tagBDSMBe Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For


Sam's hands shook a little as he read the ad:

"I am looking for a single man who wishes to submit to my whims and wishes. I am sometimes imperious, demeaning, demanding and cruel. Other times I am affectionate, seductive and sensual. Whatever my mood is at any moment I will control you. You want this, you have always wanted this. When you read this you say to yourself 'She is speaking to ME'. If I have described you you may respond to this ad. Be convincing if you want me to call you. Mistress Alexa"

Sam had a rich fantasy life. He obsessed about one fetish and then another fetish, all revolving around his submissive tendencies. He was deeply ashamed of his urges and never spoke about them with anyone. He functioned adequately in his life but he was very insecure around women, especially women he found attractive. The women he found attractive were ones who carried themselves in a sensual, confident manner. He found it easy to imagine them as his Dominatrix. When he encountered such a woman he imagined all the ways that he could approach her, introduce the subject of female domination and be rewarded by her accepting him into her service. Needless to say, his imagined encounters never became real. He couldn't see women for who they were, only who he wanted them to be.

So, every day, he went to work, came home, ate dinner and then settled in front of his computer for his nightly journey into fantasyland.

Sam felt a churning within as he reread the ad. "She is speaking to me," he thought. And for once in his life he took action.

He composed a long, thoughtful letter to 'Mistress Alexa' describing himself and what he was looking for. He wrote how eager he was to serve her, how devoted he would be if she would only deign to permit him. He hit 'send' and his message was on its way.

Two days later he got a response!

Mistress Alexa wrote "Congratulations. I have selected you to serve me, subject to a telephone interview. I will call you at 7 PM Thursday. When I call you are to be naked and have a blindfold and a 12' length of ¼" rope in your hands. Also, use a speaker phone. I want your hands free."

This was Tuesday. Sam had two days for his anticipation to build. For two days he thought of nothing but his upcoming interview. He was hopeful but scared that he would fail. He was determined; he would do whatever it took to be accepted by Mistress Alexa. He would succeed!

Meanwhile "Mistress Alexa" was also thinking about her upcoming phone conversation with Sam. She felt she had a live one nibbling. She just had to get him to bite and then set the hook.

Her real name was Anna. She was from a poor family in Des Moines, Iowa. The only thing she really had going for her was her sexy, sultry voice. It had an almost hypnotic quality to it. She had bounced around adult performance venues, night club acts, escort services and the like before settling into her present gig. She liked being Mistress Alexa. When she was in character she enjoyed playing with her marks emotions, she enjoyed the power she had and she definitely enjoyed the money she made.

On Thursday at 7 PM, on the dot, Sam's phone rang. He answered breathlessly. "Hello?"

There was a pause and then a liquid smooth, sexy woman's voice said "Hello, is this Sam?"

"Yes, yes" blurted Sam. He had wanted to be more self-controlled but his eagerness got the better of him. Alexa smiled; she liked the eagerness she heard.

"This is Mistress Alexa." She purred.

"Are you naked" she asked.

"Yes" Sam answered.

"Stand up." she ordered.

"Uh, sure" said Sam as he stood.

"Sam, we're just getting started so I will be forgiving of your errors. You DO NOT say 'Uh, sure' to me. You say 'Yes Mistress Alexa. Do you understand". She spoke politely but there was iron in her voice.

"Yes Mistress Alexa. I understand"

"Very good. I think you will do very well." Those words made Sam feel so hopeful.

"Sam, do you have the blindfold and the rope?"

"Yes Mistress, I do."

"Very good. The first thing you will do is to bind your cock and balls. I assume you've done this to yourself many times before. Am I right?"

Sam looked down, ashamed. "Yes Mistress Alexa, I have."

"Of course you have. Do it now. Nice and tight. Tell me when you're done. Take your time to do it right"

Two minutes passed. "I'm done, Mistress."

"Very good. Now put the blindfold on."

"Sam, I want you to tell me about yourself. I want to know about your family, your work, your social life, your passions and your little perversions. Especially your perversions. Tell me what you've been ashamed to tell other people. Take your time. I'm a good listener."

Sam began talking. The cock binding and the blindfold were doing their jobs, making him feel even more submissive than he might otherwise be. He told her everything about himself. As he spoke 'Alexa' made notes. The picture that emerged was that of her ideal candidate. He was isolated, out of touch with his family with no real friends. He had a well-paying job, owned his own house and very occasionally went on expensive vacations. As he spoke 'Alexa' occasionally asked questions to keep the narrative going. When she felt she had enough information she thanked Sam and told him she would be back in touch soon to let him know if he had passed the interview. She told him to keep the blindfold on for four minutes after she hung up and then to remove it and the cock binding. She told him to count out loud to know when four minutes had elapsed. Without further conversation the line went dead. Sam counted the seconds and when he thought four minutes had gone by he removed the blindfold and binding. He was ecstatic. The experience of revealing his secrets, the things he was so ashamed of, to Mistress Alexa had a cathartic effect on Sam. He felt close to her. He was sure he had done well. Well, he thought he had. Doubts began to set in. He so wanted Mistress Alexa to choose him.

