washing and putting away. Standing next to Tom I was mesmerized about Kenny fucking me and his cock being larger. It made me want to fuck him again. This wasn't going to be a one time thing if I could help it. How would I go about that? Would I wait for Kenny to call, I'd given him my number, or should I just be bold and tell him I wanted to fuck him?

Getting through the evening was odd for me even though I knew that none of my family had any idea that Mommy wanted to be a slut with Kenny. I had yo have his cock in me. How had it happened? My husband saw on ad on one of those free websites and sent me across town for something he just had to have. Kenny was friendly enough and something between us just clicked.

I liked his smile. He was divorced at age twenty-two and hadn't gotten back in to dating yet. At thirty-one I giggled and teased him about still being a kid. I'm not the kind of girl you'd look at and say, "I've got to fuck that!" My chest is almost flat, my waist tiny, and the only good thing about me is my round little butt. I'm short at about five foot and most guys would be wondering if they could cram all of their cock into me if they thought about sex with me at all. I remember a neighbor that once said I was so tiny he'd like to sit me on his cock and spin me around.

But, there's a surprise inside. There's nothing threatening about me. I'll never be a trophy wife or pretty enough to make men feel intimidated. With Kenny and I it was an awkward moment when we first met. Then I paid him for the item and smiled. He asked me if I had plans for lunch.

"What are you having?"

"Well, I was going to fry some bologna for a sandwich, but ... "

"Oh, that's fine. I'd probably be okay with that."

Oh Lord, did I bat my eyelashes a little?

A big sister to little brother feeling seemed to cover the conversation as we ate and talked. Then something made me think about fucking him. Not actually fucking him, but wondering what it would be like to fuck him. After the sandwich things got awkward again. Kenny got a little nervous. Was he thinking what I was thinking?

He stood and put his plate in the sink. I stepped toward him and handed mine.

"My, you sure are a tiny little thing." He said as he took the plate.

"I might be only five foot one and weigh 97 pounds, but I'd be like wrestling a grizzly."

"Maybe I'd like wrestling a grizzly."

That seemed to embarrass him a little. After all he had just said that to a married woman.

"Oh, you would, would you?" I squared my body up with his chest. "Does that sound like fun to you?"

I forgot all about having a husband and my kids. I wanted him to kiss me. My husband is 5'8", about right for a girl like me that is just a bit above five foot. But, Kenny must have been 6'6". When I looked up to his lips the distance looked like forever. He bent to kiss me and I went up on my toes. Our first kiss was soft and sweet. We looked into each others eyes. When our kiss met again our tongues tugged at each other. My arms went around his neck. He stood lifting me up and steadied me with his hands on my butt.

After several minutes he put my feet back on the floor with a troubled look on his face. What did he expect my reaction would be?

"Aren't you going to show me your house?" I teased.

"Sure, what part do you want to see first?"

"Let's start with the bedroom. We can look at the rest later."

Was that my voice? The faithful wife? Mother of four? I was all in. I wasn't leaving the place until after he fucked me. I took off my denim vest that covered over by braless boobs under a t-shirt material type top. My little A-Cup tits with hard raspberry sized nipples had Kenny's jaw dropping. I pulled the top up over my head and tossed it on the floor. Whether they are large or small when you stand in front of a man with naked breasts he falls under your power.

My life as a faithful wife was almost over. I dropped my shorts and underwear, standing before this stranger completely naked. He hadn't yet touched his own clothes. His eyes locked on my fat little pussy.

"Wow! Guys must go crazy when they see that puffy little twat of yours."

"Actually, thank you, there are no guys, just my husband. This has always been his."

"If I knew I had that in my bed I'd be on it all the time."

"Oh, he does just fine. Whenever I need a little more I just do this ... "

I got on all fours, turned my pussy towards him and gave him a good look at my bottom. I could feel my wetness. I had to have him fuck me.

"Damn it, why was he being so shy?"

"Stay just like that. Don't move!"

I looked back when I heard clothes rustling. Before I got a look Kenny was naked and behind me. I couldn't see what I was getting, but when the head sank into my cunt I knew it was going to be more than I ever got at home. A few inches followed the head into me.

"Oh, God. That's good!" I murmured. "Fuck my married pussy!"

Within a minute not only was I stretched out, but he was deeper than Tom, my husband, had ever been. I settled to my elbows with my pussy in the air and Kenny's hands on my hips steadying me. I held still and let him fuck me. Somewhere in my mind I realized that he was making me cum.

