tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBarmaid Duties Ch. 03

Barmaid Duties Ch. 03


I spent a lot of time at the pub now as of course I wanted to see and be privy to as much of her whore training at the hands of John as possible. When I made and engineered it for Fiona to be used in her work place it wasn't so easy for me to be there or watch her in action due to the nature of her work environment, that's why I was so eager not to miss out this time. Also I wasn't so easy to have cameras installed all over the pub, especially as the landlord Paul was at this moment in time blissfully unaware of the extra-curricular activities.

Paul as look would have it was a pretty excellent landlord especially from Johns point of view as he left him alone to pretty much run the joint, occasionally he'd come in for an hour or two during serving hours but 90% of the time he kept away or showed up in the early part of the morning.

This gave John the licence to pretty much run the place how he wanted and with staff he recommended to Paul. The relationship they had was excellent and it worked perfectly, so perfect that it gave John plenty of time to employee my whore as his personal plaything. John being the sadistic bastard took to this job like a duck to water and knew he was on to a good thing.

Alice was on a five nights in seven contract and John had manipulated the rosters so that she was on Tuesday through till Saturday (the reason for this would become ever more apparent later in this story and further chapters) so I spent a considerable amount of time over the coming weeks in the corner of the pub and in time in the bar, blending in and getting to know the locals.

I knew a few lads through football and a few faces from when I was at college but real people I'd class as good friends. Over the five nights John would fuck Alice on at least three of them, sometimes four depending on how often he had one of his other women over after work for a fuck.

It became the norm that I'd hang around at the end whilst Alice cleaned up with John, mostly naked, and then he'd fuck her somewhere in the pub. We'd progressed from pussy fucking and blowjobs in the first two weeks to regularly having her tiny little bum hole filled and stretched by his huge nine inches.

No matter how much she squealed and cried out the first four or five times it didn't deter John from giving her a savage anal pounding. He always told her after fucking her arse that he'd stop when she stopped coming so much from having his dick in there, and he wasn't lying, Alice's cunt was dripping like a tap after every anal session he gave her so five weeks down the line she was just guiding his massive rod in to her arse for another hard anal banging.

When I arrived on the Tuesday night to drop Alice off we were greeted by John behind the bar with a big smirk on his face, Alice joined him behind the bar like she did every shift and he turned to her and said, "Suck my dick."

Alice looked at him stunned at first and then at me, "Don't look at him, your my slut whilst you're here and I want a blowjob, right now," he said pointing at the floor.

She looked at me again and saw no reaction so disappeared below the bar on to her knees. I heard a zipper as John pulled me a pint and then he gasped and looked down. His cock was now clearly in Alice's wonderful young mouth.

"Paul's away," he began, "He won't be around for a month so no chance of getting caught out, if you know what I mean," he laughed. "Gonna have some real fun this month I can assure you," he laughed again.

We chatted idly for the next ten minutes before he grunted and filled Alice's throat, a few seconds later she reappeared wiping a thick strand of Johns come from her chin, once she'd done that she went and unlocked both the back door and the front one in the bar before coming back to wait for people to arrive.

John turned to Alice when she arrived back behind the bar and said, "Knickers off slut."

"What now?" she asked," But I've got to work John," she said.

"This month is no knickers week starting from right now so let's have them off," he said looking at her waiting.

She reached under her skirt which was short and pulled down her white French knickers and handed them to John who had his hand outstretched. He unravelled them and held them up to the light and a visible wet patch was instantly seen, he looked at Alice and smirked, "Makes you wet sucking my cock does it?"

She couldn't really argue the evidence could she, the wet spot was there to see glistening in the light, "I suppose," she said and he laughed, laughed loudly in fact at her forced admission. After that people soon started to arrive, the usual locals that frequented the place every night were soon lining up at the bar and Alice and John were soon rushing about getting the beers in.

I sat watching from the bar chatting to a few of the older men that frequented the place for a few leisurely beers of an evening. They were all decent blokes from the village or surrounding, I knew a few faces from our local pubs and on the football scene. Once the mad rush calmed down John took full advantage of having Alice behind the bar with him making sure that at every opportunity he rubbed himself against her.

