tagMatureBess Ch. 15

Bess Ch. 15


Scott leaned on the railing and looked out at the crystal blue ocean. The sun warmed and seemed to energize his body. As he sipped his coffee he thought back on last night. Never in his greatest dreams could he have imagined a night like it. 2 beautiful women had shared his bed; his gorgeous wife and her lover. It was a dream come true. He smiled as he remembered the old Penthouse forum and the wild stories that were aiways true. Now he had one.

He looked down at his cock and smiled. "Nice job last night." He really didn't feel comfortable being naked in full view of the world. Yesterday down on the beach and now were definitely exceptions. He had planned on taking a quick shower and he didn't want to wake the two girls. They were asleep in each other's arm in the master bedroom upstairs so he decided not to use that shower. He tiptoed out the room and headed downstairs to that shower. As he passed the kitchen, he realized how hungry he was and decided on some coffee first. The coffee along with the sun had re-energized him.

Looking over the railing he heard the floor creak as someone walked across. He waited until they grew closer, anticipating their touch. He felt her breathe on his back, her hands rub under his arms and across his chest. Light kisses were planted on his neck alternating with small nibbles. Her fingers circled his nipples causing them to harden. Her body pressed into his as she ground her crotch into his ass. Her hands slid down his body. Her body, still cool from the night's sleep, felt good against his sun warmed body.

Her hands moved through his thick hair to find his cock. She wrapped her hand around it and began to slowly stroke it. Scott's cock, already semi-erect, felt thick and heavy to her. She gave off a low moan as it began to grow in response to her touch. Her other hand slid slowly around his hip and caressed his ass. She pressed her body against him trapping her fingers between his cheeks. Now it was Scott's turn to moan as a reaction to her manipulations. He moved his feet, widening his stance, inviting her to go further.

She lightened the pressure of her body, allowing her hand to travel further. She gently pressed one finger against his opening, causing him raise on his toes. She continued on, finding his sac. His balls were swinging in slow rhythm to her strokes on his cock as she grabbed them. She gave them a not too gentle tug as she rolled them between her fingers. Her hands continued to tantalize as she again nibbled his neck.

"Damn, it feels good," Scott thought. The sensations grew stronger as her deft hands continued, tugging and stroking, changing speed and grip. He wasn't going to settle for a hand job. He turned to face her. Her hand letting go of his balls but not his cock.

"Nancy!" he exclaimed.

"Morning," she smiled.

Nancy had waked refreshed and feeling good. She took a deep breath and stretched, making sure not to wake Deidre lying next to her. She followed the aroma of fresh coffee to the kitchen. Before she reached it, she noticed Scott standing on the deck, his back to her. She began to walk lightly towards him, admiring the curve of back and butt. Nancy unconsciously licked her lips, remembering last night as she moved closer.

As she placed her hands on him, she could feel his warmth and snuggled into him, feeling it spread through her. The touch of his body against her caused her to shiver and her pussy ache to be filled. Her hands quickly found what she wanted, his cock. It felt wonderful to her touch. She could feel it throb in her hand and the feeling seemed to travel straight to her pussy. She marveled at the feeling of her own power as her stroking caused his cock to grow and harden. She was also surprised of the power his erect cock had over her. She felt empty and needed it inside her, filling her completely.

Nancy lay back onto the patio table, placing her feet on the edge. Her pussy was open and exposed, wanting to be filled. Not letting go of his cock, she guided it to her opening. Her eyes told him everything. She wanted him, no, needed him right now. She rubbed the tip against her lips, smearing it with her juices. "Please," she whispered.

Scott pushed forward and his cock slowly entered her. Nancy put her hands on his ass and pushed. "Don't teased me now." With her help, Scott entered her completely.

She gasped. He felt bigger than last night, if that were possible and filled her up. Slowly he began to move in and out. "Faster, Scott, faster," she begged.

Scott began to pump faster. "Right there," Nancy moaned. "That's it." His rhythm was perfect and her hips matched his movement. Scott pushed his cock deeply into her and grounded his crotch against her clit then almost withdrew completely. He repeated this over and over.

Nancy could feel her orgasm building and let the feeling grow. It radiated outward from her pussy, a warm throbbing feeling. It was the orgasm she wanted, a full one. She wrapped her legs around his hips and ran her hands over his back, pulling him deeper.

