tagLoving WivesBe Careful What You Share Ch. 02

Be Careful What You Share Ch. 02

byBig Swede©

I couldn't believe what my beautiful wife had said the night before as I sat at our kitchen table eating breakfast. Yes, it had been the hottest night of sex we had experienced in our brief marriage but the fact she wouldn't let me fuck her pussy made no sense. After all, we had just started to try to get pregnant.

I started humming to myself the Stones tune "You Can't Always Get What You Want", thinking it was funny for years I wanted her ass and now I got it but can't have her pussy. I was excited that she had come out of her shell and showed so much passion in bed. I thought how lucky I was she was finally getting into sex and I am sure this little game about her cuckolding me would end soon and I would be the better for her increased passion.

She walked in the kitchen wearing the same white lace teddy she wore to bed the night before and once again I became hard almost immediately. There she was 5'7" and 135 pounds of pure lust. Her tits were swaying back and forth like they always do when she goes braless; being a large C cup it is inevitable. It really turns me on to see them naked but through the sexy lace of the teddy was almost as good. I looked down at her shaven pussy and remembered how good it felt to lick and suck that bald cunt last night. I felt a smidgen of sorrow that I didn't get to fuck her pussy last night.

She sat down and I told her she looked really sexy and asked her if she wanted another round of sex. She told me not then but maybe later. She said the only reason she was still in the teddy was she had just forgotten to change. I knew she was lying, especially the way she bent over when she got up to get her cereal from the back of the bottom cupboard. She clearly was teasing me as her shaved pussy was all pink and swollen again, I noticed that her anus was still a little swollen and puffy as well. It gave me a smile as I thought of invading it the night before. I began to wonder why her pussy was so swollen and pink.

I thought she must have masturbated herself this morning to that letter. I kind of smiled thinking that the letter describing a woman's search for the ultimate big cock helped spice up our sex life much more than I had ever dreamed it would. Yet, it was that damn letter that gave her the idea of cuckolding me. I figured it was part of the game she was playing and from what we did the night before I was more than happy to play along.

I asked her what she had in mind for her day off and she said she had some errands to run with a bit of a tease to her voice. I was late for my golf date and told her I would be back around 5 and it would be really cool if she was still dressed in her teddy when I got back. She laughed and asked me if I was sure I wanted her to wear the teddy while she ran her errands. I just chuckled and grabbed my clubs and headed out to golf.

All day while playing golf I couldn't get my mind off of the hot sex we shared the night before. I was doffing my shots left and right and it was obvious I wasn't into the game. My friends even commented on how I must have something else on my mind other than golf. I thought if they only knew. I rushed home right after the game hoping my wife would be there in that white teddy ready for another round. I was sorely disappointed when I got home and she wasn't there.

About an hour later she drove up and I heard the garage door close and I ran to the kitchen to greet her. I was totally shocked when I arrived and there she stood in her white teddy with no panties or bra on. I asked her if she went out that way and she just smiled and told me that isn't that what I told her I wanted. It was then that suddenly she broke down and started crying. She was just sobbing when I went over to her and put my arm around her. As I helped her sit I noticed that her teddy was all covered with a moist light colored stain, mostly on the upper half.

I demanded to know where she had been and how dare she go out in that outfit. She was still sobbing but trying to speak. I was able to make out something about how she didn't mean to do it and how sorry she was. I grabbed her by her shoulders and made her look me in the eye as I tried to stop her crying to find out what was wrong. She kept darting her eyes away from mine as I kept repeating "what is wrong?"

Finally, I got her to stop sobbing and she was gently weeping as she started in with the story. She had gone to the local adult bookstore to by some toys as the second part of my fantasy I had told her that fateful night six weeks ago. She said she was going to buy a dildo and some sexy clothing for our next love making session. I asked her if she went dressed like that and she said she had put a skirt and blouse on over the teddy but was trying to be sexy and adventuresome like I had described in my fantasy. She said she didn't even wear panties or bra.

She said she remembered an adult bookstore across town and when she arrived at the store she found three cars in the parking lot. She said almost chickened out but decided she wanted to spice up our sex life like I had told her I wanted, so she gathered the courage to go inside. She told me there was a man in his 40s behind the counter right where you enter the store and he told her there was a cover charge. She said when she asked how much the guys standing around looking at the magazine racks heard a woman's voice and they all looked up at her.

She said she paid the 50 cents walked around and looked at the various toys and magazines. She said she was started to get excited over all the possibilities we could share. She picked up one of the realistic dildos and it was huge, it said 8" on it but she figured it had to be bigger than that as it was almost as twice as long as mine and I had always told her I was 6.5". One of the guys became quite brazen then and mumbled that was nothing compared to what he had in his pants. She said she smiled politely and walked away without responding.

