tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBatman and Gotham Sluts Ch. 02

Batman and Gotham Sluts Ch. 02


I do not own Batman or any DC Comics characters.


"Well that was quite a show Miss Kitty, but I think I can do better," a teasing voice declared from the darkness.

Catwoman sat up, still next to the recovering Dark Knight, and craned her head towards the voice.

"If that's you Harley, there's no need to hide," the satisfied woman stated, as she began to rise.

The shadows of the cave moved until a woman revealed herself in front of Selina. She held her hands behind her back while sticking out her chest, making her impressive breasts look especially large.

"It looks like we had the same idea," the new female said, crossing over to Batman, peering down at him.

"Great minds must think alike, but I would never accuse you of having even half a mind Harley," Selina insulted with a smirk.

Harley Quinn frowned at Catwoman momentarily, but began to skip over to her.

"So you think he enjoyed you better than he would enjoy me?" she challenged, pressing herself against Selina's naked form.

"Maybe we should find out," Selina said, surprisingly slapping Harley's plump rear end.

"You are naughty,' Harley said, an evil smile crossing her lips.

"If you put on a good show for me, I won't claw your eyes out," Catwoman said, slinking into the chair she had previously captured the Bat on.

Harley Quinn frowned for a moment, but then stuck her tongue out in defiance.

"I don't care what you think you are allowing, I'm here for some Bat-cock, and nothing can stop me from getting it," she spat, bouncing back over to the near-comatose Batman.

Selina had stripped Batman of all of his clothing except his cowl. He lied flat on the floor looking up at Harley. He managed to put a sentence together.

"Harley, something is wrong with the women of Gotham-," he started to say.

Harley had placed a finger on the Batman's lips and looked at him thoughtfully.

"Oh Bats, I don't care what you have to say about protesting this. The Kitty over there has had her way with you before I could get here, and I can't let that go unpunished," Harley said happily, her voice always had a sing-song quality.

"Look at me Mr. B," she said, standing back to reveal her body.

Bruce couldn't stop himself from looking at Harley's incredible body.

Selina's body was tight and fit, while Harley's was softer, thicker, and curvier. Her red and black costume clung to her skin, showcasing every part of her curvaceous form. The size of her breasts rivaled Selina's, and they looked just as soft. All of Harley's curves were amazing, but they all paled in comparison to the part that finished the masterpiece. Harley turned her body so Batman could see.

Harley's ass was enormous.

Batman stared at the bubble butt in quiet awe. It wasn't a mere bubble butt. It wasn't just a better than average heart-shaped ass. It wasn't just an ass that won't quit. This ass was two humongous lobes of pliant flesh. This ass jutted out as a shelf that could support the weight of a phonebook. This ass was two watermelons, swaying when it moved, daring to be squeezed. This was a gigantic ass of mammoth proportions.

The World's Greatest Detective could not stop his erection from starting. Harley looked over her shoulder to witness his growth.

"Oh Bats, do you like looking at my ass?" Harley teased. She spread her hand across her expansive buttocks.

"I think you should see more," she suggested.

Harley dug her fingers into her behind, and tore her thin costume apart. Free of the costume's restrictive material, her butt now revealed to be even larger than previously thought. The Batman's penis grew rigid at the sight of her ass coming free of its prison, swaying in the air.

"Oh he does like it!" Harley squealed.

Harley proceeded to tear off the rest of her costume, ravenously exposing the rest of her body. Her breasts sprung from behind the cloth, and bounced pleasingly. Her legs revealed to be long and sexy. Her body was as curvaceous as the Bat had hoped. Before the Batman had another thought, Harley faced away from him, and sat her gigantic ass on his chest.

"Look at this!" the naked woman gleefully exclaimed, grabbing the base of Bruce's giant dick.

His penis was rock hard and it twitched when Harley tightly grasped it. A small bead of pre-cum formed at the tip of his penis. Bruce moaned softly, anticipating a stroke that Harley refused to allow.

"I can't help you release Mr. B, not until you ask for something," Harley said, peering down at the throbbing penis.

"What is that?" Batman asked, his strength returning.

Harley wriggled her hips which made waves through her mountainous ass flesh.

"You must beg to bury your face in my big ass," Harley venomously revealed.

"Oh you're bad," Selina moaned, starting to rub her clit while sitting in the chair.

Harley looked over her shoulder while squeezing Batman's thick pole tighter.

"I won't do anything until you beg, stud," she said, raising her eyebrow while she waited. The Batman opened his mouth, sheepishly.

