tagErotic CouplingsBedtime Stories To Wake Us Up Ch. 01

Bedtime Stories To Wake Us Up Ch. 01


In this story I have used quotations in telling the stories, even if I cannot remember the exact phrases that were used during the evening. I also have to confess that I have added some small details to the stories because I could not retrieve them perfectly when writing my diary on the day after.

I have already started writing the second chapter, please be patient. I hope you enjoy the first one.


The exchange students at the university felt strong togetherness. I believe it was because we had something in common: We were strangers in a friendly, but not so cosmopolitan country. There are more and more foreigners in Finland, but it is nothing like London or New York. What could you expect in a country with the area of Germany, but a population of five million people?

There were both foreign and Finnish students that joined the rich variety of activities organized by the Student Union. The parties were wilder than I could have imagined because many exchange students came to Finland primarily to have fun, secondarily to study. And Finnish people had nothing against good parties! But we also had very fruitful discussions and debates on Friday evenings; we opened a bottle of wine and enjoyed the relaxed and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

One stormy Friday night we were sitting in a tiny living room full of candlelight. Liisa’s place had mirrors everywhere and I was not able to count the candles that I could see reflecting in the mirrors – the atmosphere was magic. Liisa had kindly invited us to spend an evening in her two-room flat, and she had even cooked for us. There were seven of us in the room, three males, four girls, four foreigners, and three Finnish students. We were chatting, playing card games, laughing. After two or three bottles of good French red wine we started to get too cheerful to have serious discussions, but none of us was really drunk.

It was Brian who suggested that we would start playing different games. He did not finish his thought, and I am sure that he did it on purpose. Everybody remained silent for five long seconds. Finally Sara broke the silence by suggesting strip poker. It did not seem to neither surprise nor shock anyone, but Samu, the youngest of the three men, said that it is too risky game to play among friends. It was a pity because I would have been eager to try it. I suggested playing the truth or dare, and my kind of compromise was endorsed.

Our rule was that the winner asks the loser, and in case of truth, one question and one additional question per topic were allowed. In case of dare, you might refuse fulfilling the task, but the winner is entitled to four tough questions instead of two. So we started and I had great expectations! Knowing Liisa, Kimmo, and me, I knew that before long we would be asking hot questions about sex. And maybe Sara was a friend of action as well because she had proposed playing strip poker!

I hoped that Samu would not be the first one to lose because he seemed to be a little bit nervous. On the other hand, he was free to quit anytime. He was a very pleasant Finnish boy who had just started his studies at the university. He was rather tall and not very muscular, he had a nice haircut and fashionable, close-fitting clothing. I think he was 19 or 20 at the most, but he looked even younger than that. But Samu did lose, and Sara was the first one to win. Sara was a blonde beauty from Sweden, the neighbor that the Finns seemed to both hate and love. But it was an easy choice to love Sara: She was always smiling and laughing, and she had one of the most beautiful bodies that I had ever seen. Her face, hair, legs, hips, breasts – everything was just perfect. She was the youngest of the girls present, maybe about the same age as Samu.

Samu chose the truth. I could not believe my ears when Sara placed her first question: She wanted to know whether Samu was still a virgin. What an opening for the game! I had thought that this delicious theme would come up much later… Samu heaved a sigh and closed his eyes. After some ten seconds of soul-searching, he answered with a single word. It was “no”. It was obvious that Sara wanted to know closer details.


Once Samu had opened his secret diary, he had enough courage to go on. “Actually it happened only few months ago. We had just graduated from the high school and we were celebrating the event on the beach. The beach was packed because it is a tradition and a must to go there on that day. It was exceptionally warm considering that we are in Finland and it was springtime, and I was wearing just jeans and a tight t-shirt. My t-shirt had a text “F-F-F-Fuck Me”, which led to losing my virginity, I guess. Usually I hate that kind of stupid slogans, but my best friend had bought it to me on my birthday and I felt that I had to wear it once.

