tagBDSMBecoming Her Bitch

Becoming Her Bitch

byMistress Drusilla©

Tied to the bed, all I could think was why did I make that bet? Sure, three kings was a very good hand, but I should have known better, especially as she hadn't won anything all night. She was due for a win, damn it!

Even worse, I had trapped myself. I had been counting all the face cards and anything above a seven. That was part of the reason I was so irritated - being beaten by four cards with the number three on them just seemed too silly. Also irritating now was that when she had offered her tangible, but non-monetary services if she lost, I matched the bet, moving it from a cash reward to a service reward. I had of course assumed I would win and get to have her my way!

So that was how a relatively sedate dinner and couple of hours of cards ended up with me tied to her bed with surprisingly effective silk scarves, face down and naked from head to toe. Not that I was completely opposed to the concept! In my past I had tied up a girlfriend once or twice when experimenting and over the years had many fantasies of being in that situation myself.

As she had tied me up, she delivered some mixed messages, messing with my brain even further. In one ear she whispered sweetly how much I was going to enjoy this and very gently ran her fingers over my body, while in the other ear she snarled that I was now her slut bitch to use and abuse. This had made me both apprehensive and aroused. Then she had left me, naked, alone and restrained, while she went to put on something "more appropriate!"

I must admit I had wanted her for a long time, but for one reason or another our friendship had been just platonic work buddies. Obviously that was about to change!

The door creaked as she returned, but that was the only indication of her presence. Face down on the bed I awaited my fate.

"So, slut, are you ready for me?" she asked in a soft yet menacing tone. I felt the bed move slightly as she sat near me.

"Yes," I replied in a barely audible whisper.

Slap! Her hand came down on my buttocks with a loud crack, sending a sharp twinge of unexpected pain through my backside.

"Yes what, you dumb whore?!"

I hesitated for what must have been too long, because her hand came down again and again, spanking my ass cheeks harder than before.

"Yes what?!" she repeated.

"Yes Mistress," I said quickly, hoping that was the response she desired.

"Good slut," she said, rising from the bed. "You may look at me now."

She moved to the head of the bed and I was able to shift enough in my restraints to turn my head. Her hair was still in the braids it had been during the evening. She wore cute red-rimmed glasses. I had always found the studious look appealing. However, her outfit now was anything but studious!

My gaze moved up and down her body as she stood before me in a cupless bra, black PVC studded choker, long black high-heeled boots and black fishnet stockings with suspender belt, which showed her smoothly shaved pussy. She looked incredibly sexy and I felt my already firm cock getting harder beneath me.

"I bet you're horny, bitch," she teased. "Let's see how much."

She climbed on the bed and slid her slim body between the headboard and my face. Her cunt was right in front of me, but before I could even appreciate the sight, she grabbed my hair and pushed my mouth against her smooth mound.

My tongue needed no encouragement. I went to work on her clit and cunt lips, licking and sucking hungrily. I could hardly believe this was finally happening. At work I had often fantasised about thrusting my head under her skirt to taste her juices. Now she was rubbing her cunt all over my face! She was almost dripping wet and I wanted to drink it all.

"I'm marking my territory, slut," she said with a sneer. "You're going to have my dried juices on your face when you get home. I suggest you kiss your wife hello."

By this point I had almost forgotten I had a wife. The realisation that my Mistress was turned on by playing nasty little tricks on my wife unexpectedly aroused me even more.

Suddenly she gasped and shuddered, her cum flowing on my face and in my mouth. I swallowed greedily. Then she pulled her cunt away. Instinctively I whimpered with disappointment.

"Don't worry, whore," she laughed. "I have more fun and games in store for you."

She moved off the bed and I heard noises I could not identify. Then I felt something cold moving slowly up and down my ass crack and over my balls. I realised it was a piece of ice. My body twitched as a reflex.

"It's cold, isn't it, baby?" she purred.

"Yes, Mistress," I replied. "But I like it."

"I don't care if you like it or not, you dumb slut!" she said viciously as she smacked my ass cheeks several times.

Then suddenly she shoved the cone-shaped ice into the opening of my ass! I yelped in shock. "Do you like it now?!" she hissed.

Before I could answer, she removed the ice. I heard more noises, as if she was searching for something. Then I felt something pointy, but not cold, at the entrance to my ass. Without speaking, she applied a small amount of what must have been lube, then began to slide the pointy object inside my tight hole.

I twitched but surprisingly it did not really hurt. She inserted and withdrew the object slowly, a little more each time. It felt strange but not unpleasant. I had a vibrating butt-plug at home that I played with sometimes when my wife was out, but it was much smaller and not as hard.

After a while she removed the object. My ass felt empty without it and I had begun to enjoy the sensation of it inside me. I heard some more noises and then she came to the head of the bed again.

"Open your mouth, whore," she commanded. "Then bite."

I opened my mouth and then felt the end of the long, pointy object on my tongue. Knowing resistance was not an option, I bit into it. To my surprise, it was a carrot! I chewed and swallowed the tip, trying not to concentrate on the taste, knowing where it had just been.

"Good boy," she said approvingly. "You must always eat your vegetables, you know," she laughed wickedly. "Your ass took almost all 21 centimetres. I'm impressed. You're definitely ready for the next step."

I was surprised. I never would have thought something that length would fit up my anus. Then I turned my head to face her crotch and was startled by what I saw. She was wearing a PVC harness with a large purple jelly-like dildo! It looked absolutely huge to me. Was she really going to fuck me with it? Would it even go in?

"We're going to give your tight ass-hole a real workout now, my dear fuck-boy!"

She moved back onto the bed near my rear end. I summoned up the courage to speak without permission.

