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Beautiful Reunion


Considering she was the TNA knockout champion it was understandable why Angelina Love was cautious in opening the door of her apartment after she heard a knock. The fact that she had just retained her title, which she had only regained the previous week, from a former ally in Madison Rayne only made Angelina more aware that she could be in for a fight, but she was in no mood to back down, especially if it came from a certain former friend who she was only too happy to continue beating on if given the chance. However it was not the former friend she was expecting.

For several moments nothing was said, the two knockouts just staring at each other, then Velvet Sky, at one time Angelina's BFF and more recently one of her biggest enemies, finally spoke, "You're welcome."

Angelina frowned at her former friend.

"See, I took out the dumpy ass motorcycle chick who was going to totally cost you your title, so the polite thing is for you to say thank you, and then I say you're welcome, but if we have to do it the other way around..." Velvet said, quickly holding out her hands as Angelina made to slam the door back in her face, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... I'm sorry, I just... I didn't come here to fight. Can we talk?" Angelina scoffed, causing Velvet to huff, "I'm serious. I have an offer for you. The least you can do is here me out... for old times sake."

Part of Angelina wanted to slam the door in Velvet's face simply for saying that, but despite herself the Canadian couldn't help thinking about it and she had to admit she had nothing to lose from at least hearing Velvet out and if she didn't like what her former team-mate had to say, well... she was still in a fighting mood.

So Angelina stepped back and opened the door wide, gesturing Velvet inside with a forced smile, the other knockout keeping a close eye on her as she entered. Closing the door Angelina waited a short while before asking, "Ok Velvet, say what you came to say and then get out. I have better things to do with my time than waste it on you."

"Awww baby, I've missed you too." Velvet said mockingly, before quickly backtracking, "We've created a monster you know."

"Is that right?" Angelina questioned.

"That's right. Madison is out of control. She wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for us and now she thinks she can order me around! I don't think so. She has to be stopped." Velvet said.

There was a pause as Angelina waited to see if there was more before she spoke, "Ok, first of all when I was still around Madison knew her place, so that bitch getting ideas above her station is all you. As for stopping her, I think I'm doing a pretty good job of that already thank you very much."

Velvet scowled as Angelina indicated the knockouts title sitting proudly on a table a few feet away, "Taking the title from her isn't enough. I want to destroy her. I want her beaten over and over again until she can't even remember what it's like to have any credibility whatsoever."

"Well by all means, have at it. I don't see what any of this has to do with me." Angelina said.

Velvet looked hesitant for a moment and then said softly, "Lacey is injured, thanks to Madison, and I can't, I mean I don't want to have to take on Madison and her bodyguard by myself, and since you're in the same boat and I just proved I can help you I was thinking maybe... maybe we should reunite. You know, be The Beautiful People again. The Original Beautiful People, back and unlike all the uncool pretenders, better than ever."

Angelina stared at her former partner for a few moments, and then laughed, "Oh... I get it. Poor little Vel-vel, never been on her own before, oh so scared of facing the big bad wrestling world without someone to help her fight her battles for her, so she comes crawling back to me, someone she stabbed in the back, and begs me for my help."

"Hey, I never stabbed you in the back. You got your dumb ass fired or deported or whatever!" Velvet yelled.

"And then you replaced me without blinking an eye!" Angelina yelled back.

"I didn't replace you!" Velvet screamed, and then begrudgingly admitted, "Ok... I replaced you, but you left me no choice, and then when you sorted out your Visa issues I welcomed you back with open arms, and then YOU stabbed me in the back."

"Only after you stabbed me in the back first!" Angelina growled, "You should have never replaced me Velvet."

"I know." Velvet said, surprising Angelina, "It was a mistake, I know that now, but I'm not sorry I did it and I'm not looking for an apology for what you did, I just want my best friend back."

"You just want someone to help protect your ass." Angelina pointed out.

"Can't I have both?" Velvet grinned, before quickly adding, "Come on Angelina, don't you remember how much fun we used to have together? We can have that again and more. We can rule this division again, like we were always meant too."

"I can rule this division with out you." Angelina said, again pointing out her championship.

