tagNovels and NovellasBest For Who Ch. 03

Best For Who Ch. 03


Amberley organised Jodi's birthday at our house. I was concerned that I was about to host a rock 'n' roll drug fuelled orgy from hell, but Jodi spoke sternly to her and Amber turned out to be a good listener. To a point.

She came to my office just before lunch one day, wearing a very short summer dress with tiny straps that showed her body off, made a big scene of trying to find my office before dragging me off to a nearby cafe.

'You didn't think of just ringing me and arranging to meet me here?'

'What and miss the chance to get the office tongues wagging?' Amber winked and shook her head. 'Besides, I was hoping maybe you could point out one of the hot young things that are up and coming that might be rich and want a trophy wife?'

'Male or female?' I asked, trying to keep a straight face.

'No, sorry Dave, I'd only marry cock.' Amber's voice was loud enough that the two older dears and the next table looked startled and glanced our way.

'Sorry...' I started to say.

'Well didn't both of you?' Amber asked with her most winning smile. The look of shook on both their faces softened as they were won over by Amber's effusive personality.

'God Amber, you can be...'

'Charming? Sexy? So embarrassment?'

'All three,' I admitted. We ordered a light lunch and she chatted away about some photo shoots that she had done recently, how she enjoyed it but also enjoyed helping her mother run the agency and that she was thinking of enrolling in an MBA. When our plates had been cleared and my coffee arrived, Amber put on her serious face.

'Okay, I've got acceptances from the twenty I was allowed to invite. DJ is booked, cake is booked, booze is ordered and now I want to know if I can test this little girlfriend of yours?'

'What? Test, how?'

'That's my surprise. She's been telling me what an...education,' Amber smirked, 'you've been giving her.'

'Oh,' I raised my eyebrows.

'I can just imagine, you filthy old man.' She laughed as she said it and I smirked back.

'I'm not that fuckin' old you know!'

'Too old for Jodi though, aren't you?' The smile disappeared and in an instant her expression was serious again and her eyes seemed to be probing through mine as though searching to read my mind.

'Why would you say that?'

'Because Jodi's my friend and I don't want her hurt.'

'I'm not going to hurt her Amber.'

'You have to say that though don't you? You'd hardly tell me that you were going to hurt her, would you? And besides, I know that you're too nice to hurt her deliberately, but Dave...it's gotta end badly.'

'Why? Because I'm twice her age? Because I have kids? Why the fuck does it have to end badly?' My voice rose a little as I spoke and the elderly duo at the table next to me looked over at us again.

'I dunno,' Amber shrugged and turned away. She smiled at our neighbours who went back to their strudels. 'I can't see...I dunno.' She looked at me and I could see a tear in her eye. I reached over and took her hand in mine.

'What's this about Amber? You?'

'Yeah probably,' she sniffed. 'I took Jodes in off the street pretty much, I thought I could show her a way through life's fucked up bits. Instead I'm still living life like an idiot and she's found a fuckin' prince with a ready made family. Fuck!'

'Amber,' I said in shock. 'You're twenty three, not forty three. If anything, the thing that is gunna end Jodes and me will be when she realises that she hasn't seen anything of the world. She's too young to be settlin' down with a bloke and ready made family...' I stopped, not wanting to follow that particular train of thought. 'So are you.'

'Yeah, yeah, I know,' she shot back. She'd regained control of her emotions and the cheeky smile was back. She was truly beautiful when she smiled. 'A moment of jealous madness that's all. And really, why would I want to have to give up having all those men chasing me anyway!?'

'No idea, and if you like I'll chase you round the living room on Friday night just so you realise how slow dirty old men are!'

She smiled broadly at that.

'So what's this test about?'

'A bit of fun,' she replied a glint in her eye.

'I'll go with the flow, but I ain't takin' the blame if it goes wrong. Unless you want to tell me what you're planning?'

'Nah I don't.' We stood and before I could reach for my wallet she'd paid in cash. 'Actually the party was a cover to talk to you about Jodi,' she said as we reached my office. 'I'm happy for her, I really am. She wouldn't've done better with some of the dicks I set her up with...or tried to. Look after her, okay?'

'I will Amber.' She kissed me on the cheek and disappeared into the crowd.