Her hips began to buck, increasing the tempo as her orgasm washed over her. She threw her head back and a long low moan escaped from her lips as she rode his cock. She couldn't even think of ending the incredible feeling and the ending was spectacular. She exploded in a magnificent orgasm, totally consuming her entire body. It was a full and deep one that curled her toes, one that seemed to go on forever. "It feels good. Don't stop, don't stop."

She felt as if her pussy had shattered and burst and gone shooting up and down, from one side to the other, all throughout her convulsing body. Her spasming pussy gripped him, voraciously, repeatedly. Her muscles clamped around him, keeping him captive.

Scott kept thrusting as Nancy's pussy clenched around his cock. It held it like a velvet vise. "I'm going to cum," he groaned.

As much as Nancy wanted to cum again, she wanted to taste him. She pushed Scott off her and dropped to her knees. She put the head of his cock in her mouth and began to suck it. She could taste her own juices on it as she took more into her mouth. It tasted nasty and sweet all at the same time. She clamped both of her hands on his ass and forced him in deeper. It was Scott's turn to moan as he began to cum into her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head. "Oh God. Fuck!" he groaned.

With a shudder and rapid thrusts he came in her mouth. Nancy held it there and swirled it around with her tongue before she swallowed it. When it hit the back of her throat, it sent a rush straight to her pussy causing it to spasm and gush onto the floor. The feeling was exquisite. When she knew he had nothing left, she let him slip from her mouth. Looking up, she smiled. "Thank you."

Scott lifted her up and hugged her tightly. It was just what she needed, more than the orgasm. She needed the feel of his strong arms, his hands on her, holding her. It was a perfect ending.

Neither of them saw Deidre standing in the doorway. She too had smell the strong aroma of the coffee and headed to the kitchen. She heard them before she saw them and now she stood there, frozen. She had witnessed all of it; Scott sending Nancy to a strong orgasm, she sucking him till he came in her mouth, and then finishing it off with long hug. Many feelings swept over her but unlike last night one of them wasn't lust. It was more like jealousy and anger. She had watched her husband, her lover, fuck another woman. As they broke the hug, she drifted back into shadows and then ran upstairs.

"Thank you, Scott," Nancy said. "You have no idea how much needed that." She reached down and gently touched his now limp cock. "You were terrific."

"The pleasure was definitely mine," Scott smiled. "You were great too."

There was an awkward silence between them. Then Scott spoke. "Why don't you use the shower down here? I think I can hear Deidre upstairs. I'll go up there."

Nancy nodded, turned and walked away. Scott couldn't help but smile as she did.

Scott hustled upstairs and headed for the bathroom. He could hear the shower running but as he grabbed the door knob, he discovered it was locked. "Hey, Dee, it's me. Open up." No reply. He tried again. When still there was no reply, he assumed she couldn't hear him over the water. Grabbing a pair of shorts, he retreated to bed. There he sat and waited.

He didn't have to wait long. A cloud of steam exited the door as she opened it. Scott rose from the bed and met her in the doorway. "Morning, babe," he said leaning over to kiss her. She turned her head, allowing him to kiss her cheek. She moved pass him without a word and into the bedroom, leaving him standing there. Scott gave her a puzzling look and shut the door.

Scott didn't last long in the shower. Last night and this morning left him famished and the coffee wasn't enough. Grabbing his shorts, he headed down to the kitchen. He found Nancy there sipping her coffee. "Hey, where's Dee?"

Nancy pointed towards the balcony. There Deidre sat, dressed in long purple dressing gown, her legs curled up under her. As she sipped her coffee, she looked out at the blue ocean. "She poured herself some coffee and just headed out there. She didn't say anything."

"I'm going to fix some breakfast. Omelets if you want any. If not, there is some fresh fruit in ref." He said over his shoulder as he headed out towards Deidre. Reaching her, he stood in front of her. "Want some breakfast? Anything you want."

"No," she answered softly.

"You sure?" he asked. "You have to have something. You know, regain your strength after last night." He laughed.

Deidre looked at him. "I said, no," she replied tersely. "I don't want anything."

Scott raised his hands. "Whoa, just asking," he said backing away. "Let me know if you change your mind."

He walked back into the kitchen. "What's bothering her?" he asked. "Oh well, have you decided on what you want?"

