tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBasement Sluts Vol. 07

Basement Sluts Vol. 07


"We won! WE WON!!" Shouted Josh, jumping around the apartment like he had jumping beans up his ass.

"We won. We won. What did we win?" Ask Shawn with a clueless look on his face.

"A free trip man!" Said Josh with excitement.

"A free trip where?" Asked Shawn.

"To Iraq. A once in a lifetime chance to go to another country and see what kind of girls they have over there," Josh said.

"Iraq? Are you serious man? Have you seen the women over there? Ugly and fat. Nasty and disgusting looking boyish females. I don't even think they're real women," Shawn said with disgust.

"Dude. You never know. I mean. We might have a fan base in Iraq as well."

"Doubt it. They probably don't even have computers over there. How could they see us on cam?" Said Shawn doubtingly.

"Well we leave tomorrow morning at 5am dude. Do you want to come or not?" Asked Josh.

"Yeah Yeah. I guess I better get me some American booty before I fuck one of those nasty Iraqis," said Shawn in a disliking tone.

Josh tried to get as much sleep as possible but it was hard with Shawn fucking Nelly in the other room. All he could hear was moaning and screaming from Nelly. The bed was rocking hard and Josh thought the springs were going to pop out.

Five am arrived and both Josh and Shawn were on the first plane to Iraq.

"Well this should be interesting," said Shawn, leaning back in his chair. "Damn I'm going to miss Nelly and those big tits of hers and that ass. Ooooh."

"You act like we're going to live in Iraq forever," said Josh.

"Well. It's war season over there. What do you expect? What is there to do over there? Nothing. I'd rather be going to England and catching mad cow or something," said Shawn.

"Well mad cow is going to have to wait for now. We're only here for 2 weeks man. You'll live. Plus, I don't think they would bring us out there in the middle of the war anyways," Josh said.

"Well you don't know Bush. This might have been his plan to send two more victims over to be slaughtered at the hands of terrorists. Have you not seen what happened to those journalists? They got beheaded. I'm planning on keeping both my heads," Shawn said with a worried look on his face.

"Like I said. Going international is the best thing to do. We're not even going to be in Saddam's hometown or Baghdad. We'll get more exposure if we do this," said a confident Josh, smiling at Shawn.

"This is not a good time to be going over to Iraq, just to get some pussy," said Shawn.

The plane soon arrived at the Kuwait Airport in Iraq. Once they got off the plane, they got their luggage and called for a taxi. The taxi drove them around the sunny city for a bit. They got to see what some of the people looked like and how they were living. The taxi then drove them to a downtown motel where they would be staying for the next 2 weeks.

"I didn't see any good-looking girls' here man. You must be outside your mind. This place isn't for us. I want some American pussy," complained Shawn in a fury.

"Did I hear you guys say pussy?" Said an Iraqi dressed in a limo green leather jacket, a tall purple top hat with a silver shiny cane in his right hand. He also had on light green gator boots and a white tuxedo.

"Um...Yeah. I said pussy. Is it a crime around here to say pussy?" Asked Shawn.

"No. Not at all. Just that, I know where to get some pussy that you guys might want," the mysterious man said.

"You do?" Said Josh in a surprise tone.

"Yes. Good ole Iraqi pussy to be exact," said the guy.

"No thanks sir. We don't want any of your Iraqi's pussy. We love American pussy just fine," said Shawn.

The guy started laughing a little bit and then stopped and said, "You boys don't know what you're missing. These are some of the top Iraqi women in the world. I own them and they're as clean as you and me."

"Maybe as clean as us. I don't know about you," said Shawn.

"You know. Your friend really doesn't have a smart mouth on him. Your mouth was made for sucking titties. Big juicy titties. All my girls have those. Especially Emma," said the guy.

"You said you own them. So that makes you a pimp then?" Questioned Josh.

"Yeah. That's right. Whenever you American boys or any other foreign country boy comes over to Iraq, I supply them with the girls they need to be happy since they aren't with their wives or girlfriends. You know what I mean don't you?" Said the guy, winking at Shawn and Josh.

"Yeah. You're a sick freak," said Shawn angrily.

"Shawn. Calm down man. Let's hear him out. Now who is this Emma girl and why is she so special?" Asked Josh curiously.

"Well. Because. Only the finest American or foreign guy can afford her. She has the biggest set of tits in Iraq. She's not like any of my other girls. She is very special to me. She doesn't get laid like all the other girls do everyday. It's maybe been 3 months since she last saw a dick other than mine of course. But I don't fuck her. I don't want to mess up my own product. She's very pretty and fragile. I know you guys think that all Iraqi girls are ugly and that is why they wear them scarves on their faces?" Explained the guy.

