tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBangin' Batman Ch. 01

Bangin' Batman Ch. 01


Gotham City.........

Much can be said about this town. But not much can be said about this town without it mentioning the towns' resident super hero Batman. The cloaked and mysterious vigilante of justice who has somehow managed to keep the city pretty safe.

Much can also be said about its villains as well. Yes, Gotham has villains lots of them in fact. They've got The Joker, Bane, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Riddler, and Clayface just to name a few of the most notorious villains. Many have wondered why they haunt the city.

Then there's the elusive masked crusader himself. A modern day Zorro if you will. This man who's full of mystery and justice. Who is he? Why is he doing what he does? Why is he feared more by the wrong doers than the local police are? Why haven't the police stepped in to stop Batman? After all he's nothing more than a vigilante right?

These were questions that Lauren Jenkins had to answer. But just how in the blue hell was she going to do that?! Its Batman dammit! It wasn't like he was just gonna stroll right into her office, sit down, and spill his guts about his life to her.

This was one of those times she wished she had stayed home in Washington DC and took that desk reporter job for The Post but no she just had to be an on-camera news reporter so she packed her bags and came to Gotham City. It was fresh start for her after leaving her boyfriend of 3 years who cheated on her before she left. His cheating was the final nail in the coffin for her. So she packed up not knowing a damn thing about Gotham and headed to the new city.

She came to Gotham with hopes and aspirations that she'd be the lead broadcast journalist. Yeah that was an epic fail. That job was held by Summer Gleason. The beautiful, bubbly, and bright brunette that Gotham sees on its 6:00 evening news is a royal bitch off camera. She doesn't like Lauren; and truth be told Lauren hates her as well.

So for now Lauren has settled for being the number 2. While Summer gets to interview Gotham's resident playboy Bruce Wayne, Lauren has to tackle interviewing the dark knight.

"Oh goodie!" Lauren sarcastically thought to herself.

The only reason she's not interviewing Bruce is because unlike Summer she's not sleeping with their boss.

And besides Bruce Wayne sounds boring to interview anyway. She just shook her head at Summer. This woman has managed to get the station in major trouble with some of the worse criminals in Gotham. But does she care? Nope not in the least bit. As long as she's getting dick from the top brass, she could care less about the other lives she puts in danger when she wants the top story. .

"I have some dignity unlike her!" she thought to herself.

Which is also why she's single for now as well then again there's another underlying reason like, how the dating scene in Gotham stunk to high hell.

It was like most of men here were scared of her or so she thought they were. Well when standing at 5'10 she did kinda tower over most of them. Now she had some nice features about her too. An athletic hourglass shape, deep-set brown eyes, caramel skin, long black hair, nice round ass, tits to die for, lips that could make Aphrodite jealous, and legs for days. She loved her body and rightfully so.

And this is a woman who has her own dark side. Her bedroom is adorned with various toys, DVDs, and other items of a sexual nature. Oh yes she had very naughty sexual side to her. Dildos, strap-ons, handcuffs, vibrators, and whips galore in her bedroom.

She often thought of the fun she used to have with her ex. Fucking his tight ass with her 8" strap-on, was her absolute favorite thing to do. Besides hearing how vocal he could get in bed. It was a high for her to use a vibrator on his balls, to make him cum while she sucked him off. She's very open and honest about her sex life.

Now back to the task at hand. Back to Batman. Hmm....What was she gonna do? How was she gonna get close enough to him to talk to him? She had wondered this all the way home from work.

What in the hell was she gonna do? It was frustrating to her. She sighed loudly, let her hair down, and plopped down on her couch just confused as to how she was going to approach this. She decided to run herself a hot bubble bath and let it melt her thoughts of the day away.

On her way into her bathroom she grabbed a 10" dildo. Just because its a bath doesn't mean she wasn't gonna have fun while she's in there. With Pandora playing a random mix of music she undressed herself, grabbed her dildo then headed into the hot water.

Now this was much better she felt her day slowing melting away like a Hershey's bar melts in the heat. She held her dildo, slowly rubbed it and wished it was real but alas it wasn't. Oh well it would have to suffice for now. With that she found her clit and rubbed it with head of the dildo before diving right into her pussy.