Nancy had decided on a simple omelet and as she watched him cook it, she studied him. She could understand why Bess chose him for a 'fuck buddy'. Bess said it was because of the break-up of his first marriage and she wanted to do something for him. After last night, Nancy understood why Bess stuck around for more than one time. He was everything Deidre said about him too. He was easy to like and also easy on the eyes too. She could easily picture herself lying on the beach with him and making love. She felt refreshed and revitalized from her shower. She moved closer to Scott. He could smell her clean hair as she moved. She had thrown on an old beach robe as her clothes were still in her bags. It barely reached the top of her thighs, allowing her cheeks to show.

"Here's your omelet," Scott said, breaking her thought. "Hope you like it."

"Thanks." As she took it, she dropped her fork. She bent over slowly.

Scott got an eyeful. She heard him suck in some air.

Standing up, she said, "If you don't mind, I think I'll go sit with Dee."

"Mind if I join you?" Nancy asked.

"It's your house," Deidre replied.

Nancy placed her plate on the railing and looked at the view. She positioned herself so Deidre was looking directing at her ass. After last night, Nancy was interested in her reaction. There seemed to be none.

"You know," Nancy began, "I really love this place. It is a good place to get away from it all. The warm air, fresh ocean breezes, they make your senses come alive. The everyday cares and restrictions seem to melt away. Don't you agree?"

"If you say so."

Nancy moved and stood over her. "I didn't realize I was this hungry," she said taking the last bite of her omelet. "All this exercise and fresh air builds up an appetite. Scott makes a great omelet. Amazing and he can cook too. You should eat something."

Deidre never looked up. "Why is everybody so interested in my eating habits?"

There was a lengthy silence. "Well, I didn't know it was this late. I have a plane to catch. I better get dressed. I'll see you before I go." Nancy said and she walked inside.

Before she went upstairs, she went into the kitchen to drop off her plate. She walked over to Scott. Untying her robe, she let it drop to the floor and stood naked before him. Pressing her body to his, her hand fondled his cock. "I want to thank you for a wonderful time. I have to grab a flight but if you want to give me a proper send off..." Her voice trailed off.

Scott felt his cock grow as he felt her warm supple body. "Sweet Jesus!" he thought.

"As you can tell, I'd love to but I think I'll take a rain check.

Nancy pulled away. "I understand but you can't blame a girl for trying." With that, she picked up her robe and headed upstairs.

Scott grabbed a couple of melon slices and headed out to Deidre. He glad that Nancy was leaving. Last night was one of those out of this world moments and this morning seemed to just be a continuation of it but her last invitation was moving into something else, something he wanted nothing to do with.

He offered Deidre a slice. "Here, want some?"

"Damn it. You too?" she snapped.

"Hey, babe, take it easy. What's the matter?" Scott asked with genuine concern.

"Nothing is wrong." Deidre shook her head. "No, yes there is. I saw you and Nancy this morning, right here."


"How could you?"

"How could I? Christ, last night you were urging me to fuck her harder, to fill her up."

"That was different."

"Different? Last night you bring another woman into our bed and when I fuck her, you get mad? It wasn't like we snuck off. Besides I think you did her first and from the way you did her, I didn't see you complain." Scott had raised his voice, in anger and disbelief.

"Don't yell," Deidre yelled back.

"You're unbelievable. You and her do each other in Chicago then she shows up here and you two don't miss a beat. Only this time you need a hard cock to complete the circle. Good old Scott will do. One thing wrong, this hard cock has a mind of his own." Scott spun on his heels. As he stormed off, he said over his shoulder. "Fuck you and your girl friend."

He didn't see Nancy standing at the base of the stairs or if he did, he took no notice as he stormed out. Nancy had heard the entire argument as their voices carried. She felt that she needed to talk to Deidre before she left so she headed out to the deck. She made some noise as she approached giving Deidre time to compose herself.

"Hey," Nancy said, "I got to get going. Would you walk with me to the car?"

Deidre got up and the two headed out. They didn't speak until Nancy had placed her bags in the car. Then she turned, took both of Deidre's hands and said, " I want to thank you for last night. It was amazing. I didn't know what would happen when I came here but I had to see you. There was a need but I didn't know what. I know now. It was a total escape and you and Scott gave it to me. You took me some place I never thought possible. Thank you."

Deidre smiled. "Glad we could. You took me too and you also opened my eyes."

