tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBedtime Stories To Wake Us Up Ch. 02

Bedtime Stories To Wake Us Up Ch. 02


In this story I have used quotations to tell the stories, even if I cannot remember the exact phrases. I have also added some details to the stories because I could not retrieve them perfectly when writing my diary.

If you want to enjoy the first part, it can be found from the Erotic Couplings section (or by clicking the author name above). Feedback is naturally highly appreciated!



"This is the most intimate story that I could tell, and all you guys have to swear that you will not reveal it to anybody. It is a deal?

We were visiting Helsinki with my wife and we were supposed to stay there for the whole weekend. Our small child was at the grandmother's, and my 19-year-old stepson was playing house with his girlfriend. Surprisingly my wife needed to go to work, and we had to leave already on Saturday afternoon. My wife went directly to her workplace and I went home.

At first our house seemed to be empty and quiet. The lights were off in the house, but the motorbike of my stepson was in front of the door. Just before entering the house I noticed that the TV was on in the living room. I hesitated, what if my stepson and his girlfriend would be making love or something there and I would shock them by rushing in. On the other hand, I knew very well how careless he was - probably he had just forgotten the TV set on when leaving the house. I opened the front door and walked in.

Our living room is located right next to the front door, so I could not help catching them in the act. I saw the young couple in front of the TV set, and the girl had my stepson's cock in her mouth. My stepson pulled his fully erect cock out of her mouth and started to get dressed. But this was not all that I saw. They were watching a home movie, and in that movie I could see our babysitter giving a blowjob to my stepson!

I apologized and I was about to run away, but the girl begged me to stay. I had never considered her to be very attractive or sexy, but the situation made me look at her in different eyes. I have to admit that I was extremely aroused and that made me stay. The girl was still completely naked and her boyfriend was wearing undershorts and socks. The erection was still very visible in his undershorts. I suggested that I would go upstairs and they could finish what they were doing or whatever. The girl said that they would ignore me anyway, and asked me to stay and watch. We both males resisted first, but the girl was too determined and finally we agreed.

The video had ended, but I had an opportunity to see it live. I could have watched the video as well; I was so hot for the hot babysitter. The ex-schoolmates in front of me started their foreplay again. I know that someone considers this to be incest, but I did feel surprisingly comfortable. He had been my stepson only for a while and his girlfriend was the most unreserved girl that I had ever met. They fucked their brains out in front of me. It took few minutes, and when they came, they came loud. I thought that our neighbors might call the police.

The couple finished their act and discussed about their studies. Soon they left the house and waved goodbye like nothing would have happened. I went to the living room and watched the tape again and again. Maybe it was sick, but it was extremely entertaining. So this was the most weird sex of my life."

I was shocked about the story and I do not know whether the others were able observe it. I was convinced that I was the one giving a blowjob on the tape - I just could not see the camera. Damn, he had probably showed it to his best buddies as well! And his stepfather? How could he sit and watch his teenage stepson making love with his perky girlfriend? But maybe the relationship between stepfathers and stepsons is different.

Liisa won the next draw and Sara was the lucky loser. Liisa wanted to hear about a temptation that Sara could not resist.


"Last summer I was again in Sweden and I had a great summer job as a journalist. I did not have too much experience, but I knew the right persons to get the traineeship. As I had been studying in Finland, the executive editor gave me a task to interview one of the Finnish athletes during the Finlandskampen, which is an annual international match between Sweden and Finland. I had a full freedom to choose my interviewee. I browsed the Internet for a while and when I saw the picture of Markus Pöyhönen, I knew that he is the one. Indeed, this 24-year-old blonde Viking is a sprinter makes my heart bounce! I was excited to get him in the same room with me, and fortunately he gladly accepted my invitation.

On the day prior to the interview I was watching videos. I had to see it again and again. Time after time Markus Pöyhönen waited for the starting shot, ran the straight of 100 metres, and panted at the finish. He was not a world-class sprinter, but obviously very talented one. How handsome he was! He was wearing tights that did not hide any muscle of his body. This was certainly not the first time when I was admiring sprinters in their close-fitting tights, but he was simply the best.