There was a girl who had been on my class since we were 13. I had hardly ever spoken with her because I thought that I would not have chances anyway – she was always dating with someone, usually with the most popular guys of the school. Suddenly she came up to me and started talking. Among the other things, she said that she liked the style of my tight t-shirt, especially if compared to the clothing of her boring boyfriends. I noticed that she was a little bit drunk, clearly more than I was, but I desperately wanted to believe every word she said – especially after she had kissed me and said that she had always had hot for me.

She suggested that we would go to more peaceful part of the beach, and after a while we managed to find a place we had some privacy. This sheltered place on the cliff was quiet; I could only see one couple sitting quite close to us. They were about our age and they could not see or hear us because they seemed to be completely devoted to each other. There I was sitting right next to the girl of my dreams. I was shocked when the girl of my dreams asked me to kiss her like the other couple did. I did what I was told to do, and I did it again again and again. Suddenly she placed my right hand to her right breast and my left hand to her hip. I was afraid that someone could see us, but she told me not to resist, this is what you have dreamed of.

The other couple left and there was nobody but us on the cliff. I could hear distant noises – shouting, giggling, police sirens. I gently rubbed her nipple between my fingers and I felt it hardening. Her tits were perfect, small and firm. She placed her hand on my thigh and moved it slowly towards my hard cock. My tight jeans started to feel uncomfortable. I repeated my concern that we might be caught in the act, but she did not care. She opened the belt and unzipped my jeans very slowly.

I felt the incredible warmth of her skin under my fingers when I caressed her. I was in heaven, not on public beach. She rubbed my aching penis through the thin fabric of my white briefs. She asked me the same question that you asked me now, but the answer was different then. She told me that she was not a virgin anymore, but not very experienced either. She wanted to do it with me! On the other hand I could not believe my luck, on the other hand she was a bit drunk and I might regret taking advantage of her condition.

I could not resist the lust – she even had a condom with her. The girl of my dreams put the condom on and told me how much she wanted to have my cock inside her. She looked so beautiful, hot and sexy, even if she did not dare to undress her top. The place was nothing but ideal for your very first lovemaking, but it was more than I had ever dreamed of. After two minutes of the most enjoyable sex I came, I could not hold it back any longer. I do not know whether I was too fast for her, but she said it was wonderful.

Okay, that was it. The end. No more facts. I cannot believe I told you all these dirty details! But after sharing that unforgettable moment we talked until the dawn. She gave me her phone number and I thought that we might have a future together. But when I tried to call her, I found out that the number was not in use.”

What a pity that the end of Samu’s story was so sad. Maybe the girl of his dreams was not worth of dreaming, but the sex was. I could see that the folks in this tiny living room were amazed after the hot story of this usually so shy young man. If every story would be that long…

Samu won the second round and it was Liisa’s turn to choose either the truth or dare. Actually I hoped that my best Finnish friend would choose the truth because I tended to love her stories. Yes, she chose the verbal entertainment. Samu asked what is the most erotic, but trustworthy story that Liisa had ever heard. Liisa did not need long to think.


“I am not absolutely sure if this is true or just a legend. But my very good friend told me about this and it sounded so real that I immediately bought it. She told me that this happened to her best friend – I do not know her very well, but I just happen to know what does she look like. She’s in her mid thirties, brunette, not a beauty queen, but still there is something fancy in her.

This woman was standing at the bus-shelter in the city center, waiting for a bus to come. She had just missed the bus and she had nothing else to do but stand and wait. It would take at least 20 minutes before she would get a ride. It was raining just like today, even if it was almost Christmas time. On the other hand, it was not too freezing there.

In the bus-shelter there was an illuminated placard. In the giant picture of that placard there was a handsome man wearing nothing else but wine-red boxer shorts. The woman amused herself by looking at the picture very carefully, fantasizing. She thought how she would touch his skin, feel his hair between her fingers; she would kiss him and the man would kiss her, passionate kisses. Momentarily her daydreaming made her angry – it was so absolutely wrong that someone had all the luck in the world to own this body! Her husband was just an ordinary male. Boring, frustrating, and in many ways unable to satisfy her needs.