Now that John knew he didn't have to worry about Paul the landlord dropping in his behaviour towards Alice was far more brazen and brash and the rubbing up against her soon turned in to open and blatant rubbing and caressing of her bare legs and arse as his hand disappeared under her short skirt as she served customers.

I may point out that this was confined to the bar room where the clientele were all male and aged from eighteen to late sixties, John let the other lad Stuart run the lounge side that served food which kept him out the way as he had to also keep an eye on the waitresses. Once the last meal was served at eight pm the waitresses could clear up and leave at nine. John always let Stuart go as soon as the lounge cleared so was normally on his way by ten at the latest.

Johns behaviour and Alice's lack of reluctance didn't go unnoticed especially by the older gents sitting around the bar and when john sent her off to fetch glasses the subject of Alice was hot on the lips of one older chap Dick.

John was open in the fact he was fucking Alice and had been for some weeks, I also heard him tell Dick about her lack knickers as well as her bra, "Call it her new uniform for the next month," said john as he went to serve another customer. When Alice returned Dick called her over and asked her for a pint, his eyes bored in to her cleavage admiring the gap left by the unfastened buttons on her blouse.

"Erm I'll have a pack of those bacon fries down there as well please love," he said pointing at the bottom shelf at the end of the bar.

Alice immediately bent down and reached in to the box without even thinking about what was being revealed until she felt cool air against her cunt lips and she snapped back up and turned to Dick to see if he'd seen anything.

The smirk across his face and two of the others at that end of the bar told Alice all she needed to know and her face turned bright red. She turned and knelt down with her knees clamped together and reached a bag of fries for Dick before approaching and handing him his drink and packet.

"£3.90 please Dick," she said, still very embarrassed and flushed.

"Keep the change love, seeing that young little snatch was worth the one pound ten," he chuckled which made Steve and Les laugh also.

She scurried off towards the toilets returning five minutes later and less flushed but still mortified at her foolish mistake. She was definitely more careful the rest of the time she was serving behind the bar so that she didn't expose herself again.

The pub cleared out relatively early for a change and by ten thirty the doors were locked and Alice was cleaning down naked in the bar area. Once down she laid herself across the table in the middle of the bar and opened her legs, "I'm ready Mr Big Dick," she called.

John came in and smiled seeing her spread out for him and stood between her legs and pushed his jeans and boxers off freeing his growing cock. He reached out and pushed two fingers in to her pussy with a noisy squelch.

"Fucking hell slut you're soaked," he said pumping her hole with incredible ease, "Don't even think I need to loosen this up tonight," he said replacing his fingers with his helmet and with one easy quick push of his groin he filled her hole.

"Ohhh my goddddddd, yesssssssss," she squealed and came instantly on his thick shaft as he bottomed out inside her.

"Fucking hell Alice," he laughed, "What the fucks got in to you?" he asked.

"It's all the groping, the hands on my arse in the bar, I flashed my pussy to Dick, Steve and Les as I fetched bacon fries, " she panted, "Oh god I'm so fucking horny," she spat as he began fucking her.

Alice was insatiable that night and rode Johns cock harder and faster than she ever had before, she came five times before taking Johns massive load in her pussy. Once she stood up his come literally fell, from her cunt with a loud splat all over the floor, he pussy was soaking wet and her lips were as swollen as I'd ever seen and felt them.

On the way home she told me that all the attention she had received had worked her in to such a frenzy that she just couldn't help but come instantly on John's dick. She also admitted under questioning that it excited her knowing that the older men had seen her pussy, "I hope you're prepared to let them see it again because I get the impression they would like too!"

By Thursday night things had progressed at the bar, Alice would still follow the same routine on arrival that hadn't changed. So once she'd sucked John off and hung her knickers on the nail behind the bar and popped every button on her blouse open bar two she was free to begin working.

