tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI like Being Naked

I like Being Naked


ALL Fiction - Fantasy

All participants would be over 18 years old.


I had gotten up earlier than normal this morning and had gone to the kitchen to get something to eat. Dad had already gone to work for the day, I knew mom was still home for awhile before she would go to work. It's summer time and it has been quite warm these past few days.

As I sat there eating, mom had come into the kitchen. Before I had a chance to say anything, she said, OH, you're up early as she went to make coffee and apologized, because she was stark naked!

I didn't know what to think.

She explained that normally, no one is around at this time in the morning, I was in a hurry, so I hadn't bothered with a robe after taking my shower.

I was in disbelief with how casual she was in her state of undress.

She made her coffee, then with no concern at all, she opened the back door and walked out to feed the dog, and she was naked. Now, our yard is quite private due to nice landscaping and fencing that was all part of the Pool package.

When she came back in, I said Mom, and she cut me off.

Now darling, we are both women and you shouldn't feel ashamed because you've seen your mother without clothing.

But mom, you just went outside like that.

I know, but we have plenty of privacy and I felt comfortable, so I did it. No worry, OK?

Mom did look very nice. I think she's very attractive. She grabbed her coffee and wandered back to her room.

I finished eating and went back to my room.

Awhile later, she announced she was leaving for work.

I still didn't know what to think about what I had seen this morning. I did feel kinda tingly inside my body and to see how comfortable mom was being naked and just being normal.

It was several days later, again I had gotten up earlier than normal and gone to the kitchen for breakfast. It wasn't long before mom walked in to make her coffee. I wasn't quite so shocked this time, as mom had on panties, but she was topless.

Morning she said as did I.

I did admire her lacy thong. Again, she had gone out back to feed the dog. I couldn't help noticing how nice her breast looked, and that thong was quite elegant. I hadn't tried thongs, so I asked her when she came back in if they were comfortable.

She said that they were, and I should try one some time.

She then went back to her room, as did I. A short time later, she left for work.

Again, I had a weird tingly feeling all over after seeing mom this morning.

I went to take my shower. After showering, I started to wrap my towel around myself before going back to my room to dress. Then I had this wicked thought, my not walk to my room without the towel. I knew no one was home. I stopped and listened a moment, then hung up the towel and proceeded to open the bathroom door and peek out. I smiled then nervously walked to my room. I got to my room and felt real brave for what I had done.

I recalled mom walking into the kitchen, and even walking into the back yard naked, without concern. So I thought perhaps I too could walk through the house naked. I thought about it and then I just did it. I walked through the house to the kitchen, still naked after taking my shower. I had goosebumps all over from what I had just done, but I felt good and was actually excited about doing it. Then I looked at the back door and thought, can I go out back as mom did? I just walked over to the door and looked around a bit, then opened the door and walked out. My gosh, I was doing it. I was naked, walking into the back yard. Looking around, you couldn't see any neighbors or windows from any homes, so I walked out by the pool and back. I was really feeling bold with this new experience.

Later in the day, a friend had called and asked If I would like to go to the mall for some shopping. Sure I said. It would be nice to get out of the house and hang with someone. While shopping, I did see some thongs and decided to try some on. They definitely had a different feel and I thought how sexy I might look in them too. I purchased a couple and showed them to my friend. She hadn't tried them and said her mom wouldn't approve.

We came back to my place for the afternoon. It was nice having some time visiting and talking with a friend. We had gone swimming and just enjoyed the afternoon. After our swim, we were changing in my room. My friend mentioned the thongs I had gotten earlier. So I got them out to show her and asked if she would like to try one on. Her eyes got big as I handed one to her. I too slipped on a pair as did she.

Wow she said, that feels funny as we then admired ourselves in the large mirror in my room.

The thongs were the only thing we had on as we kept looking at ourselves in the mirror seeing our butt cheeks exposed with just a slim piece of fabric going down the back. I had that tingly feeling again.

I then said I was going to get something to drink and asked Sue if she wanted a drink too.

