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Battle Hardened, War Weary


Author's Note:

This is a revised and updated version of the very first chapter of "Battle-Hardened..." I was bored and dealing with a case of 'writer's block'. I decided to revised the chapter in hopes of receiving some inspiration to write again.

Plus, I was inspired to do this after viewing twelve pages of 'Fuckyeahsexygingermen' on Tumblr. Don't judge me. LOL!

For the people who are reading this story for the first time: Thank you.

For the people who are re-reading this chapter until I add a new one: Thank you.


When Kali Richardson woke up this morning, she felt like it was going to be a good day for her. Not a bad day and not a day where excellent things happen for her, but it were going to be a 'good, average day' for her. And for Kali, she thought that having at least one good day was... well, good enough for her. She felt like she deserved, at least, one good day, ever since she hasn't had one of those for a long time. To be precise, it's been nine months and three weeks since her last good day, which was the day before her grandfather unexpectedly passed away.

After she performed some of her daily rituals of an hourly exercise routine, a light breakfast and a shower, Kali stood in her bathroom and in front of the sink. There were still drops of water from her shower that clung to her cinnamon-hued flesh. A cream-colored towel was wrapped around her body, in an uncomfortable, constricting way. The room was saturated with the shower's steam. The medicine cabinet's mirrored door was coated with it. Using a hand, Kali wiped away the steam and was greeted by her reflection with her swipe of the hand.

Kali observed her reflection, silently, for a moment. She stared at her small nose that looked dainty and very 'lady-like'. It was so dainty that she barely could see the bridge of her nose in her reflection. Her friend Katrina once told her that there are women, who pay plastic surgeons a lot of money to make them a nose that looks like hers. Her grandmother always told her that God blessed her with a beautiful nose, which was different from her nose.

Her eyes drifted down to her lips. Her lips were not wide. Her lips were small, but plump. She had the perfect "Cupid's Bow" top lip that was brown in color with a bottom lip that had a healthy pink hue that turned burgundy, whenever she bit down on the plump flesh. As a teenaged girl, the neighborhood's 'dirty old men', as her grandmother used to call them, would yell out to her that she had lips that were kissable. One man even grabbed her wrist, yanked her close to him and whispered in her ear that her lips were "dick-sucking lips". Outraged and horrified, Kali managed to free herself and ran all of the way home. She told her grandmother about the encounter, who had informed her husband. Her husband silently absorbed all of the information and then quietly left their home, but returned an hour later. A few days later, on her way home from school, Kali was given an apology from that same dirty ole man, who sported some bruises and appeared to have been severely battered.

Kali's doe-shaped, soft eyes ended their visual survey on themselves. They were shaped beautifully with a wide and rounded out shape that makes the twenty-six year old woman look as if she possesses the innocence and naiveté of a child. They were also beautiful because of their unique color. The irises of her eyes were a gorgeous color of purple. They shared the color of the amethyst gemstone. Since she was a child, Kali was told that she have beautiful eyes. She had the experience of strangers approach her and tell her that she owned 'such pretty eyes'. Her friends complimented them, as well as her co-workers and employers. Her late grandfather, Jack, adored them while her grandmother Mare marveled at them and wondered 'who in the family did she inherit them from?' Reba, her mother, despised them and hated them. Jackson, her step-father, once told her that they were odd, but will 'catch a lot of customers and make them a lot of money'.

'Jackson' her mind whispered to her. At the thought of his name, the image of his face popped up into her mind's eye and soon she felt her mind drudge up a bad memory of him. She felt that box that she made for him and his memories start to lift the lid off. "No" she growled, while her eyes squeezed shut and her face formed a grimace. Then she started to shake her head to the side, violently. "No. I won't think of you. Go back to your box. Go back to your box and stay there! No!" she screamed. Her shout bounced off the bathroom's walls. She popped open her eyes and glanced around the room. Jackson, his face and those memories were gone. Her mind was clear. 'It just needs to stay that way,' she thought. She opened the medicine cabinet and was greeted by two shelves of prescription medications. She found the desired pill bottle. She opened the bottle and produced a pill. Without an aid of a glass of water, she swallowed the pill with ease. 'I refuse to turn this good day into a bad one' Kali thought as she continued to look in the mirror.

