tagGroup SexBarbi's Wild Ride

Barbi's Wild Ride


The planets all seemed to align at one time. Cary, Barbi's husband, was out of town on a business trip for two weeks and was not expected back for another two, Barbi was three months pregnant and horny from Cary's physical neglect of her, and she was being watched closely by her boss without even realizing it.

In a way, Barbara (but everyone called her Barbi since high school) had been looking forward to her husband's trip and time alone. Now, she wasn't so sure it would be that much fun. She had planned to spend time with her best friend Gale, but now she was away on a family emergency.

Barbi was a secretary for Banger, Bunz, & Hootz, an established law firm in their southern mid-sized town. She and her husband had come as a package deal. Cary was fresh out of law school and she had left college early as a Sophomore to marry a man 8 hears her senior, but who was definitely on the fast track. They had only been married and working 3 months when she accidentally got pregnant.

Looking back on it, was like a blur. They had both agreed to save themselves for marriage, and then the honeymoon came and went, followed by a move and new jobs. Cary was working 80-hour weeks and was so tired they were lucky to have sex once a week. With the onset of morning sickness and her body starting to change Cary seemed to make excuses to never have sex with her.

It was Saturday now and Barbi decided to busy herself by sitting down to make a dress she had planned months before. She had a feeling Cary would like the dress and maybe this would be the beginning of rekindling their romance. It had a plunging neckline and the skirt was very short. The pattern also called for a form fitting material that would show off her figure. She hadn't planned on being pregnant originally, but she decided, 'what the hell,' she'd make it anyway.

Getting out of her car in the parking lot of the fabric store, she saw Mr. Bunz coming towards her from the liquor store nearby.

"Hi Barbi, how are you doing on this lovely day?'

"Just fine," she answered, a little uncomfortable at looking so disheveled on the weekend.

"Feeling better now that the first trimester is over," he asked, staring at her slightly swollen belly.

"Oh, yes, much better, but I look so fat," she answered, pouting.

Mr. Bunz looked at her a little mischievously as he said, "I for one think that a women becomes more sexy when she's pregnant."

Her face became beet red with his forward comment.

He quickly changed the subject and pointed at the pattern in her hand, "making something for the baby?"

Barbi saw her chance to get back at Mr. Bunz, "No, it's something for Daddy, a low cut tight mini-dress for me."

It was Dr. Bunz's turn to blush. He quickly recovered, seemed to hesitate for a moment then said, "Barbi, I just wanted to let you know there is a party at the office next Friday night and I was going to invite Cary and you... then he had to go out of town and I didn't extend the invitation. But now that I think about it, there isn't any reason that you can't come on your own."

"Oh, well I don't know, I..."

Mr. Bunz interrupted, "In fact, I insist. And if you're done with that dress, you can break it in that night!" he said with a laugh as he turned to walk away. "It starts at 8 p.m. I'll remind you again next week."

Back at home in the shower, Barbi rubbed the soap up and down her body as she surveyed the changes taking place. When she was first at the office after only being married a few months, she had caught her husband bragging to a new buddy about her measurements, 36C-22-35. She had elbowed him in the ribs for embarrassing her like that, but deep down she was elated that he was so proud of her figure. Those same numbers didn't apply now, but she was sure that her breasts had swelled over a cup size. Her legs still looked very long and slim and there was only a slight swelling across her stomach. With long blond hair and bright sparkling blue eyes, Barbi was still very confident in her physical attributes. The only area in which her self-esteem was hurting was in the brains department. She wasn't stupid by any means, but she had never been very interested in school and had only attended college to get her MRS degree and she had achieved that after two years. She lathered up the soap and squeezed her firm, full breasts, causing the nipples to get erect. Her other hand made it's way down between her legs and she moaned as she quickly brought herself to a little orgasm. 'I need my husband back so bad,' she thought.

On Monday morning Barbi was walking past Mr. Bunz office when she overheard a conversation.

"I'd like to see all of her naked and I don't care if she's pregnant."

"Now lets not get carried away. She's a married woman," she heard Mr. Bunz reply.

"Is she planning on showing up Friday night?" another voice asked.

