tagErotic HorrorBeauty Meets a Beast

Beauty Meets a Beast


This is my first submission, so critiques are welcome.

Hope you enjoy!


The rain was coming down so hard that I could barely see my hand in front of my face. If there was any moon to help alleviate the gloom, it was hidden beneath the heavy clouds. "Hello?" I called out, for the millionth time, but there was no response. I had wandered too far from the campsite in my search for privacy to take care of my business. "I should have just squatted right outside the tent." I muttered, forcing my bare feet to continue onwards. The woods couldn't last forever and we had only been a few hours out from town when we had been forced to stop.

Finally, I could see a small glare of light through the trees. I dared to hope that it was a campfire that Papa had been able to start as a beacon for me. I hurried forward, oblivious to the branches that were scratching my arms and tearing at the thin shift I had worn to sleep in. But no-it was no campfire. It was a lamp, hanging outside a broken gate. I could see no means for how the lamp stayed lit, but that was the least of my worries. A gate meant that there would be shelter near by and even if it was as run down as its entrance, it would be better than suffering through the storm. The sleeves of my shift were long and it came down to my knees, but it did little to combat the cold. I needed to be inside somewhere to dry off. A great creaking seemed to pierce the fog of the rain as I pushed the gate open enough to slip through. Beyond, I could see another light and what appeared to be a door.

My hopes rose. The door seemed to be intact. They fell again as soon as I reached it and realized that it was locked. "Hello? Is anyone in there?" I called, rapping on the door with the giant banger. A moment passed and the door slid open silently. "Hello?" I repeated and this time my voice echoed down the many halls. One of them was suddenly illuminated with torches and I made my way down it, hoping it would lead to a bedroom.

Doors lined the hall, but each one I tried was locked until I reached the chamber at the end. By this point I was shivering in the drafty castle, my soaking wet shift clinging to my thin body and my hard nipples trying to work their way over the top. The door opened easily under my hand, but it was pitch black inside. I stepped in to see if the torches would flare to life and when they didn't I spoke again, since that had cued the others. "Hello?"

This time, I was greeted. "Welcome." A deep voice responded and I strained my eyes to see into the shadows. I made out a great looming shape and turned to run, but the door was closing behind me, blocking both the light and my escape. My hands reached for the handle, but before I could get a good grip on it, a massive arm wound its way around my waist and pulled me tight against a warm body. "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

The words chilled me even as his heat warmed me. "W-why not?" I asked, swallowing against a sudden lump in my throat.

"I don't take kindly" His grip on me tightened and I could feel his hand-massive-running through my hair. "To my hospitality being flouted." Adrenaline kicked it and I struggled against him. It was then that I realized what was so soft about his body. He was covered in fur, almost like a bear. "Enough." He pulled me tight enough to leave me breathless. The hand-or was it a paw?-that had been caressing my hair slid down across my face and onto my breast where it gave a little squeeze. "What are you doing?" I managed when his grip loosened enough for me to breathe again. My nipple was still hard from the cold and while his hand was warm, the way his thumb was rubbing it did little to soften the tiny nub.

"Did you think you could stay here for free?" His breath was hot on my neck and I shivered, my hands coming up to try and pull his away. That was exactly what I had thought. Putting a traveler up for the night was expected of anyone who lived near a traveling road: everyone had to travel at some point and the visitor could soon become a host. "Not here." He answered my thoughts. Oblivious to or ignoring my attempts to stop him, he continued to rub my breast, first using his palm to drag the wet fabric across it, then taking the nipple and twisting it ever so gently between his thumb and forefinger.

I could do nothing against him and eventually my whines of protest quieted. His arm around my waist loosened and I felt his hand first at my hip, then at my stomach. I tried one last time to get free, but his hand shifted lower and all I accomplished was pressing my pussy into his fingers. "Eager?" He mocked, as his large fingers curled in, pressing the fabric of my shift between my lips. "You're wet." He noted and I frowned.

"I've just been out in the pouring rain, what do you-" In a swift motion he had lifted the shift and slid his hand-bare and hairless-up to the lips of my pussy. Two fingers slid down, one on either side of the opening and I let out a quiet moan.