Staring at her reflection wasn't just a ritual that Kali only performed, when she was home. The young woman also did this routine when she was at work. She used a mirror that she kept hidden in a drawer that was inside of her cubicle. Or she would use one of the mirrors that were in the numerous bathrooms at her job. There were times when she caught by a fellow employee or a customer. They usually assumed that the woman was conceited, vain and 'stuck on herself', when in truth, it was the complete opposite. Kali wanted to know what was so damn special about the woman that she saw in the mirror. She wanted to know why they wanted to fuck with her.

For a chosen career, Kali chose to earn a living through the process of medical billing and coding. She provided her expertise for a private medical clinic. By working at the clinic that only provides medical services for only women and where every employee was a woman themselves was perfect for Kali. The young woman was not able to work in an environment that also contained men. The job's environment was welcoming for her as well. Her co-workers were welcoming and friendly, at all times, but they weren't imposing and weren't bothered by Kali's dissociative behavior. Her office was a small room at the rear of the building, on the second floor, in a cubicle. On most days, she was up there by herself and she didn't get any visitors most of the time, so she could've gotten away with murder, if she wanted to. It was here, on her self-proclaimed 'good day', in which Kali's good vibrations had come to an end.

It was a few minutes before the beginning of her lunch break. Kali sat at her desk and she was in the process of working on a patient's chart. She was typing in the medical codes for cataracts, on her computer, when she heard the song "La Cucaracha" playing from the inside of one of the desk's drawers. She recognized it as being a ringtone from her cell phone. She also knew the identity of the caller, judging by the festive ringtone. A sense of dread flooded her soul and she let out a shaky gasp. Her eyelids stung and itch from the tears that were begging to be release. She glanced away from the computer's monitor and looked at the row of desk drawers. She opened the top drawer and pulled out a metallic-pink phone. On the small screen, the word 'Truck' appeared in capitalized, bold letters. She pressed the 'green phone' symbol and then pressed the phone to her left ear.

"H-hello," Kali said in a voice so low, it almost sounded like a whisper.

"Kali, hey it's me, Truck" said the voice on the other line. Kali could hear the background noises. It sounded as if he was standing around in an airport. She assumed that he just arrived in New York from Missouri. "Baby, I need to see you. Tonight, I will be staying at the Charter. I'll be staying in room 1423. I should be there around 6 tonight, so anytime after that, its okay."

"All right," Kali said into the phone while she stared at the floor. Her tone of voice was void of any emotion.

"All right, baby, see you later" and then she heard the call being disconnected.

In a moment of silence, she stared at the floor. She wondered why God didn't make her into something simple like a cheap carpet instead of giving her the life that she lived now. She was aware that there were thousands of women who would love to be in her place right now. If she was built like a normal woman, she was sure that she would love having a man call her and declare that he 'needed to see her'. During her moment of silence, she felt her cheeks being wet with tears and she figured out that the Zoloft that she ingested must've worn off. She gave herself another eight minutes to get herself together, before heading off to lunch.

For Kali, it looks like today is going to be a normal day for her, after all.

By the time Kali had left work, the sky had darkened, the sun reached dusk and the crescent moon was on display. The outside temperature had also dropped as well. It was an 'okay' temperature during the day, a modest thirty-nine degrees with no wind. But now, there was a constant wind that blew freezing, frigid air and the night's temperature had dropped to a measly twelve degrees. It was typical 'December-just turned winter' weather. On nights like this one, Kali usually hurries to get home as soon as possible. On nights like this one, she usually spends the night wrapped in two layers of blankets, watching movies on her television and indulging in some type of chocolate-confection. She thought about her night's 'what-ifs' as she traveled from Queens to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, while using the best public transportation that New York City has to offer.

It had taken Kali ninety-three minutes to arrive to her destination: the Charter Hotel. The Charter Hotel is a new posh, modern hotel that is usually frequented by the rich and famous, as well as, by the people who wished to be seen hanging out with the rich and famous. The hotel was also Truck's favorite hotel to use during his stays in New York City, whether if it was because his team was playing a New York-based team or for other reasons. Kali hated coming here. Every time she set foot inside this place, she felt like she didn't belong in here. Despite the employees being friendly, she always expected for one of them to remind her of her actual station in life. If she had a choice in the matter, Truck and she would be meeting up in a cheap motel room that is located by the airport. She already felt like a cheap whore, so they might as well meet up in a place where cheap whores do their business.

