tagRomanceBecoming Veronica Ch. 02

Becoming Veronica Ch. 02


"Order up Cat." Marco bellowed from behind the stainless steel service counter.

Marco had shortened my name from Catherine to Cat shortly after I'd started waitressing for his Aunt Bella's place several months ago.

"Marco its Veronica." I reminded him again pointing at my name badge that I had changed three weeks before after my evening at Grady's speakeasy.

"Yeah what ever darling." Marco responded smiling at me and giving me a devilish wink.

Marco was the only one who hadn't yet gotten used to calling me Veronica. I suspect more because he liked the rise he got from me when he called me Cat then the fact that he couldn't remember my name change. As I balanced the order on both arms I grinned at him over the counter and said, "What's it going to take for you to remember my name is now Veronica Lacey?"

Marco laughed and said, "A lot more than a new name badge." his second devilish wink reminding me that he had been hitting on me since my first day at Pasta Bella.

"Yeah right Marco well don't hold your breath." I replied letting him know that I still wasn't about to give in to his constant flirting.

Marco is in his mid thirties, slightly over weight and has thick callused hands. His dark hair almost always unkempt and his scruffy beard don't put him anywhere near the top of my list of sexy men. In fact Marco's name wouldn't appear anywhere on my list of men I would be even remotely interested in.

I flipped my wavy blonde tresses over one shoulder and with a flip of my hip pushed the swinging door open and left Marco and his leering stare alone in the kitchen.

The immaculately dressed gentlemen I was waiting on were deep in conversation when I arrived at their table with four plates of spaghetti and meatballs. Serving them from oldest to youngest I surmised I was following the pecking order of this group by doing so.

The youngest paid particular attention to me as I moved around their table smiling widely at me as I placed his meal in front of him.

"Thank you Veronica." He said as I set his dinner in front of him.

Reaching toward the middle of the table to retrieve their bottle of red wine I purposely brushed my tits against his shoulder. His smile widened acknowledging that contact as I refreshed his drink first. The other three men hardly noticed my presence as I moved about their table refilling their wine glasses.

Unlike my co-worker Marco this young Italian clearly knew what impresses the ladies. His jet black hair was combed perfectly along his scalp. The olive complexion of his skin contrast perfectly with his dark bedroom eyes and enhanced his completely clean shaven face. Even at this later hour of the day there wasn't a hint of a five o'clock shadow on his smooth skin. His wide brilliantly white smile and soft appearing lips would make any woman want his kisses.

As I returned the nearly empty wine bottle to the middle of their table he placed a soft smooth hand on my forearm. I immediately noticed that he wasn't wearing a wedding ring and that his fingernails were perfectly manicured and shimmering with clear gloss expertly applied by his manicurist.

"Thank you Veronica." He said again allowing his hand to linger on my arm.

"You're welcome can I do anything else for now Sir?" I replied smiling at him as I withdrew my hand giving him an opportunity to slide his along my forearm and notice that I also wasn't wearing a wedding ring.

"Can we get another basket of bread please?" He asked.

"Certainly." I replied as I began to move away from their table.

As I walked away I wondered if he was watching me. I let my hips sway a little more than normal hoping he was.

While I was at the waitress station filling a second basket of bread for them Carla who was working the opposite side of the restaurant asked me. "Do you know who you're serving there Veronica."

"No should I?" I answered.

She smiled and said, "Girl do I have to teach you everything?" "The older man is Mario Giovanni. He's the patriarch of the Giovanni family. The other three men are his lieutenants. His son Luigi is sitting to his right. I don't know the names of the other two, but I'm sure they are high up in the family chain of command."

I grinned at Carla realizing I could be in for a good tip if I played my cards right.

Making my way back to their table with another basket of bread I played one of my best cards. The youngest of the four was already watching as I approached their table. I flashed a broad smile at him and accentuated the sway of my hips as I walked toward the table. I could see that he was checking out my figure as I leaned over the table placing the basket within easy reach of Mario who was already half way through his meal.

"Can I bring you another bottle of wine Mr. Giovanni?" I asked not sure which Giovanni I was addressing.

The young one's expression instantly changed from a friendly smile to a frown and I instantly knew that I had said something wrong but was totally unaware of what it was.

