tagChain StoriesBare Bottom Resorts Ch. 12

Bare Bottom Resorts Ch. 12


Chapter 12 ~Bare Bottoms in the Big Easy

Going to the Big Easy at Mardi Gras time is a perfect time to check into a Bare Bottoms Clothing Optional Resort. During Mardi Gras most of the people on Bourbon Street are at least ½ naked anyway. For the women the major object of the festival is to see how many strings of beads they can get for flashing their goods.

The guys on the other hand, are out to see how many different sets of breasts they can see in a weekend and how many blow jobs they can get by any number of different women. But in this day and time, it isn't all that save to drop your pants (or your bottom jaw for you women) on the streets to see how many different oral partners you can find.

IF you are a Bare Bottoms Resort member you can go down to the street and get your freak on, drink, dance, grind, grope and flash your night away. Then when you're ready for the end to the fantastic teases that the streets of the big easy offer, you can come back to the safety of your resort.

Where you know that all the guests are of a certain caliber and have been well screened before being accepted. Coming back hot and horny form the humid Louisiana streets is great when you know that it is safe to have sex with anyone and everyone that is residing in or works at your resort.

That was basically the pitch for this year. And I thought it was a great pitch for safety in a sexually dangerous age.

So I decided that my next report would be on Marti Gras weekend from the Bare Bottoms Big Easy Resort.

I checked in and got a suite on the top floor with a large balcony that over looked bourbon street, the site for all the action starting that very night. The suit had a luxurious round bed that rotated on a pedestal with a mirrored ceiling above it. The balcony had lounge chaises that were the width of two bodies and the length of an average person. Each balcony had two of them. I had high hopes that these would come in handy later tonight. I had been told when I checked in that I could be sure to accumulate a fair share of Marti Gras beads without even leaving the safety of my room. All I had to do was go out and flash from my balcony or watch the parade and party in the buff and I'd have beads flung from all directions.

Tonight our resort was doing something a little different from the previous years. They were going to embrace, in grand style, the traditional style swinger's hotel party. With a buffet lounge on every floor any patron who wanted to participate in the multi-floor orgy was to leave both there room door and their adjoining room door propped open in invitation to whomever maybe touring from another room or floor also those of us with balconies new we had the coveted rooms and that others would ask if they could join us to enjoy the spectacles from the street below.

The streets began to crowd and I showered and readied myself for the party inside. I propped open my doors and made my way out onto my balcony in my negligee. Within the first five minutes there were yells from below for me to flash my bountiful breasts in exchange for strings of shiny beads.

What the hell! I was here and the spirit of abandon from the street below was completely contagious. So I threw my top into the crowd below. And the beads began to fly. After about an hour I scurried out into the hall to find a snack and some alcohol to wash it all down with. I met a couple of cute guys at the buffet table and a beautiful redhead at the bar.

Before long the two men appeared on my balcony. I was laying naked on one of the chaise lounges when one of them came up behind me leaned over and grabbed my nipples and kissed me deeply on the mouth.

Before I knew it the other had a hold on both of my ankles and he spread me open like a wishbone and dug in for my marrow. He licked and sucked and fucked his tongue and fingers in and out of me while the other stranger had replaced his tongue in my mouth with his thick and ample 8-inch cock.

As I moaned from the pleasure of the tongue buried in my pussy, he pumped his cock in and out of my throat as I sucked and licked and nibbled with all my might. In a flash both he and I were cumming and the man between my legs got a face full of my cream just as I got a throat full from the cock between my lips. As I savored and swallowed every salty drop I was glad that I had chosen this year to do my Big Easy Resort Report.

Before I knew it the beautiful redhead had joined the party and her pussy now replaced the cock that had been in my mouth. And the mouth on my pussy had been replaced by a cock buried deep inside. And from there on for the rest of the night it was just one fun, wonderful, and safe sex filled blur.

My report will definitely recommend that they continue with the new party each and every year. What a great safe way to have a sexually satisfying and fun time at Mardi Gras.

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