tagNonHumanBeast takes a Beauty Ch. 03

Beast takes a Beauty Ch. 03


Raegan woke up to her alarm. Monday already. She had slept away the whole weekend, occasionally waking up to eat, shower or to take care of her new friend. She often thought that maybe she should post lost dog posters around the building, to see if she could return the dog that had randomly showed up in her apartment, but every time she thought about being alone again, and vulnerable to Ben's return, she decided not to. Besides if he was out loose in the building, then obviously his owner didn't care about him.

She showered and got ready for work; careful to cover up her bruised neck.


After along and frustrating day Raegan returned home. She was eagerly greeted by her dog. "Want to go for a walk? Okay, just let me change."

Raegan walked into her room and stripped off the skirt and turtle-necked sweater that she had worn to work, and put on a pair of jeans and a navy blue sweat-shirt. She didn't feel particularly pretty with a bruised neck, and didn't want to draw attention to herself.

She left the apartment with her dog and began walking down a busy market street; she didn't want to meet a stranger in a deserted area again, she remembered how that one turned out.

Raegan bought a piece of beef jerky and sat on a bench feeding it to her dog in small pieces. "Is that good, boy? Ya..." She bent down and kissed his head, and then gave it another rub before getting up and continuing her walk.

She had gone from being extremely happy a few days ago to completely miserable. Raegan found herself miles away from home, raped, and in a job that made her feel like she had wasted the last three years of her life, just so she could run to get coffee for her boss.

While Raegan indulged in self pity two men quietly followed her down the street. As she got to the end of the market she realized she was being followed. Fuck!

She began to run, but so did they. They grabbed her by both arms, and dragged her into an alley way.

"Qu'avons-nous ici?" (What do we have here?) one asked as he slid a hand up her shirt, while the other un-did her pants from behind.

"Let me go! Arretez!"

The two guys laughed as they exchanged more words in French, and began undressing her. Raegan fought and tried to get away. Her sweatshirt had been removed when all of a sudden one of the guy's hands from her body were removed. She could here him scream. The one still near her screamed as he looked to his friend whose throat was being ripped out. Raegan turned to see her dog standing over the dead man and coming towards her and the other man. The man behind her ran to escape the alley, but the dog pounced and began attacking him. Raegan sought out safety, and huddled behind a garbage can, covering her ears and keeping her eyes closed tightly.

A hand touched hers and began pulling her to her feet, she opened her eyes and there was Ben. He held her sweatshirt and helped her put it on. Tears began to run down Raegan's cheeks, and she turned quickly to find her dog.

"Where did he go?" she asked frantically and Ben smiled, bending down to lick her cheek. She looked back to him. God no...please...no. "It's been you!" She yelled at him.

This took Ben a bit off guard. She should be thankful that he had stuck around to protect her, at first he wasn't going to. He grabbed her face in his hand and brought her nose to nose with him; his anger showing in his expression.

"I hate you Ben. Get away from me." Raegan said as she tried to get away from him.

"Whether you like it or not your mine, Raegan. Do you understand me?"

"Fuck you, Ben! I'd rather die then belong to you, you arrogant, chauvinist bastard!"

He released her face and hit her hard. Raegan fell to the ground, unconscious.


Five months had past and Raegan had settled in considerably during that time. She had actually started doing some design work, and rarely played the part of coffee and bagel girl anymore. She didn't know if it was because her Boss and co-workers has started to like her, or if they felt bad for her being pregnant. Either way she didn't care. She had gone from living in a rundown flat, and being miserable, to living with a gorgeous man named Tristan, who promised to look after her baby as his own. Her job had improved, and once again Raegan felt happy.

It wasn't until one rainy day when she stepped out of work to go home, that she saw him: Ben...standing across the street, staring at her. If somebody's blood could run cold with fear, Raegan's would have at that moment. She immediately hailed a taxi and got in.

She arrived at her building a few minutes later and made her way up to Tristan and her apartment. Tristan kissed her when she came in and announced that he had made dinner reservations at a very fine Greek Restaurant, and that they needed to leave right away. He put his coat on and they left.

They took a taxi to the far side of the city, where the restaurant was, and when they got there they were seated in the best seats in the house, or so Tristan said. He toasted her and the baby, and talked about how happy he was with her. "I love you Raegan." He said.

Raegan smiled, and then noticed; sitting at a table a few seats away, looking at her, was Ben.

"Raegan? Raegan dear, are you okay?" Raegan looked at Tristan, "Pardon?" she asked.

"Are you okay? You just went stark white, as if you had seen a ghost or something."

"I'm fine, I just need to go to the washroom...please excuse me." She got up before he could protest and rushed to the washroom. She stopped at the sink and braced herself upon the vanity. She closed her eyes. Shit, shit, shit. She opened her eyes and there was Ben, locking the main door of the washroom. He turned towards her with a sly smile that made her extremely nervous. She tried to speak but all that came out was a little whimper, which made Ben laugh.