The elder replied quite bluntly, "No thanks we have a business meeting to get to. Just bring the check."

"Very good Sir." I replied knowing I'd probably blown any chance of that good tip.

I checked on my other tables before returned with their check.

"Was everything satisfactory gentlemen?" I asked as I placed their check in the middle of the table.

"Yes thank you Veronica." The youngest replied as he reached for the check.

I smiled at him again and said, "Thank you sir." Before turning and walking away still quite oblivious of my verbal blunder that cause him to frown earlier.

I was in the kitchen when the foursome left. When I returned to bus their table I was rather happy to find a crisp twenty dollar bill folded in half lying on the table. Concealed in the fold was a small business card. I read the name Angelo Pulgasi.

I slipped the cash in my pocket and showed Carla the card asking, "What do you think about this?"

"Veronica you really have no idea do you?" She replied.

I must have had a quizzical expression on my face because Carla continued.

"The Giovanni family runs a speakeasy over on the east side. I've heard that they also have several brothels around town and one of the largest bookie operations in New York." Carla explained.

"Oh my!" I responded wanting Carla to continue.

"Mario is the head of the entire operation, and the other three each run one of their quote unquote business interests." Carla said holding her hands up and forming quote marks with her fingers.

"If Mr. Pulgasi left you his card he did so because the next time you meet him he wants you to know who he is. But don't call him Mr. Pulgasi the next time you meet him." She explained.

"Why not Carla?" I asked.

Carla laughed before saying, "Sweetheart I think that peroxide is affecting your brain. Men in their line of business don't want their names mentioned in public because it identifies them to potential enemies."

"Oh my god Carla that explains the look I got when I asked Mr. Giovanni if they wanted a second bottle of wine." I said.

"You actually used his last name Veronica?" Carla asked.

Yeah, but" I began to say.

"No buts sweetheart, you never use their name in public." Carla said cutting my possible excuse off in mid-sentence.

"Always, and I mean always address men like that as Sir in public." Carla added. Using their real name is like the kiss of death to them."

"You must have really impressed Angelo honey if you said that and he still left you his business card." Carla said.

"Do you think he'll be back?" I asked

"I think you can count on it Veronica." Carla answered adding, "Let's just hope his interest isn't to make you one of their high priced call girls sweetheart."

Fortunately the remainder of the night went by uneventfully. But all along I kept wondering which part of the Giovanni interest Angelo headed up.

Carla and I finished cleaning up and by ten were ready to make the short walk to our apartment. As we left Bella's I noticed an expensive looking sedan parked a short distance from the entrance with the silhouetted form of a man in the drivers seat.

When we got to the vehicle the drivers door opened and a tall thin man wearing a chauffeurs hat stepped out.

"Mr. Pulgasi would like a word with you Veronica." The man said.

Carla laughed and said, "I told you that you could count on it sweetheart."

"I'll see you later Veronica." Carla added as she turned and began walking off by her self.

The chauffeur walked to the curb and opened the back door holding out his hand to help me step inside.

I hesitated a moment peering inside to confirm that Angelo was actually in the back seat.

He smiled widely at me and said, "I won't bite Veronica. I just want to talk."

His smile put me instantly as ease and I did want to find out more about his obvious interest in me, so I accepted his drivers hand and slipped into the back seat. The door closed behind me as I ran my hand across a fine leather seat. Angelo had one very expensive car and I already liked the possibilities of getting to know more about this young Italian.

"Thank you Veronica." Angelo said.

"For what?" I asked.

"For accepting my invitation to talk." He replied smiling as he spoke.

Angelo had removed his neck tie and opened his collar and suit jacket. His silk vest shined even in the dim lighting of his car and his bright smile made me feel comfortable in his presence.

"I should apologize Angelo. I had no idea about using Mr. Giovanni's name in public." I began.

"Don't worry about it Veronica, my uncle is paranoid about things like that." Angelo replied.

"From what my friend told me I made a major blunder speaking his last name." I offered.

"What else did your friend tell you about our family?" Angelo asked.

I didn't reply immediately wondering if I should even mention what Carla had told me about the Giovanni family businesses. I opted to play the dumb blonde role.