"Fuck me! Fuck my little pussy with your nice cock. Fuck me."

Kenny stopped. "You keep talking like that you are going to make me lose my load."

I could feel the head caress my vagina in a spot that had never been caressed. He had to be two or three inches longer than my husband. Husband? It had been several minutes since I had even thought about my husband.

"Sorry Honey. Your wife needed fucked!"


"I said I really needed fucked."

When Kenny slowed down to try to make it last I started to rock back into him taking his cock to my depths. It was snug and the head couldn't go any further in me.

"You're making me cum. I'm going to have to pull out."

"If you do I'll have to kill you." I threatened. "Cum inside me. Bury that load in me."

I could feel it. His warmth added to my wetness. Man that stuff was up in there deep! He stayed behind me, still pumping slowly until he plopped out. A stream ran from me and puddled on his sheet."

"Sorry. There was too much to hold in and you did really loosen me up."

We lay on our backs beside each still naked for a few minutes. Then I used his bathroom to clean up while trying to leave some of his seed inside me for the drive home. I returned naked. I know I look like a little kid when I'm naked. Kenny had to think it, too. I started to put my clothes back on. Kenny started to do the same. I had my shirt and denim vest on when I reached for my panties and shorts. I looked at Kenny. It was the first direct view of his cock. It was hanging down looking so damned good. My brain flashed to how it had felt in me. Then the connection flashed to my fresh fucked cunt.

"Want to do it again?" I asked.

"Let me rest a minute. Let's get something to drink."

I wanted to be naked with him again. I removed by shirt and vest and walked naked to his kitchen. I sat in a chair as he filled two glasses with soda from a two liter bottle. Sitting while he stood just inches from me put his slightly hardening cock right at face level.

"That looks nice. I really didn't get a look at it before."

I hadn't really had a good look at it before or after he fucked me. Now it was so close he had to feel my breath on it. He didn't move or say anything. He stood still and let me make my own decision. I move my face to it and kissed the head. I hadn't kissed my husband's dick in probably ten years. There had been some awkward times Tom had gone down on me. There ... I had thought of my husband again ... and our kids at home.

Thinking of them didn't give me any feelings of guilt. I had already fucked Kenny. I couldn't take that back. I kissed the head of his cock again. I had to have it in my mouth. My lips parted and my face moved forward. The head went in and I took a couple of inches of his shaft. I looked up into Kenny's eyes and I started to suck. A few minutes later Kenny finally spoke.

"You're going to get yourself in trouble doing that?"

"Whatever do you mean, Sir?" I had his cock in my hand and placed it back in my mouth before he could answer.

"You're going to cause me to make a mess."

"Make a mess. Let's see if I can handle it."

I had his cock in my hand again. I waited for his response.

"If you aren't careful I'm going to cum in your mouth."

Again, with his cock now in my hand I spoke. "

"Go ahead Kenny. Cum in my mouth. You still will be able to fuck me again, won't you?"

I smiled at him again as he answered.

"Oh, Hell yes, I'm going to fuck you again!"

Kenny held back a couple of minutes before flooding my mouth with his seed. That was a lot of cum. I swallowed several times to get it all down. What little bit that leaked from the corner of my mouth onto my chin I moved to my tongue with my finger and swallowed again.

"Jesus Christ, Judith. I wish my ex-wife had been like you."

"I don't see how she let you get away Kenny. You are so sweet, and all this nice cock."

"Well, there were co-workers. She managed to fuck several of them. Then she went to a party and didn't come home until the next morning all disheveled and full of cum. I put up with the occasion random fuck, but that was too much. Then her reply it was the same guys she'd been fucking all along only just all at once."

"Oh, my God! I must seem like a terrible slut to you cheating on my husband."

"No, that's fine. Now maybe it's my turn to be the other guy."

"Speaking of turns, it looks like you are starting to get ready for another one."

I motioned down at his hardening cock.

"Jesus, Kenny. Just how big is that thing?"

"I measured in once. It's eight inches."

"And, that couldn't be enough for her? We checked Tom's length once and it was 5-1/4". No wonder you make me feel stuffed."

"I don't know what made my ex-wife stray. Maybe it's my technique."

"Trust me Kenny. It's not your technique."

I drank the last of the soda he had poured for me and led the way back to the bedroom with him close behind. I swayed my ass for him and caused a large glob of cum to drop from my slit and splat into a puddle on the floor.

