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Basic Bulletin Board Posting Help

byMist S©

Ok, so you have just signed up to be able to post in the bulletin board. You go in there, find a place you want to say something, make a few posts perhaps, but then you notice things. Almost everyone has a picture under their names. There are pictures, links funny sayings and many other neat little bits under each of their posts. Wonder how they do it? This essay is intended to instruct you on how to accomplish these and many other things on the boards.

The first question many people ask, is how to get a picture under your name. First, you need to have 100 posts. Then, you find a picture you like, and resize it. If you have any sort of picture editor or a paint program on your computer, this is relatively simple. If you don’t, you can ask and someone from the boards and they will do it for you. The picture must be no bigger than 150 pixels by 150 pixels or approximately 2.08 inches square. Now, how to get it so everyone else can see it. Click on the user control panel tab also known as User CP. Then, click on the Edit Avatar link. From there, you can choose an image stored on a web page (copy the URL or address at the top of the page your picture is stored at and past it in where it says Enter Avatar URL) Or, you can upload it from your computer (Click on the browse button, find the picture from your files and double click on it)

Another commonly asked question is why I am a virgin!? I haven’t been a virgin for years! How do I fix this? The powers that be at Lit have given different numbers of posts different titles. To change your title, you need to post. Fairly simple right? Here is the list of post numbers and what you get for it;

1-29 - Virgin
30-99 - Experienced
100-299 - Really experienced
300-499 - Really Really Experienced
500-999 - Literotica Guru
1000+ - Custom Signature

Ok, ok, I can see the question forming in your mind. What is a custom signature, and how do I put one on? Well as aforementioned, you need at least 1000 posts. Then, you go to your user control panel, click on the Edit Signature link. After that, enter the title you want into the custom user title box. If you ever want to change this title, simply check the box reset title when you enter the new one. After that, simply click the save changes box and you’re done.

Now we move on to the signature line and the many things you can do in there. Back to the user control panel (of course, by now I am sure you’ve figured out that almost everything is done there right?) Click on the edit signature link and it will come up with a box that looks just like the ones you write posts in. Same principle, write what you want to say, then click the save signature button.

Now comes the more difficult stuff. Pictures in the signature line. This isn’t as easy as the avatar, because you will have to upload this onto the web or take it from an existing site to have a URL. To put a picture in, you will have to use HTML tags. Here is an example;

Put the URL of whatever picture you want where the * is in this example (keep the quotes intact though):

<img src="*">

Again, relatively straightforward, but it appears a little daunting the first time around.

To put a link into your signature, you have two options. You can either have the full link showing, or you can insert a line that says “my link” or whatever you would like. Both show up underlined, then a viewer can just click on the link and go there. To do this, click on your user control panel button, then edit signature. In your signature line, type <a href=’*’> (the * denotes the URL of the link you are using) then if you want the hidden link (with the sentence instead of the link itself) just type what you want to say followed by </a>

A completed link would look like this;

<a href=’*’>This link is mine</a>

This would show as This link is mine.

You can also place links in your posts using the same method.

Another thing that many people like to do, is in a post, instead of having a link to a web picture, is to place the actual picture in the post itself. This also has to come from an existing website as a URL is required to make it work. This process used to be extremely difficult (I never managed to get one to work) but now, it is very simple.

When you are writing your post, click on the picture at the top of the posting space that looks a little like a postcard with mountains on it. This pops up a box that will do the HTML tags for you, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL into this space. If you want to do it the harder way, simply type [img]*[/img] (again, the asterisk denotes the URL you will use.

That should give you some of the basics, I hope it proves helpful.

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