She said sure.

So I headed out of my room in just my thong and said, come along.

Sue said, aren't you going to get dressed first?

Not yet, as I headed for the kitchen. Sue wasn't too quick to follow, so I called out for her and said it was OK. She was kinda red in the face as she carefully walked into the kitchen, trying to hide her breast and only wearing one of my new thongs. I was enjoying this after my adventure earlier and felt real sure of myself. I got us cold drinks, then said, lets go lay by the pool.

Sue said no way, I couldn't do that.

I assured her of the privacy in the yard as I walked out the back door and headed for the pool. I stopped and spun around looking in all directions and indicated no one can see me. Sue was quite hesitant, but she got the courage and came out looking all around to see if anyone could see. I said, you can't see any neighbors, then wandered over and laid on a lounge by the pool. Sue had made her way over and laid on a lounge beside me. We enjoyed the exposure of our young bodies in the open air and giggled about laying outside topless, wearing thongs by the pool.

It was really warm and we hadn't brought lotion with us. I looked over at Sue, I'm ready to get back in the pool to cool off. I got up and headed for the pool.

Sue said, you're going in like that?

I paused for a moment and said, no. I quickly slipped off my thong and said, like this as I walked naked into the pool. I'd never gone skinny dipping before, and this felt wonderful. Sue, you got a try this. Sue had a real worried look on her face. I promise you, this is wonderful, as I made my way across the pool feeling the water all over my naked body.

Sue got up and cautiously walked towards the pool, looked all around the yard again before pulling off her thong and getting in the pool. Once in, her smile was priceless. Wow she said, this does feel amazing. We both giggled and swam about enjoying this new sensation. After our refreshing swim, we retreated back to the house, both naked, and giggled some more about what we had done. Sue dressed and went home a short time later. I had pulled on one of my thongs and stayed topless for a while before Mom and Dad got home.

The next morning, I was up early again. Must be all the excitement of the previous day. I had on a simple tee shirt and one of my new thongs. Went to get breakfast as before. Here came Mom and she was topless and wearing another nice looking thong. She made coffee then went out to feed the dog. She also walked out to the pool and retrieved a couple of glasses on the table by the lounges. I didn't recall leaving anything there yesterday.

When she came back in to get her coffee, I said mom, wanna see what I got yesterday when Sue and I went shopping?

Sure she said.

I got up and pulled my tee shirt off showing mom my new thong. She smiled as I did a slow turn for her. Mine wasn't Lacey like hers, but it was my first and I was proud to show her. I was feeling real bold too, because now I was in the kitchen, topless with just a thong on in front of my mother. She smiled and gave me her approval as she looked me over. I really had that tingly feeling now. She came over and gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek before heading off with her coffee to get ready for work. That hug was amazing when our bodies came in contact with each other. Feeling her breast up against me was incredible and it really had me feeling tingly more than ever. I left my tee shirt off as I finished up in the kitchen then went to my room.

Mom announced her departure a short time later.

I was ready to go take my shower and decided to pull off my thong and I was going to walk to the bathroom naked. I slipped off the thong and started looking at myself in the mirror. I turned this way and that way admiring my naked body for few minutes, then headed to the bathroom. I walked in and didn't even bother to close the door. Turned on the water and got in the shower. Once I started washing, the tingling sensation was ever so present as I washed my tits, noticing this I spent more time rubbing and tweaking as the tingling increased. I'd not done this before and continued fully aware that I was now arousing myself as I played with my tits. The feeling was great. Then I moved down to my pussy and began to wash and rub and, oh my. I was really on my way to being aroused. This was a sensation I was enjoying. I continued until I experienced a wonderful orgasm. My mind was spinning.

I had learned in short order I could be naked and enjoy it and even expose myself to my mother and a friend and now I was getting myself off in the shower. Getting out of the shower,

I dried and left the towel behind, walked through the open bathroom door to my bedroom. I didn't even close the door as a laid naked on top of my bed. One hand went to one of my tits and the other hand went between my legs as I started all over again, feeling the pleasure all over again.

