tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBello's Dog Ch. 04

Bello's Dog Ch. 04


"I couldn't sleep in there." Lola tried defending herself; she had woken moments earlier wrapped around Alex's bottom half, with confused eyes looking down on her.

She had no real excuse, and they both knew it, so she stopped there. Hoping her big 'innocent' eyes would fool him enough.

Truth be told, when she had woken in the middle of the night, cold and shaky, alone in a bed too big for one, she had wandered out in search. What for, she didn't quite remember. But she had saw him, lying naked, tanned skin and taut muscle stretched out over the leather, and she had, without a second thought, squeezed behind him and settled in.

"Okay...but can I get up now, I'll make us a cup of coffee and then we can sort out finding you a place to live. I'll need to disappear for a while too I think, but I've got people up north I can go stay with."

He untangled his legs and slid off the sticky leather, avoiding the revealed flesh of her thighs as he did.

"I've got a friend." Alex shouted through from the kitchen.

"He's going to put me up in his hotel for a couple of days; he owns one up in Hale. You want me to ask for a room for you? He'll do it free, he's a good guy."

Lola mulled this over while she plushed up the cushions and folded the duvet.

"Well. Yes, I've got nowhere to go, but won't he ask questions?" She wasn't in the habit of accepting favours; it only meant she owed them something.

Alex wandered back in with coffee cups in hand, sending the blood rushing out of Lola's face again when she remembered his topless state.

"No, he's an old friend, if I tell him I got in some trouble, he'll cover for me...us." He pressed the warm mug into Lola's fingers and smiled. She took a long sip and sighed, the warmth settled in her stomach.

"That's perfect." Cream, two sugars.

"Well yer, I know how you like it. A cup of coffee to go along with a morning beating always warmed you up, I remember." His mouth momentarily pulled down but when Lola looked up to his eyes, they were apologetic only.

"I'm sorry Lola, I shouldn't have said that."

"No. What have you got to apologise for, I beat you black and blue for months. At the whim of a maniac." Lola's face held no expression. No emotion. She tucked away a curl behind her ear and sipped her coffee again.

Alex sat unsure of what to say. He turned on the television and they watched in silence.

"I didn't need all this." Lola grumbled to herself.

Alex had left her in her room moments ago, with strict orders to unpack and make it home.

He had taken her out for 'essentials' that afternoon, and even with all of her moaning and refusals of his money, she had come out of that shop with a suitcase full.

Clothes, toiletries, pyjamas, books, makeup.

It was a nice enough room, old fashioned, classic. A big four poster bed in a daunting dark wood, surrounded by deep red curtains. To be fair, it was up-market, probably far too expensive for her.

It wasn't really her style either. She did admire the large brown leather armchair in the corner though, and expected that she would spend many nights sleeping in that rather than the monster of a bed.

She zipped shut the suitcase as soon as she had opened it, and slid it under the bed. She decided she could deal with that tomorrow. She took out a book and set it down next to the brandy bottle on the side table.

"Lola? Foods done. You coming down?" Alex shouted through from the corridor that separated their rooms.

"Um no, I'm not hungry, I'll stay here." It was getting late; it had been a big day of packing, moving, meeting people. Lola slipped her hand under the bed and pulled a nightie out of the case and undressed.

"Are you sure? Are you ok? Can I come in?"

"Yes! But well...no" Lola answered his first question, but before she could finish the sentence and warn him she heard the latch go and only had time to hold the nightie in front of her body, covering much less of her body than she would like.

He entered the room and shut it behind him, his mouth open ready to speak again when he noticed her. His eyes clenched shut immediately.

"Oh! Fuck! You should have said." Alex held his hands over his eyes and turned.

Holding one hand over his eyes still, he reached out with the other and grasped around for the handle.

Lola couldn't help it, a chuckle escaped her lips.

"You look ridiculous." She continued laughing as she watched him awkwardly head back to the door, like some sort of blind zombie.

"Don't laugh. Clothe yourself or help me. Fuck." Alex hissed as he tripped over her shoes.

He hadn't been that far from the door originally, but with his eyes clothes, and a clearly terrible sense of direction, he had come nearly full circle and was about to knock the crystal wear right off the table.

