tagGay MaleBecoming His Prison Bitch Pt. 04

Becoming His Prison Bitch Pt. 04


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Darian looked down at Lexus as he slept and sighed. He probably should have told him. Well, he didn't exactly hide it but...

He left the cell when he saw the crowds start to disperse for dinner. He would only be gone for a second. He flowed with the peopleb for a little bit then doubled back on the second floor. As he passed through the back of the crowd, he spotted Benny sitting in a chair just behind meshed glass in the control room. He walked up and tapped his knuckle on it, getting his attention. A second later, he and Benny were leaning against the rail. Benny offered Darian a smoke, but he didn't take it.

"You have to move Lexus." He said, "I just got done talkin' to Ronny, I can get him in with Dom. So, start the paperwork for the transfer."

"Dom doesn't treat his boys right like you do, you know that."

"He's the only one with space in his cell and enough strength to protect him. Besides, he's in here for 3 life sentences, he ain't going anywhere. Lexus is getting out soon. You talked to the DA?" Darian looked sideways at Benny.

"Mhm. He said he won't fight it if they move to throw the case, but the judge is an asshole."

"Yeah well." He shrugged. Using up his favors like this on a bitch. Fuck me, he thought.

"He's got a sweet ass. But that mouth of his is divine. No wonder you care about him so much."

Darian scrunched his nose, his lip up in a snarl.

"What? Don't pretend you didn't enjoy it." Benny grinned at him knowingly. "Its always nice to see a bitch from another angle. Anyway, I'll let you go." Benny tapped the rail and backed up, letting himself into the booth behind him with a loud buzz.

DC stood there for a long moment before heading towards the mess hall. He smuggled a few rolls and a bottle of water before clocking out in bed.


Lexus could tell Darian was still distant ever since he whored him to the guards to settle that debt and to punish him. Not every moment of the day. Sometimes he was good ol DC, demanding and sarcastic and, well, Boss. Other times, he just seemed checked out. In the next month, he serviced them a second time, and a third another month and a half later, and he had no complaints; boss always let him cum afterwards with hot, hard sex as a reward for being good. Since then, he met with his lawyer, and it would be 3 weeks until his court date. They called it much sooner than they had the last time. His time with Darian was short now.

But apparently it would be shorter than he thought.

Darian was standing in the isle when Lexus was escorted back with Benny from another meeting with his lawyer to talk about what to expect. Benny usually left immediately, but he leaned against the rail, as if waiting. He and Darian stared at each other for a long moment, and Lexus looked between them. Darian sighed, as if he lost the silent argument, and looked over to Lexus. "Get your stuff."

Lexus stared blankly back at him. His heart started racing but he didn't move. "Why, Boss?"

"You're moving." He said. His face was expressionless as he watched the pages turn on Lexus' face.

"You're giving me away?" he said, digging his fingernails into the palm of his hand. He tucked his bottom lip nervously under his teeth. "So, this was all what... until you got bored?" his voice began to raise in volume and pitch. He would not service some other pervert... but he wouldn't much have a choice. He glanced at Benny. "What, do you have another bitch lined up for him? Was I not good enough?"

Darian cleared his throat. "You're forgetting who you're talking to." He said, but there was no anger in his voice, just indifference. Lexus wondered whether he was hiding his emotions or if he just didn't care anymore.

Lexus felt anger and humiliation swell up in his chest. All the bullshit he's dealt with, and he had been gullible enough to get comfortable with Darian. His fists clenched and swung hard at him. The first punch connected with his cheekbone, catching him a bit by surprise. But Darian grabbed him by the wrist on the second strike and turned, pinning him against the wall. Lexus lifted his feet, supported by Darian's grip and kicked him hard in the abdomen. DC stumbled backwards a bit as Lexus slid down the wall, crashing against the floor. He got his feet under him and stood quickly before DC grabbed him by the front of his shirt and threw him down on the hard concrete. His head cracked against the hard floor, and his vision wavered a moment as the pain throbbed in his skull.

"Are you done?"

"Sure, Boss." he said, clenching his eyes closed to try to stop his stomach from doing backflips as his head spun. He hoped he didn't have a concussion. "Whatever the Boss says, right?"

"Are. You. Done." He said again, emphasizing each word as he held him against the floor, his knee pressed into his chest.

