tagIncest/TabooBell Glade Beauty

Bell Glade Beauty


It had been a normal day. Dave drove down the Georgia turnpike, whisking past the other cars in his grey sedan. He was returning from the NBC affiliate he worked for. His career was a boon to his family, as they got admission to all kinds of events through the station. But this weekend Dave's wife was out of town, and she usually picked up Allison from school. Just a few minutes earlier, his daughter had called to ask for a ride.

Dave pulled to the front of Blue Glade High. He searched for Allison among the throng of students, but to no avail. Finally he gave up and sat back as the BMW hummed in neutral. Blue Glade wasn't private, but a good school nonetheless. It had all the benefits of the upper class neighborhood; spacious campus, good faculty, and a student body that could grace magazine covers. Dave's mind drifted to Allison's friends, little "proper" teens with a hint of mischief. He wondered if his life had passed him by. The crowd of backpacked students had a future, exciting plans, living life to the fullest. His home life couldn't possibly compare to what Allison and her friends were enjoying. Suddenly he heard a knock on the window.

"Hi Daddy!" Allison said cheerfully." Could you unlock your trunk?"

"Just put your stuff in the backseat hon." Dave replied. he smiled as he gazed at her, the pride of the family. It was not hard to see why she was well liked. Aside from a shining personality, Allison had those girl-next-door looks that inspire fantasies in young boys. But fathers...?

"Damn!" Dave spurted out. It just so happened that Allison had decided to wear her low rise jeans today, and while stowing her backpack, her little blue thong had unveiled itself. Dave could not restrain the exclamation, as her baby tee, stretched over her pert titties did not make matters any easier.

"What is it Dad?" Allison said, worried. "Nothing Ali, I just remembered that I forgot to pay the cable bill. Looks like you're stuck for the ride."

Allison didn't care; she liked spending time with Dave. It was the only time she was truly herself, and they would engage in long talks regularly. She especially loved his name for her, Ali. It just didn't sound right when other people said it. Of course all this quality time was hard on Dave, as he had to endure day after day of Ali's outfits. Whether it was her tiny jeans skirt, tight Levis or her designer sweatpants, the word "Abercrombie" thoughtfully splayed on the backside. But he took it all in stride, she was his daughter, and he was content with that. Dave sighed and reached over to put the car in drive, but overshot his target and instead firmly grasped Allison's denim encased pussy instead.

"What's going on" Allison said, nonplussed. She saw nothing more to the event, it was just an accident. Dave quickly pulled his hand back and apologized. As the car gained speed, he tried to change the subject. "How was your day?"

"Oh, you know same old stuff classes, lunch, and homework." Allison answered. Tormenting images of Danielle and her father wouldn't stop running through her head. It had all been pretty wild, but Dani's suggestions had actually made her a little damp. She shifted her hips on the grey leather, but this only served to feed her itch. What was coming over her?

"Daddy," Allison said in a measured tone "Can I ask you something, and be honest. Do you think I'm hot?"

"What are you talking about, you are one of the most beautiful girls at Blue Glade" Dave retorted.

"So you've been looking at Blue Glade girls have you?" Allison said playfully. This flirting was one of Allison's favorite pastimes. "Well its hard not to," Dave said under his breath. Unfortunately Allison heard. "Omigod!" she squealed "you totally check out my friends!" she said with a playful shove. "But as long as I'm the hottest, it's okay" she said with a bit of sarcasm.

"Of course you are Ali" he assured his daughter. But as he looked at Allison, something was different. Gone was her playful manner, replaced by a sly, roguish gaze.

"What do you think is best about me Daddy" She purred, running her thumb under the waist of her jeans. Her shoulder length dark brown hair draped across her shirt, the highlighted tips resting on the perky shelf of her breasts. Dave was dumbstruck; he never expected behavior like this from his little Ali. Allison stared at him, and sharply took in air as her hands kneaded the tight denim around her thighs.

"Ali what has gotten into you today?" Dave said, shocked, but slowly letting down his defenses. Her torture was intriguing; he just had to see where this would go.

