tagInterracial LoveBallet Club Ch. 03

Ballet Club Ch. 03


Well, for the remainder of that day and into the next I was nervous to say the least. My daughter and the rest of the club were true to their words, and what had happened at our dance with the devils remained our secret. I could only hope that the football players would also keep quiet, but so far it seems they have too.

When the following week's practice came around I was nervous. The club members and the football players started to show up early but my daughter had yet to arrive. I instructed a boy angel and a girl angel to take one of the football players to the prop room to see if they could find something more appropriate for the devils to wear. The football players didn't seem too happy about that but everyone kept nervously silent. Meanwhile I had the other boy angels run through the moves of the dance again with the remaining football players and I did some paperwork.

The boys ran through the devil scene several times and it started to get late. I decided to go back to the prop area to see what was taking so long. When I got to the prop room the door was closed and I heard jostling inside. I stopped to listen.

"What do you want me to do, just stand here and hold it?" I heard the football player/devil ask. Silence. "C'mon, help me out, I've got to put it somewhere!" What the hell was he talking about?

"I don't know," the girl replied, it looks so big!"

"Well, maybe the two of you can handle it" the devil replied. Oh my god, these guys would do anything! My shoes were rooted to the floor and I just continued to listen. I heard more shuffling, then the girl groaned "No, no... it's too big... please...!"

The poor girl! The poor, lucky, girl. I remembered last week to the glimpse I got of her face as that same meaty black spear pistoned through her lips. Sure her head was held tight, but she didn't seem to fight like she was now. Oh, shit, neither did I. Oh, shit, I'm getting excited again. "Please... ugh... you little fairy... ugh... help me...!!" I assumed she was talking to the little white dancer I'd sent to "protect" her.

The thought of that wonderful spear entering the tiny 18 year old gave me goosebumps and scared me all at once. God what if he did hurt her? He probably was as big as her arm! Finally I moved. I threw the door open to find...

"Oh, thank god ma'am. Please take this box from me. It's too big for me to handle and I'm about to drop it. " The little girl was standing there, fully clothed, holding a big box. I took the box from her before she dropped it, and gently set it down.

"Well hello teacher" came the voice of the devil from behind a bunch of props. The little white boy angel stood motionless in the corner of the room. "Alright you two, get back to the stage. " I commanded the two angels. "What are you doing back there?" I asked.

"Me? I'm just looking for a box with something that suits me. Do you have a box with something that will suit me?"

"Yes, I'm sure I... " Very clever. "Just keep looking, and come back when you find something, OK?" I left him and closed the door, and went back to my students.

"OK, club, it may be difficult but our weakest scene is still the dance with the devils. Until we get, ahem, suitable costumes for our devils, I'm going to ask them to wear these tights, just like you all wear. OK, devils? Here, each take a pair, go around the back of the stage and get changed into these. Meanwhile, angels take your positions. " Damn, my daughter still wasn't here. Well, one devil was still with the props so we're even.

The angels took up position as the devils came back around from behind the stage. Oh god what a mistake I made! Three hulking black men came on the stage in the tightest black tight pants I could imagine. "Oh, goodness... I'm sorry. Those were the biggest ones they had! Don't you boys have any... you know... athletic protection?" The outline of three huge cocks running down three muscular legs was clearly visible to us all. The girls stared openly while the white boys looked absolutely uncomfortable, occasionally looking at their own tights. Poor little boys.

"Ma'am, you didn't tell us to bring any. We kind of... left quietly last week. What you see is what you get. "

"Jesus, I'll take it," I quickly thought to myself before regaining my own composure. "OK, well I think we're safe for now. Let's do a run through with the people we have. " Where is my daughter? "Positions... now, let's dance!"

Just like last week the devils held their tiny white angels and did the routine. Last week, with the devils in kilts, their cocks which hardened through the dance raised straight up and were hidden by the girls in front of them. Now, with the restraint of the tights, these huge devils got just as hard through the dance, but that hardness was clearly visible down each leg, even from my seat several rows deep. My earlier excitement returned as I watched that meat expand and move with the dance. These boys... men... were gorgeous. The dance ended and, just like last time the girls ended up not to the side where I could see their faces, but right in front of each black devil. And just like last week each devil gripped the head of his angel.

Now, I heard no fabric ripping, I saw no white hands at black hips, so I knew these men were not feeding their... oh god, delicious... cocks to those little 18 year olds. Still, the men thrust their hips gently just like last week, and the white boy angels stood to the side. (And I got more excited). Still, I wasn't about to ask anyone to "succumb. " "OK boy angels, to the rescue!"

The boy angels jumped up, and, unlike last week the devils offered them no resistance. Still, the girls didn't exactly jump up when "rescued" by their angels. It just looked shoddy. "OK, wait. Let me walk you through this so we know where we're supposed to be. " I got up from my seat and went on stage. Oh, no. The three hulking black devils stood there in their wonderfully tight tights, and what did I see but lipstick! Six lines of lipstick, two running up and down either side of a wonderful black stalk! I looked to the girls, who just kind of looked away, like maybe I wouldn't notice. "You know what, let's just take today off until I can work out some details, alright?" The football players outwardly moaned their obvious disappointment, the white boys were off like a shot and the girls nervously ambled toward the door. Now, where is my daughter?

After everyone was gone, I went around the stage and remembered that one of the devils was still looking through the props. I went back to tell him he could go, but when I got to the door, I heard my daughter's voice. "No, please, it's too big... ugh... please... oh... " Ha! I pictured my daughter holding that large box, struggling with it with no one to help her. Serves her right, I thought. The littlest of the dancing girls had held the box by herself earlier for several minutes, so I was going to make my daughter suffer the same treatment at least that long before helping her.

"C'mon, you can take it. It's not that big. Yeah, use both hands... that's it. " the devil told her.

"Oh... I don't... know... it's so big... "

"Yeah, just take it slow and easy. You'll get used to it. "

"Oh... ungh... so... big... ooohhh... Give... it... to... me... sloowww... please... "

I remembered what I thought was happening the first time I passed this door today, and if I didn't know better I'd think the same thing now. God, it got me excited all over again. The thought of that huge black pole giving such wonderful pleasure to my tiny, tiny daughter really got to me.

"You OK girl? Yeah... I think you got it. Yeah... I think you gonna take it all... yeah... you got it... you got it... you got it... "

He was chanting so sweetly. It was so nice of him to encourage her. Maybe he was helping her build strength. He was so muscular. "Oh... god... I... can't... believe... I've... got... it... all" she chanted back in the same rhythm. "So... big... so... big... " Then she went into some sort of breathing exercise. "Oh... oh... oh... oh... " which slowly sped up to "oh... oh... oh... oh... " then "oohh... ungh... oohhh... ungh... " I was getting ready to help her out but thought I'd give her a few more seconds. "Please... ungh... please... oohh... I... ungh... can't... uoohh... take... ungh... much... oohh... more... ungh... please... oooohhhhh... "

"Ok... girl... I'm... gonna... un... load!" He told her. Good, I thought. He'll take the weight from her and I won't have to help at all.

"Yes... ungh... please... ungh... do it ungh... oohh... ungh... please... ungh... do it ungh... please... ungh... do it ungh... "

Then I heard it. The unmistakable sound I hadn't forgotten. The sound I'll never forget. The wonderful sound I heard for the first time only a week ago. "AARGH!" The sound of a giant black man, a sexy, powerful black devil with a giant black cock, unloading, not a box, but sperm. Copious, life giving, warm, wet, salty sweet, potent black man sperm. Right inside the door. Right inside... my daughter.

Oh God.

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