tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBelonging To Sir Ch. 05

Belonging To Sir Ch. 05


The last few weeks went by fast. Cassie had been able to breathe a sigh of relief. Mr. Mason had left for a business meeting early the morning after the party and both she and Sir had been able to avoid any repercussions for Sir carrying her away from him. Cassie was even start to be proud of herself. She had managed to avoid getting punished every day, unlike when she first came to belong to Sir.

Things had changed since that night. Cassie wasn't disappointed in the least over them either. No more sleeping on the floor, but in bed, usually draped over Sir. He still commanded her obedience, but she was allowed to express her opinions, or ask questions, only in private away from anyone else, but it helped her a lot when it came to giving herself over to him. This was something she had thought would never happen. To be perfectly honest, she had thought she would be locked in a tiny dark room suffering horrors too ugly to imagine. Instead, she had started to think of her new life as home.

Cassie threw the covers off of both her and Sir. He was still asleep. He had gotten in bed late last night. Long after she had fallen asleep. She should let him sleep, but she had other plans for him. Slowly sliding down his body, she nestled herself between his splayed legs. She took his cock into her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue. It started to thicken and harden slowly, and she was able to keep most of it in her mouth while she teased him with her tongue. When it finally became fully erect, she abandoned his cock for his balls. A moan escaped his mouth as she suckled one of his testicles in her mouth.

"Oh, you minx," Sir said sleepily, his hand coming to rest in her hair. Cassie hated to admit it to herself, but she had some to love his cock. In any way she could get it. She was pretty sure it was just his cock too. No one else had been able to get her worked up like he could.

Sir's hand gripped her hair, but he didn't control her head. Instead, if felt as if he was reaching out to steady himself. Cassie looked up into his eyes as she let her mouth wander slowly around his flesh. Desire lit his eyes. She knew it turned him on more to have her looking at him while she suckled his cock. She had learned to use her tongue more over the last few weeks and knew what it took to make him twitch.

Sir groaned as she took him all the way to the back of her throat. She held there and swallowed a few times before slowly withdrawing. She made a few shallow bobs before she finally picked up her speed. Sir grunted out his release as Cassie drank everything he shot down her throat. She suckled him gently to clean him off before letting his limp cock pop out of her mouth.

Cassie was shocked when he pulled her up over him and kissed her. Deeply. It was a line they hadn't crossed previously, and when Cassie overcame her shock, she sank deeply back into Sir and kissed him back. Cassie had hoped, but she was certain now this was more than just slave training. She couldn't imagine Sir being this way for her if he didn't care for her. Well, more than just caring for a slave anyway.

They had gotten up and showered when there was a knock at the door. Cassie walked to the side of the bed and knelt down while Sir went to answer the door. Sir may let her get away with certain things in private, but she learned her lesson to not test him when there were others around.

Cassie's head came up when she heard arguing. It didn't sound like breakfast had shown up. She could barely make out what was being said, just that both parties were angry. Even though Cassie learned that Sir had no cause to be angry with her, disappointed yes, but never angry, she still tensed up as though it was her fault. She hated it when Sir was angry.

Cassie bowed her head quickly when she heard footsteps approaching. She fought with herself to not look up, to not see who stopped in the door way. To not look at who ever was staring down at her.

"So, you really have been training her. Not just acting like a horny teenager," the man said. Mr. Mason. He was back. Cassie started to tremble, squeezing her eyes closed and concentrated on her breathing.

"Of course I've trained her. She's learned well." Sir responded, his voice tight.

"I don't see a mark on her. Have you been going soft on her?" Mark her? Was she supposed to be beaten every day?

"She hasn't earned a punishment in a while, Mr. Mason. With proper training, she is excelling."

"Who cares about proper training? I want her miserable. I want her to suffer."

"No. You said you wanted her to become a slave. You didn't say you wanted her to become a whipping boy for your bruised ego."

"She's mine to do whatever I wish! I own her!"