"She supposed to be," Bunz replied as he walked out of his office. He was startled to see Barbi there and judging by his reaction he knew that she had overheard.

"I guess you heard," he said nervously.

She nodded with a smile.

"Sorry about that, Barbi," he said, "the guys get a little crass sometimes. I hope that won't keep you from showing up Friday night."

She shifted her weight and found herself thrusting out her breasts as she said, "I'll take it as a compliment. Not too many pregnant women get those I've heard. I'll try to make it."

"Everyone is supposed to be here at 8 p.m.," he said as he turned and walked away.

Throughout the day Barbi felt as if all the guys in the office were staring at her as she walked around. She knew she was just being paranoid, but her nipples were stiff at the idea of getting so much attention. As she sat at her desk she realized that her pussy was damp. 'I'm a happily married woman,' she thought, 'am I losing control?'

After a quick shower at home she busied herself making the dress. She tried to suppress her horny urges without luck. Sewing the dress helped a little to forget Mr. Bunz's invitation for Friday night. Her mind began to run wild at the thought of showing up without her husband. 'I'm sure it couldn't hurt. There'd be other wives there,' she thought.

She finished the dress by Thursday night and was tempted to try it on. She knew that it would look silly with her pregnant belly. But just for the heck of it she decided to go ahead and have a little fun looking at herself in the mirror. The material was flexible enough to fit over her belly. What nagged at her was the comment she recalled from one of the guys in Mr. Bunz's office, "I don't care if she's pregnant." Mr. Bunz had also made some comment about pregnant women being sexy. She had always thought that having a fat belly was unattractive but it began to make her wonder

Barbi tried the dress on and it fit perfectly. It hugged every inch of my body. The front flexed enough to be comfortable with her belly and the hem was set about half way between her knees and her waist. She would have to watch it if she bent over and with her breasts looked like they could burst out of the material. The dress pushed them together showing very nice cleavage. She laughed and put on her 5 inch red pumps and pranced around in front of the mirror. From the rear her ass and legs looked great. You couldn't even tell that she was pregnant.

Her profile showed the gentle curve of my belly and her firm milk filled breasts barely sagged at all without a bra. It occurred to her that she'd seen women with plump tummies that didn't look that much different from the way she looked right now. Her bulge was a little higher. Another two months would be a different story, however. As she pranced around she was feeling more and more sexy with her pregnant body. The dress didn't look silly, it looked hot. Her nipples began to push against the stretchy fabric showing her arousal. Barbi caught herself thinking about the guys at the office and what they would think of her rather than what her husband would think.

As she stood in front of the mirror the devil in her thought about showing up at the office party dressed in the mini-dress. 'I bet their jaws would hit the floor when they saw me,' she thought and quickly dismissed the idea. She couldn't go out in public dressed like she was. Women just don't wear sexy outfits like this when they're pregnant. People might think I was a tramp or something.

Her curiosity continued to nag at her. 'What would those guys think of me in this dress?' Her excitement at the thought continued to grow until finally she decided that it wouldn't hurt just to go for an hour or so. 'She wouldn't stay long, just long enough to see everyone's reaction to a pregnant woman in a sexy dress.' Barbi bent over in front of the mirror to see if her breasts would fall out of the dress. The tight dress held. Then she turned around still bent over and noticed that her white panties were visible from behind. She would need to change her panties.

The next day at 7 p.m. when she went to look for a red pair she remembered that she had thrown them out. Barbi was reluctant to go out without panties but her sexy mood finally drove away her reluctance. 'She'd have to avoid sitting down,' she thought. Her hair wasn't in bad shape and she teased it a little on top, and then sprayed it to give it a full look. Her natural beauty kept her from having to wear too much make-up, but she made sure her lips were red and glossy. She checked one last time in the mirror and knew that she looked hot. 'This just might be fun. Watch out, teasing pregnant woman on the prowl,' she laughed.

She jumped into her car and headed for the office, arriving exactly at 8:00. There weren't that many cars around. She got out and went inside. She had expected more activity to be going on as she walked through the office area, but then noticed that the activity seemed to be taking place in the back conference room. She walked in and was surprised to see a big screen TV against one wall. "Mmmm, they must have rented it,' she thought. Against another wall was a buffet setup with about 10 guys from the office standing around it. She watched as one of the guys was flailing arms trying to alert the others. She loved it.