The party rocked. It was loud, fun and relaxed. Jodi was having a ball and we were both appreciating Amber's efforts at being the centre of attention. It came naturally to her and there was no hint of the insecurity I had seen in the cafe. We cut the cake at midnight and shortly thereafter Amber announced we should hit the pool. The thirty odd people who had turned up seemed to suddenly be in swimmers and crowding into and around my pool. Thirty arrivals from twenty acceptances was apparently an all time low for one of Amber's parties, Jodi had assured me.

There was young nubile flesh on display everywhere. I suddenly felt old and a little overweight. But I had been made to feel part of the gang and a number of the young women had come up and told me that they thought Jodi had done alright for herself. My ego had been suitably inflated.

At 1.30 the doorbell rang. I answered it to find a policeman there. I was about to apologise for the loud music when Amber elbowed me out of the way and dragged him inside. It was then I realised he was wearing an LAPD badge, was tanned, muscled and not at all cop like. The DJ changed the music and Jodi found herself the centre of attention on a chair in the outdoor area beside the pool as Mr Muscles began to dance vigorously and remove his uniform. The catcalling and cheering was deafening and Jodi laughed continuously in embarrassment. He stripped to the cliché leopard skin thong, got Jodi to slap his oiled, hairless buttocks, along with most of the other women in the crowd, shook his package at her, then took a bow and disappeared.

'So that was the test?' I inquired after Amber and I had closed the door behind him.

'No,' she winked at me. The party had divided between those who returned upstairs for a dance and a sit, and those who hit the pool again. Downstairs was a little quieter. Amberley took my hand and dragged me into the bathroom, closing the door and blocking out almost all the music. With a deft movement she flicked off her bikini top, revealing her perfect B cup breasts to me. Again.

'Fuck me, right now, right here. Make up for leaving me high and dry on your birthday.' She pressed herself against me as I backed up to the basin. 'I won't tell a soul.' She breathed onto my mouth and stared with desire into my eyes. I wanted to, I really did. I hardened against her and I saw the flash of victory in her stare as she felt me lengthen. Then I pushed her gently away.

'If Jodi dumps me, I'll call you...promise.' I meant it too.

'What?' Amber took a step back, put one hand on her hips and stared at me. 'You knockin' me back a second time.'

'With great regret.' My smile was rueful.

'Don't tell me you're in love with her?' She feigned shock but made no move to cover up.

'I am.' The admission came as something of a shock to me, and the feigned expression on Amber's face became genuine.

'Fuck, you haven't told her that though have you?' She seemed to become aware of her state of undress and with an equally deft move slipped the top back into place.

'No, and I don't think I'd really admitted it to myself, until just now.'

'You gonna tell her?'

'Yeah, of course. So don't go spillin' the beans okay?'

'Okay.' She smiled at me, stepped forward and threw her arms around my neck for a close but non-sexual hug. 'You've passed your test.'

'Did Jodi know...?'

'That I was going to let you fuck me in the bathroom? Nah. I just told her I wanted to test you.'

'Oh, and I guess one of those gorgeous men is going to try the same with her?'

'Uh, oh no, I know her too well. That wouldn't stand a chance of success.'

'Well what's the test?' My curiosity was well and truly piqued.

'You'll see,' Amber said in a conspiratorial tone as she led me from the bathroom. I stopped her at the bottom of the stairs.

'So tell me Amber, would you have let me fuck you in there?'

'You'll never know,' she smiled at me and I watched her firm bottom as it swayed up the stairs. I decided to return to the pool. Jodi was there in a deep conversation with a pencil thin blonde who was one of Amber's modelling friends, and a buxom red head who had lived with the pair in the early days. The blonde's face was exquisite in that way that only East European heritage can bring. She smiled as I slipped into the pool and waded towards them, moving aside to let me sit next to Jodi.

'Where you been?' Jodi's words were a little slurred and I realised she was getting very drunk.

'Passed my test,' I replied.

'What was it?' Her eyebrows shot up and she leaned against me. Her flesh was soft and warm.

'I'll tell you later,' I murmured into her ear. She slid in front of me and I wrapped my legs and arms around her. She pushed against me and at once I was hard. The alcohol and the encounter with Amber had fired up my libido.

'Ooh, is that a gun in your pocket?' Jodi giggled as she pushed her buttocks against me.

'Yeah,' I replied as coolly as I could as the blonde smiled mischievously at us.

Amber called down from the balcony for us all to come upstairs for an announcement. Once up there I discovered that about the half the group had left. There were only three other men still present, with the other dozen being females including Jodi and Amber. The seat from downstairs was conspicuous in its commanding position in the middle of the room.