Mr. Mason stepped towards Cassie and Sir blocked his way. Cassie was struggling to breathe; she felt a panic attack coming on and hoped to not pass out in case she needed to run.

"You've taken her freedom and you've taken her pride. You've humiliated her and you've played with her. You have no need to beat her unnecessarily as well."

Mr. Mason stormed out and Sir let out a pained sigh. He sat on the bed, close to Cassie. He was stroking her hair and reassuring her it will all be okay.

"I'm sorry Cassie. I had hoped he would have calmed down before now."

Cassie leaned into his leg and let him comfort her. She was just about ready to climb into his lap when his door burst open again and Mr. Mason returned. He didn't return alone. Instead he had several men with him.

"Take them both."

Cassie screamed and threw herself at Sir, who held her tightly as the men approached. They tore Cassie from Sir and several of the men had to wrestle Sir down to the ground before they managed to stick a needled into his neck. Cassie cried out for Sir as he struggled and after he stilled. Cassie froze when the same man who stuck Sir came towards her.

"Please, don't," Cassie whispered. The man's face showed no emotion as he withdrew another needle and stuck her with it. Cassie struggled to remain conscious but finally gave in as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

When Cassie woke up later, she woke to a pounding headache. She found herself in the same situation as the first time she came here. Bound and unable to move. The room was different. There were no windows and it was cold. Dark and cold. She was strapped to another exam table and through the dim light she saw Sir chained to the wall, still knocked out.

"Sir?" Cassie whispered. He didn't stir. "Sir, please!"

Cassie called out for him until he finally started to wake up. He was groggy for a while before finally coming to completely, realizing he was chained.

"Oh, Cassie. I'm so sorry," Sir said, while he struggled against the chains uselessly.

The door opened and Mr. Mason, along with two other men, stepped into the room. "Ah, you are awake! Great. Then we can get started."

The two men stepped forward and released Sir from his chains. They didn't free him, instead they turned him to face the wall and locked him back in. Then one of them ripped his shirt open and exposed his back.

"Luke, dear boy, I'm sorry I have to do this. But you are meant to obey me just like she is meant to obey."

Mr. Mason stood back and nodded to the other man. He had a cane in his hand. Not a flogger, like Sir used on her, but a cane. Cassie cried out when she saw it.

"Gag her, if you would," Mr. Mason said, not taking his eyes off of Sir.

When the cane came down on Sir, he barely gave a grunt. Cassie cried out at each count. She watched as Sir took the cane to his back over and over, slowly starting to sag in his chains, his grunts getting louder and more pained. When the last strike landed, Sir was held up only by the chains and his back was an angry red with welts and gashes.

"Drag him to his cage," Mr. Mason ordered. They put him in an upright cage with him facing the room. It fit him like a glove and he had no room to turn or move. Sir slumped against the steel bars but was held up in a standing position.

Mr. Mason's cold eyes left Sir and turned on Cassie. Cassie was trembling from watching Sir get whipped and shuttered when she realized she would be next.

"Since Luke has decided that you don't deserve such rough treatment for no reason, he took your punishment. Instead, we have something else for you. Luke has no choice but to watch and be helpless to stop it."

Mr. Mason moved to her table and repositioned her legs. He held them bent and tied her calves to her thighs and attached her bindings to the table to prevent her from closing her legs. Mr. Mason ran a finger down her dry slit.

"You'll want to get wet, my dear. This will be harder on you if you don't." Mr. Mason told her. Cassie wanted to plead with him but the gag prevented her. She didn't want him inside her at all. But Mr. Mason made no move to put his finger, or cock, into her pussy. Instead, he held out his hand behind him, and one of the men dug in a black bag she hadn't noticed before and handed him a couple colorful sticks.

Cassie looked at them in confusion. They looked sort of like oversized crayons. What was he doing? Mr. Mason produced a lighter and lit one. Cassie's eyes widened when she realized they weren't crayons but candles. She had a feeling she knew what they were for and hoped she was wrong. She wasn't.