She leaned back, closed her eyes, bit her lip and drove this honking dildo inside of her pussy. She moaned ever so softly upon it entering her pussy. It may have been fake but damn does this thing feel good. It felt so damn good when it went it and out of her hungry pussy.

"Dear God!" she shrieked she was near her peak and the only way she was gonna go over was if she felt someone playing with her nipples.

So with one hand on her dildo she took the other one and fondled her breasts. That did it. She screamed as she released her cum into the hot bath water.

"Damn!" She thought while smiling to herself. She eventually regained her composure before the water began to turn cold and washed up.

She stepped out of the tub and walked towards her bathroom mirror. She gazed at her reflection and man she loved what she saw. Her body turned her on. Tonight felt like one of those "I feel like being naked" nights. And so she was. She had no problem walking around her house naked, with the windows wide open for the world to see.

She walked onto her balcony just to see the city skyline. Her apartment had the most awesome view of the city. One could see everything from downtown to the Gotham Bay from where she was. Maybe that's why Summer hates her so much. Lauren had outbid Summer by a mere $5,000 to get this 3-bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom penthouse with a skyline view.

That's when she saw him. She saw Batman standing on rooftop in downtown Gotham.

"Wow he's hot!" she thought to herself.

He looked to be patrolling the city as he always does. Swinging from rooftop to rooftop. She enjoyed watching him. He had somehow managed to turn her on by simply swinging around buildings. Then he suddenly disappeared.

"Where the hell did he go? He was just here a second ago" she said out loud. She looked for him but couldn't find him.

"Dammit I lost him!" she said to herself.

Little did she know he was standing right behind her, he had seen her watching him. And so he decided to do a little investigating as to who was watching him.

"Well there went that one. Guess its back to the drawing board with this interview" she said out loud.

That's when she noticed her shadow was bigger than usual. She turned around and screamed for there he was. She tried to run into her bedroom to cover herself up but he blocked her way.

"How long have you been standing there?!" she asked while trying to regain her breath.

"Long enough. You've been watching me. Why?" was his only reply.

"Well first of all my name is--" she began to say before he cut her off.

"I know who you are. Why were you watching me?" he asked firmly.

"I was getting to that! I didn't mean to watch you at first you just came outta nowhere and well you caught my eye. Now do you mind? I'm naked, its getting cold, and you're staring at me! Stop staring at me!" she responded.

He smirked and laughed at her and all she wanted to do was slap that smirk off his face.

"What the hell is so funny?!" She demanded to know.

"You are" he said to her before he grabbed and pulled her closer to him. She tried struggling but the more she struggled the tighter he held her. This man had one hell of a grip.

"Let me go!" she told him.

"No! You're going to tell me the real reason you were watching me." He told her. She couldn't believe this. She just could not believe he was doing this to her.

"Fine you muscle-headed son of a bitch! You wanna know? I'll tell you! I have an assignment to interview you! But I was telling the truth I didn't mean to watch you. Now let me go!" she demanded.

He finally released her and she swung on him. She wanted to beat the high holy hell outta him. Sadly he's taller, stronger, and faster than she is. He caught her right fist and spun her around so her ass was pressed against him and his bulge.

She was in shock at and turned on by his bulge.

"Umm your pants are stabbing my ass." she told him.

"Good. Its what happens when I catch a beautiful naked woman watching me. Now it wants you to grind your soft sexy ass against it" he told her.

Who was she to argue? She was more than willing and eager to grind her body against him. As she pressed her body against him he sucked on her neck and fondled her breasts. He was making her hot and bothered. She moaned as he played with her nipples.

That was it she wanted him in the worst way possible. She was hungry for his dick and the same could be said for him. He had never had a black woman before but she was about to change that for him.

"Inside! Now!" he hissed.

She immediately stopped, grabbed his hand and led him into her bedroom. He was hard as steel and craving her luscious body. He grabbed her and proceeded to throw her on her King Sized Bed. Before she had a chance to react he was on top pinning her to the bed.

