tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBecky Meets Janet

Becky Meets Janet


I'd recently been going to gym a lot more, and during one of my routines I noticed an older woman, who seemed to be in her fifties, eyeing up a lone push-up bar. The gym was pretty empty as it was 10 O'clock on a weekday, not exactly peak time. So I decided to go over and help her out, during my induction the staff member who showed me around had mentioned that you should always have what he called, "a spotter".

"Excuse me." I asked as I approached her.

"Oh." She said, turning to face me, "Hello."

I was at a loss for words I must admit, I'm not exactly the most confident person. I've always been pretty shy, a few times my shyness has been mistaken though, and people have assumed that I just wasn't interested.

"Would you like some help?" I asked, "A spotter?"

"Erm, yes, that would be most kind." She replied.

We ended up working out together for the next hour, I couldn't believe how natural and confident I felt around her. She was pretty interesting to talk to as well. After we'd finished working out, we both headed to the changing room, I grabbed my bag and went to say goodbye before I left. I noticed that the woman, who I now knew as Janet had began undressing.

She turned toward me, with her black, lacy bra on display, "Are you leaving?" She asked.

"Yeah, I normally shower at home." I replied.

"Why is that dear? There's nobody else around." She said, gesturing around us, "If I can get get undressed and shower here, you can. I mean, you have an amazing figure, if you don't mind me saying of course. I can't even claim to have once had a figure like yours, let alone now." She laughed, "At least I haven't lost anything." She laughed again.

"Yeah," I replied, my cheeks flushing a slight red, "I've never really been comfortable undressing in front of other people..."

"Well you won't be." She replied, "You'll be removing your clothes and having a shower. I won't be here when you get undressed, I'll already be in the shower." She added, and with that, she removed her workout pants and almost threw them next to her bag, without hesitation her panties quickly followed, and then unsnapping her bra, she then threw that on top. And there she stood, proudly before me, completely naked. She had been pretty modest about her body, her boobs had held up really well, they looked to be a 34F, and obviously sagged, but not in a bad way, if you know what I mean. Her nipples were big, and at the current time, erect, and the room wasn't cold, of course I hadn't put two and two together at the time. Her stomach also showed some signs of sagging, but I thought she looked amazing. Her bush was neatly trimmed... Why was I even taking so much notice? "Before you go though, let me give you my number so we can get a drink sometime..." With that she started rummaging in her bag. Her big boobs swayed as she leaned over, searching in her bag.

After a few seconds though, I said, "No, no, that's okay, I'll still be here."

"Oh, good." She replied with a smile, "I'll see you in a bit then."

Was I really going to do this?

I slid my T-shirt over my head, revealing my bright pink bra, I then removed my jogging bottoms. I decided to do the next part quickly, and tried to not think too hard about what I was doing. I quickly removed my bra, revealing my small B-cup breasts, instantly my small pink nipples stiffened, the room was warm though, they instantly flushed a slight shade of red with embarrassment. I then hooked my thumbs into my panties and pushed them down, and my shaved kitty greeted the, luckily, still empty room. It was only then though that I realised that I had been expecting to shower at home, and therefore only had two hand towels with me, and no shampoo or shower gel. But I couldn't turn back now, otherwise I'd have stripped naked for no reason.

"Janet." I called into the shower room, "Janet." Receiving no reply, I instinctively covered myself and entered the shower room.

"Ah, Becky." Janet said, as she soaked her hair with shampoo, "I see you did decide to join me after all." She said, looking me up and down, "What are you doing?" She asked slightly confused.

"I haven't brought any shampoo, or shower gel..." I replied.

"Well you can borrow some of mine darling, but why are you covering yourself? It's only us." She said, grabbing her shampoo and shower gel bottles. "Here." She said, holding them out to me.

Well, here it goes, I thought to myself as I reached out to take them from her. I felt my cheeks burn, and my chest turn crimson.

"Why, you're beautiful darling. You have no reason to be ashamed, if anybody should be ashamed, it should be me." She laughed.

"No, you look great." I gushed.

"Oh, you'll make an old lady blush." She laughed, "You are a very attractive girl, you have no need to be embarrassed. Your breasts are amazing, and perky to boot." It felt weird to have somebody complimenting my naked body, while I stood bearing it all to them. "I also see that although you are embarrassed, you're quite enjoying the attention, aren't you?" She said, smirking a little.

I looked down, and saw that my nipples were fully erect.

"It's just cold." I lied, my cheeks burning an even brighter shade of crimson.

"Well, even if that is the case, that would only explain the headlights. I hadn't mentioned it, but you have a beautiful kitty, and really... rock the shaved look... but even if we did discount the headlights, nobody could miss that amazingly cute little rabbit nose of yours..." She said, looking down.

I followed her eyes.

"Oh my god." I announced. My clitoris was completely on show, I tried to cover it as best I could, as I did so though, a few fingers brushed against it, and I let out a silent moan.

"Yes, you are amazing darling." Janet said again.

I decided to begin my shower before I had any further mishaps. The water felt so good on my body after the workout we'd just finished, caressing my every curve. I washed my hair first, and then began soaking my body, it felt weird showering with eyes on me. Especially when I began soaking my breasts, and kitty. It almost felt as though I was playing with myself in front of her. In all honesty though, I may as well have been, every time I brushed against my erect nipples, or brushed against my exposed clitoris, a shock of ecstasy shot through my body, and it took a lot of concentration not to let it show.

"I'll meet you outside Becky." Janet said after a while.

"Okay Janet." I called over the running water of the shower head.

A naughty thought did come into my head, and it took a lot of effort to not give into my urges to masturbate there and then. I decided instead to give myself a quick shot of cold water before leaving the showers. I was met face to face with the now fully dressed Janet.

"Whenever you're ready darling." She smiled.

I retrieved my unused towel, the hand towel.

"You can't use that darling." Janet said looking at the thing.

"It's all I have, like I said, I usually shower at home." I replied, with a shy smile.

"Here, I always bring two..." She said, retrieving a second towel from her bag, "Just in case." She added, smiling.

"Thanks." I said, gratefully taking the towel.

Janet's eyes hardly left my body the entire time I spent getting ready, as I put on my panties I noticed that my kitty was pretty wet, I could only wonder if Janet had noticed. After I'd gotten ready and we had both fixed our hair in the huge mirror on the wall of the changing rooms, with the help of Janet's many on hand hair products, we went and got that drink. We decided to make it a weekly thing, to meet up three days a week at the gym. I could see this blossoming into a great friendship. I'd only met the woman once and already she'd seen me naked. It had been a truly strange experience, but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't enjoyed it.

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