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It was a warm night so I crossed my room to open the big French windows before I settled down for the night. My black silk negligee fluttered around the tops of my legs as a slight breeze entered the room, my nipples hardening against the material tight against them. I crawled into bed, the black material feeling cool and sensual on my smooth skin, bathed in the pale moonlight. I turned my head to look at the window, I had a peculiar feeling I was being watched, I couldn't see anything which made sense as I was on the 3rd floor.

Something fluttered from a nearby tree and my mind eased knowing it was just some sort of bird. I smiled to my self and rested my head back onto the big soft pillows as my body slid down into my bed, my hair fanned out around my head like a black halo. The cool material felt so good on my warm skin, and I could feel my nipples hardening even more against it. I slid my hand over my nipple, gently pinching it, causing me to moan in pleasure. My pussy started to tingle in anticipation as I slid my hand down my body, the other hand still caressing my erect nipples. My fingers quickly found my clit, and I rubbed it slowly, enjoying the sensations that flooded my body, "Mmm, yes" I moaned. My hands started to move faster and faster, as my orgasm quickly built inside me, God I needed a man, I began to fantasise about some tall, dark stranger coming to my room, and fucking me mercilessly as I plunged two fingers deep inside myself. I came hard, my pussy flooding around my hand. I smiled, satisfied, and drifted easily into sleep.

A few hours later I awoke, again feeling I was being watched, but I felt no unease. I sat up, my hair cascading down my back, contrasting against my creamy skin, glowing in the beautiful moonlight that was filling my room with shadows. From the dark corner I heard movement, footsteps but still I was not scared. He came out, and stood at the end of my bed, and I gasped at what I saw, he was the definition of beauty, his skin was paler than mine, and his jet black hair shone. It was long almost to the shoulder of his long red coat. His body looked gorgeous, and his face even more so, his eyes shone a brilliant green, so captivating I found it hard to break away from his stare. He had full red lips that seemed to call to me; he parted them and licked them slowly, his teeth flashing a brilliant white, the canines growing into long pointed fangs as he parted his mouth wider.

"Come to me." The voice seemed to echo in my head even though he had voiced no words. I rose onto my knees on the bed, as he moved around the side seeming to glide across the floor. He bent down as I turned up my face to kiss his luscious lips. His kiss was gentle but firm and I melted inside. Her pulled away and turned my head, my hair parted leaving my bare neck exposed, the left strap of my nightdress falling to reveal my breast. He cupped it squeezing the erect pink nipple as he opened his mouth wide.

I felt his fangs pierce the soft warm flesh of my neck as he drank my life-blood, the dark red liquid running down my white skin. I felt no pain only bliss, and at that moment I became his forever. He stopped as I began to weaken, opening a vain in his wrist for me to take him into me, I drank, the metallic tasting fluid burned through me, never had anything ever tasted so good, I felt truly awake and alive.

"Yes...drink my love...I will show you a new world, one where we shall be together for eternity," he whispered in my ear.

I drank, until my body collapsed back onto the bed writhing as I began to turn, to start a new life as a vampire, something I had dreamt of for so long. I had longed to become one of those beautiful creatures, forever young, elegant, and now it was finally happening. My body died, and my new eyes opened drinking everything in, looking into the face of my creator, my master, my lover, my soulmate.

He slowly slid his hand down the soft skin of my face, pushing my dark hair out of the way. I could feel his beautiful eyes boring into mine, seeing right into my soul with a deep animal lust.

"You are beautiful," He almost growled, his voice deep thick with desire, "and now you are mine." He pushed me back roughly, and I could feel my want for him pulsing through my veins instead of the warm blood, that used to give me life.

"I have watched you my love, watched you try to find us, and I have waited until you are ready, I have wanted you for so long, and now I have got you. You are so beautiful, I wanted you so badly earlier." I looked up at him questioningly, then realised it had been him at the window.

Knowing he had secretly watched me as I played with myself, made my pussy flood. He seemed to know this, and grinned down at me, canines flashing. "Tell me what you want, my love." He said, removing his coat.

"Oh, please...take me..." I mumbled, too frustrated to talk.

"You'll have to do better than that I'm afraid." He laughed at the frustration in my face.

I sat up, moved close to his face, and whispered in his ear, "Fuck me...now...truly make me yours...I give myself to you." With that he was suddenly naked, pushing me back, kissing me hard on the mouth. I thrust my hips up to meet his trying desperately to get some friction on my aching pussy. He laughed and moved his hips away from mine and kissed my neck, gently biting me, almost but not quite piercing my delicate white skin.