Lexus opened his eyes and stared up at him, saying nothing else. His heart was jack-hammering now, his throat tight and full of his anxiety. The last few months have become familiar. Now he was headed to an unknown and he didn't like it. He sat up with a wince when Darian released him, and slowly stood. He turned back into the cell, and grabbed the few things he had, like his comb, toothbrush and clothes. He stepped back out and Benny smirked. Lexus felt his blood boil and turned towards Benny. He dropped his stuff and swung at the guard, who was ready for his retaliation. He dodged and grabbed Lexus around wrist and shoulder, shoving him gut first against the railing. He might have a bruise blossom along the bottom of his ribs.

He heard Darian sigh, and saw him shake his head out of the corner of his eye. Another guard saw Benny's scuffle and came by to assist him. Darian had taught him how to fight and while it didn't do a damn to change his physique, it made him faster and stronger and more confident than he had been when he got here.

The next few moments of the scuffle were fast and drew the attention of everyone in the block. Lexus broke the nose of the second guard and earned a few bruises from Benny's baton. DC didn't help him, not that he expected him to. Still... It had always been them against everyone else. He was pinned on the ground with blood on his shirt, not his own, but from the guard whose nose he felt crack. His cheek against the concrete floor, he looked back and Darian, his hands cuffed behind him. He could see a muscle twitch in his jaw, but he wasn't looking at him. He was pulled to his feet by Benny and the nameless guard, his belongings left scattered, and he was taken along a familiar path to solitary.

Once there, shoved into the padded room, he took a deep breath. The light was on this time, but he knew it wouldn't stay that way. He looked back at Benny and climbed to his feet, glaring at him. "Ya'll are happy, huh? Two against one, let's go again." He didn't give a shit right now, though a little voice in the back of his head reminded him in a squeaky voice that being in solitary now with court just a little way away wasn't going to help his case, let alone antagonizing Benny and No Name.

Benny shook his head and laughed. "You're fucking up, boy. DC is leaving. He's been here almost 2 decades and he's getting out, and he's not going to do anything to stay here." Benny pulled his arm back and punched Lexus hard in the gut, sending him to his knees. "There's no one here that's going to protect you when he leaves except for Dom. And Dom owes him a favor. It's the reason he got landed in here in the first place. So, if you had any kind of brain, you would have shut your fuckin mouth and went to your new bunk."

Lexus was breathing heavily. "When is he leaving?" his head felt light, and he swayed.


Benny stared down at him. "Send him in here." Lexus said. "I'll trade time, please..."

"That's not up to you or him. You don't belong to DC anymore." Benny shrugged and left.

Lexus fell back on the mat, wincing as his head bounced on the crappy padded plastic. Darian could have saved them all the frustration if he just told him! All that bullshit he said about Lexus not telling him he was getting out, and then he does the same fucking thing back at him. He slammed his fist against the floor and screamed.


It was 4 days before he was let out of solitary. Benny stood there, holding a bag of Lexus' belongings. "Gonna fight me again, boy?"

Lexus chuckled, pushing up to a sitting position. This time was nothing like when he was in here with Darian. It had been absolute hell, especially since he figured now, that Darian was long gone out of this god forsaken desert. Lexus took a deep breath and laughed again. "No, Benny. I'm not." He murmured, and slowly stood. Once on solid ground, he stretched, and ran his hands through his hair, which was greasy from not being washed. "I need a shower." He said simply. Benny smirked and handed him his belongings and stalked back to general population. He went straight to the showers where he scrubbed the sweat and grime from his body from being in that room. He hadn't had a very good time getting any sleep between the unpredictable light cycle and lack of a warm body beside him. He tried not to think that he was alone in this place. He did his best to shut it all off.

In the shower... alo—In the shower, he scrubbed his body quickly, and scrubbed his nails against his scalp. His heart was beating in his chest. He heard a pair of feet approach the showers and froze as his curtain was flung open. One of Darian's friends... what was his name again? Stood there and leaned against the door frame. "Relax." He said, glancing up and down his body. "I'm just here to make sure you get to Dom without trying to punch a guard again. Nice swing by the way, able to take DC by surprise like that."

Lexus snorted and turned back to his shower. He didn't want to hear about him.