"Maybe, but you won't have as much fun doing it." Velvet said, stepping forward, "You know that don't you? You know how boring and lonely it can be being a single act around here, never having anyone you can count on to watch your back. That's why I never want to be alone in this business. It's just so... blah without anyone to share it with." Velvet moved forward again until she was in Angelina's personal space, "You know, I'll totally deny this later when there's other people around, but the truth is... I really have missed you. It just isn't the same without you Angelina... so come on, let's let bygones be bygones and get back to doing what we do best."

There was a pause and then Angelina said, "You know what I think... I think, you would say anything to get what you want, and then stab whoever you want in the back just so long as it suits you."

Velvet just grinned again, "Maybe I would, but even if I... screw you later, I bet I can make sure you don't mind so much."

"Oh... I should've known." Angelina laughed, "You didn't come here to reunite with me, you're just here because no one is around to fuck you."

"No, I did come here to reunite with you. I truly want things to go back to the way they were before between us... back when we used to have so much... fun together." Velvet said suggestively.

Getting so close to Velvet's face that they were almost bashing against each other's foreheads Angelina asked, "What makes you think I would even want your skanky ass again? Been there, fucked that."

"And you loved every minute of it." Velvet shot back, "Don't even try and pretend that you didn't. You loved my tongue in your pussy and ass just as much as I loved your tongue in all my holes. And just thinking about you using that strap on of yours on me, mmmmmmm, nobody fucks me like you do Angelina."

"Ha, I bet you say that to all the guys and girls you fuck." Angelina said bitterly.

"No, you're the best. You've always been the best." Velvet said, deliberately stroking her former lover's ego, "You're the best I've ever had Angelina... just like I'm the best you've ever had."

"Is that right?" Angelina laughed.

"Look me in the eye and tell me I'm not." Velvet challenged, "Hell, look me in the eye and tell me that you didn't love every single second we were together and you don't want me any more and I'll leave right now."

There was silence.

"Now try and look me in the eye and tell me you haven't been thinking about fucking me again this whole time, that every single time we fought you didn't want to just tear off all my clothes and fuck me in the middle of the ring in front of everyone." Velvet continued to challenge.

There was more silence, and then Angelina said, "For old times sake I'm going to give you the chance to leave right now and we'll pretend like this never happened."

"And if I don't?" Velvet questioned.

"Then I'm going to do what I used to do every night when we were together." Angelina said, "Make you my bitch."

Velvet smiled, "Do your worst, bitch!"

Angelina gritted her teeth. She knew the smart thing to do was to turn down Velvet's offer. She couldn't trust her, and while it would be smart to get someone to watch her back so she didn't have to worry about Madison and her little friend ganging up on her there were other knockouts who would be no doubt far more trustworthy allies. However Velvet wasn't being arrogant, she was the best fuck Angelina had ever had and regardless of what the Canadian's brain might be trying to say every fibre of her body was screaming to accept the offer. Then again, maybe she could counter offer.

"Ok, since you're so desperate to get fucked like the little whore you are, and I feel like fucking a slut up, I'm going to give you the chance to earn back the privilege of being my bitch, but you're going to have to be a good little ho and do everything I say." Angelina spat.

"Whatever. Fuck me already." Velvet challenged.

Grabbing her former BFF by the hair Angelina forced Velvet's head downwards and pulled her along to her bedroom, practically yanking her hair out by the roots in the process.

Velvet gritted her teeth and forced down the urge to punch Angelina in the stomach or better yet back suplex her onto her ugly carpet floor. She knew she couldn't. She knew that coming here and offering Angelina her little deal would inevitably end with the other woman sexually dominating and humiliating her, and since she needed Angelina, at least for now, Velvet would just have to take whatever her former friend had to give. Besides, it wasn't like Velvet wasn't going to enjoy it.

Once the door to the bedroom closed Angelina unceremoniously slammed Velvet up against the wall and tried to suffocate her by shoving her tongue down her throat only for Velvet to give as good as she got.

Immediately both TNA knockouts became incredibly annoyed as there was no denying this kiss was the best either one of them had had since they had last been together, all other kisses lacking a certain electricity which crackled between them now and every other time Angelina and Velvet had locked lips.