"I want to thank you also for letting me "borrow" Scott. I realized that sometimes a woman needs to feel like a woman. She needs a man to give her something. This morning I needed that and Scott provided it. Don't be mad at him. He is a good man. Good men like him are hard to find."

"Don't you mean, hard men like him are good to find!" With that they both laughed. They embraced and then kissed lightly. "Take care. Have a good flight. We'll talk."

As Nancy drove off, Deidre knew that she had to talk to Scott. She felt like such a fool for feeling the way she did and her reaction. It was her problem; her doing and she needed to deal with it. She understood she was playing with fire and what she thought she could handle, well maybe she couldn't. Entering the house she looked for him but he was nowhere to be found. Maybe that was good. It would give her time to think about what she would say and how she would say it.

Deidre awoke to the smell of steaks on the grill. She inhaled deeply and stretched.

"Have a good nap?" Scott said standing over the grill. "The steaks are almost ready." He handed her a glass of wine.

She got up and moved over to the table. He had set the table, placing a bowl of fresh cut salad in the center. She sat down, thinking that he was going to make it difficult to ask forgiveness when he already has.

The meal was great. The steaks were done to perfection, the wine great, and the salad fresh and crisp. They said very little as they ate almost as if they were both avoiding the subject. As Scott stood to clear the table, Deidre spoke up. "Scott, wait. We, I, need to talk to you. Please let me."

"Sure, go ahead." He sat down.

"First, I'd like to say I've been a fool. This past year I have never felt this good. I have amazing confidence in myself and I feel comfortable with my body."

"You should," Scott said.

Deidre smiled. "Yes, and it is all because of you. I know you love me and I am so totally in love with you that it scares me."

"And that's a bad thing?" Scott asked.

"It could be." She took Scott's hand. "Because I feel so secure in your love that I felt I could try new things, like bring another woman into our bed. Last night I wanted her to feel what I feel when we make love. I wanted to share you. When you made her cum, I came right along with her. Then this morning, when I saw you two, it was different."

"Oh, babe, it didn't...if I knew," Scott said quickly.

"No, I can't blame you. It was different than last night because it wasn't sharing. She was taking you and I couldn't handle that. Now I feel that I took advantage of your love. I feel like such a fool. I would never do anything to lose you. Do you understand?"

Scott got up and walked around the table. He kneeled down and took her hands. Looking into her eyes, he began. "I have been with a few women and yes, I can't lie to you, the sex was pretty good. But I can say I have never made love to any other woman except you. Every time it get better and better. I don't want any other but you. Damn it, Dee, you are the best thing that has ever happen to me. Your mere present excites me. I'm so proud to be your husband."

Deidre placed both her hands aside his face. She kissed him lightly then the kiss grew more passionate. It seemed that an overwhelming hunger grew between them that could only be satisfied one way.

She took him by the hand to lead him to the bedroom. He had other ideas; sweeping her up in his arms, he dumped her on the sofa in front of the open window. Sitting there she watch him undress, the sunlight reflecting off his skin. Sliding her fingers under her long gown, she began to touch herself; slipping her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She became hotter and hotter with each piece of clothing he removed. When he turned to face her, she saw his erect cock and almost climaxed right then. How she longed for it. She wanted to touch it, to feel it. She got her wish as he stepped closer. He tangled his fingers in her hair, tipped her head back and touched his cock to her lips.

Her lips parted, taking him in. This was no mere blowjob; Scott was fucking her mouth. Using it as if it was her pussy, he pushed his cock in and out, quickening the pace. "Suck it," he growled, "take it all."

She was wetter than she could remember being. Her juices ran around her fingers and down her thigh. He had taken all the control away from her and she loved it. She wanted him to use her any way he wanted tonight. She shoved two more fingers into her pussy and the other cupped his butt. She moaned around his cock as she felt his muscles contract with each thrust.

It was heavenly.

Suddenly he withdrew his cock from her mouth. Deidre groaned and her tongue followed it. Hungry for more, she placed her lips around the tip and tasted his saltiness. He bent before her and kissed her, tenderly. His tongue probed her mouth making her feel as if her heart would break. Then he pulled her gown over her head, leaving her naked before him. Scott took her left breast between his teeth and tugged roughly. She bucked against him, wanting him. He parted her thighs and slithered his tongue down to her pussy, while his other hand squeezed and kneaded her breasts.

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