She forgot her anger when she made an observation. There was clearly a bulge in the red-wine boxer shorts! She estimated the boxer shorts to hide a real treasure, definitely something else than her husband’s. Maybe it was not even fully erect yet… Maybe the guy was hot for her… She started daydreaming again. She was about to grab the bulge on the wall when she heard someone coming.

The deep voice behind her asked whether she liked the picture. She turned around and saw the man of the placard. Unfortunately he was fully clothed, but he was able to undress him in her mind. She admitted that the image attracted her and smiled timidly. She felt the heat flowing throughout her body and she took a step towards the man. She was now standing right next to him; she could almost feel his breathing in her hair. She surprised even herself by touching the man. She could feel the flaccid cock inside his cotton pants and she started to move her hand intensely. She could feel the penis stiffening and swelling immediately by her touch, but the man was shocked. He shook his head, muttered something, and walked away.

Surprisingly the woman was not embarrassed at all, but more like proud. It was her touch that resulted the bulge in the red-wine boxer shorts.”

The winner of the third game was Lara, a 23-year-old Spaniard. To be precise, she came from Catalonia, the richest and to somewhat independent province of Spain. She looked like Spanish girls often do: she was pretty like an angel, slim and small, dark-haired, and she had winsome brown eyes. Liisa lost again, did she make on purpose? Lara’s question was about the favorite sexual fantasy.


“I do not have any special favorite, but I will tell about the fantasy that I had yesterday evening when I was bathing. My current boyfriend has a male friend, let us say… Mika. Mika is a masseur and definitely a good one. In my fantasy I he starts massaging my tense neck and shoulders with his strong hands. I start wondering whether it is a question of muscular strength or technique. After a while I can feel his strength and technique in my loins and lower back.

This time his hands almost touch my breasts. He has never touched me like that before – did he do it on purpose and if he did, is it part of the massage treatment or something else? I decide not to draw any hasty conclusions. Mika continues massaging my legs and finally my footplates, which makes me shiver a bit. He asks me to turn around. I ask him why, but he says that it is an important part of the treatment.

Mika massages my legs again, starting from my ankles. When he touches my thighs, his touch is so gentle that it feels more erotic massaging than treatment. But it feels too good to be true and I decided not to object. Mika’s hands skip my genital area and begin caressing my stomach. Suddenly his hands slip under the towel that covers my breasts. I open my eyes and look at him in amazement, but he asks me to relax and enjoy. Mika really has a gift of giving pleasure to a woman; he knows exactly what do. I close my eyes again to feel his touch on my breasts.

Mika stops for a while and I can hear him locking up the door. The next thing that I can sense is his warm fingers inside my panties. He inserts one finger between my wet pussy lips, skillfully fondling my clit. The fingers of his right hand take care of my right breast. I can feel the heat, I can feel his fingers everywhere, I can feel my orgasm building. He takes my left hand and places it on his hard-on. I can feel his pulse and the heat of his thick, swollen penis through the fabric.”


What a story! These three truths had made me feel horny and I wished there would be nobody else in the room. On the other hand, I was eager and ready to hear more. The others agreed to continue. Sara won and Samu lost, and it was time to experience the first dare. Maybe Samu felt that he has not enough experiences to tell about. Sara instructed Samu kiss any person in the room.

Samu chose Sara, obviously the young Swedish beauty attracted him. He shyly kissed her on the cheek, but the audience wanted more. Very well, Samu kissed Sara on the mouth, but it was nothing like a French kiss. But to our surprise he also took advantage of Sara’s low-cut neck and placed a kiss practically between her breasts. Sara thanked him for the kisses and the audience wolf-whistled.

The dare was really a quickie and it was time to start the fifth round. I got a full hand and wished that Kimmo would lose. This is what happened, and Kimmo chose the truth to tell. I asked him to tell about the most surprising sexual experience; and I dreamed about hearing Kimmo telling how wonderful it was at the lakeside sauna. If you have read my first story, you know how great it was for me!

(To be continued.)

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