We had agreed that I would wait for him at the lobby of his hotel. The Finnish team stayed at Amaranten, which is very nice hotel in the heart of Stockholm. He was precise, but the event had been delayed and he had skipped the shower to meet me in time. I suggested that I would wait in the lobby and he could take his time, as I was not in a hurry. He had a better idea, he suggested that we would go to his room and he could answer to my tough questions while stretching. What an offer, Markus Pöyhönen stretching before my eyes!

He took a shower first. He was just as quick as sportsmen usually are and after few minutes he came out from the bathroom. He was wrapping a white towel around his waist and he explained that he had forgotten to take fresh clothes with him. He picked up a t-shirt and sweatpants from his sports bag and closed the door behind him again. But I glimpsed him wearing only a towel and I was even more impressed than before.

Markus came out from the bathroom again, and this time he was dressed. He started stretching and I started asking questions. Luckily I had written down plenty of questions because I really had to fight to maintain my concentration. After the interview I asked whether I could also take a shower as well - the day is so hot, I excused. In reality I had my own plans.

I had intentionally left my handbag on the bed. After a quick shower I returned to the room to pick up my bag, as I explained to Markus. He was a little bit surprised about seeing me half-naked, but he did not say a word. According to my plan, the towel was not very tightly around my chest and it slipped. I was nude, standing right next to him.

He was a real gentleman and he immediately handed over the towel to me. I had a quick glance at his sweatpants and I could see that he liked what he saw. I decided to take a risk and endanger my traineeship. Standing behind him I put my hand right on his erection. I could feel the shape and warmth of his cock through his sweatpants. Surprisingly he turned around to hug and kiss me. I could feel his rock hard penis against my pussy.

I removed his t-shirt and he took off his sweatpants. I had an opportunity to admire the bulge of his underpants for few seconds until he removed the last obstacle between his swollen member and me. Seeing his cock in its full glory made me to go down on my knees. I took the tip of his throbbing manhood between my lips. That was something that I had never done with my boyfriend, but now it felt the most natural thing to do. The dick was just a little bit longer than my boyfriend's, but the thickness of the shaft made it difficult to take it in my mouth. That is why I continued by giving him an extensive handjob.

Maybe I should leave some privacy to me and my favourite athlete - and room for your imagination."

Despite of the closing words, Liisa wanted young Sara to describe the cock that she had seen in that hotel room on that day. Sara blushed. After some five seconds she replied hesitantly that it was incredibly hard, at least 10 inches long and thick like a cucumber. Liisa surprised us by stating that she did not believe the story, but she wanted to accept it as a daydream of a young girl seeking for sexual experiences, though. Sara admitted that this was the case. She was ashamed because she had lied, but we all laughed and thanked her for the good story.

It was Kimmo's turn to win and the loser was the cute Lara from Catalonia. It was time of truth again. Kimmo asked whether Lara had any voyeuristic experiences. To me, this was one of the most titillating questions of our game so far.


"A good family friend of ours lives in a small village in the region of Andalusia. His name is Silverio and he is a Catholic priest in his 40?s. I love the countryside and the village, so I have often stayed there for weeks during my holidays. One reason for being there is Chesus, a very attractive boy of my age. It might be that I have always been in love with him, but I am not really sure.

This happened few years back when there had been a fire in the small chapel of the village. While the church was under reconstruction, many people visited the presbytery to meet Silverio, as the nearest village was too far away. Father Silverio used his workroom to meet people, and he always closed the door firmly to ensure the privacy of the discussions, but obviously he was not aware how easily I could hear everything when lying on the bed of the guest room.

Once I saw Chesus approaching the house and I went to my room. I knew it was terrible thing to do, but I was too curious to hear what he had to say. Father Silverio had a daily time slot of two hours when he was listening confessions. He sat behind a moveable partition, which forced both father and his customers to talk quite loudly. Chesus started with the usual stuff; he had called his employer on Friday morning and faked to be sick, he had been lazy...