'I really don't want to be here,' Kali's mind spoken.

She was standing in one of the corridors that made up the fourteenth floor. She was standing outside of room 1423, in front of the closed door.

'Well, let's go home,' her conscience said to her. 'I can't. You know what will happen if I do...' her mind said before trailing off.

Her conscience continued to try to sway her into leaving the hotel. And judging how her body felt at the moment, it seems that her body was trying to persuade Kali to leave as well. The inner turmoil proceeded for a few more minutes, before she made the decision of staying. She reminded her conscience of the consequences of what will happen to her, if she left. She let out a sigh, squared her shoulders up and then made four knocks on the door. She didn't have to wait long for the door to open.

She was greeted by a man, who was bare-chested, but was wearing a pair of sweatpants and sandals. He possessed the type of good looks and sex appeal that would make every woman ogled him. He was a physical example of tall, dark and handsome. He was standing at the height of 6 feet and 6 inches tall. He body was heavily weighed with muscle. The only thing that he possessed from boyhood was the 'baby fat' that seemed to stick to his face. It wasn't a chubby face, but it wasn't chiseled either. The pair of prominent dimples that were in his cheeks didn't help either. A nice prominent nose, a pair of cute lips and expressive dark brown eyes capped off his facial features. Kali, judging from the appearance of his wet hair that was matted down, assumed that he recently showered.

"Kali" the room's occupant greeted her. There was a smile on his face. It almost was convincing to Kali that he was genuinely happy to see her.

"Hi, Truck" she said to him, in a low voice. 'He was always the friendlier one out of all of them' she thought.

She watched the man make three steps to his left, a gesture of invite into his room. She gave him another glance before accepting his offer.

"Oooh yeah, baby...suck my cock, just like that, baby" Truck groaned while his massive hands rested on the pile of shoulder-length, brown curls that was positioned on top of Kali's head. His fingers would occasionally squeeze her skull, whenever a spike of pleasure would shoot through his cock and balls. His eyes drifted down his body to watch the kneeling, brown beauty in action. His eyes enjoyed the view. He loved watching his pole disappear and then re-appear out of her mouth. "You like that?" he asked in a groan. He watched those big, purple eyes shoot up to focus on his face and he heard her moan an answer. The sweet sound caused a vibrating stimulation against his prick and he groaned. Then his pleasure increased ten-fold, when her hands decided to join the party. He felt one of her hands grasp onto the pair of heavy sacs that hung below his prick and massaged with a firm touch. His hips jerked, in response and he growled a 'Fuck, yeah'.

His hands held her head stationary while he proceeded on fucking her mouth with his cock. He loved the way her mouth, tongue and throat treated his cock as he thrust his meat inside. With his fast-paced stroking, he knew he was going to shoot his load soon. So once he felt a tingling, which turned into a pressure build-up in his nuts, he wasn't caught off-guard.

"Fuck, I'm about to cum. Are you ready for it?"

Once again, he heard her hum. Then, he felt her finger reach behind his nuts and lightly graze the thin, sensitive line of flesh that hid there. A light that was bright and white flashed before his eyes as a newfound sense of pleasure burned through his sex. The stimulation was too much for him. With a roar that formed in his stomach, with his eyes shut and his head thrown back, he came. He felt three streams of his spunk shoot out of cock and into Kali's awaiting mouth. He pulled his cock out of her mouth just to stroke the tail end of his orgasm onto her lips, chin and cheeks. His eyes danced in joy as he watched two more spurts of ejaculate land on her face. Once the last climatic wave left his body, he felt a little to no strength left in his lower body.

"Shit, baby...fucks" he groaned as he made his way over to the king-sized bed. He sat on the edge of the mattress before laying his upper body onto the soft mattress. "Fuck..." he muttered one more time, before his voice trailed off and his mind started to wander.

Three and a half months ago, Daniel "Truck" Logan had made a promise to himself and to God, after his last encounter with Kali. He made the promise of stop acting out his sins and become the righteous man that both of his grandfather's preach about on Sundays. Plus, he needed to be that man that he pretends to be, the man that was interviewed by sports writers or by television reporters. The type of man that follows the Lord's word and actually was not sinning, but winning.