What had changed though was the attitude towards her from the locals she'd grown friendly with over the last months, they were still friendly alright but now it was a different sort of friendly.

It was well known to all the locals and any friends that they may have with them on any given night Alice was working that it was her knickers hanging behind the bar and she was free to be groped but not on the tits or on the pussy. John had made the rules and he'd spread the word discreetly through the correct channels.

So as Alice collected glasses now it took her a lot longer as nearly every bloke in there wanted to touch the fit young barmaid previously off limits. Her duties behind the bar would now involve picking things off the bottom shelf because John had moved all the stuff around so that she had to do it for nearly every customer.

She wasn't allowed to be lady like and close her knees to protect her modesty, her instructions from John were quite clear, "Bend over and show your arse and pussy, do it slow so they all get a good luck at what I get to fuck," he'd told her. "Don't always bend over though, seeing you from the back will get boring make sure you face the bar and bend down, and keep those knees apart," he told her showing her with his hands how far he expected.

So that's why at nine o clock on the Thursday Alice had been on her heels crouching behind the bar with seven blokes heads leering at her pussy between her legs that were open a good eighteen inches. She'd been there that long because the lad, Ricky, being served kept changing his mind over and over so that she was picking different things up all the time.

This was the first time she'd openly displayed herself like this and I could tell she was finding it difficult, her face was red and her eyes looked quickly at the smirking faces of the seven cunt hungry men before looking back down at the ground shamefully. John stood watching and laughing seeing her humiliation in all its glory.

It took one eagle eyed local less than thirty seconds to see the small drop of moisture hang obscenely from her cunt lip for a minute or more before dropping on the floor between her legs, "Look lads Alice is fucking dripping wet," and they all cheered and called her a dirty slut. This just made her cheeks even redder which I didn't think was possible!

By the time her shift finished which was now later than normal as the bar still remained busy until closing, due to the fact they were now being treated to a free strip show, Alice was absolutely soaking wet. She stripped her clothes and walked back towards the bar where John was sitting with me on a stool having a pint.

"Did you enjoy tonight slut?" asked John.

"Yes," Alice replied, "I was embarrassed at times," she added.

"I can only imagine how embarrassing it must be for a young girl like you to come to work and spend all night being groped by the locals and showing them your pussy and arse, turn round and bend over," he told her.

She did and then opened her legs without asking, this made me and John both smile, "Spread yourself." He said and she reached back and opened her swollen cunt lips for him.

He admired her for a moment and then said, "The lads weren't mistaken were they when they said you were dripping wet, move forward a bit," he said sliding off the stool behind her whilst she stayed bent over and spreading for him.

He pushed his trousers off followed by his boxers and his huge cock bounced up menacingly close to Alice's wet cunt. He wanked himself for a few seconds, maybe thirty until he was ready and then held Alice's by the hips.

"Oh god yesss," she moaned as Johns thick long cock spread her sensitive pussy lips and filled her aching void.

"Definitely no need to moisten this bitch tonight Ali, she's fucking gushing. Here feel that," he said pulling out and turning her to me.

I reached forward and pushed three fingers deep in to her hole with incredible ease, my fingers were soaked when I pulled them out and turned her back to John who filled her again instantly. She came about four times over the next thirty minutes before taking a huge load in her pussy.

I fucked her cum filled pussy again when we got home which felt heavenly as I deposited my load in her before drifting off to sleep.

Friday followed much the same pattern as Thursday and again it was another late finish as the locals stayed on ogling Alice before the pub cleared and she could set to work on Johns big prick for another come filled cunt after her shift.

Saturday though began the same but ended very differently to other nights, when it was close to closing John told Alice that when she was done cleaning up she could find him in the lounge. I went with John and we enjoyed a beer and then were joined by Ricky, the lad who had first-hand Alice on her heels with her legs spread on the Thursday night.

He pulled up a stool and John fetched him a pint before sitting back down.

He then when on to explain to Ricky who I was and the deal we had going and whose slut Alice really was. Ricky was cool with all that and then even more delighted when John told him that he was going to be the first of the locals to 'have a go' but was to discreetly explain protocol round the pub.