As they continued to brutally attack each other with their lips and tongues the two knockouts began running their hands all over each other, Velvet almost immediately going for Angelina's big tits, squeezing a moan out of the other blonde as she squeezed her almost melon sized titties which caused Velvet to smirk into the kiss. Seconds later it was Velvet's turn to moan and Angelina's turn to smirk as the TNA knockout champion reached down to grab two handfuls of well rounded ass, squeezing that booty roughly before moving upwards to Velvet's tits to make her moan again.

For the next few minutes the two women roughly groped each other as they seemed to turn kissing into a deadly sport, both extremely vain blondes playing a game of chicken to see who could go the longest without being able to breathe properly. In the end it was a tie, both of them pulling back at the same time. They had rematch after rematch but every result was the same, both knockouts evenly matched, at least in the kissing department.

In the middle of all those rematches hands began sliding under clothing to squeeze bear flesh, tops and bras getting pushed aside so nipples were easier to tease while panties fell down to join a skirt and a pair of skinny jeans crumpled around a couple of pairs of ankles so a pair of well rounded butts became more fun to feel up.

Finally the seemingly endless kissing was momentarily ceased as Velvet's hand reached down for the spot in between Angelina's legs she had been deliberately avoiding, another smile crossing her face as she found that area just as drenched if not more so than she had been expecting it to be thanks to her skilful hands. Velvet only got enough time to slide her fingertips over Angelina's soft pussy lips once before the other woman broke the kiss, grabbed both her hands and forced them above her head.

"You don't get to touch me there, until I give you permission." Angelina snarled, letting go of all of one of Velvet's hands and immediately sliding her free hand down to in between the other TNA knockout's thighs.

Velvet couldn't help smirking and moaning as Angelina's fingers skilfully teased her pussy lips, a certain fire for her in the other woman's eyes which she had truly missed, a fire Angelina couldn't have hidden if she tried.

"Is this what you came here for slut? Huh? You come here to get fucked?" Angelina growled.

"Oh yeah, fuck me Angelina. Fuck me with your fingers. Ooooohhhhh, I've missed your fingers inside me baby, I've missed you sliding your fingers inside me and fucking me like only you can." Velvet purred, deliberately stroking her former lover's ego.

Angelina wasn't buying it, "Like only I can huh?"

"Oh yeeeeeessssssss!" Velvet moaned as two fingers were pushed into her soaking wet love hole.

"Like only I can?" Angelina repeated bitterly, "So Madison never fucked you like me?"

"No baby, she was never as good as you." Velvet said in between moans.

"How about Lacey?" Angelina questioned.

"Mmmmmm, not even close. You're the best Angelina, you always were. Please fuck me." Velvet pleaded.

Angelina leaned in as close as she could without kissing the other woman, "I don't know if you're lying, skanky ass is telling the truth or not... but it doesn't matter, because what you just said will be the fucking truth when I'm done fucking your stupid little whore brains out!"

Velvet knew that what her former lover had just said was meant to be insulting but it failed miserably as Velvet hadn't been lying. It had been something of an annoyance over the last year given the squabble between the original Beautiful People members but Angelina really was the best, no one using their fingers quite like the current knockouts champ to make Velvet squirm and writh in pleasure.

As if she was out to prove Velvet's point Angelina began thrusting with ever-increasing force, her thumb effortlessly teasing Velvet's clit as those skilled fingers curled upwards to ruthlessly attack Velvet's G-spot, the knockout champion bringing her former BFF to the edge of climax in what felt like seconds and then cruelly keeping her at her for what felt like an eternity.

Back when they were together Angelina had constantly been switching from fucking Velvet roughly and softly, quickly and slowly, loving and lustfully, constantly switching between different combinations to constantly keep her lover guessing, the only constant being that it was always amazing. There was nothing soft about this, or seemingly loving, but there was roughness and so much lust it threatened to consume both women. However while the speed started fast it slowed down once Velvet was on the edge, Angelina grinning in triumph as she kept her former friend on the verge of climax but not allowing her to receive it.

The look of anger mixed with annoyance in Velvet's face was priceless. It was so delicious that Angelina almost left Velvet stewing in her own juices so she could go get her camera, but that would involve taking her fingers out of the other woman's pussy and since Angelina wasn't prepared to do that she was just going to have to commit the look on Velvet's face to memory. Of course trying to do that just brought up a bunch of memories Angelina had been trying to forget, the blonde knockout champion quickly finding a way to distract herself from those unwanted memories.