"Stop! For fucks sake!" He held his arms frozen in front of him. Alex's mouth turned up into a smile.

Lola chuckled, dropping her nightie; she made her way over to him and turned him, gripping his waist from behind and steering him away. She felt his fingers press against hers.

"Your eyes better still be closed."

"Might be. You'll have to come around and find out." Lola's hands went limp, they dropped to her sides. Her mind went blank. She saw her hand reach out to his arm and pull it before she knew she had.

Alex turned slowly, his gaze landing on hers. His mouth opened slightly and his eyes wandered down, over her naked body. It was better than he remembered. Wide hips and full breasts, topped with pale pink nipples. She reached out for him, pulling his hand towards her.

"Touch me." Her voice quivered.

His hand rested on her neck, he moved forward and wrapped his other arm around her waist.

He pulled her body close and looked down at her, she was at least a foot shorter and he had to lean considerably to reach her face.

As he did, her head moved away, but he held firm. He persevered. Gripping the back of her neck tightly, he brought her mouth to his and they met.

She sunk into him, her mouth opening. He danced his tongue over her lips. Far too quickly he stopped and he backed away smiling.

She breathed out the lungful of air she had been holding and gripped the front of his t-shirt, feeling the muscles of his chest, warm and hard under it.

"Please don't stop. I might change my mind."

His eyes darkened.

"I want you to want this as much as I do. I don't want it to be a regret." His hand on her waist loosened.

"No. please, I want this. I want you." She rose up onto tiptoe and pulled his face toward her, kissing up his stubbled jawline. But his head stretched away from hers.

"Get some sleep. I'm sorry again." He peeled himself off her body and turned away.

"What? No. Don't leave me." She pulled at his t-shirt, but he was quick. He opened the door a crack and slipped out.

Lola didn't hesitate; she grabbed her coat and closed the front over herself. It reached just above her knees so she made sure to be quick as she darted across to his room.

She saw his door close over just as she reached it.

"Alex..." She pressed her forehead to the wood and whispered.

"Alex please. I've had plenty of opportunity to run from you. Leave you behind. I haven't."

She tightened the coat around her again and tried to sink into the door as two elderly people passed her, confusion and shock on their faces.

"Alex. I'm begging you, let me in. Let's talk."

The door creaked open slowly and Alex's face appeared in the gap.

"I don't want you to think you owe me anything. You don't. Don't make the mistake of thinking I owe you anything either. Ever. Ok? You can go anytime you want, but I'm asking you...stay."

Lola pushed herself through the gap and Alex backed away from the door.

"I'm telling you. I'm staying."

She reached behind and shut the door, simultaneously releasing the front of her coat and letting her shoulders drop. It fell to the floor with a rustle. Alex's throat contracted as he swallowed.

She stood in front of him, gloriously naked. Her pale velvety skin contrasting with her mane of chocolate curls and a small patch between her legs matching that.

"You are stunning." He whispered, edging closer to her, and gracing his fingertips around her waist.

He held her so gently, so loosely, as if she would shatter like glass in his arms.

Lola gripped the neckline of his t-shirt with both and hands and pulled gently, a smile at her lips. He got the hint, and helped her pull the top over his head and off. Lola could now be skin to skin with him. She could finally press herself against his warm chest; feel his beating heart thrum against her skin. She turned to rub her cheek against it. His smell was heady, and warmth consumed the room.

Lola's hands snaked around his neck again and grasped the hair at his nape. Alex groaned eagerly and sunk down, pressing his lips to hers once more. She responded, pushing her mouth up to meet his and pulling him almost painfully against her body. She dared to open her eyes for a moment, and watched his face, less an inch from hers.

Alex's eyebrows were pulled together, his eyes squeezed shut. It was a face of pain. But the pull of his fingers against her hips, and the bulge forming against her stomach, told Lola otherwise.

Suddenly, Lola's feet left the floor, and she was dropped back into the covers of the bed.

Alex started down at her from the foot of it, like a prowling animal. As his eyes travelled the length of her body, he undid his trousers, unzipping them and slowly dragging them down his legs. Then he reached for the band of his underpants. He kept deliberate eye contact with Lola as he pulled them down his legs, letting them drop to the floor.