"Kind of," said Shawn. Josh just looked at Shawn because he knew Shawn was lying.

"What?" Said Shawn reacting to Josh.

"Nothing. Look Mr..."

"Call me Freddie. Ready Freddie," the guy said smiling, showing off his golden teeth with his name in diamonds on them.

"Damn! You must get a lot of customers to be sporting a mouth like that," said Josh.

"Yeah. I'm surprise you haven't got your ass kicked for that shit yet," said Shawn.

"Well boys. They know if they want the goods, they can't fuck with the supplier. Now can they?" Freddie said smiling again. "Now. Do you guys want to see Emma before you make your decision?"

"Yeah sure," answered Josh.

Freddie took Josh and Shawn back to his Whorehouse. The large flashing red sign read "Ready Freddie's Whorehouse. He's ready if you want some heady"

"Very catchy," said Shawn.

"Thank you. There are some Iraqis' around here who aren't that dumb, and I happen to be one of the ones that aren't," Freddie said.

As the boys entered the whorehouse, it smelt like sex, alcohol, and drugs. They saw Iraq women hanging all over the place half naked and naked. Loud fucking was going on in the back of the whorehouse. Drunken Iraqi people just stared at them as they made their way through the house. Freddie took the boys upstairs to a private room.

"Wait here while I go get Emma. You boys are going to love this," Freddie said smiling and licking his gold teeth as he left the room.

"Well I hope he delivers on what he is talking about with this Emma chick. If not, I'm going to behead you myself," said Shawn looking at Josh with angry eyes.

"All right gentlemen. Here she is. Emma," shouted Freddie outside the door.

The first thing the boys saw come into the room was her tits. They were monstrous. The biggest they swore they had ever seen, and they were still clothed. The girl had on Arabian belly dancer attire. Her dark stomach was flat and her thighs looked to be pumped. The girl was short so they thought she was around 5'2. No bigger than 5'3. Her long black hair was in a ponytail, swaying back and forth as she belly danced her way into the room. Her eyes were greenish-gray and sparkled as she stared at the boys. She had a mask over her mouth and wore a pair of elf shoes.

Their attention was mainly on her breasts. They were spilling out the top of her outfit. They hung down due to the weight of them but sloped at her ribcages and stuck out about a foot from there. They wobbled and jiggled as she danced.

"Emma. Meet two new American customers. Boys! This is Emma. What about her huh? I said you guys were going to be hard looking at those giant breasts. She wears a 32JJ cup;" said Freddie getting excited himself.

"32JJ cup!!" Both Shawn and Josh said together in shock.

"Those things look like the size of this whole damn country," said Shawn amazed.

"I see she got you all worked up," said Freddie, pointing down at Shawn's huge dick poking through his pants. "Wow kid. You seem to be packing large aren't you?"

"We'll take her," said Josh licking his lips as Emma belly danced over to him. Her jumbo jugs were nearly touching him while the rest of her body was nowhere close to him. The only thing between her and him was her huge tits.

"How much?" Asked Josh shaking nervously.

"Ummmm. For Emma. I'll say 50 grand an hour," Freddie said smiling. "Unless that is too much for you boys to handle. I know she'll been done having you guys cumming in 5 minutes each. No one has ever lasted that long with Emma."

"50 grand an hour!! You done lost your..." said Shawn before Josh covered his mouth with his hand.

"Deal," said Josh letting go of Shawn's mouth.

"Good Good. In order to leave this place alive and not have your dicks and balls hung over my fireplace I'm going to need my money boys before you leave Iraq. Have fun and try not to kill yourselves regrouping for another fuck. I'm telling you guys, she can go for hours and hours but some guys just don't have that kind of cash. Glad to see you guys do," Freddie said and then closed the door behind him.

"Man. You and me don't have 50 grand on us right now. I don't even think we have 50 grand yet from all those movies," said Shawn panicking.

"Look Shawn. Pull it together. My brother will forward the cash here and then I'll repay him with whatever profits we get from this, all right? I need you to perform at your absolute best right now. Can you do that?" Said Josh trying to pump Shawn up.

"Yeah. As long as I get to keep my dick at the end of all this," Shawn said.

"You will now come on and do her," said Josh as he sat his backpack down and pulled out his camcorder. "I'm going to record this section and then download it onto the website so everyone can see it next week."