I looked over to the mirrored closet door and I could see what I was doing with my hands which just added to the pleasure I was experiencing. This continued until another orgasm had me wiggling and squirming. After that, I just laid there for awhile and my mind was spinning away with pleasure. After laying around awhile, I got up and decided to wander while naked again. So I walked through the house and back out to the kitchen for a cool drink, then out the back door for a walk outside.

I was really enjoying being naked outside, as it just felt wonderful with the slight breeze and sun caressing my body. I walked to the pool and decided to lay on a lounge. This was incredible, here I was, naked, laying on a lounge by the pool without any concern, just me enjoying all the new sensations of the last few days.

After laying by the pool naked and being warmed by the sun, I decided to cool off in the pool. After a quick skinny dip, I went back inside with a feeling of aw. I had become somewhat curious about the thongs mom was wearing, so I went to their room, still naked, and started looking through drawers until I found what I was looking for. I found that mom has a nice selection of thongs. She has simple ones like what I bought and some really nice Lacey ones and some that were quite small. This got my mind going more. A thong that small would most likely mean some personal grooming would be required. Looking at those delicate little numbers, I pulled one on and confirmed what I had thought. Putting the garments away, I headed to my room and turned on my computer and started searching thongs. My gosh, a girl can spend days looking at all the different styles and fabrics. Then I found an article regarding the personal care required to wear the smaller thongs. It was a nice article about trimming and shaving. I then recalled that when I saw mom in the kitchen, she had no pubic hair.

I had finally dressed as mom and dad would be home before too long. When dressing, I opted for a tank top and baggy shorts, no bra and no pantie as I was feeling kinda wicked.

Hi Kim, as I heard mom come in the door.

Hi mom I said from my room. Mom had gone to her room to change. A bit later, I went to the kitchen where mom was preparing dinner.

Hi hun, she says as I walked in. Do anything exciting today?

Can I tell my mom that I masturbated for the first time today and came, not once, but twice then laid naked by the pool? Then tried on some of her very sexy undergarments. (not today)

Oh, I just laid by the pool for a little while then read most of the day away.

How would you like to go shopping with me in the morning?

That sounds great.

Mom said she would like to look for a new swim suit and other things.

I said that sounds like fun, as Dad walked in. He went and gave mom a nice hug and kiss, then walked over and gave me a hug and kiss on my forehead before heading to their room. I had noticed that Dad had given mom a nice squeeze on her butt when he hugged her. She had changed into a tank top and shorts and I could tell she was bra less too. After dinner, we sat around and watched some TV.

Mom told dad that she was taking me shopping in the morning and we should be back by noon.

Tomorrow was Saturday, so dad said that sounded good. He'd do the yard work and clean the pool, then he suggested a BBQ dinner and swim in the evening.

Can my friend Sue come?

Mom & Dad both said that would be fine.

I had departed to my room for the night and sent Sue an email about coming over for BBQ and a swim. Now I waited for her reply. I looked at yet more thongs and swim suits online. Just when I see one I like, another comes up that I want even more. It was getting late so I got ready for bed. Tonight, that would be removing my tank top and baggy shorts. I was going to sleep naked. I laid there and just seemed to toss and turn. I had heard mom and dad go to bed over an hour ago, and I was still awake, and it was still hot.

Then I had an idea. I could sneak out for a late night swim. I had a door to the back yard, as did mom and dad from their room. I thought how neat it would be to go skinny dipping late at night. So I got up and quietly opened my back door, going out back, peeking to see if there were lights on anywhere else in the house. All dark from here. So I walked out to the pool and slipped in. The water felt so nice over my naked body. So many new sensations today. I quietly swam back and forth, then just floated and took it all in as I enjoyed my late night swim while being naked.