Finally, others noticed me and the conversation started. Mr. Bunz came over to her and made a big show of how glad he was she had come. He tried to act nonchalant, but Barbi could tell that she was getting to him. The bulge in his pants betrayed him. She was now convinced that when it comes to men, a hot looking woman is a hot looking woman regardless of the fact that she was pregnant. He ushered her to the buffet and she made a plate for herself. He then gestured to a table but Barbi refused, mindful of her lack of undergarments. She didn't want to start a scene, or did she?

She began to wonder about her motivations and realized that she hadn't thought about her husband in quite a while. Here she was, a married woman strutting around the office in front of almost a dozen attorneys. The thought gave her a tingle in her groin. Her thoughts were interrupted by one of the other partners.

"Barbara, I just wanted to say how great you look tonight." It was Mr. Banger. His shy manner and corny line touched her heart, or was it somewhere further south. She thanked him and suggested he call her Barbi, while they continued to chat and eat.

Others joined the conversation and finally she had said something to everyone. No one had brought up Cary's name. She had planned to stay only an hour but was having such a ball with all the attention, that she lost track of the time. Every one of the men were gentlemen and they all wanted to know all about the baby. When was it due? What were the chosen names?

One of the guys said jokingly, "I don't remember my wife looking as good as you when she was pregnant."

Everyone laughed and Barbi thanked him for the complement.

Then she got up the nerve to ask if they thought her outfit was inappropriate for a pregnant woman. Everyone agreed that it was just fine. Not surprising since they were all men. That was actually the first time she realized that they were in fact all men. 'Where were the rest of the wives or other secretaries?' she thought briefly before being distracted again. As time passed she was becoming more and more aware of the fact that she was having an effect on them. It was exactly the effect that she had hoped for. Now, however, she was beginning to feel sorry for them. Her teasing had gotten them worked up and she knew that they were frustrated. The irony was that seeing all those horny frustrated men around her was making her more horny and frustrated.

It was then that she decided it was time to leave and began to say her good-byes. Not surprisingly, none of the guys wanted her to leave.

One said, "Its just such a pleasure looking at such a beautiful woman."

She smiled at his sweetness and thanked him with a peck on the cheek. He blushed immediately and she noticed him squirming to contain a growing erection. She couldn't believe the powerful effect she was having on the guys.

Before she could leave, Mr. Bunz suggested that they put on the TV. "Barbi we have a nice selection of movies to put on the VCR," he said.

She shook her head and gestured to the door.

"Your choice," he teased, "come look at our selection."

She thought it over and finally agreed. Dr. Bunz unlocked a cabinet and pulled open the door. It was filled with at least a hundred tapes. She had never noticed it before. She walked over and looked at the titles and could hear the guys whispering to each other. She wondered what was happening.

As she scanned the titles she noticed that about half of the tapes were triple X rated. She looked at Dr. Bunz with reddening cheeks and gestured to the shelf of tapes. He knew what had caught my attention.

He stuttered, "You don't have to pick the adult stuff unless you want to."

Barbi decided she wasn't going to be intimidated or laughed at by the guys. If they were intending to embarrass her, she was going to give it right back to them. They'd never expect her to pick one of them out. 'They'll just get that much hornier and frustrated,' she laughed to herself.

She looked over a few of them and finally chose one that had a woman on the front getting banged by several guys at once. She turned and handed it to Mr. Bunz, "how's this one?" she asked innocently.

"Uh..uh.. that one would be fine," he said uneasily, his dick obviously stiff as it poked his pants out to one side. The room grew very quiet as Barbi whirled around and walked to the back of the room. They hadn't expected her to call their bluff and actually pick out a tape.

Someone dimmed the lights and Barbi actually got a little excited. She had never seen a porn film before and now she was going to view it with a room full of her husband's colleagues and boss. The movie began and Barbi's eyes almost popped out of her head. The first scene was of a naked white woman straddling a black man who was pumping a huge cock into her pussy. As this was going on, she sucked on another large cock, this one white. Barbi felt her face flush and her pussy start to moisten. Suddenly a third man moved up behind the woman and put his cock into her ass. She now had three cocks buried in her body.