"Only that your family has varied interests in several businesses." I said.

"That's good Veronica my family likes to keep business and pleasure separate." Angelo offered.

I grinned at him and asked, "So can I assume you've been parked out here waiting for me to discuss pleasure then?"

"You're pretty bright for a blonde Veronica. Your assumption would be correct." Angelo said.

"Well I haven't been a blonde all my life Angelo." I answered acknowledging that my wavy blonde hair is a result of regular peroxide treatments.

"Veronica I'll get right to the point. I'm very much attracted to you I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me." Angelo said.

I turned more toward him smiled and reached for his hand. Slipping mine under his and on top of his thigh I said, "I'd like that very much Mr. Pulgasi."

"That's great Veronica!" Angelo said. "But please call me Angelo." He added reminding me that last names should be mentioned.

"How would Saturday night be Veronica?" He asked.

"Well I'm working Saturday night." I said.

Angelo laughed and said, "I know your boss I think I can arrange a night off for you."

I grinned and said, "Then Saturday will be wonderful Angelo."

"Very good by the way what's your last name?" He asked

I smiled and answered, "Its Lacey, Veronica Lacey."

Angelo grinned and said, "And what was your name before you changed it Ms. Lacey?"

I smiled and replied, "Maybe someday I'll tell you Mr. Pulgasi. Perhaps when you tell me about your family business"

"Fair enough Veronica." Angelo said.

"Now let me give you a ride home Veronica." Angelo said as he rolled down the window and asked his driver to get back in the car.

During the ride to my apartment Angelo asked me how long I'd been in New York, worked at Pasta Bella's and of course how old I am.

I didn't ask him a single question not wanting to overstep the obvious boundary about his families business. He did tell me that he was twenty-five and grew up in New York which I had already assumed.

As his car glided to a stop in front of my apartment building Angelo reached over and took my hand in his. His soft touch made me feel very comfortable as he cradled my hand between his warm palms.

"Can I pick you up Saturday night at eight Veronica?" Angelo asked.

I replied, "That would be perfect Angelo. How would you like me to dress?"

He paused for a moment then offered, "We'll be going to a very classy restaurant Veronica and then I'd love to take you dancing. You can wear what ever you like Veronica. I will tell you that I like when my dates dress to be noticed."

"I think I know what you mean Angelo." I replied.

"Good Veronica I thought you would understand." He said.

Angelo leaned across and opened the door for me. His driver was already outside and offered his hand to help me out of the car.

"I'll see you Saturday night then Veronica." Angelo said as I slipped out of the seat.

I smiled and said, "I'm looking forward to it."

I stood on my stoop watching his car until it disappeared from sight. My mind racing with ideas of what our date would be like.

"Well what did he want?" Carla asked before I'd even closed the door to our apartment.

I smiled and said. "A date Carla, he wants to take me out!" My voice already showing the excitement I was feeling about going out on the town with one of New York's true upper class.

"Oh my god Veronica he's so handsome. I'm so jealous." Carla said.

We were like two school girls talking about the where's and when's of my date with Angelo. Carla was already making suggestions on how I should do my hair and what I should wear.

I pretty much had already made up my mind about that but let her ramble on about what she thought would impress Angelo.

Thursday and Friday seem to crawl by almost like the last two days before Christmas Eve for a toddler. I worked both nights and because I would be off Saturday night I had to work the Saturday lunch shift also. Marco knew I had a date Saturday evening and tried his best to delay me after the lunch crowd slowed down.

It was nearly three o'clock when I finally got off work. I hurried to our apartment and by three forty five was slipping into a hot bubble bath. I soaked extra long and took the time to shave my legs and underarms. The warm water and soothing bubbles not only served to relax me entirely but also made my skin silky smooth. The excitement and anticipation of spending an evening with such a handsome and well to do gentleman made my nipples harden and I slowly massaged them causing a tingle of sexual pleasure. I hoped that tingle would be with me all evening.