I was startled when a light came on in mom & dad's room. Maybe someone had gotten up to use the bathroom. I watched carefully, as this was the first time of me taking a risk of being naked like this. Then I noticed their back door open and I could see mom then dad come out. Oh my, I'm really busted now. With the light from their room eliminating them as they came out, I could see that they didn't have anything on! They were naked too. They each had a glass and were being real quiet. The only thing I could do was quietly move to the edge of the pool. There were no lights on back here and they wouldn't see much. I was at the opposite end of the pool from the steps. They placed their glasses on the small table by the lounges then made their way over to the steps and started entering the pool.

That's when they realized they were not alone.

Kim, mom said! as she and dad quickly got into the water after seeing me. What are you doing out here at this time of night.

Well, I was just tossing and turning, and it just felt hot inside, so I thought a swim might help. Mom moved over closer to me before realizing I too was naked, and dad wasn't too far behind but staying a little further away.

Kim, she said quietly, are you naked?

Yes mom I said in a whisper. I don't think dad heard the exchange. Mom then moved back over next to dad and whispered to him the situation.

Dad chuckled some and said, Oh well.

I guess it's a family thing to do he said.

It was dark, and you really couldn't see anyone else, so I guess they weren't too disturbed or they are real cool parents.

Mom made her way back towards me and said, may we join you?

Mom, I whispered, I am so embarrassed.

Mom just said, relax and just enjoy yourself. We won't bother you and we can all get along just fine, even though we are all naked. Your father is out numbered and he will respect you as will I. So lets just enjoy a nice late night swim together.

With that said, mom came close and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek before moving back over near dad.

So here I was, naked in the swimming pool, late at night, with my parents who are also naked and mom just gave me a nice hug with her body coming up against mine and the incredible feeling it had. I remained near the edge of the pool as mom and dad swam around together before a game of splash began. Before long we were all trying to out splash the other and carrying on as any normal family would do, other than the fact we were all naked.

Mom then said she'd had enough and said we should go in. We all headed towards the steps to get out. I followed mom and dad was behind me. We grabbed towels and dried off. I couldn't help from trying to peek at my parents naked bodies. Dad was there and I could see all of him, as he and mom playfully dried each other. I had wrapped my towel around myself and headed in. As I entered my room, I looked over to see mom and dad walking towards the house with no towels around them, just mom and dad naked, with their arms around each other taking a casual walk together.

A knock on my door woke me up as mom said, Kim, lets get the day started.

Ok mom. I got up, still naked. So I slipped into a large t shirt and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. I got into the shower and as I washed, I couldn't help from getting myself aroused again. I did look down at my pussy and the hair around it. I tugged on it some then lathered it up, grabbed my razor and started to remove much of it. I had read about a 'landing strip' and with my best effort, attempted to create one. A little trim with scissors will clean this up just fine. I went back to my room and dressed in one of my new thongs, a skirt and blouse. I thought I would be brave and go bra less. I met mom in the kitchen, and she too had on a nice skirt and blouse.

We ate then left to go shopping. Mom didn't say much about last night. She simply said that they were not upset with me for skinny dipping that late at night. As you saw, your farther and I too enjoy skinny dipping. We've done it for many years, and that's why we have the privacy in the back yard that we have. So as dad says, it just runs in the family and don't feel ashamed for doing it. Just enjoy it as you can, I do.

Wow mom, that's so cool. Just like when you walked into the kitchen the other day naked, and you were very comfortable and not embarrassed I was there to see you, and the other mornings you walked in wearing just a thong. Those events just had my head spinning, not quite knowing what to think. So the last few days, after you went to work, I mustered up the nerve to walk from the bathroom to my bedroom naked. I even walked to the kitchen that way, and it really was nice. Then the morning I pulled off my t shirt and showed you my thong really made me feel bold as you watched me in the kitchen topless. So last nite, I was feeling real brave and thought I could skinny dip without any interruption. I'm sure it must have upset you guys some, that you didn't have the pool to your selves.

That's OK hun, we'll have plenty more opportunities, and I hope you do too.

We arrived at the mall and went to that famous place for women's lingerie. Mom picked out some very sexy thongs for herself and suggested a few for me.

You'd have to shave to wear some of these smaller ones and look alright.

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