"What if my pants were just to...unbutton perhaps?" Allison began to undo her pleasantly tight jeans, revealing the front of her choice of underwear. Dave gasped as he looked down from the road, and soaked in the sight of Allison's blue cotton panties.

"Mmmmm" Allison purred, running her hands closer to the throbbing heat emanating from her thighs. Her zipper came down, an open V revealing aqua blue underneath. Dave took another look down, and stared at her lap. Allison's thong fit her just right, and the vibrant color reminded him of a candy wrapper. But Dave couldn't take the forbidden candy...or fruit...could he? His dick throbbed angrily against his leg, clouding his judgment. Allison's hands began caressing her little button, her favorite spot. She hunched forward, closed her eyes and began rotating her hips in the plush leather seat.

Her light moans were waves of pleasure, lightly lapping at his ears, enticing his cock to dance higher.

"Daddy, we have a problem" Allison informed. Dave knew it was too good to be true; this dream was all going to end. But Ali had other things in mind. "We can't have fun with your dick in your pants." Dave almost lost control as she grasped for his member, encased in his khakis.

"You must be soooo hard after your long day. I bet you want a hand wrapped around your cock, so big and swollen.

Dave cringed at hearing this dirty talk from clean, proper Allison. Little hands unzipped his slacks, and began to snake her fingers over his tented boxers. Things were getting sticky, in Dave's life and now his shorts, as his tormented member was made to surrender precum. Ali made the move to fish out his throbbing pole. Her hand reached into the flap, but had a little trouble as Dave was reaching unforeseen lengths. "Here it is..." Allison gasped as she pulled his dick through his boxers. The middle aged father felt as if a dam burst when his cock was released into the open. His stiff rod stood straight up from his lap, almost hypnotizing the young brunette. The girl held him, and rubbed her thumb firmly on his dickhead. More precum began to drip out, and Allison rubbed it into his dick as she began to stroke his shaft, ever so slowly. She knew that spot right under his head would send him over- she worked this area gently.

Dave knew he had to pull over, or he would wreck. He pulled into an enclosed driveway hidden from view. It was this time Allison began to jerk him in earnest.

"Oh god Ali, what are you doing" he gasped as he shifted on to park and took out the keys. "Nothing we both don't want" Ali replied, and as if to convince him, squeezed the shaft gently with her thumb and forefinger.

"Now Daddy, I can't be thirsty on my long drive with you. Do you have anything for me to drink? My mouth is sooo dry." She pouted. Dave obliged as he shifted and Allison slid his cock into her waiting mouth. Her pink tongue teased him, lightly bathing him in warmth. She closed his protruding crown inside her oral cavity. Hot dripping warmth attacked his dick, tempting his member into release. "Mmmmm," she hummed, staring at his cock. "I want you to cum so bad. Do you think you can do it? Can you spurt for your little Ali?" She said, challenging him. With this she began raining slow kisses along the shaft. She tongued her way up to the head, and began teasing his tiny slit." I...I can't'...hold much longer baby..."he panted, afraid he would scare the girl off with his rapidly approaching load. "Then cum Daddy, maybe I'll find a warm place for your hard peter while you explode." Allison panted as she pumped his susceptible stiffness

With that Dave began thrusting against Ali's hand, his dick feeling tighter than ever enclosed in her grip. Allison smiled as her Dads member sailed through her willing hands. She formed a ring with her thumb and fingers, letting the hard hot flesh ease in and out of her hold. Dave felt a burst every time her ring would close around the base of his cock, and it was to stimulating his already aching balls into overload. She felt the pulse under her fingers, and quickly placed her mouth over his tender cockhead. When Dave saw Ali dip her head into his lap, he lost control.

Ali felt the head jerk in her mouth, then release copious amounts of fluid on her tongue. Burning white thickness filled her mouth, and Ali dutifully swallowed. Dave cried and jerked his hips with every discharge. She longingly sucked it down; waiting for the next blast.Ali began stroking the rest of his cum out of his dick and into her mouth. She turned her head and began to stare into her fathers eyes. To add that extra bit of tease, Ali sucked on his cock one last time, eliciting a gasp from her spent father.