Three days later, on Sunday, she wrote: "Sam, you did very well in your interview. You are now in the final round. I will call you on Tuesday at 7:30 PM. Clean yourself out with two enemas. Be naked. Have the following items: 12' of ¼" rope, a blindfold, a firm banana, lotion. Mistress Alexa."

Sam was overjoyed. He was in the final round! He would be the one selected!

On Tuesday at 7:30 PM the phone rang. Using a seductive voice 'Alexa' greeted Sam.

"Hello Sam, are you ready? Are you naked? Did you clean yourself? Do you have everything I told you to have?"

Sam answered "Yes, Mistress Alexa."

"Sam, tie your cock and balls with the rope." "Put the blind fold on." "Now, peel the banana. I want you to put lotion onto the banana and slowly push it into your asshole." Her using such a crude word made Sam wince.

He carefully tied his cock and balls, like he had so many times before.

He put the blind fold on. He had only the sweet, seductive voice of Mistress Alexa to guide him.

He peeled the banana, put lotion onto it and onto his asshole.

He slowly pushed it in.

"It's in Mistress" he reported.

"Good. Now slowly let it out...then in. Out...then in. I'm fucking you in the ass. Do you understand? You think it's your hand but it's me doing it to you. I'm fucking you. Now thank me."

Sam managed to get the words out. "Thank you Mistress."

"You're welcome" she replied.

"Now, put lotion on your cock and start playing with yourself. Do not come until I tell you to. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

"Yes Mistress"

A few minutes later, "Are you close to coming?"

"Yes Mistress, I am."

"OK. Start fucking yourself in the ass again. Remember, it's me doing it to you. You will come when I count to three. One...two...three."

Sam came on the count of three, squirting his cum all over himself. One hand was wet with lotion and cum, the other hand slimy with banana. Sam was spent, he felt contented. He had done everything his Mistress had told him to and he felt marvelous.

"Sam, you've done very well. I accept you into my service. I'm going to send you equipment that you will need but first I need you to demonstrate your sincerity. You will wire $75,000 into an account. I will email you the wiring instructions when we are off we phone. Do you understand?"

"Yes, absolutely Mistress Alexa. Thank you for accepting me."

When Mistress Alexa ordered Sam to wire her the money it was like a switch went on in his head. He had accumulated a great deal of money, by saving and investing, so the $75,000 was not a problem for him financially. He didn't feel that he was buying Alexa's attention but rather that her request for and acceptance of the money signified her acceptance of him. This was tremendously important for him. She was an imperious, seductive woman interested in him. She was ordering him to do things that he was deeply ashamed of doing when he normally did them in secret. Her ordering him to do those things made them acceptable. More than acceptable, mandatory. He wasn't tying his cock and balls because he wanted to. She ordered him to. He wasn't fucking himself with a banana because he wanted to. She made him do it. In fact, she was doing it to him. She told him so. He jerked off because she made him. He loved being under her control. She was literally the answer to the dreams he had his whole life. He would give her anything she asked for; he just wanted her to stay in his life.

Sam's wire hit 'Alexa's' account half an hour later. She was very pleased that this campaign was going so well. She went to work packaging up the equipment for Sam.

Three days later a box was delivered to Sam's front door. He ripped it open and found a sophisticated video camera with installation instructions and a custom made leather bondage hood with built in headphones and microphone. This would connect wirelessly to his telephone. The box also included a container of medication, a butt plug with harness, riding crop, handcuffs, a very sturdy collar, a short length of sturdy rope with strong clips at both ends and a life size picture of Mistress Alexa. She was stunning; about 6' tall, with long flowing blond hair framing a beautiful face. She seemed to be in her late 30's. She had full breasts with nipples poking through the thin silk fabric of her blouse. Her waist was extraordinarily narrow and widened out to luscious hips and shapely legs. Sam was in love with her. He couldn't believe his good fortune in being allowed to serve her.

The next day Sam got an email informing him that she would call him the following evening at 7:15PM and that he was to have the video camera set up and running. The video camera was to be attached to a wall. 'Alexa' would control it remotely so she could see anywhere in the room as well as zoom in and out. He was to be wearing the hood which connected him to the phone.

Sam set the equipment up, excited to be serving his Mistress. He wore the hood as he did this. It wasn't necessary but he had always wanted a hood and he was delighted to finally be wearing one. Especially one provided by his Mistress. He loved the feeling of confinement it provided and it helped him feel connected to her.