A scream tore out her throat and was muffled by the gag as the first drop hit her. Mr. Mason tipped his hand and the melted wax landed in droplets on her stomach. Slowly, the wax hit around her stomach, making a circle around her belly button. Cassie's hoarse screams filled the air. Cassie's desperate screams grew louder as the wax started a trail lower and lower until the first drops hit her exposed pussy.

Mr. Mason's eyes were wide with excitement and Cassie was sure he was getting excited by her pain. His fingers trailed the cooled wax on her pussy, fascinated by what he was doing. He grabbed a different color and proceeded to drop wax again. A splash of hot wax hit her tender pussy and then he dribbled a bit down onto her asshole. Cassie squealed and it brought a chuckle from Mr. Mason. He brought the wax back up to her stomach and coated her more before moving up and splashing wax onto her nipples.

Cassie struggled as Mr. Mason dropped hot wax, changing colors often, all over her body. It hurt, but it also started to heat her up. And not in a painful way. It was unpleasant after it stopped hurting and then it started to tingle and send shivered down her spine to her pussy. Soon she was wet, confused and still struggling as Mr. Mason finally put the candles away.

"Ah, that is much better. You know, Luke, I think you're right. Maybe all pain is a bad idea. We'll try some new things out and see how well I do."

Cassie's eyes shot to Sir, who was now struggling in his cage. His angry eyes were pinned to the back of Mr. Mason's head and Cassie thought he looked like a bull locked in a cage with the matador taunting him.

"Mason, don't," Sir called out. One of the men moved toward Sir and forced a ball gag into his mouth.

"Thank you, that is much better." Mr. Mason motioned the two men to Cassie. They unbound her and picked her up. They stood before a weird looking cage. It was very much different from Sir's and Cassie was having a hard time figuring out how they were going to stick her in it. They lifted Cassie to sit into it and locked her upper body into the cage before bringing up her legs to lock into it. It finally clicked. She looked like she was squatting down. It left both her pussy and ass exposed.

"Doesn't she look great, Luke?" Mr. Mason said as he examined Cassie in her cage. His fingers found their way to her wet pussy and pushed one inside of her. Cassie closed her eyes and tried to keep her body from reacting, but failed. His finger pulled out and slid further back to her asshole. Cassie moaned as he rubbed her hole gently before pushing in.

"Ah, she liked this now. Well, I do admit you have done this part to my satisfaction. She just might enjoy herself today."

Mr. Mason stepped back and let the men carry over Cassie's next treatment. Cassie was started when she realized it was two poles connected to a box. When the two men fitted two dildos to the poles Cassie about fainted. She thought the wax was hard to endure, she had a feeling she wouldn't like this next part whatsoever.

They lined up both dildos and pushed them inside her pussy and ass. The one in her ass went in all the way, and Cassie grunted as they were shoved inside of her. She was thankful they remembered to at least lube them before they put them inside of her. When Mr. Mason flipped the switch, Cassie groaned again as the started to slowly piston in and out of her. Mr. Mason had them set for one to be on the way out when the other entered.

Cassie felt full. They started out slow but slowly were working faster and faster. All she could do was clench her teeth since she could barely move in her cage. As they worked faster, the dildo in her pussy hit something inside of her. Something that was slowly driving her crazy. Something good. Cassie cried out around the gag as it intensified. Her eyes flew to Sir and stayed on his. Sir's eyes were full of concern and anger. And now, a little bit of lust. He liked seeing her in pleasure.

Cassie was unable to orgasm. She thought for sure it was because it wasn't Sir who controlled her body. That he hadn't given her permission. Mr. Mason had waited a long time before pulling something else out of his mysterious black bag. It looked like a wand of some sort. When Mr. Mason pushed the button, Cassie heard it start to vibrate. When Mr. Mason applied it to her clit, she screamed. She came instantly and hard. He kept it against her clit, forcing her to endure her orgasm and to throw her into another.