His erection sprung up, pressing against his stomach. Lola gasped and squeezed her legs together. That would never fit.

Alex kneeled forward onto the edge of the bed, and on all fours crawled up to her. He pressed her legs apart and settled his hips between them. His cock pressed hungrily against her, and Lola's insides fluttered.

"Wait. Alex." Lola groaned. She covered her face with both hands and let her head drop back on the pillow.

"What? What's wrong? Condom? There's one in my bag." Alex started to move off her but Lola held him still.

"I'm a virgin."

Lola's face grew red and she bit her bottom lip to stop it trembling.

Alex didn't speak, and he kept his face impressively passive. But his eyes gave his shock away.

"That's ok with me. If its ok with you? We can take this slow. I'd happily have it last all night."

He punctuated with a wink and grinned at her.

"Thank you." Lola smiled back and kissed him again, widening her legs.

"I want you now Alex, no more waiting."

"Are you sure you're ready, I'm sure I could help you out a bit if you weren't." His hand snaked between their two bodies and he rolled a fingertip around her clit.

Lola's body pushed off the bed and her head tipped back. Her mouth fell open in a silent 'o'.

"Now." She persisted. She pulled his hips and arched hers, pressing their joined bodies even closer.

She had no doubt in her mind, none at all. This was the moment. The moment she had forever dreamed of. A strong man, claiming her. Making sweet love to her. Holding her and kissing her, making her complete. Alex was that man, the man she loved.

The words were coming up the back of her throat, with a sickly taste. But she held it back.

Alex didn't love her, how could he? After all she had done...all she was. But tonight was hers, to remember any way she wanted.

Alex was lost, he looked down at the angel smiling under him, she was begging him, she needed him.

Alex wanted to give her everything. He pushed into her with ease and a shiver of pleasure ripped through him.

"Lola?" He prized his eyes apart to look at her. Her face had split into a grin and he couldn't help but smile back.

"What?" Alex grumbled. Embarrassment crept in.

"Finally." With that she placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

The word was perfect. It felt right. Alex had been waiting. Waiting for her.

All the other girls, one night stands, week long relationships here and there. He had been waiting for Lola. The guilt he felt when he thought of the other women he had fucked confirmed his feelings.

He shifted, gently pulling out of her, and then slowly easing himself all the way back. She was slick with warm wetness and fit him perfectly.

"More. Please Alex. I've waited long enough for this."

Alex swung back into her with more force this time, bottoming out with a grunt.

Lola cried out in approval, and as he got into a rhythm, her feet rose up to press against his thighs and pull him closer with each thrust.

He nudged her face to the side and smelt the heavenly scent of her. Sweet and salty with sweat. He kissed the delicate skin of her neck, tasting the pulse underneath.

"Oh god." Lola's hand slid down her sheened body and to her clit. She rubbed herself in time with Alex's hips and started to tremble under him.

"Come on Lola." Alex grasped both of her wrists and held them high above her head, pressing his weight down on her. Her rigid nipples tickling down his chest.

The speed increased even more.

He angled up and rolled his hips, in a matter of seconds Lola had turned her head and pressed her face into her arm, screaming out against her skin. Her body shook angrily and her insides quivered delicately around him.

"Lola!" Alex exploded, coming to his own shuddering halt. He dropped, like a sack of potatoes onto Lola's tiny frame.

There was no air between them. Just the hot humid memory of sex.

Panting filled the room.

Lola rolled Alex off her and followed his body, pressing herself to his side, moulding to him, her palm rubbing the tense muscles of his stomach.

Alex lifted her hand to his face and kissed her palm, up her fingers to the tip of each.

"That. Was. Perfect." He mumbled between kisses.

He dropped her hand and shuffled lower, until he was face to face with her.

She was already sleeping, softly and silently in his arms.

He pressed one more kiss to her forehead and settled his head against hers.


There's another chapter in the making that will take our story in some major twists and turns. I can't wait to write it, and hope you all look forward to reading it.

I love feedback, so please! criticise away.

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