"Please Mistress," I begged quietly. "Be gentle."

"Gentle?!" she replied indignantly. "Absolutely not, you pathetic little cumslut whore! Now pull your knees up, put your head down on the pillow and stick your ass in the air!"

I did so, feeling particularly vulnerable and wondering if I could handle what was coming next. I felt her applying more lube to my puckered hole. Then she inserted a finger, probing me. It actually felt good. I squirmed with desire.

"Oh, my little bitch likes that," she said softly. "Let's add some more then."

She slipped another finger into my ass, then a third, moving them around and massaging my anal passage. Then she removed them and moved up to my face again. I should have known I would be punished for enjoying it!

"You know what to do, slave," she commanded.

I did as I knew she wanted, by licking her fingers clean. I felt myself getting even more turned on by the depravity of it. I started to wonder if I really was a submissive slut. Did I want her to dominate me? Hell yes!

"How obedient," she commented. Then she was back at my ass. More lube. My ass was still up in the air, my head down in the pillow. I braced myself and wondered if she would take the gentle option. I quickly found out!

She placed the head of the dildo at my hole. Then in one swift and abrupt movement, she penetrated my tight opening. I screamed into the pillow. The pain was intense.

"Don't worry, baby," she said. "It gets better."

She began slowly moving the dildo in and out. Then she sped up the pace and pushed deeper with each thrust. She grabbed my hips, the strap-on keeping her hands free. I had screwed my wife's cunt in this position many times. Now I was the one submissively being fucked hard from behind. My cock, which had temporarily softened during the shooting pain of the penetration, twitched back into life.

She began taunting me, exaggerating certain pieces of information about my sex life which I had told her during our conversations at work as friends.

"I bet your stupid wife doesn't do this to you," she mocked. "She doesn't give you the nasty little things you want in bed. What sort of wife is that? Does she let you play with her ass? No, of course not! She's a repressed, selfish, chubby moron!"

Her thrusting became faster and more violent. "Where does your wife think you are right now? If she was here, I'd tie her up too. I'd slap her ass bright red. Then I'd show her what it feels like to have a big fat dildo in her ass! The dumb ho deserves to be ass-fucked!" She laughed. "Maybe I'd even let you finish the job and explode in the ho's back passage."

The fucking was painful yet my cock was bulging by this point. I knew I should be insulted by her vicious words, but instead I felt more depraved pleasure. I would never have expected to enjoy the sort of intense physical and mental punishments being inflicted upon me. But the further my Mistress went, the more I wanted.

She continued fucking me even harder, her strap-on dildo buried deep in my ass and her hairless cunt rubbing smoothly against my butt cheeks. I cried out every time she delved further into me, but I was now taking pleasure in the pain. I moaned loudly. She obviously enjoyed hearing it.

"Submissive bitch, aren't you? Now you know what it feels like to have a big cock in you. Enjoy feeling pain in your whore ass do you?"

I was losing all my inhibitions. "Oh yes, Mistress! Make me submit to whatever turns you on! Push me over the edge! Make me your slut!" I couldn't believe I was saying the words.

"Hmm, all the nasty, dirty things I want to do to you would take many visits," she teased. "I wonder what my little slut would prefer next time. On his back with his knees up to his chest so I can penetrate deep into his ass, or perhaps doggy-style in the bath so I can give him a golden shower after I ravish his worthless fuck-hole."

Her words, the pain and the violent ass-fucking threatened to send me over the edge.

"Mistress," I said with shame, "I need to cum. I have to cum, please!"

"No, slut, you don't!" she berated, slapping my ass cheeks hard. "And for speaking out of turn, next time you'll have to dress like a real bitch. Stockings, g-string, heels! Maybe we should put you in a slutty little dress too, you stupid bimbo!"

"Yes Mistress," I said breathlessly. "Whatever you wish."

"I'm not finished yet, whore," she replied. "Your ass will take as many different things as I decide to fuck you with. Big fat dildos in different shapes and sizes, without working up to it first. I was being generous tonight, preparing you. Not again. Scream if you need to, I don't care."

She leaned forwards, her tits in the cupless bra brushing against my skin as she reached around my body and pinched my nipples very hard. She was still thrusting into my ass, calling me her slut whore. I squirmed uncontrollably and was unable to stop myself. I exploded, sending gushes of hot, sticky cum onto my chest and the bed. I cried out louder than I ever had before when climaxing.

I was beyond caring what punishment I would be given for exploding without permission. I panted for breath, feeling like a dirty whore and loving it. Instead of chastising me though, she laughed, slowed her movements and then stopped.

"Guess you've had enough for tonight, you pathetic cumslut," she said.

As swiftly as she had penetrated me, she withdrew in one motion. Again I cried out. The sudden emptiness after having been filled by the large dildo was unlike anything I had ever felt. It was similar to the feeling of having been to the bathroom. I felt somewhat worried, realising I had no idea what my rear end looked like right now.

After a few moments she said, almost clinically, "You can go and clean up in the bathroom now, slut. Except your face. Remember you have to leave my dried cunt juices there so you can greet your wife appropriately. Hmm, you have a nice gaping hole there. It will close again eventually. Taking your ass virginity even made you bleed. Poor little whore!"

After I cleaned up and got dressed, she simply told me I could leave. It was as if I had been some hooker she had hired for a few hours. I liked the image though. After what was supposed to be dinner and cards, here I was, being sent home exhausted, completely spent and my face covered in her cum. I had truly become her whore slut bitch.

Later as I fell asleep at home next to my wife, the only thought in my head was for my Mistress: use me, fuck me, abuse me more, then repeat all of the above!

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