There he was in all his glory. Clad in leather he was driving her crazy. She wanted him to take her right then and there but he had other plans for her this night. He let her go and stood in front of her. He was in awe at this Goddess of a woman. He doesn't know what it was but she's triggered something primal in him. She unleashed this sexual hunger in him and all she did was watch him patrol the city. With that he dropped to his knees and took her right foot into his mouth and sucked on her toes. This was a new sensation to her and man did she love it. It made her moan softly and got her juices flowing. He then did the same to her other foot.

"You like that?" he asked her. She nodded with approval while biting her lip. He smirked and continued to let his mouth play with her feet.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmmm! Damn this man is good!" she thought to herself.

At that moment he stopped long enough to undress so she could marvel at him just as he did her and marvel at him she did. He was beyond fine! His abs were like something out of a magazine photo shoot. His arms were toned beautifully and that tiger tattoo on his left arm was orgasmic to her. I mean this man was ripped from head to toe. His vanilla skin was delicious to put it mildly. Even though he kept his mask on he was still drop dead gorgeous. And his dick was just as pretty. It was maybe 8"-8 1/2" long which was fine with her.

She wanted to get an exclusive with him and she was getting it. He placed her legs on his shoulders and began to lick and kiss her calves he continued to do this for several minutes. Slowly he moved to her thighs doing the same to them as he did her calves. Her wetness and anticipation were building she wanted him to attack her pussy with his mouth. But alas he didn't he wanted her orgasm to be huge so he just took his time. He licked his lips right before he dived right in.

She arched her back and moaned when he took her clit into his mouth. He licked and sucked on her clit like his life depended on it. Doing so made her squirm in pleasure.

"Yes! More! Give it to me!" she moaned.

He was happy to acquiesce her request. He drove his tongue inside her hungry and wet snatch causing her to nearly jump off the bed. She grabbed his head and smothered his face with her pussy. He grabbed her ass cheeks, spread them wide, and fingered her ass while he ate her pussy. This went on for what seemed like forever to her. And just as she was about to hit her peak he stopped.

"What the fuck is he doing?!" she thought to herself.

At that point he flipped her over onto her stomach and attacked her ass with his mouth. It felt so fucking good to have his tongue in her ass, because while he fucked her ass with his tongue he fingered her pussy. This was driving her insane. She was about to lose it and he knew it. But that's not what he wanted well at least not yet it isn't.

"Oh God! I can't stand it anymore! Please fuck me! Please! I want you inside me!" she begged. Hearing her beg damn near made him lose it himself but he held it together.

"No. Not until I feel those succulent lips on my cock!" he responded.

She couldn't believe this she was about to cum and now she has to hold it to suck him off. She turned around and swallowed his dick whole. He closed his eyes and slowly exhaled when she did. He looked down and watched this woman suck him off.

She was intoxicating he loved watching his dick and balls go in and out of her pretty mouth. He was about to lose it but he knew he wanted to take her so just before he was about to cum he stopped her. He pinned her to the bed and rammed dick into her waiting pussy. She shrieked as he began banging her out. Good God this man was giving it to her so good he would've made her ex jealous.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! I need it! I need you!" she screamed as his took her.

He soon flipped her over and fucked her doggy-style. She loved fucking that way. He latched on to hips for dear life as he took her wet pussy. She was in heaven as was he. He was just about there so was she. And the only thing that would send them both over the edge was her riding him.

He rolled over onto his back waiting for her to ride him. She soon climbed on top of him and bounced on his dick. He had a firm grip on her ass while she rode him. She soon reached her peak again and couldn't hold on much longer.

"Oh shit! I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck! Its coming! Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm cumming!" she screamed as she exploded all over his dick. That was all he needed to hear.

"Oh yeah! Cum for me! Oh God woman! Its coming! Here it comes! Yeah! I'm cumming too! Oh yeah its all inside you!" he shouted as he blew his load inside her.

She soon collapsed on top of him both were covered in sweat, saliva and cum. Slowly she fell asleep in his arms. At that point she didn't care about the interview because she just had the best sex in her life.

When she woke up he was gone. But he left her note. It was a scheduled time to do their interview. Batman wanted it to be a one on one TV interview. He felt it was time to tell Gotham why he does what it is he does.

"Goodbye Summer Gleason! Hello number 1 spot!" she said as she smiled to herself. She had just bagged not only ratings but she got Batman as well.

To be continued...

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