Standing in the tub I reached for a fluffy towel and patted my body dry allowing some of the bubble residue to remain giving my skin the faint scent of wild flowers. I wrapped the towel around my body twisting it around its self over my firm tits. Entering my bed room I carefully laid out the red silk wrap around dress I had decided to wear. On top of the dress I arranged my under garments a pair of black lace panties a matching bra, garter and black stockings. I would wear a pair of black pumps with a sexy ankle strap even though I knew they weren't the best of dancing shoes I still wanted the look they gave my legs and the extra height since Angelo was probably six inches taller then me.

Moving to my dresser I grabbed my favorite hair brush and began the long arduous task of brushing my long blonde tresses into the wavy style that I hoped would impress Angelo. It took nearly an hour but I finally got just the right amount of waves and even a very sexy swoop of blonde hair to lay just right over one eye. Another thirty minutes to apply mascara eye shadow and shimmering red lip stick. I decided to go a little heavier on the make-up remembering that Angelo had said he like his dates to stand out in a crowd.

Standing from my make-up table I walked toward the full length mirror and slipped the towel off my body studying my naked reflection in the glass. My hair couldn't have turned out better. The contrast of my long blonde hair and dark eyes gave me what I thought was the look of a sensual seductress and the ruby red lips shimmered invitingly.

My body appeared more Victorian soft succulent and curvier than the current rave of flappers with their look of straight lines nearly flat chests and short hair. My breasts while not huge are full enough to give me sexy cleavage and the pink nipples and slightly darker areola have excited more than a few men to complete erections. My flat stomach and flaring hips serve to accentuate my shapely thighs and calves. The only distraction is the dark patch of pubic hair which is still my natural brunette color. I'd often considered applying peroxide to the curly patch but could never muster the courage to apply such a caustic chemical so close to my pussy.

I smiled thinking that perhaps my handsome Italian date may just see me as I was then. I was confident that if he chose to he would be happy with what he'd uncovered.

I took my time dressing slipping my garter up over my legs and soothing the lace fabric carefully to avoid any twists. My silk stockings easily slid up my freshly shaven legs and before clipping the top hems to the garter straps I checked to make sure the dark seams along the back ran perfectly straight up the back of my legs. I stretched my brazier around my chest backwards clipping it and then spinning it around I slipped my arms under the shoulder straps and lifted the soft lace trimmed cups up to cover my full breasts making sure the same amount of soft flesh spilled above the lace trim and that my succulent cleavage would be visible should I choose to give Angelo a glimpse.

I considered not wearing the lace panties, but decided that for a first date quick easy access to my pussy wouldn't be necessary. The lace fabric also served to hide that dark curly patch of pubic hair I dislike so much.

The bright red dress fits my body snuggly showing off my Victorian curves while still appearing quite elegant the wider skirt flowed to nearly ankle height. When I pirouetted on the balls of my feet the fabric swung seductively from my legs. I'd seen pictures in magazines of Hollywood actresses who opt for this look rather then the current flapper rage that had captivated the nation.

Carefully smoothing the material down over my supple curves and checking to make absolutely sure the belt wasn't twisted I mentally declared my physical appearance ready for my date with Angelo Pulgasi. I giggled to myself as I thought how easy it is to make yourself physically attractive, but preparing for the mental part of our date would be much harder. Should I play the attractive blonde bimbo only speaking when spoken to and not saying than thing with any substance opting to be Angelo's female decoration for the night. Or should I try and surprise him with above average wit and charm trying to show him that I'm not just another dumb blonde.

My mind told me to opt for the latter but I'd have to play the evening by ear and see where it leads.

Walking to the front window of our apartment I watched the street two stories below for his car to appear. Two cigarettes later Angelo still hadn't arrived and it was not nearly eight fifteen. In the back of my mind I started worrying that I'd been stood up. I'd spent three hours preparing my self and now he wasn't going to show. A twinge of anger began to creep into my thoughts. I even contemplated dumping his next dish of pasta in his lap if he ever got the balls to come into Pasta Bella's.

Angelo saved himself from that embarrassing fate when I saw a pair of headlights round the corner and slowly come to a stop in front of my building. I watched intently until the back door opened when I quickly stepped away from the window in case he slid out and looked up. I didn't want him knowing that I'd been waiting by the window like some young school girl anxiously awaiting her prom date to arrive.

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