"Surprised to see me baby?" He continued to walk closer to her, until he was able to hold her in his arms. His hand lowered and caressed her stomach. "How could you have thought that I would leave you, when you carry my offspring?" Emphasis on my.


"You are mine Raegan."

"Ben, please...I'm happy with him. I'm happy. Please don't ruin what I have. Please."

A low growl escaped Ben's lips. "Your begging always turned me on." Raegan tried to push him away.

A tear fell down Raegan's cheek and Ben kissed it before it could fall much farther. "You and the baby are mine. No other man will take you or the baby from me." Ben hesitated a moment, "I have to say I was more then just shocked to come back and find some other guy had moved in on my territory. And I have thought seriously about killing him."

A knock sounded on the door, Ben and Raegan's eyes moved to it. "Raegan? Raegan darling are you okay? You've been gone awhile...did you just want to go home?"

Ben's eyes came back to Raegan's. He loosened his grip on her face and rested his hand gently around her neck. Running his fingers along the area where he had bitten her five months ago. He could feel the marks where his teeth had sunken in.

"Ben...I have to go." She whispered after a long silence. Ben's hand tightened a bit on her throat and then loosened, and then let go. He moved away from her. She moved towards the door, looked back at him, then opened it and left.

She had told Tristan that she was ill and would like to go home. He immediately called a taxi, and they made their way to the apartment.

She got into bed when they arrived, and he called and cancelled her work for her the next day, then got into bed as well. He put his arm around her and tried to comfort her, but through tears she asked him to move over onto his side of the bed. Reluctantly he did so.


Ben lay awake all night thinking of Raegan. He had spent the last five months studying the ancient laws and carefully networking his pack. He felt confident on his connections that he had made there. It wasn't as hard as he had thought it would be, Brom had proved to be a terrible Alpha and was slowly leading the pack into corruption. Raegan could help him to become Alpha; to take back his pack. He had to convince her to come with him.


When Raegan woke Tristan had gone. She felt bad for how she had treated him the night before. He had been so wonderful to her, helping to support her...giving her baby a family. Loving her. But somehow...deep down...she knew she was throwing it away. Why though? Ben is mean and demanding. Controlling. He's a chauvinist asshole. He doesn't love me...

Raegan got up and took a bath. She lay in the hot water, soaping her body. She began to feel aroused and slowly let her hand drift to her hungry cunt. It was a bit hard these days to masturbate, with her growing stomach in the way, but sometimes she managed a small orgasm.

She found her hard clit and began to slowly rub it. She pictured her and Tristan in bed early in the morning, fooling around, as they often did. She didn't want to be alone and she didn't want to be Ben's. This thing with Tristan is good, she kept telling herself.

In her fantasy Tristan's pulsing cock entered her, she suddenly realized she was thinking of Ben. No, no, no...Tristan...think of Tristan. She rubbed her clitoris harder. "Mmm, Tristan...Tristan." She chanted his name quietly. His body on hers. His cock entering her pussy. In and out, gliding into her. Suddenly she was cumming, "Oo...oh Ben!" Her orgasm rippled through her body and she took a sharp intake of air. Raegan lay flushed in the tub for a few more minutes with her eyes closed, enjoying the fading waves of pleasure, from her weak but satisfactory orgasm. She felt someone pinch her nipple lightly and teasingly. Raegan opened her eyes to expect Tristan, thinking that he might have forgotten something, and came back for it.

"I've missed your pink nipples the most I think." Ben said, lusting after her body.

"What are you doing here? How did you get in? Get out!" Raegan yelled as she tried to cover herself up with her arms.

"There's no use covering yourself up baby, it's nothing I haven't seen before."

Raegan looked up at him angrily, and slowly stood up, grabbing a near by towel and wrapping herself in it. She got out of the tub and stormed out of the ensuite bathroom, to the bedroom.

"Ben, leave." She said forcefully, as Ben followed her. She spun around and he pulled her into an embrace, and kissed her mouth gently. She was surprised at how gentle he was, but how weak she still felt compared to him. She pushed him away, and calmly asked, "Could you step out of the room while I dress? Please."

His answer came immediately. "No." He brought her body back against his.

She grew angry again. "Ben...you can't take me roughly like you have before. I'm pregnant, it could hurt the baby."

"I'm not here to fuck you, my little bitch," he said as he nuzzled against her neck, still holding her, "I'm here to bring you to our home." Ben's emphasis on 'our'.

"Excuse me?" Raegan said, flabbergasted.

"Your coming with me. Your going to pack your stuff up, get dressed, and come with me. And I'm not waiting outside, I want to make sure you do as I say."