"Oh, shit. Where did that come from?" Kenny laughed.

"Right from where you put it, Mister. It just took it a while to work its way out from as deep as you put it in my little pussy."

I giggled and went into the bathroom. I grabbed some toilet paper and dabbed the gap between my chubby cunt lips. After dropping the mess in the toilet I squealed and raced towards the bed. I landed with my back against the sheets and my legs spread for him to fuck me. From behind was great, but this time I wanted to see has face as his cock worked in and out of me.

Instead his cock was a long way from me as he kissed me and then kissed my neck and ears. His breathing near my ears caused my little cunt to start to cream for him. He kissed down my neck and across my collar bone. My nipples were like pebbles when he got to them. He kissed my nipples and licked my smallish boobs. Half way to my belly button her nudged me over on my stomach.

"Oh, aren't you going to fuck me?"

"I don't work tonight and you told me you don't have to be home until 3:30. I've got exploring to do."

And ... he did explore. He explored by kissing up my back and across my shoulders, going up to my neck and ears again. I was squirming wanting his cock in me. He kissed slowly down my back to my waist, then kissing my butt and kissing and licking the skin. He nibbled and kissed the backs of my thighs. Nudging me I parted my thighs, actually bending at one knee. He drove me crazy kissing the inside of my thigh and finally blowing on my exposed gash.

I really needed his cock in me. He rolled me on my back again. My legs came open for him to fuck me. Instead he began sucking and licking my hard nipples. With my small boobs when I lay on my back my nipples are about all I have on my chest. It felt good, but his dick was down about where my knees would be if I didn't have my legs spread so wide open. I wanted the feel of it even if I could squirm enough to only feel the head of it brush my outer lips. As good as the attention to my nipples felt it was torture to wait for his cock to enter me.

Then he worked his way even further down kissing my flat stomach and belly button again. Even lower into my pussy hair and blowing on my wet slit.

"Please fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

"In time. I don't want this to end too soon and I'm sure you don't either."

About half of Kenny was off the bed when he dropped down and kissed me right dead center of my pussy slit. Then his tongue went in deep and he dragged it up to my clit, sucking it into his mouth. I exploded. Whatever it was that I needed from his fucking me I got it right there. I lunged my crotch up to his face and grabbed his hair to pull him in to me.

When I came to my senses he was eating my cunt. My stomach was still in knots from cumming so hard. Then it occurred to me.

"What are you doing down there? You just cum in me not twenty minutes ago."

"I know. But, it's mostly you and I love your taste."

Jesus! I was thinking. A guy that fucks me with his big cock and then eats me out! I settled in and let him have his way. I was pretty much lost in it, what he was doing down there. He was right about it being a whole lot of me he was tasting. I have no idea how many times he made me cum. Finally he came up from eating pussy and guided his cock into me. I just moaned and rolled my hips with him and bucked up on his dick.

"I've got to get you fucked and on your way home if you are going to beat 3:30."

What he said didn't really sink in right then. What was sinking into me was eight inches of hard cock. The head pushed inside me and then moved my cunt open as his length went into me. There! At the end he held it there. He was so much taller than me I was looking up at his chest rather than his face. Oh, fuck! He could have held it there as long as he wanted. My married little cunt was in control of my body and my mind whirled as he made me cum again.

My mind focused enough that I could see the clock on Kenny's nightstand. God! It read 2:45. I'd have to leave by 3:00 to have any chance of being home when the kids arrived from school. The steady pounding Kenny's cock was giving me made me want his cum in me again. My mind knew I had to go, but my pussy would have let me spend the night.

Kenny kept fucking me. I was absorbed in getting fucked. I'd forgot about time again. Kenny tensed and grunted. I felt him start to fill me with his seed and was cumming hard right along with him. We lay coupled together a few minutes. Kenny looked at the clock this time.

"Judith ... "


"It's 3:07. Shouldn't you be in your car rushing home to your kids and husband?"

I didn't move as quickly as I thought I should. I really didn't care. This was about me getting fucked. I had been a Mom every day for years. Today I was a woman that needed fucked. I wasn't even going to feel guilty about it. The was nothing there to feel sorry about. I let a stranger fuck me ... so what?

I was up. I was dressed. I was at his door on the way out. I stopped to kiss him before walking into bright sunlight after spending the afternoon in the cool light of Kenny's bedroom.

"Want to do it again?"

Kenny had a look on his face that there could be some doubt.

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