She said before long she felt like the pied piper as these three men were following her everywhere she went. One was an older fat guy who had bragged about his penis. The other two were in their early 30s. She started to enjoy their attention and noticed she was getting turned on by these guys lusting after her. Before long she was loosening her buttons on her blouse to show off the lace of her teddy and give a little peek at her cleavage. She stopped the story and reminded me in my fantasy I had told her I wanted her to show me off more and dress more sexy to get attention.

I just nodded my head cursing that damn night I told her about my fantasies really wanting to nail her girlfriend Annie but ending up making up some bullshit about wanting her to be more pleased with our sex life. She said she was just about ready to leave the bookstore with dildo in hand when our neighbor walked in. She panicked as she didn't want him to see her in this sleazy bookstore with that big dildo so she saw a sign that said mini-booths and headed down a dark hallway to another hallway with about ten booths along the sides of it.

She said she saw that two of the booth doors were closed and lights were on above them so she stepped into the third booth as its door was open. She closed the door and locked it and sat down thinking she was going to wait out the neighbor. It was dimly lit in there but she could see a screen in front of her and a place to put dollar bills. She reached in her purse to grab a dollar but all she had was a ten. She was afraid she would get in trouble if she didn't put money in the machine as she saw a sign that said no loitering, so she put the ten dollar bill in the slot and the screen turned on.

She told me that a black man was shoving his dick in a white woman's ass on the screen and she was taken back by this sight. My wife couldn't take her eyes off the screen as she was absolutely shocked by the size of the cock that the man had and even more amazed by the fact the woman was taking it all in her ass. She sat for a few more minutes torn between the lust she had for the video and the shame of our neighbor finding her in there. She said that as time went on she began to get really wet and decide she couldn't help herself she had to masturbate.

She confessed that it felt so good to watch that big black cock fuck that white girl's ass as her finger flicked back and forth on her own pussy and clit. She spread her legs and unbuttoned her blouse so she could squeeze her nipple as she rubbed her pussy. She leaned back and started to really get into the movie when she saw the black man pull out in the video and start shooting his white sperm all over the girl's back. She was surprised by the amount of sperm this guy was shooting but not nearly as shocked as she was by the fact a cock just came through the hole to her right and was about three inches from her face.

She hadn't noticed the hole when she first sat down, she was so focused on hiding from the neighbor and figuring out how these booths worked that she hadn't seen the holes in the wall on each side of her. She looked to the left and there was an eye looking through that hole. She suddenly realized she had pulled her skirt up and unbuttoned her blouse and was sitting there totally exposed. She tried to cover up but as she moved her shoulder to sit up she hit the cock that was sticking through the hole on the right.

She freaked as she realized what she did. She got up to leave when she opened the door she saw our neighbor walking down the hall. She quickly closed the door and sat back down. The cock was withdrawn now as he had heard her open the door and must have figured out she wasn't interested. She said she sat there and looked at the screen again and now the big black cock was in the girl's pussy without a condom. The sight was a tremendous turn on for her and she was torn on whether to masturbate or just sit their quietly until the neighbor left.

She didn't know how long he would be there so she decided to wait until her $10 ran out and she could sneak out quietly. After a few minutes more she couldn't take watching the video without rubbing herself so she reached under her skirt without showing her pussy to the guy still peering through the hole. She was so hot and wet she was ready to cum, she leaned back in her chair and pulled her skirt up and really started to get into it preparing for her much needed orgasm when another cock came through the hole on the right, this one was huge and it was BLACK and only about two inches from her face.

She had never seen a black cock before she started watching the video and didn't realize how turned on she was by it. She said she just sat there and stared at it for what seemed like forever as she studied it. The head was a bit purple while the rest of the cock was a lighter brown. She looked at me and started to cry as she told me she couldn't help herself she reached out and grabbed the cock and started to jack it. She felt so ashamed but at the same time so horny.

I shook my head in disbelief and she started to sob again. I told her it was OK and I didn't blame her even though I was really quite pissed. It was hard to muster the strength to pretend I wasn't upset but I did my best and asked her if that was it. It was then that I looked down at her exposed pussy and noticed it was really swollen and some creamy white substance was oozing out of it. I lost my breath as it hit me that must be sperm.

I lost it and stood up and said "what the hell is that dripping out of your pussy... that better not be..." She stopped sobbing looked me right in the eye and said yes it is. I didn't know what to do; I dropped back into my seat and asked her how the hell did that happen. She said she got so excited rubbing her pussy and touching the black cock she decided to try sucking it.

She took her hand off her pussy and turned sideways to lick the head. She said before long she was sucking on it and he was moaning from the other side whispering stuff to her about how good she was. She said she couldn't be very good as she could only get a few inches in her mouth but she was using her hands to jack him while she sucked his head like she does with me. It was at that point I thought about my cock and I realized I was getting hard and breathing heavily as she continued with her story.

She said she kept sucking him for what seemed like 10 minutes and he didn't cum. Pretty soon her screen turned dark and she heard a voice say something like keep dropping quarters. Then someone knocked on the door and shouted either pay for the movie or get out of the booth. She didn't know what to do so she took her mouth off the guy's cock she was sucking and he whispered through the hole that he would come to her booth and put money in for them. She was afraid and turned on at the same time. She said she thought to open the booth and run but was still concerned about the neighbor and felt even more guilt after what she had done.