We chatted about shit for twenty minutes whilst Alice cleaned up blissfully unaware what John had lined up for the night, that was until she come through the lounge door stark naked and froze on the spot when seeing Ricky.

"Don't be shy now whore, he's already seen your goods so get yourself over here," John told her and she reluctantly crept over until she stood on the imaginary spot in front of Ricky that John was pointing at. She looked over at me and I just swigged my beer without even acknowledging her.

"Don't look at him, when you're here your my slut remember?" he said twisting her nipple.

"Oww, yes I know John," she said looking down at her engorged right nipple.

"You know Ricky here don't you?" he said

"Yes," she said.

Ricky was a short stocky lad with tattoos on his arms and a short haircut, he was about 24 and hung around in a fairly large group of ten or twelve lads, it was rare that they were all down the pub together though; it was usually about five or six at any one time.

I'd seen Rick around before as he was probably a year older than me at this stage but we attended different schools and he played in a different football team to ones I had. From what I could gather he was a bit of a wide boy or thought he was.

Any way that was by the by he was only moments away from having first dips from the locals on Alice my young whore.

"Would you like to suck his cock slut?" he asked her.

She pondered for a moment unsure what to say, if it was me asking the answer would be yes straight away but this is a slightly different scenario and she didn't fully realise how compliant she had to be.

"Do I have to?" she asked

John reached out and took both nipples in his fingers and squeezed hard and twisted even harder until she screamed out and tears welled in her eyes.

"I'll ask you one more time slut, do you want to suck Ricky's cock?" he said smiling at her as she looked at us all and then at her sore nipples.

"Yes I'd like to suck his cock," she whimpered and hung her head in shame.

"Go on then," smirked John.

Alice approached Ricky who hand changed his position so that Alice would be stood between his legs right where he wanted her. She reached out and unbuttoned his jeans and then lowered his zip, once his jeans were loose he lifted his bum so that she could remove his jeans, and then his boxer shorts.

She pushed them round his ankles and then stood up to see his cock for the first time. It wasn't massive by any stretch and looked relatively thin against his thigh. He'd given himself a complete shave and his pubic area and balls were as smooth as a babies bum.

Alice watched his cock fill with blood and lift slowly from his thigh as it grew to stand up directly upwards about seven inches in length is I was being generous. He certainly wasn't as thick as me or John but still it was cock and it was cock my whore would please and work on.

Once he was fully erect Alice reached out and easily curled her right hand round his dick just below the helmet, "Oh yes baby I've been waiting for that along time," he said ad she gripped his meat tighter and lowered his foreskin right back to reveal a pink helmet.

She then wanked him vigorously for a few minutes until precome seeped from his japs eye onto his shaft and subsequently her fingers. "Show Ricky what that young pretty mouth can do slut," said John from behind the bar who was pouring three more pints as we looked on.

She moved in a bit closer and placed her hands either side on his hips and opened her mouth as she lowered her head, "Oh god yes you slut," he puffed as her mouth engulfed his dick for the first time.

She sucked around his helmet for a bit licking his japs eye and shift a little before breaking in to a full on blowjob making sure she slobbered on every inch of his meat and balls. "What do you reckon Ricky lad?" called John from behind the bar pulling pints for us.

"Fucking incredible," he said.

He took her head now slowing her down making sure that he was able to enjoy every precious minute he had with her lips round his cock. John came from behind the bar and placed a beer down in front of me, one next to Ricky and took three huge swigs of his own consuming about half a pint almost before placing it on the table.

"Open your legs slut," he ordered Alice and immediately her legs slid apart about ten inches, she pushed her arse back as her back arched opening her lips ever so slightly. John stepped closer and fed two of his thick fingers past her slick swollen lips in to her wet pussy hole.

Alice lifted her head off Ricky's cock abruptly and looked over her left shoulder at him and took a sharp intake of breath followed by letting out a deep appreciative moan as his fingers probed her deeply.

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