"Alright mister, now its time for you to help me." Ali's father thought he had gone to heaven. His beautiful daughter had just given him unbelievable head, and now he would get to touch her gorgeous body. It was beyond words.

Ali reached for the hem of her shirt and brought it over her breasts, exposing them to the brisk autumn air. Dave immediately began sucking on his daughters brown eraser-sized nipples.

"Hmmm, I see you found my tits dad. I'm glad you like them, it makes me hot when someone plays with them..."

Dave took notice to this, who else was sucking on his baby's nipples? He would have to remember to query her later on the subject. His thoughts quickly shifted as he reached into her already open jeans. He grasped her little mound, enjoying the feel of her lips through the cotton.

"Ooooh Daddy" she squealed as he moved from one nipple to the other, biting it gently." You're making me mess my panties, but I love the way you're doing my titties.""

"Oh Daddy, you're making me so wet, I can't stand it. Please stick your tongue in me, hurry." Ali pleaded. With that they moved to the back seat of the vehicle. Luckily Dave owned a 745iL and there was more than enough room for two. Somehow Allison landed on her stomach, and Dave attempted to peel her tight jeans from her tanned ass.

"Ooooh Daddy, do you like the way my thong sits on my little ass?" Allison inquired, already knowing the answer. "It's the best" her father breathed, almost panting as more of his daughters little body came into view. Dave finally peeled the thin band of cotton from between her cheeks. Allison arched her back with her face on the seat and slowly swayed her prize in front of him.

"So, do you like my little kitty?" Ali taunted. Her voice was piercing her father's senses; Dave was having trouble keeping consciousness. She tossed her hair and turned over her shoulder, gauging her father's reaction. Ali was shaved except for a simple tuft above the clit. Dave reached under to her belly button, and felt cold hardness. Her belly ring hadn't been an issue, as Dave was a pretty liberal parent. But at this moment he marveled at its sexual power. He reached lower and began lazily massaging her slit. He quickly maneuvered her into a sitting position, and spread her legs as far as they could go in the back of the German auto. Dave knelt between her legs, his tongue reaching for her mound. Allison's outer lips were beginning to open, revealing her button. Dave tongued the hole while rotating his thumb on her clit.

Allison sounded as if she were having trouble breathing. Her panting signaled an imminent orgasm, and thus moaning. Dave enjoyed hearing his daughter whine and shudder above him; it was a sight to behold. She began to buck her hips, as if fighting the pleasure. "Tongue...my...cookie..."she said between gasps. A few minutes later, she proved her appreciation.

Allison screamed as her orgasm rocked her brain, almost knocking her out. Her stomach rippled, hips churning as the peak became realized. Her father was holding on to her thighs, content to be along for the ride. "Fuck, daddy" she whined "you eat it sooo good" panting as she came down to earth. Dave was not used to such harsh language from Allison, a damn here, shit there. But to hear her curse in all her orgasmic glory was icing on the cake.

"Alright daddy" Ali panted, "Time to get going." But a change had come over Dave. He needed more from Ali, whether she wanted it or not. The assault on her pussy renewed, the soon-to-be coed yelped in surprise. "Aiee, c'mon daddy, I need a break, my cookie feels too good. You need to stop...." Her head fell back as she surrendered to his manipulations.

Car seats creaked as the Blue Glade students' hips began bouncing uncontrollably. Her ass began trembling; she could not handle the overload he was giving with his tongue and fingers. Pink tipped fingers grasped for a hold, anything to support her. She finally settled for a headrest and the door handle. The usually demure teen now slumped on her leather support; a look of desperate need gripped her features. If he found her clit, Ali's next trip to heaven would also knock her unconscious. Only one thing would pry him from her trembling thighs, that being the plaesure and privilige of encasing his member in his daughters body. Ali had already gone this far, however, such an act would certainly change things. Nearing another peak, Allison made her decision...

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