Barbi moved closer to the screen to get a better look and could feel the eyes shift from the TV to her. The action on the TV was hot. The three men were pounding the shit out of the petite white woman. The man getting sucked started howling and pumped a thick load into the woman's mouth. She swallowed most of it, however, some of it dripped on the sofa. After she had licked him clean, she scooped up the drops on the leather sofa with her fingers and licked them clean.

The third man was now showing signs of climax as he furiously pumped the girl's ass. She was groaning loudly, now that her mouth was free of cock. It didn't last long as man number three yanked out of her ass and walked over to her face. Without hesitation, she swallowed the soiled cock in time to take another load of goo. She finished by licking him clean. Barbi had never seen a display like that. Finally, the first stud grunted and thrust his cock deep into the woman and unloaded. She looked as though she were receiving an electrical shock.

After a few minutes, her orgasm subsided. She slid off the thick black shaft now spent of its load. It plopped out of her and fell on the man's belly followed by globs of sperm. The liquid leaked out of the woman for a few moments and pooled on the man's stomach. She got off the sofa and knelt down next to the man. She proceeded to lick his cock clean and finished by lapping the substantial pool of cum off his stomach. She smiled into the camera and said, "Cum tastes so good."

Barbi was quickly brought back to reality by the groans of the assembled men. She could tell that the actress's nastiness had turned them on. Most of the men were still looking at the TV. Some, however, were watching her for her reaction. She realized at that moment the heat on her face from the blood pounding through my body. It was then that Barbi realized that something was touching her waist. She looked down to see a pair of hands gently holding her at the waist.

She looked around and saw it was Mr. Bunz, her husband's boss and the Senior Partner at the firm. "Are you all right? You looked a little unsteady, there," he said.

She found myself leaning into him slightly and realized that she had almost keeled over. Mr. Bunz, while in his fifties, was extremely fit and chiseled looking. It was obvious he worked out and at 6'-3" he was a sturdy body to lean against. If not for the fact that he was sitting there on a bar stool, she would have fallen flat on her back. She thanked him for catching her fall. It was then that she became aware of something else, a huge lump pressing into the crack of her ass.

As she started to pull away, Mr. Bunz said, "Stay here as long as you want." His smile and gentle manor were comforting. Before she could decide what to do, the TV sound caught her attention.

She looked at the screen and saw a different woman getting pounded by a cock in her pussy and another in her ass. She was screaming with pleasure. Barbi momentarily forgot about her husband's boss behind her until she noticed that he was slowly grinding his bulge into her ass. She knew she should move away but she couldn't. She loved the feeling of that big cock rubbing against her. As she watched the woman on TV, she found myself pushing her ass back against the thrusting black man. 'This had to stop,' she thought. They were getting carried away. The rest of the guys were watching their act with increasing interest and it was making her hotter.

Barbi looked around to get a view of the monster teasing her bottom. The bulge poking outward in his trousers was making quite a tent. He gripped her waist with one hand and with the other he slowly worked his zipper down. Barbi's heart started pounding and her chest began heaving. Mr. Bunz voice sounded hypnotic as he whispered the question, "Should I take it out?"

Barbi kept staring at his hand, unable to say anything. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't think straight. She knew that she should stop this act and get away, but something held her in place. The hand around her waist slid up and rubbed her nipples through the thin fabric, hardening them immediately. Barbi heard herself muttering softly to herself, "Oh, yesssss."

His hand lowered down to hers and he brought it back behind her so that she could feel him. Barbi couldn't see it but she knew she was holding the largest cock she had ever felt in her life. She quickly turned her head and looked down at the beast. He let go of her hand and began rubbing his cock against the slick material of my dress. Barbi closed her eyes and concentrated on the large piece of flesh rubbing against her. She wanted to touch it on her own, but couldn't bring myself to make such a bold move. Things were heating up back on the TV, too. She opened her eyes in time to see the woman having a thunderous orgasm on the two cocks fucking her. At the same time she found herself meeting Mr. Bunz's thrusts as his cock rubbed against her.

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