"I want...your ass in my face," he softly said.

"I can't hear you," Harley said, lowering her face so Bruce could feel her breath on his member.

"Stick your huge butt in my face Harley," Bruce said loudly, hoping he would finally feel her mouth.

Harley touched the tip of his rock-hard head with her tongue and waited.


Harley shoved her ass backwards and forced Batman's face in between her bulbous lobes. Bruce's tongue reached out of his mouth until he found her tight asshole. Harley squealed as he began to feverishly lick her.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good," she gasped, right before encasing Batman's dick into her mouth.

Batman's mouth opened wider upon feeling his throbbing dick pass Harley's lips. He took the opportunity to return the favor by wrapping his mouth around her asshole, licking her passionately. Bruce was lost in hot, wet pleasure below, and his tongue tasted delicious taboo above. He was so immersed he hardly noticed Harley's huge, encasing butt wasn't allowing him to breathe. He gasped for air, but only when he was on the brink of suffocation.

"Do you love the taste of her asshole Bats?" Selina asked, rubbing her clit more vigorously.

"Do you absolutely love it?" Harley echoed, taking a break from her dick sucking.

"Yes, I love your delicious ass," Bruce admitted.

Harley sat up and rested her huge bottom on Batman's stomach. She grabbed his tree trunk of a cock and slapped it against her belly button.

"This is the thickest, most meaty cock ever, and I want to give it an award for being so obscenely giant and tasty," Harley stated.

"What award?" Bruce asked, his engorged member twitching wildly.

Harley smiled as she lifted herself over his penis and rested it in between her cavernous butt crack. Bruce moaned as the soft walls of her ass surrounded his dick.

"I bet you never thought you would love two ass cheeks so much," Harley said, clenching her butt together.

Batman moaned loudly as her warm lobes gripped him tighter. Harley took the sound as a seal of approval and began to shake her ass. Pre cum began to coat Harley's magnificent butt, as Bruce's cock bounced and swayed between her cheeks.

The testicles on the Caped Crusader began to clench, and he gritted his teeth as heaven washed over him. Harley continued to move her hips, pushing her lover to the edge. Batman clenched his eyes preparing for his inevitable climax.

Then Harley stopped.

"No," Bruce sighed, desperate to release the contents of his balls.

"No, no Bats. You can't waste all of your cum on the outside...I need it inside," Harley revealed.

Harley lifted her butt above Batman's rigid cock. Her cheeks slowly parted to make way for his enormous head as she lowered herself. Bruce's pulsing pole stopped when it reached the entrance of her tiny asshole.

"Oh, my hole is so small Bats. I may not be able to fit you in me," the temptress teased.

"Please..." Bruce trailed off.

"Please? Please shove my tight asshole over your concrete erection?" Harley asked in a sing song voice.

"Yes," Bruce responded, heat shooting up and down his body.

Harley pushed her way onto the herculean penis, and her little asshole parted. She only began to scream when the head was entirely in her butt.

"AHHHHHHHH!" she yelled into the shadows of the Batcave.

Batman felt nothing but elation as his head was encased in her tight cavity. Her butt was warm and hugged him snuggly. He reached out to grab Harley's ass cheeks and he palmed them vigorously. Harley continued her descent on the punishing penis, her shouts only getting more frantic.

"THIS DICK IS FUCKING KILLING ME!" she cried, tears streaming down her face.

Her cries were answered by her punisher. Batman gripped her hips and with swift force shoved her all the way down to his pelvis.

Harley went silent.

A moment passed as she realized Batman had forced this entirety of his pillar into her anal cavity.

Harley screamed.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she shouted, the unimaginable pain shooting through her.

Harley's blood curdling scream filled the cave and cancelled every other sound. Bruce was deafened by her shout, but felt no remorse. He drove his hips upward.

The ass reluctantly accepted him, and it wrapped around his dick more tightly. Batman gasped in pleasure, and felt every part of his body tighten.

Harley, despite the incredible pain, pushed his hips down to the ground and looked behind her. Bruce saw the pretty face had reddened and tears flowed.

"You won't beat me Bats. This is my game!" Harley yelled.

She lifted her butt off the throbbing cock, until the head almost slipped out of her. Then she plummeted herself back into Batman's pelvis. She screamed again.

Bruce shouted in ecstasy. Her tight walls again gripped him, sending his nerves into overload.

"NOW YOU TAKE MY PUNISHMENT!" Harley commanded.

She began to gallop on the Dark Knight as if her life depended on it.

