tagNonHumanBeast takes a Beauty Ch. 04

Beast takes a Beauty Ch. 04


As the sun came through the window Raegan let out a content sigh and closed her eyes again.

Ben continued to watch his sleeping beauty whose body contained his child; a boy. He leaned to her and nibbled at her neck affectionately while his hand rubbed her round belly. Raegan turned her head towards him and opened her eyes. Their lips met in a lazy kiss and Raegan let her hand trail down Ben's toned body.

"I have to go out for a little while." He said.

"Noooo. Don't go." She leaned into his ear and tried to seductively convince him to stay in bed with her all day.

He laughed and got out of the bed. "I wont be long, just a few hours." Ben grabbed his pants and began putting them on.

Raegan pouted and he came over to her side of the bed. He zipped up his fly and kissed her forehead.

He grabbed his shirt as he left the room. "I'll be back in a bit!"

The front door of the cabin closed and Raegan got up out of bed, deciding to shower, dress and look around a bit while Ben was out.


Ben had walked deep into the surrounding forest before he encountered anyone else; Lydia. "Ben!" She yelled as she ran over and through her arms around his neck. "Vous êtes de retour! (Your back!)" She began kissing him all over and he pushed her off. He kept walking and Lydia followed obviously not deterred by Ben's rejection. She talked constantly as they headed towards the village.

Finally after a few more minutes they entered a clearing where little cabins sat. A big guy, a little smaller then Ben had begun walking towards him. "Qu'avons-nous ici? Retours de Ben. (Well, well, Ben returns.)" Brom said. "Et à ce qui nous doivent à cette visite mon ami? (And to what do we owe this visit my friend?)"

"Je suis ici pour prendre mon endroit comme alpha. (I am here to take my place as alpha.)"

Brom laughed a hearty booming laugh. "Vous ne pouvez pas être alpha Ben, juste comme avant, vous avez perdu. Se rappeler? (You cannot be alpha Ben, just like before, you lost. Remember?)" Brom said with a proud smile.

Ben returned the smile. "Oui Brom que je me rappelle mais j'exige des nouvelles parties. (Yes Brom I remember but I am demanding a rematch.)"

"Vous ne pouvez pas être alpha à moins que vous soyez joints! Même si vous me battez vous ne pouvez pas réclamer l'alpha. (You can not be alpha unless you're mated! Even If you beat me you cannot claim alpha.)" Brom spat angrily, his mood change indicating his worry for losing his regal authority.

It seemed everyone in the village by this time had stopped what they were doing and had gathered to listen to their alpha and Ben argue. "Loup-garou qui ne sont pas joints mais ont un sélectionneur fidèle et un héritier masculin peut devenir alpha. Et j'ai une sélectionneur et un fils sur le chemin. (Lycan that are not mated but have a faithful breeder and a male heir can become alpha. And I have a breeder and a son on the way.)"

"Une sélectionneur, haha! Personne n'a pris une sélectionneur dans les centaines d'années. Personne ne vous soutiendra vers le haut sur ce Ben; personne ne veut un humain parmi le paquet à moins qu'elle soit dîner. (A breeder, haha! Nobody has taken a breeder in hundreds of years. Nobody will back you up on that Ben; nobody wants a human amongst the pack unless she's dinner.)"

"Pourquoi ne font pas nous les laisser décider cela? (Why don't we let them decide that?)"

"Je suis alpha Ben! Je suis! (I am alpha Ben! I am!)" Brom shouted angrily on the verge of hysteria.

"Non, vous n'êtes pas alpha Brom; plus. (No, you are not alpha Brom; any more.)" And with that the pack let out whips and howls of agreement echoing the blasphemous words just uttered. Brom stood still, enraged. His eyes piercing into Ben's very soul like daggers.

All time stood still as the sudden realization hit Brom. His pack had been helping Ben all this time.

"Ce soir à 12 je retournerai pour vous combattre. Et je gagnerai ce qui devrait avoir été le mien." (Tonight at 12 I will return to fight you...And I will win what should have been mine.)

Ben turned and walked back into the forest to return to the cabin. Tonight he would get his life back.

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