Hearing that familiar term in his mind makes him dole a throaty laugh. 'Not sinning, but winning. No, it still hasn't grown on me', he thought, referring to the name of the charitable foundation/publicity stunt that his agent thought up.

The sound of footsteps snapped him out of his thoughts. Truck sat up and saw Kali standing by the bathroom's entrance. Her face was clean and she held the green, leather purse that she came with, in her hand. Her long, curly hair was now out of the confines and was down. His eyes drifted down to her body. The outfit she wore did nothing to hide the curves that she possessed. The tight, black and white Argyle sweater showcased her large bust, flat stomach and small waist. The light grey, pleated skirt highlighted her lengthy and beautiful legs. The decorative, lace stockings she wore also complimented her legs. The cute, but peculiar shoes that she wore also gave her legs and ass some good publicity as well.

"What about my shoes?"

The words broke him out of his reverie. He glanced at her. "What?" he said to her.

"You said something about my shoes" said Kali as she took a few steps towards him.

'You were thinking out loud dummy' his conscience warned him. 'I wonder how much did I say?' "Oh. I said that you are wearing some weird-looking shoes" he told her. He watched Kali glance down at her feet and then went back to staring at him.

"Oh, well, it's a new trend that's out" she informed him.

"I kinda figured that. I see women wearing those shoes everywhere. I know my sisters have them. Also Mary-Anne has a couple of pairs—

'Don't you fucking even go there,' his conscience growled at him. Immediately, he closed his mouth and stopped talking. Truck glanced at Kali and noticed that she has become uncomfortable now. She's avoiding his eye contact now. 'Shit,' his mind growled. 'Ugh...Just fuck her and throw her the fuck out,' his mind said to him with a false sense of heartlessness.

"Well..." Kali started out saying as she walked over to the room's desk and chair. She placed her purse onto the seat of the chair. Her coat was already hanging on the back of the chair. Then, like a shy little girl, she bowed her head a bit and said "...booties are the big thing right now, so..." Her voice trailed off. Kali glanced at him and he watched her eyes soften.

Slowly, she made her way over to Truck and stood in front of him. Automatically, his hands gone to her hips while her hands rested on his strong shoulders. He wanted to take in her scent, so he pressed his face against the flat plane of her stomach. Then he rubbed his face against the soft fabric of her sweater. He always loved the fragrance that she emitted. It was an assemblage of fragrances: first, there was a scent of whatever perfume that she was wearing; there was the various smells of hair products and pomades, the scent of the baby powder and then the spicy smell of her natural odor. It was the fragrance that he loved the most.

During this time, Truck's hands left her hips and drifted to her round ass. His long, thick fingers massaged and kneaded the supple flesh. He heard a sweet whimper from above his head. He felt her fingers dig into the flesh of his shoulders. His face's grazing ceased and turned into nuzzling at her shirt. His fingers stopped the massage on her ass. His hands slid underneath her skirt and his fingers felt the actual thing. Once his fingers came into contact with her bare flesh, his cock sprung to attention. Then the sound of her moaning made his member grow harder.

Truck dipped his face lower and nuzzled her cloth-covered mound. A moan which floated into a whimper as well as a jerk of her hips was her reaction. He lifted his face away. He gave her a short glimpse. "You like this, baby?" his voice growled at her. She whimpered out a response and then she pushed her ass out more, into his waiting hands.

During his massage, Truck would growl out his desires and his plans for her into the shrouded mystery that was her cunt. Then, he heard and felt her responses to his actions, all the while his dick begged for some type gratification. The overwhelming, tangy scent that seeped out of her pussy made his cock feel worse. His fingers massaged and kneaded whatever blankets of flesh it came across. He didn't feel the urge to stop. He was consumed with the urge of wanting to see her cum, in particularly with his prick buried deep inside of her. It was during this time he realized that he's never seen her cum before. In fact, he's never seen her behaved in such an arousal state before. During their previous encounters, he felt so impatient when it came to sticking his dick in any of her orifices and cum. Afterwards, he had shown her a hasty exit. He thought that it was better that way for the both of them. There was no sense of awkwardness between. There was no act of cuddling afterwards or any acts of 'pillow talk' between the two of them. He didn't entertain her by presenting Kali with possibilities of a relationship. Truck just escorted her to the hotel room's door. He thought that it was the best way to handle everything. It was a better way to handle his guilt, to be precise.

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