Sweat ran down her body as she thrust her asshole up and down, driving Bruce crazy.

He palmed her slippery ass and watched it bounce in fluidity to her motions.

Once the pain subsided, Harley began to feel pleasure in her butt, the Dark Knight reaching deeply inside her. She moaned loudly as his head hit her caverns, and she increased the speed of her gallop.

"I'm close Harley!" the Batman shouted, close to the precipice.

"You will not cum until I allow it!" Harley commanded, simultaneously getting lost in pleasure.

"I can't hold it!" he shouted.

"You will! Do not cum!" she demanded, driving her ass onto him.

"I can't hold it Harley!" he again shouted.

"YOU WILL CUM WHEN I FUCKING SAY SO!" she screamed as she again drove his dick up inside her.

Batman, in frustration, reached around her body and pinched her clit.

Harley's toes curled and her orifices tightened. Pleasure enveloped her and she couldn't contain it. She reached her orgasm.

"YOU ARE MAKING ME FUCKING CUM!" she yelled, wildly spasming over Bruce's massive cock.

As she rode her intense orgasm, she reached down to cradle Bruce's two huge testicles.

"CUM FOR ME NOW! EXPLODE INSIDE MY ASSHOLE!" she ordered, still feeling her blindingly good climax.

Batman's balls tightened and his penis grew harder than ever before. He pushed as deeply inside Harley as possible and his climax overcame him.


Bruce fired rope after rope of thick semen into Harley's ass. He pawed at her massive lobes as he pumped load after load into her. Harley shouted as she felt him filling her up.


After what seemed like minutes, both came down from their incredible orgasm, and breathed heavily.

"I feel all of your gooey goodness in my butt Bats," Harley cooed.

She slowly lifted herself off the Batman, much to his displeasure. He moaned as his waning head was set free from Harley's ass with a "pop."

Harley stood up and shook her incredible ass in the air. It bounced fluidly and almost in slow motion.

"You came in me good and deep, all of your spunk is stuck in there," she said, turning and sitting on Bruce's thighs.

"I need one more thing from your wonderful cock," Harley admitted, grabbing Batman's penis.

"What is that?" he asked, feeling his member rising to the occasion.

Harley smiled evilly. She slowly ran her hands down her impressive breasts, giving the nipples a tweak as she did. Her fingers continued their descent until they rested on her stomach. She teased her skin around her belly button and rested her hands on her pelvis.

"I need you to get me pregnant!" she squealed.

Bruce's cock became rigid at the thought of impregnating another woman in one night. Harley took her opportunity to shove the behemoth penis in her slippery pussy immediately. It was a grave mistake.

"WHAATHEFAAAAHHHHH!" she shrieked, as the pulsing cock filled her.

Taking Bruce's cock in her pussy was not as painful as her tiny asshole, but it hurt incredibly.

"It feels like you are going to burst through my cervix," she grunted through clenched teeth.

Batman couldn't comprehend anything but his own delight. Harley's pussy was tight and warm, but unlike her asshole, lubricated. He grabbed her hips and grinded her into his pelvis.

"That's it, take my pussy as a reward Bats," Harley said, pushing through the pain and beginning to feel pings of pleasure.

"Take my fertile womb, pump all of your ball-bisque into me," she begged as she began to gyrate with him.

Batman reached up to caress Harley's tits. His hands mashed into her pliant and soft breasts, feeling every part of her super-sized bosom. Harley moaned as he fondled her.

"That it, grab my big titties. They desperately want to balloon with delicious milk," Harley admitted, resting her hands on top of Bruce's.

The speed of their fornication rapidly increased as their pleasure took them to a trance. Their only thoughts were of ecstasy, release, and conception. They groped each other and tasted each other. Soon, both reached their inevitable point.

"Oh Bats, I'm so close, cum inside me," she pleaded, ready for her climax.

Batman took the invitation and rammed Harley. She shouted in joy and answered with the fastest and most intense fucking she ever gave. Batman's balls tensed and his rigid member reached farther into Harley than ever before. He clenched his teeth as his orgasm hit him.


Bruce cannoned wave after wave of molasses like sperm into Harley's defenseless womb. She took all of his spunk into her, welcoming the fertilizing broth. They reached rapture that was indescribable, and eventually fell in a heap of post-coital bliss.

"Oh you two made me cum so hard," Selina exhaled from her chair.

"I told you I'd be better," Harley chided.

"I don't know about that, but we both now carry his seed," Selina reminded.

"We are both going to grow so big and fat," Harley smiled, looking down at a near comatose Batman.

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