Cassie shook her head, tried to move herself off of it. When her sixth orgasm hit, she was miserable and desperate. Mr. Mason kept it up. Her ass and pussy felt raw as the dildos worked in and out of her at a furious pace and her clit was overly sensitive and Mr. Mason was able to draw her into orgasm after orgasm. He finally switched it off after Cassie collapsed, as well as she could in her cage, and stopped screaming.

"I see what you mean, Luke. Maybe this is more enjoyable. Torture them with orgasms. How many was that dear? Were they all as amazing as the first?" Mr. Mason leered at Cassie. The men removed the dildos and handed Mr. Mason a huge hook. He worked it into Cassie's ass before letting the men get her down.

Cassie fell to her knees when the men let her go. She was struggling to breathe, and her muscles trembled. She was weak and exhausted. She hoped they were through with her, but when someone gripped the hook in her ass, she knew she wasn't done. Mr. Mason pulled her hair back and put a hair tie in it. He then tied the hook to her hair, forcing her head back. He pushed her, not very gently, to her hands and knees. He quickly took his pants and underwear off and sat in front of her. He laid back, his legs splayed open, stroking his cock slowly.

"Cassie, dear, won't you return the favor?" Mr. Mason said with false sincerity as one of the men let her out of her gag. Tears continued to slide down her face as she crawled forward and bend her head down to take his cock in her mouth as best she could. When she bobbed up and down on his cock, she could feel the hook pull and strain against her ass.

Cassie moved his cock in and out of her mouth fast, hoping to hurry him into an orgasm faster. But when he fisted her hair, popped his cock out of her hair, Cassie slumped in defeat. He forced her head to his ass.

"It's time you get used to this. Lick me," Mr. Mason said cruelly as he forced her face to his ass. Cassie hesitantly stuck her tongue out and touched his asshole. She yelped when she felt one of the men behind her take a paddle to her ass.

"If you don't start doing a very good job, they get to punish you," Mr. Mason threatened her. Cassie took a deep breath and started to lick and nibble at his asshole. Soon, his hips were grinding into her face. He held her to his ass for several minutes before letting her return to his cock. It didn't take him long before he was ready. Before he came down her throat, he pulled out and shot his load into her face.

"Good girl. Just for that, you get some more," Mr. Mason said with a laugh. He climbed to his feet, donned his pants again and pushed her shoulders to the ground. He stuck a vibrating dildo into her ass and the wand back to her pussy. When he turned it on, Cassie screamed. It didn't take her long either. The wand was powerful and was soon ripping another domino of orgasms out of her.

Mr. Mason left Cassie in a pile on the floor. She was barely conscious, struggling to catch her breath. Cassie started when she felt something hit her. She looked up in time to see both of the men stroking their cocks over her, letting their come hit her all over her body. Cassie closed her eyes and let it happen. She had no strength left in her body.

"I hope you remember this Luke. She's mine to do with as I please. Not yours." Mr. Mason turned to the two men as they tucked their cocks back in their pants. "Let him out."

They unlocked Sir's cage and the three men left the room. Cassie cried out when Sir touched her. She struggled against him, but he managed to pull her into his lap anyway. He held her tight against his chest as she wept.

"I'm so sorry. I'm going to get us out of here. I'll find a way to escape, and we'll never see Mr. Mason again." Sir kept whispering comforting words to her until she settled down. He managed to pick her up and carry them both back to his rooms. He set her on the bed and then collapsed next to her.

"Oh, Sir!" Cassie gasped as she saw his back. Cassie struggled to get her legs under her and ran for the bathroom. She returned with the medicated cream he used on her ass and gently as she could, massaged it into his wounds. He grunted as she did, but he didn't move. Cassie set the tube next to the bed and crawled in next to Sir.

Sir gave a pained sigh as he repositioned himself so he could hold Cassie to him. They slept fitfully the rest of the night. Whenever Cassie moved, Sir tightened his hold. Cassie let him hold her tight. They wouldn't sleep well tonight, but tomorrow they would work something out.

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