The next evening at 7:15 PM the phone rang. When Sam answered the headphones in the hood worked to perfection. It was like Mistress Alexa's sexy, sultry voice was softly purring inside his head. She verified that her instructions had been followed. He had taken a tablet of the 'medication' an hour before. She had explained that it would help their minds to meld into one. Also, she now had him on the video camera as well as audio. Following her instructions he bound his cock and balls. She reminded him that her hands were tying him. Next, he was told to insert the butt plug and to harness it in place. It was large and he was afraid of it but he reluctantly put lube on it and slowly worked it up into his butt. Again, she reminded him that she was doing this. The 'medication' made him very receptive to her suggestions.

She had seen his reluctance. Her voice became harsh. "Pick up the crop and whip yourself hard across your ass. Harder".

Sam slashed himself, harder and harder.

"Stop, Sam. That's enough. Put the crop down. How does that feel?"

"Mistress, it hurts."

"Yes, I know. I hit you hard because I saw your reluctance to insert the butt plug. If you resist me I will hurt you."

Sam was heartbroken that he had disappointed his Mistress. "I'm so sorry. That will never happen again."

"Very well Sam. I accept your apology."

She instructed him to loop his belt around his neck, hold an end with each hand and to pull hard and to keep on pulling. As he pulled her sexy voice reinforced that she was strangling him and that he liked it and that it felt good. 'Alexa' saw him crumble to the floor.

"Very good" she murmured. "How do you feel?"

"My whole body is tingling" Sam managed to say.

"Good" she said. "Now, do it again and keep your awareness on the plug in your butt. I put it there. When you fall down again you will masturbate."

Mistress Alexa's voice penetrated deep into Sam's mind. He was unable to distinguish between his thoughts and her instructions.

Sam obeyed. Once again he looped the belt around his neck and pulled tightly. Once again his world spun around him until he fell down, vibrating and tingling. He masturbated feverishly, spraying his cum juice in front of him. Mistress Alexa watched, very satisfied. This was working perfectly.

When Sam was mentally focused she told him to wire $100,000 to the account that he had on file. He went to his computer to enter the instructions. Mistress Alexa swiveled the camera so she could see the screen and his keyboard and record the information as he entered his password.

Mistress Alexa complimented Sam on his progress. She told him to take one pill a day until she contacted him again.

Each day that went by without hearing from his mistress felt like an eternity to Sam. Finally, after three eternities, his mistress was back with him.

Sam was standing in front of the video camera again. He was naked except for the collar on his neck and the bondage hood. He had followed 'Alexa's' instructions and installed a very sturdy ring on the ceiling. The medication was working well on him. He was moving slowly, like a man possessed. He heard only the voice of his mistress.

She told him to move his table so it was three feet away from the ring on the ceiling and to put a chair next to it. He did those things.

She told him to put the handcuffs, the short piece of sturdy rope with the clips, two other ropes and a tube of lube on the table. He put them there.

She told him to stand on the chair. He did.

She told him tie his ankles together loosely. He did.

She told him to clip the short, sturdy rope to his collar and to the ring on the ceiling. He did.

She told him to tie a piece of rope around his cock and balls and to tie the other end through the chain links of the handcuffs. He did.

She told him to handcuff his hands together. He did.

She spoke firmly but seductively, her voice filling his mind. She reminded him that it was she who had done all those things.

"Yes Mistress, I know. Thank you for all the attention."

"You're welcome. I want you to masturbate now. Tell me when you are close to coming."

Sam squeezed lube on his hands and started stroking his penis. He quickly got hard. This was an exciting situation for him. Mistress Alexa was whispering into his ears how much she loved him. She loved him! That was the first time she had said that to him. She told him how handsome he looked, standing there on the chair masturbating. That was the first time she had said that to him. Sam was joyful.

"Mistress, I'm ready to come."

"Excellent. Are you looking at me? Look at my picture. Can you see me? I want you to cum and to walk to me."

Sam gave himself a final stroke. His cum spurted out. He stepped off the chair. He hung there, gasping for air, struggling. He reached for his neck but he couldn't raise his hands. He tried to get his feet onto the chair but his tied legs wouldn't reach. Sam's world was becoming dim. He was looking towards the picture of Mistress Alexa with her long blond hair but he couldn't see her any more as his world became dark.

Sam hung there, slowly twisting, cum dripping from his limp penis.

'Alexa' watched this on her video screen. She turned away with a sad smile on her face. Her short brown hair framed her face. She looked out her window at a beautiful sunset over the azure water of the Caribbean Sea. She turned to her computer and began entering wiring instructions. She wasn't rushed. Her next appointment wasn't until the day after tomorrow. She was short, about 5'2", a little plump and very wealthy.

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by Anonymous

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by SueDanym02/03/18

Well written.

This is a very well written story. I love the line “he couldn’t see women for who they were...”. Nice job!

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A delightful erotic horror

I can't help but wonder how she gets away with it, though. There's all this evidence there! This would make a really interesting Law & Order arc, haha.

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by Anonymous01/06/18

What a sad ending.

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