"I will not! I love him Ben, why can't you just accept that? How do you expect me to even want to be with you? After...After what you did to me! I hate you!"

Ben's brow furrowed at this remark and he lost his temper. He began to hurriedly grab things of hers and shove them into a bag. She dropped her towel and put on a bra and panties, not once glancing at Ben. If I can get dressed and to my purse maybe I can make a break from him, to the neighbours.

She picked out a red dress that no longer completely covered her pregnant body, and put it on with a pair of maternity pants. The dress looked like a nice and very flattering top.

Ben continued to shove things in her bag, as Raegan headed for the bedroom door, gathering up her purse which Ben then took from her with one hand, and in his other took her hand. He forcefully pulled her along as she tried to wrench her hand from his. They left the apartment and made their way down to Ben's parked car. He opened the passenger door for her and she got in knowing that a tussle between them could end up hurting the baby. He put her stuff in the trunk and then got into the drivers seat. He looked at her as he started the car, and she looked back at him, and then looked away, and out the window. She refused to ask herself why she never yelled for help, when she could have.

Ben put the car in drive and pulled away from the place Raegan had called home for the past few months. She had no idea where they were going. ***

It was late when Ben stopped the car at a secluded and abandoned cabin. It was deep within an old Parisian forest, and situated beside a small lake, that few knew about. He got out of the car and brought her stuff inside, lighting candles as he went, for light. Then he went back and opened the passenger door of the car. Raegan stirred as Ben picked her up and closed the door of the car.

He carried her inside and set her gently on a bed, in a back room of the cabin. He helped her take her coat off, and then pulled the blankets up and tucked her in. He moved to the other side of the small room, to a fireplace, which he had prepped the day before. He lit the wood that resided inside of it, and began to undress down to his boxers. He was about to climb in when Raegan spoke. "Don't forget about those."

Ben pulled off his boxers and slid in beside her, kissing her forehead. She opened her eyes, and looked up at him. He slid his hand up under the front of her shirt and began to rub her pregnant belly. "It's a boy." she said.

Ben smiled at her and leaned in and kissed her lips lightly. She undid her pants, and then Ben tugged them down, followed by her panties. He resumed rubbing her tummy. Ben moved his hand beneath her and undid her bra. She sat up and he pulled off her shirt and bra, leaving her completely naked.

"Ben?" Raegan asked.


"Where is this going? Us I mean..."

They lay beside each other on their sides, looking into each other's eyes. He held her hand to his mouth, and traced kisses along her wrist. She watched him. Ben loved the way she looked at him, it was the same look he had received when they sat talking over coffee, when they first met; a look of interest, and comfort, but purely desire, with a hint of fear for the unknown.

"We are going to raise this baby together. I want this to work. You do too."

Raegan hated to be told what she wanted. "I don't love you."

"I know."

He leaned forward and suckled her bottom lip, receiving the same on his upper lip. Tongues emerged from each other's mouth and danced a lover's dance, as they were reunited. Ben ran his hand softly down Raegan's spine and she cooed in pleasure. Simultaneously the two rolled over, so Raegan lay on her back, and Ben hovered over her, not once breaking the dance between their mouths.

She could feel his cock at the entrance of her pussy, and nudging its way in. With each small thrust, she could feel him going deeper. The familiar pain/pleasure began to take over her entire body, and she moaned on each impact his huge manhood made.

Their hands found each other's, fingers entwining, just over Raegan's head as Ben bottomed out in Raegan's juicy pussy.

His body commanding hers, and hers obeying, he began too pull out, and her body tightened to hold him in. His cock began to slide back in and her cunt welcomed his length. Slowly fucking and enjoying each other's touch, they began to pick up speed, the intensity of their need becoming more and more apparent. She breathlessly moaned as he grunted, and reluctantly he pulled fully out of her. She whimpered but got on her hands and knees, knowing that this is what he'd ask of her.

Inwardly smiling Ben knew that they understood each others bodies, and desires, that they were a perfect match. They could be happy together if both were patient enough. He entered her again, easily sliding deep inside of her wet pussy. Her head raised up and rested beside his. His arm wrapped lovingly around her belly, cradling her and their baby; her hand resting on his.

He began to fuck into her again. Finding a spot on her shoulder Ben began to bite down. Raegan groaned in pain and Ben growled in pleasure as he bit down harder.

The intensity of their motions sent them both into a frenzy of pleasure, and then came the familiar bulge, banging to get into Raegan's cunt: the knot. She moaned and grunted and just as suddenly as she felt it trying to enter her, it was in. She came, with Ben's hot seed, once again coating her insides. Raegan slumped down onto the bed and Ben eased them onto their sides. Just like the last time they had laid together, they spooned. He looked over her shoulder to see her reaction, but she was asleep.

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