Shawn walked up to Emma and put his hands on her ass. Squeezing her firm and round ass gently, he then gave it a few spanks to make sure it jiggled.

Emma started to unbutton Shawn's shirt and tossed it to the floor. She ran her hands over his chest and pinched his hard nipples.

Shawn could feel her oversized breasts against his stomach and the lower part of his chest. His hands immediately when straight for them and gave them a gentle squeeze. They felt as soft as pillows to him.

Emma's hands moved down his chest to his jeans and she ran her hands up and down his crotch, feeling his huge dick become bigger. She started to unzip his jeans and placed her hands inside to pull out his massive dick.

"Oh my!" Said Emma stunned at the size of Shawn's dick.

Shawn took off the mask around her mouth and Freddie was right. Emma was very gorgeous. Her lips were nice and medium sized. Shawn knew he couldn't fit all his cock between them, but he knew it might get lost between her giant tits.

Emma started stroking his dick, rubbing it from the huge balls to the massive cockhead. She smacked it a few times to see it flop around and then point straight back up at her.

Shawn lifted her top outfit up, revealing her bare colossal tits. They fell out and flopped about her chest and ribs. Freddie was right about her tits too. They were bigger then Shawn's head. Her areolas were massive dark brown but her nipples were small and dark. Shawn bent his head and took as much of her left tit into his mouth as possible. He needed to use both hands to squeeze and hold her tit up while he feasted on it.

Emma let out a series of moans and sighs as Shawn feasted on her breasts. Switching from nipple to nipple, he traced his tongue around the areolas and used his teeth to bite and pull her nipples from the titties. Her nipples were stretched out by an inch further than what they were.

Emma felt his massive cock throbbing against her flat stomach. She took it back into her hands and started jerking it as Shawn licked and sucked her enormous breasts all over. Emma came just from Shawn sucking her breasts.

Josh recorded her cumming inside the bottom of her outfit. There was a big wet spot in the front.

Shawn moved his hands to her pussy and started to rub at it through the material she had on. He felt the wetness through the material as his mouth continued to latch onto her jumbo tits and suck the flesh deep into his hungry mouth.

After 5 minutes of sucking her breasts, Emma had come again and this time Shawn could feel the cum leaking through her material. He lifted his head up from her breasts and started kissing her, sliding his tongue deep into her throat. She returned the kiss and slid her tongue down his throat.

Emma got to her knees and started stroking his cock again, aiming it at her wide-open mouth and inserting the massive cockhead inside.

Shawn started moaning and breathing heavy as Emma sucked and teased his cockhead. She nibbled at it and dragged her tongue around it, flicking his pee hole.

Josh shot up close to hear Emma giving off slurping noises as she suckled Shawn's cockhead between her lips. Shawn grabbed hold of her head and started to thrust his thick cock in and out of her mouth. His giant balls swayed back and forth as he thrust his big dick down her throat.

Emma took as much as possible in her mouth. Coating his cock with heavy saliva as it lodged itself completely in her mouth. Her mouth was down at the base of his cock and her chin rested on his sweaty balls as she sucked on the whole cock in her mouth. She didn't gag or choke or anything. Josh was surprised at that and so was Shawn.

Shawn slipped his huge dick out between her lips and saliva hung heavenly on it and dripped down her chin to her chest. Shawn started to rub his wet cock on her chest and then the tops of her breasts. He took his dick and started to beat her left breast with it, slapping it hard in every angle. He then lifted her massive left tit up with one hand and started poking his massive cockhead against the tiny nipple, rubbing them against each other in a rapid pace.

Emma moaned and grunted as she came again from his cockhead fucking her nipple. He then did the same to the right breast, slapping his cock and even his balls on it.

Emma took hold of Shawn's butt and sucked the cock back into her mouth. She sucked on it harder and faster while Shawn played with her tits like punching bags. He smacked them into each other, watching them wobble and sway on her chest.

Josh was loving the tit beating she was taking. He made sure he got extreme close ups on Shawn abusing her jumbo tits.

Emma pulled the rest of Shawn's pants down over his feet. She took as much as she could of both enormous jugs and swallowed Shawn's dick whole. His cock was buried under mountains of tit flesh. He spat into her cleavage and then thrust his cock rapidly between her melons.

Her tits kept falling out of her hands so she used her forearms to keep her tits up for Shawn to fuck.

Shawn thrust his big dick faster between her valley of tits. Dragging his balls up and down the sweaty valley, he felt her soft tissue engulf all his manhood, driving him wild.