She said she sat there and didn't respond to his offer but soon heard the guy open his door and knock on hers, she said she didn't know what came over her but she opened the door and he stepped in. He was a big man about 6'2", nice build in his 40s she figured as he had some gray around the temples. She said he stepped into her booth and undid his pants while he slid a $20 bill in the machine. The video came back on which she had totally lost track of by now and the black guy had a friend and they were double teaming this white girl.

My wife said she grabbed who new companion's cock and started to suck on it again. He grabbed her shoulders and moved her around so he could stand in the corner and this pushed her ass back up to the other hole. She jumped as she felt something poke her in the ass. She tried to work free but she couldn't this black guy was manhandling her and it was obvious he was trying to force her on the cock sticking through the hole on the left. She took her mouth off his cock and told him she didn't want to fuck and begged him to stop.

She said he just shoved his cock back in her mouth and forced her back on the cock coming through the hole. After about three tries the other guy sunk his cock in her pussy which was soaking wet. She tried to squirm but that just made it feel better for her and she knew for the guy fucking her as well. Pretty soon she was so into it and she said she just gave up trying to stop him. She said the black guy was no longer shoving her back and forth on the cock, she realized it was her own momentum that was fucking the strange cock. She never even saw it, so she didn't know if it was white, black, circumcised or not. It just felt big and tight in her pussy.

After few minutes she could feel the cock in her pussy stiffen and she knew what was coming. She said she could feel his cock swell up and it felt so good she suddenly started to have an orgasm of her own, her screams were muffled by the black cock in her mouth but it was as intense as any she had experienced nonetheless. She said she felt the cock pull out of her pussy. She was still trying to suck the huge black cock but she just couldn't get very much of it in her mouth without choking. She said finally the black guy sat down on the chair and told her to straddle his cock. She hesitated but decided she had gone this far and she just had to feel that huge cock in her pussy. She thought of the letter and threw her leg over the chair and slowly posed her pussy over his monster.

I sat there almost in tears as she told me her pussy was wet and filled with cum so it wasn't too hard to accommodate the first few inches of his cock. She said it was very tight and felt like it was going to rip her open but at the same time it felt good. As she continued telling the story she was no longer crying, she was sitting up leaning forward and quite animated. I looked down toward her pussy and saw a big puddle of cum lying there on the chair. I just sat there listening numb with shock over my beautiful bride's tale of infidelity.

She continued that before long she was riding his big black cock like there was no tomorrow. It was then another cock popped through the hole on her right and a few seconds later another one on her left. He told her to suck the cocks while he fucked her, so she leaned over to the right and began sucking a average sized white cock. She took her left hand and started to jack off the other cock on her left. She looked back at the screen and saw the white woman had two cocks in her hands was sucking another and was being double penetrated by two more cocks, all of them black. She said it then hit her, what a slut she had become and what was worse she loved it.

She said that she sat there riding that black cock for what must have been a half of an hour. She said she had taken off her skirt and blouse and was just sitting there in the teddy servicing cock after cock. She sucked off three cocks and jacked off two as her black lover told her to have them cum on her laced covered tits. She said she lost track of the number of orgasms she had but the last one came as the black cock stiffened and shot its load deep in her pussy. She told me she collapsed in his arms as he sat there firing shot after shot of his sperm deep in her pussy.

I was just dumbfounded, I didn't know what to say. I wanted to scream at her with all my might what a whore she was, but I couldn't. Another part of me wanted to take her up to the bedroom and fuck the hell out of her right then and there. That part won out as I grabbed her by the hand and led her to our bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and gently rubbed her pussy as I pulled my cock out of my shorts she closed her legs and reminded me that my pussy was off limits.

I couldn't believe my ears. I yelled at her asking her what the hell she was doing, didn't she remember she had just let a black man fuck her fertile pussy. She told me I was the one that wanted this adventuresome sex life and I was going to have to live with the consequences. She made it clear that from now on her pussy was for other men to use not me.

She reached in the drawer and handed me the Vaseline and I crawled up on the bed and assumed my position as she knelt over and stuck her ass up in the air again. I saw the sperm still rolling out of her pussy as I lubed her ass for another buttfuck. I consoled myself with the notion that at least I got to fuck that ass I longed for since we first started dating.

I couldn't help wondering what I had done. A few weeks ago I was upset that she was such a conservative prudish wife that gave me routine vanilla sex once a week; now I couldn't help but know that my lust for adventure had changed our lives for ever and not for the better. I could just tell by the look on her face that she could never give up her love of big black cocks. An even bigger concern was that fact she was fucking these men without protection and not on the pill.

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Black cock

Don't become a willing cuckold kick her out as her cunt is off limits to you she is of further to you, and go and become a black cock whore. Not forgetting to change the locks

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