"You know he dropped a huge favor to get you in with Dom. That favor could have had him set up when he got out of here. You only got 2 and a half weeks? Don't piss off Dom and he might let you out of here in one piece."

Lexus said nothing. Not that he thought he still wasn't allowed to, but out of spite.

"I'm trying to give you advice here, Lexi." He said. Was it... Ron maybe?

"I'm trying to shower." Lexus said, not looking at him. "Boss trained me to be a good slut. I'll be fine."

"DC was tame, Lexi. And the man actually cared about you. Dom don't care about you, he'll just halfheartedly make sure nobody kills your dumb ass."

Lexus turned, wiping his long, wet hair away from his forehead. "Got it." He yanked the curtain away from Ron's hands and dragged it closed. He finished up his shower and dried off, and got dressed. Clean and back in proper clothes, he walked by Ron and past the shower guard. He recognized him as one of those he'd sucked off last time. Feeling frisky and daring, and up for distraction, he smiled at him and winked. The guard laughed.

Ron followed behind him, and as they reached the block, he took the lead. Dom must have been on the bottom floor because that is where they were headed. He stopped in front of one cell where a wide, heavy man sat on the bottom bunk, he was leaning against the bar at the head of the bed, and texting quickly on a burner phone. Lexus raised a brow and stared at it for a long moment. He must be pretty powerful to have smuggled such a thing in here, even with the guards so willing to be paid off.

"Hey, Dom. Got Lexi here for you."

Dom didn't look up at first and kept texting quickly. When he was finished, he dropped the phone on the ground and stood, crushing it underfoot before tossing it into the toilet. "Look who it is." He said, smirking. "Was expecting you three days ago, but I heard you clocked another inmate and a guard."

Lexus looked the man up and down. If he were to pick a "type", this man certainly wouldn't be it. He wasn't even sure how much of a cock would exist under his belly roll. Maybe he got lucky and wasn't here to service him.

In a flash, Dom was in his face. This man, despite his size, could really move, and the quick motion had Lexus disoriented. He realized that once standing up, he wasn't quite as wide as he had seemed. Could he call him big boned? Like he was part giant and no amount of workout could change his shape? He couldn't think for a moment, but found his head crushed against the concrete blocks of the wall. He groaned as his right arm was twisted painfully behind his back, and he felt a foot collide with the back of his knee, making it buckle. He found himself on his knees, his face scraped red from the rough wall. Fuck. Why did this happen each time? Well, this was a bit different.

He winced as his ear pinched against the wall. He looked back over his shoulder, and saw Dom lean in. "When I address you, cunt, I expect a Yes Sir or No Sir."

"No Sir." He murmured, his back arching to attempt to relieve the pain in his shoulder.

"Remove your shirt and shoes." He was released and did as he was told. He wasn't instructed to stand, but he did anyway. He followed the directions with a simple 'yes sir'. Dom turned him until his back was against the wall. Ron stood in the hall, watching the exchange. "Now, unlike your faggot boy from before... Don't give me that look, cunt, I made that boy and I'll call him what I wish..." Lexus took a deep breath to stop himself from retaliating; he wanted to ponder what he meant by that, but Dom demanded his full attention. "I don't use my bitches. I sell time with them to anyone who offers the right price. I have to babysit you and you will do whatever I tell you to."

He looked up into Dom's eyes, his teeth clicking together in frustration. Fuck... they were the same... no... He sighed in relief. They had a greenish tint to them. He almost thought they were grey. The longer he stared, the more different they appeared. He must have been imagining it. "...Yes Sir..." he said after a pause.

"Maybe Darian trained you well after all." He stared down at him and leaned back against the wall, crossing his thick arms across a meaty chest. It made his shoulders flex and stand out a bit. He nodded towards the doorway and Lexus looked at Ron. "Stick by Ronnie and be a good boy." He said, kicking his shirt at him. Lexus held back a sigh and pulled his shirt back on. Ron cocked his head, and Lexus followed him down the platform.

Ron went about his day, and Lexus was his shadow until he went back to Dom's cell to sleep. Lexus found it strange to sleep on the top bunk, and even more unusual not to have another body lying beside him. It was, however, hell of a lot better than that closed room.