Emma looked up into Shawn's sweat glistening face to see he had his eyes closed, fucking her tunnel of tit faster and faster. Emma came from the tit fucking, soaking the bottom of her outfit even more.

Josh zoomed in on her huge jugs just wobbling and jiggling around Shawn's dick. Sweat was pouring off them, making her tits glisten. Soon Shawn took his cock from between her tits and stuck it back into her mouth.

She sucked up his pre-cum and gave his cock some powerful long and hard sucks. She then got up off the ground and pulled the rest of her outfit off. Her black bushy pussy was creamy all over with her cum. She positioned herself onto the floor and spread her legs out wide.

Josh got a good cam shot of her wet pussy, just dripping with juice.

"This Iraqi isn't so bad is she Shawn," teased Josh.

"Mmmm. Not at all man. She feels real good," said Shawn swiftly rubbing his cockhead against her huge clit that was hanging out of her pussy. He cockslapped her pussy a few times before inserting the head in.

Emma's facial expressions went from agony to pleasure as soon as his cock was able to rest at least half of it inside her cunt. Shawn started to thrust his meat deep inside her. Her giant sweaty double J cups starts to bounce with the rhythm of his thrust. Her pussy started to expand so she could fit more of his cock inside. Her thighs quivered and shook from the force he was drilling her, whilst his balls beat against the bottom of her creamy pussy and ass.

Emma brought her legs around Shawn's waist and held him tight as he started to move faster and hard inside her.

"Oh fuck yes. Fuck me American boy. Make it hurt," cried Emma.

Shawn didn't want to disappoint so he thrust faster and deeper inside her pussy. Her tits looked like a bowl full of jell-o, just shaking and wobbling all over her chest and arms. Her tits moving really got Shawn to go harder and faster pounding her.

Josh started to stroke his own hard dick while filming Shawn fucking.

Shawn's hands held her bouncing tit from the bottoms and then moved up and over them. Rapidly, he rubbed her tits in circles and occasionally pinched her small hard nipples.

While doing that, Shawn noticed a little drip of white stuff had came out her nipples.

"Oh shit Shawn. I think you've done hit gold," said Josh surprised.

Shawn kept tugging and pinching her nipples until more white substance dripped out. Shawn immediately put his mouth up to her nipples and drank her milk. This was the first time Shawn had ever tasted breast milk and he loved it.

Shawn squeezed at her tit hard spraying more milk into his mouth. Her tight cunt squeezed itself around his big dick as she finally came.

Shawn didn't let that stop him from continuing to fuck her. He positioned himself on his back and sat her on his cock. This time his whole cock was buried within her pussy.

Emma had a painful look on her face and she began to bounce on Shawn's huge cock. Her pussy kept rising and falling down on his cock as she bounced higher and higher squashing his balls at the entrance. Her milk dripped down onto his chest as her tits flew in all directions.

"This is some good shit Shawn. We never had a girl with milk in her boobs before," said Josh excited.

Shawn returned his lips to her milk-leaking nipple and sucked more milk out of it. His hands worked on her other nipple, pinching and twisting it for milk. Milk soon started to drip out of it and he switched to that tit. Sucking as much of the tit into his mouth as possible, he gulped down as much of her sweet milk as he could.

Soon the milk was all over both their chests and faces from her tits bouncing all over the place. Shawn took both nipples into his mouth and drunk from both tits. That brought Emma to a series of orgasms and she came a few more times on Shawn's dick and balls.

Shawn finally gave into Emma's breastfeeding and released her from his cock. He jerked it a few times to finally unload his hot cum all over her tits, mixing it with the milk that had sprayed onto them. He coated her titanic tits the best he could and covered both milk-leaking nipples in large amounts.

"Aren't you glad that we came to Iraq now Shawn," ask Josh as he turned the camcorder off. His cock was still hanging out and fully hard.

Emma crawled over to him and started sucking his cock. Her cum and milk stained tits dangled off her chest and swayed with her rapidly sucking Josh's medium size dick.

Shawn started to rub his cock to get it hard again. He watched as she swallowed Josh's cock whole and as her tongue gave his balls a bath.

Josh quickly blasted his hot cum onto her all ready soak tits, shooting a layer of cum between them and on the nipples.

"The 50 grand was worth it," said Josh relaxing from his spurting as Shawn and him spent the next three hours fucking Emma brains out and owing Ready Freddie $150,000 for each hour but at the end, it was worth it to bring Emma to the Basement Sluts website. Josh is planning on bringing her to America to do another episode in the near future.

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