With her free hand Angelina began pulling Velvet's top over her head. It wasn't exactly hiding anything being that it was crumpled up by her neck, but removing the last bit of Velvet's clothing seemed like a good distraction, which it indeed proved to be as Velvet lifted her arms up and helped pulled the top off the rest of the way.

Angelina reached for Velvet's bra, grabbing onto it with every intention of also slowly pulling above the other woman's head, but then a thought occurred to her. Grinning wickedly Angelina pulled forwards with all her might, tearing the bra apart and off Velvet's body. Velvet cried out, a little in pain, but mostly in annoyance, "Hey!"

Deciding to get mad and even instead of one or the other Velvet reached up and tore first Angelina's top and then her bra from her body, but in both items of clothing to shreds and making Angelina cry out in annoyance, "Hey, I liked that top you bitch!"

"Serves you right." Velvet said softly, leaning in for a kiss.

Angelina also leaned in but at the last second she ducked her head down and grabbed a hold of Velvet's right nipple with her teeth, biting down on it hard as she pounded her fellow knockout's pussy with her fingers while her thumb was viciously attacking the other woman's clit.

Velvet came practically on the spot, her eyes rolling and her hips rotating as her first climax of the evening crash through her, the whole time Angelina biting down so hard she almost drew blood, replacing her teeth with her lips as Velvet was coming down from her high to make the other TNA knockout moan loudly for her.

As if she was absolutely starving for tit flesh Angelina went back and forth between Velvet's huge boobs, using her free hand to squeeze and manipulate the free breast while she concentrated on the other, mostly concentrating on licking, sucking and occasionally biting the nipples but also spending plenty of time sliding her lips all over those soft mountains of flesh, worshipping them just like she used to back when these tits were hers to play with whenever she wanted.

The whole time Angelina suckled on Velvet's teats she continued fingering the other blonde, skilfully bringing her to a couple more climaxes before finally pulling her cum soaked fingers out of that well pleasured pussy and pushed them directly into Velvet's mouth.

Instead of offering even a hint of protest like Angelina had been expecting Velvet willingly took those fingers into her mouth and began seductively sucking on them as if she was giving a blow job. The sensuous sucking drove Angelina crazy, Velvet reminding the knockout champ just how good she could be with her mouth.

She proved it some more, albeit briefly, when Angelina shoved her tongue into her mouth to retrieve a little bit of that cum, the two knockouts sharing the sweet ambrosia of Velvet's orgasm juices. Once they had both swallowed Angelina pulled back and pushed Velvet's face into her chest, again the other blonde neither resisting or complaining. Instead Velvet went to work on making Angelina moan, licking, sucking and occasionally biting the nipples before her and also sliding her lips all over those soft titties, just like Angelina had done to her.

Tightening her grip on the back of Velvet's head Angelina guided her former and now current lover back and forth for a while, occasionally pausing to shove her face in between her tits as if she was trying to smother the other blonde, before finally pushing Velvet away and stepping back, "You want to be my bitch again Vel-vel? You want me to help keep you safe from Madison, her bodyguard and the big bad wrestling world? Well, let's just see how badly you want it..."

Angelina turned and headed for the bed, kicking off the last of her clothing as she went. Getting on all fours on the bed the champion turned and said, "Come on slut, you know what I want. Get over here, pucker up and kiss my ass. Prove to me you want to be my bitch again."

Quickly Velvet did as instructed, getting up on the bed behind Angelina and pressing her lips to her ass in a long, soft kiss. After that Velvet began covering Angelina's backside in kisses, mostly keeping each kiss quick, but sometimes also spending several seconds pressing her lips to one particular part of Angelina's cheeks.

It was far from obvious given how eager she seemed to be but at least part of Velvet did resent having to literally kiss the ass of the bitch she had hated so much over the past year. Angelina saw this as an active submission and Velvet definitely shared that opinion, but this was just one of many things Velvet had suspected she would have to do to gain Angelina's trust. Perhaps at some point it would be Angelina who was kissing her ass, but at the moment Velvet had to accept her humbling.

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