Lexus found himself hanging out with the same men that he was used to being around before, since he was attached to Ron, and they met up with the guys in front of one of their cells. It felt awkward without DC there. But without DCs ownership, the other guys were talking to him as if they had been from the beginning. Even though he wasn't on his knees with his mouth open anymore, standing and facing them, his arms crossed over his chest, he felt somehow more exposed.

"Gonna miss D."

"No you're not." One of the other guys said to him, laughing, giving his shoulder a shove. "Lexi is though, ain't'chu?"

Lexus, who had zoned out of the conversation and been staring at the railing and counting the specks of raised paint, glanced up and looked around in surprise. "What?" His arms tightened around his chest, tucking his arms under his pits.

"You gonna miss DC, I said." He laughed, "Man, so used to being D's quiet bitch."

Lexus sighed, and turned away. He wasn't going to humor this conversation. But he didn't quite have a choice when the man, about his height but thicker, stepped forward suddenly and shoved him hard against his chest. Lexus stumbled, his lower back hitting the rail, his arms hovering to his sides to catch his balance. He was about to shove the guy back, and make him back off, but Ron shook his head.

"Don't fight, Lexi. You end up in solitary again, you're gonna have issues with Dom."

"What, so I just take it?" Lexus snarled, glaring at Ron. He had to service men for Dom, and that was one thing, but he wasn't going to back down from an asshole who wanted to rile him up and pick fights. Darian taught him how to fight for a reason.

Ron stepped forward, the other guy backing up, his hands raised and a grin on his face. Ron tilted his head, cracking his neck before he grabbed Lexi around his and shoved him to the side, throwing him off balance. Lexus stumbled and grabbed him by the forearm, trying to regain his balance as he was herded backward into a cell.

"Get on your knees." Ron said through clenched teeth. He didn't blink as Lexus stared back at him, weighing his options. But eventually, he crouched, letting his knees fall forward until they hit the stone floor. As he did, Ron released him. His hands moved to his pants, pushing them down below his cock. It was soft, and Lexus glared at it too. "It seems I'm going to have to teach you a bit of a lesson today." He said. "On how to respect your superiors. I was trying to be nice but clearly Dom didn't do a good enough job of teaching you one important thing; everyone is your superior in here. So... Get to it, Lexi."

Lexus' lip twitched. "Did you even pay for me?" he said, glaring up at him. That earned him a good hard slap across his face.

"I'm in charge of making sure you can do your job. And so I'll be making sure you know your place."

Lexus knew he was right. He raised up on his knees, his mouth opening against Rons soft cock. It twitched as his breath washed over him, and he ducked low, bathing his balls with his tongue before moving upwards. The thick curly blond hair of his sack tickled his nose. Lexus kissed upward to the base up his cock, using his tongue to bathe the spongey shaft. It twitched again, and Lexus felt it hardening as he painted it with saliva, making it slick. He pulled back, and parted his lips around the head, bringing it into his mouth, his tongue cradling the growing shaft.

Ron shifted, putting a hand on Lexus' head and a foot between his knees, kicking his legs wide. He stepped forward, pressing his foot up against his crotch, lifting his balls in his pants. "See? Was that so hard?" Lexus didn't answer, now bobbing his head and pulling at the nearly erect cock between his lips. He felt the cock tickle the back of his throat, and pressed deeper and deeper until his nose pressed into his pubic hair. Just as DC used to like it.

"Are you a cock sucking bitch, Lexi?" Ron said, sneering. He grabbed Lexus by the hair and pulled him back, leaving his mouth gaping and tongue hanging over his lips.

Lexus swallowed heavily and looked up at Ron. "Yes."

"Yes what?"

"Yes, I'm a cock sucking bitch." Lexus no longer felt shame saying it, like he had when DC used to make him in the beginning. But it still irritated him that Ron used it to punish him and shame him. He glanced away from Ron and saw the guy from before who had tried to egg him into a fight standing and watching, leaning against the cell. His eyes returned to Ron's own. "Let me suck your cock."

Ron laughed, and released his hair, letting him dive back against his cock. Lexus wrapped his lips around it and gave the head a suck, slurping heavily as if licking the drippings off of a melting popsicle. The tip slipped from his mouth with a pop and he treated the long hard shaft to a pass of his tongue. Lexus grasped with his hand now and held it firm at the base as he sucked the mans' cock.

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