I was about to leave the room when I heard something more interesting: Chesus confessed that he had been unfaithful to his girlfriend. He stopped speaking, but father asked him to go on. He had been in a basketball match and after the game he had been in the locker room when one of the cheerleaders had stepped in. Chesus had been wearing only briefs at that moment. He had asked whether the girl was looking for someone because he was the last one of the boys to be in the locker room. The girl had said that she was searching for nobody else but him.

After saying the words the girl had quickly undressed her t-shirt and removed her mini-skirt. It was obvious that she had planned the show, as she was wearing neither bra nor panties. Chesus had been unable to resist staring at the naked cheerleader in front of him. He had just met one of the cutest girls of his life, naked. The girl had locked the door and given him a long kiss on the mouth before he had been able to utter a word.

Without placing a question the girl had started to rub his semi-hard penis. Chesus told Silverio that he had gone completely out of his mind and responded to the fondling with full intensity. He had caressed her breasts and kissed her like never before. Father Silverio interrupted him and said that he would not need to describe all the details. Chesus said he wanted to, he was too ashamed and he wanted to tell everything to get it out of his mind, to get the full forgiveness.

The girl had knelt down in front of him. She had kissed his cock through the fabric and looked right into his eyes with flaming passion in her eyes. The girl had removed Chesus' briefs. She had taken the swollen penis between her lips and started sucking. Father Silverio interrupted again to ask whether it was absolutely necessary to describe all these details. Chesus replied that he really wanted to confess everything - besides this the story would end soon.

After some 30 seconds of heavenly oral sex Chesus had exploded into girl's waiting mouth. Right after the last spurt of semen had come out, they had heard a knocking on the door. The girl had smiled, collected her clothes and escaped to the shower department. Chesus had succeeded in hiding his still erect cock behind a towel and opened the door. One of the players had forgotten his shoes.

Chesus said that he probably would have done anything for the girl. He had been too aroused to remember that he was engaged. Now he repented for his actions - even if he did nothing else but stood and shot his load into girl's mouth - and came to receive absolution. I felt anger, jealousy, and hot. I knew I could never forgive him."

I looked around in the living room. I could both feel and see the excitement. Kimmo's flannels could not hide the incredible thickness of his cock; Samu had changed his position to prevent others seeing his probable arousal; Sara's erect nipples were eye-catching; Brian's face were redden, matching nicely with the colour of his hair. One more truth and we could not help us.

I got a chance to challenge Brian. He was 25-year-old, red-haired Brit. He was not my type, but I knew that many female students at the university were keen on him. I asked him to tell his most recent masturbation fantasy. He tried hard to avoid the question, but finally he agreed.


"We are hiking in Finnish Lapland together with my roommate, his little brother, and little brother's girlfriend. After a wonderful summer day in the UKK national park we erect our tent and unpack our sleeping bags. We say goodnight. As soon as we have got in our sleeping bags, we realise them unnecessary because of the heat of the night.

I can hear my roommate falling asleep as soon as he has closed his eyes. The young couple seems to sleep as well. I just cannot get to sleep. After a while I hear the couple on my right side moving, in the silence of Finnish backwoods I can even hear their kiss. The kiss seems to be ever-ending. I slightly open my eyes to see that they are playing with each other. It is amazing how silently they can do it!

They are now both naked. The girl has a slim body and nice small breasts, which are hesitantly fondled by the boy. The girl is giving a handjob to the boy whose cock is much smaller than mine, but obviously hard as rock. So is mine. Suddenly the girl catches me spying on them. I am totally confused as she smiles and continues her task. Soon she leans towards the boy and whispers something to his ear. After that she motions me to come closer.

I am even more confused and I do not know what to do. Finally my curiosity makes me to follow her invitation. She puts her other hand to my briefs and around my stiffen penis, but she never stops jerking her boyfriend. His boyfriend watches as she reveals my cock and starts rubbing it. The sight makes him cum and groan loudly.

I notice that my roommate is also awake now. No wonder! He asks what the hell is this, but the girl invites him to join the party. My roommate hesitates and looks at his little brother. His brother nods and my roommate takes his penis out. It is swollen and about the length of his brother's, but a bit thicker. The girl takes him in her mouth. The situation makes us both to climax right then. The girl giggles and says that she would like to measure my cock to know what is the size of a real cock. I gladly agree."

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