His kisses moved slowly down my body, as he kissed and sucked my nipples through the thin material of my negligee. I pushed my head back and groaned, my body felt like it was on fire, I needed him to fuck me, taste me, anything, but I needed it bad. My desire had never felt this strong before. He seemed to sense this and his kisses went further down still. His hands pushed my nightdress up above my hips, as he pushed his face between my legs. I cried out as I felt his wet tongue swirl around my clitoris, my hands raked through his hair, it felt so good. His tongue licked up and down my pussy, and my need to be fucked increased tenfold.

"Yes...please...mmm...more, fuck me, I need you to make me cum..." I moaned. His fingers roughly pushed inside me, as he continued to lick, slowly and gently sucking on my clit. It was too much for me, and my orgasm came crashing through me, I screamed out, almost whimpering until it finally subsided. He crawled back up my body, kissing me gently, and I could taste my juices faintly on his lips.

His kisses became harder, more urgent as his hips pressed down onto me. I could feel his erection hard against my stomach. I reached down desperately trying to reach for his cock. He pushed my hand away.

"No, my love, not yet, I need to be inside you." I moved my hands to his back and scratched my nails along his soft skin making him moan. He grasped his hard cock, and began stroking my wet pussy with the tip. I threw my head back gasping, I didn't know how much more of his teasing I would be able to take. I screamed in pleasure as he suddenly thrust deep inside me, nothing had ever felt like this. He was so deep inside me, I felt so full. I moaned again as he pulled almost completely out of me then thrust back in hard. He kept doing this, pushing me to the edge, then stopping before I was taken over. I could feel another orgasm building deep inside me already, no-one had ever made me cum so much, but everything he did felt incredible, his skin felt like fire against mine as we moved. He just seemed to know exactly how I felt at every moment.

"Shall I stop, am I too much for you to take?" he grinned down at me and his green eyes flashed as he teased me.

"No, No...please...don't ever stop...I'd do anything for you. It all feels so good. You feel so good inside me." He looked at me lying there beneath him, and stopped moving, smiling. I groaned my disapproval, thrusting my hips up, trying to get him moving. "Please...please...please my love...fuck me, I need to cum, I need to feel you cum, deep inside me" I begged and pleaded him.

He moved suddenly, flipping us over so I was now on top of him, his cock still buried inside me. I moaned and arched my back, he felt so fucking deep. I began to ride him, slow at first then picking up speed as my climax came closer. I screamed and shuddered as my body exploded in orgasm. I leant down to kiss him, but he grabbed my long hair, and pulled my head back, arching my back into an almost impossible curve, and began to thrust upwards; I came again, my pussy flooding around him.

After I got my breath back I continued rocking back and forth grinding down hard on to him. I could feel my clit rubbing against the base of his stomach, and every ridge of his cock as began to move up and down, riding him even harder. He let go of my hair, and tore my negligee over my head, throwing it to the floor. He grabbed my hips, moving me faster, and began to groan. One hand slid up my body to my nipple, and he pulled it gently, "Mmm, yes that feels so good." I whisper, as I rake my nails down his chest. God he looked so beautiful. He lifted his head to my nipple and began to suck; I could feel his sharp teeth graze over the surface.

"Bite me..." I whispered. He did as I asked, gently biting and I felt his teeth pierce my soft flesh, I groaned and threw my head back in ecstasy, he began to suck harder, tasting me, drinking my sweet blood. He stopped and laid back, his mouth coated with blood, my nipple dripping rubies to his chest. I leant down and carried on fucking him as I licked up my spilt blood, smearing it across his perfect skin. My own canines begin to grow and a deep hunger awakened in me as I moved up and kissed him hard on the lips, tasting more of my blood.

"Soon, my precious love, you will feast." He soothed me. My pace quickened as I was filled with urgency, partly to cum and partly to feed. He grabbed my ass; his long nails digging into my flesh. He moved faster too, matching my rhythm until we were fucking hard and fast, our sweat covered bodies glistening in the soft glow of the moon.

We rolled over, so he was on top of me once again, his cock pistoning in and out of me. His thighs tensed and I knew he was about to cum. Knowing this tipped me over the edge and I came again. As my pussy tensed around him he came hard, shooting his cum inside me. I felt so happy, and like I finally belonged. He collapsed onto me and we lay there awhile, until I couldn't stand the hunger in me any longer.

"Come my love, we shall feed, we have much to do and the sun shall be up soon, let us leave this place." He gathered me up in a beautiful cloak that had been in the corner, and took me to the window. We soared off into the black night.

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