"This is not rain water." He pulled his hand away and lifted the shift completely over my head. I found my arms raising up to aid him in getting it off and as soon as the garment was clear of my head, I ran to the door again. If I could make it back to the campsite, I could dress in another night gown and no one would know. It wasn't as if anyone could see outside anyway.

The door was locked.

A growl behind me was the only warning I got as the beast leaped after me, pinning my hands at my side. "I warned you that you were not to struggle." He growled. Inhuman strength aided him in lifting me and suddenly I was in the air. A scream escaped my lips a moment before I landed on a soft bed. Then he was there again, holding my shift in his hands. Each of the sleeves was tied in a knot around one of my wrists and he had my arms stretched up above my head before I could recover enough to realize what he was doing. I could barely see, but the thin amount of light trailing from under the door seemed to be enough for him.

As soon as I was tied securely, he seemed to calm down. I could see the outlines of a terrifying inhuman face as it passed close to mine, then nuzzled my neck. I couldn't deny the pleasure of the shivers his hot breath caused. "You smell wonderful." He noted. A paw slid along my side, enjoying my curves and his face traveled lower. He paused at my breasts-tiny mounds with still stiff flags pointing up from them, and his tongue slid out of his mouth. It was long and curled around each nipple in turn, pulling it upwards before it finally slid out of his grip. No man had ever dared to touch me like that before, and my body wouldn't obey me when I told it to try to kick him. Despite the situation, I was enjoying myself.

He moved lower between my legs, and just as a switch went off and I moved to kick his face, his hand touched my now swelling outer lips. He ran a finger down either side a few times, seeming to enjoy how squishy it was, and each time I felt waves of pleasure overcoming my desire to resist him.

His hand left my pussy and I groaned in disappointment. It didn't last long. He pushed my legs apart at the knee and I couldn't help but gasp as my pussy opened up to his gaze-I could tell he could see in the dark by the faint glow of red that were his eyes. He let out a soft sound of approval and his hand returned. This time it moved on the inside of my lips, pressing the outer lips apart and opening me up further to his inspection. Every little touch sent electric pleasure through me and I found my hips thrusting against him.

His weight shifted and I felt a sudden heat. That long tongue which had tortured my breasts had found a new plaything. It swept nearly from my asshole to the very tip of my pussy, where it would linger and dance for a few seconds, wrapping itself around my clit. I was in ecstasy.

One of the giant fingers began to circle my tight entrance and as I bucked my hips against it, the tip slipped inside and a moan escaped me. That single finger slid up deeper inside of me until he encountered my virgin barrier. I hardly noticed. The thick finger was stretching me out and the feeling was exquisite. His tongue changed tactics, focusing on my clit more than anything else now. His other hand was holding my lips open wide, giving his mouth full access.

My breathing soon quickened and I felt as if something was about to happen. I was both scared and excited for it, but as soon as I felt it was nearly upon me, his finger thrust deeply into me, breaking that barrier it had encountered earlier. It swirled around as if making sure he got all of it and then the both the mouth and the finger were gone. "You taste as good as you smell." He noted, and I could see in the outline of his shape that he was licking that finger, tasting my blood.

Fear began to overtake me again as he shifted positions once more. This time he was leaning over me, his thighs pressing against mine and keeping them parted. I felt something else at the entrance to my womanhood-something much larger than his finger had been. It pressed up against me and I could feel it slipping inside. It hurt and I was about to complain when it brushed up against something inside.

Catching my gasp of pleasure, he paused and slid back and forth for a moment. I could feel that event on the horizon again. A quick thrust had him fully inside of me and as his hips pressed against my clit, I felt as if I was exploding. I bucked and rocked against him and he let out a groan, sliding in and out of me, faster and faster. After a few moments of riding my first orgasm, I lost sight of everything in the dim room.


I held the girl who had once been a virgin in my large arms, pulling her torso tightly against me as she passed out from the pleasure I had given her. A few more thrusts and I had finished as well. She was tighter than most girls I had led here, but it was her fighting spirit that made this conquest so enjoyable.

For the next five months, I kept the doors locked, and eventually she grew to accept the fact that she was trapped here. I made her pay for every night until she grew too large with my child to please me. By then she was unable to run and barely able to move around.

The birthing would kill her, as it did every other human woman, but that was fine. My child would need her body for nourishment until it could go off and hunt on its own. Until then, I would have to lure another plaything to my castle.

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