'Come on, come on,' Amber bossed, extracting Jodi from under my arm and leading her to the seat. She sat her down, produced a pair of handcuffs that were lined with pink satin from a small bag that sat on the floor next to the chair before pulling Jodi's arms back and cuffing them behind her. It had the immediate effect of thrusting her breasts forward and tightening the material significantly, showing her nipples to good effect. Larger cuffs were produced and her ankles were shackled. I wondered what was about to happen and from the looks on the faces of the others watching with me, I wasn't alone in that thought.

'Okay Jodi, you're nineteen now, so its time you gained a bit more worldliness. And I'm here to help.'

'Someone else help!' Jodi cried in mock alarm. We all giggled a little but seemed eager to see what Amber had planned.

'So, we've had the cake, the drinks, some dancing. We've met her man,' heads turned my way and I nodded, 'had a swim to help us sober up, been visited by the police...' she paused for the titters to die down. 'Now for something a bit more...adult! I give you Sasha.'

At that, the DJ spun up a dark sexy number and a slim, dark skinned woman in a blue sequinned floor length dress walked up the stairs. As she made her way towards Jodi, Amber made her way to me and settled on my lap. I was desperately conscious of the fact that her bikini revealed a lot of flesh to my vision and touch, and that her bottom and my semi erect cock were separated by two very thin, damp layers of cotton.

Sasha danced beautifully, feeling the music in tempo and beat, seeming to glide across the floor, circling Jodi, reaching out with one elegant long arm to trace from her shoulder, across the back of her neck and along her other shoulder. Her face was perfectly rounded, with full lips, a long elegant neck and dark eyes that were framed by long dark lashes. Her hair was piled onto her head. The dress revealed her back courtesy of a plunging V-line and you could see the tautness of her muscles as she danced. She was fit and beautiful, and when she straddled Jodi's lap and drew her fingers down the inside of Jodi's bikini straps, pulling them forward to tighten the material and sharpen the outline of her nipples even further, I went from semi erect to fully erect.

'Mmm, like the show do we,' Amber purred into my ear, wiggling her buttocks almost imperceptibly against me. 'Sure you don't want to meet in the bathroom again?'

'Right after the show,' I mumbled back with false bravado. I caressed the smooth skin of her flank with one had and could feel my chest tightening. I was wondering who this test was being performed on, Jodi or myself?

Sasha had reached up and untied her dress, dropping the front to reveal her breasts. They swayed in response to her dance, and I found myself entranced by her dark skin and even darker nipples. She drew Jodi's face to her chest and I saw Jodi look across at me. As our eyes met, to my complete surprise, Jodi opened her mouth and licked one nipple, then the other. The other men all gave various whoops at the sight and I heard a few laughs and cheers from the women present. At no stage did she break the eye contact between me and for a moment I wondered if I was going to come in my swimmers. Then Sasha broke the contact by slipping off Jodi's lap and allowing her dress to slip from her lithe body. She was stunning and a quick glance around the room told me that all present were hypnotised by her. I looked at Jodi and our eyes met, and I offered her a quick grin as Amberley ground down on me again, and she winked back. Sasha's thighs seemed to gleam in the low lighting and the thin strip of black pubic hair was barely visible against her dark skin.

Sasha danced around the room making eye contact and demanding our attention. Occasionally she returned to Jodi, stroking her face, her shoulders and once reaching from behind her to cup her breasts through the bikini top. I expected Jodi to call out to her to stop, but she didn't. My erection wouldn't subside as much as I wanted it to, a problem not helped by Amber's constant wiggling and occasional seductive breathe in my ear. When Sasha stopped in front of us she leant towards Amber and they kissed, inches from my face. I couldn't suppress the moan and Sasha's wide smile at me told me that she appreciated my reaction. Then she spun on her heel and with her high tight buttocks wiggling returned to Jodi.

Sasha squatted in front of my girlfriend, placed her palms on Jodi's knees and pushed them apart as far as she could. Despite the ankle cuffs, Jodi's knees parted enough for my side of the room to be able to see the swimmers being pulled tight across her pussy. Without warning Sasha leant forward and planted her mouth on Jodi's lycra covered mound. Jodi jumped and tried to pull away, but bound ankle and wrist she couldn't break free. Her mouth opened and she gasped as Sasha assaulted her. I could see Jodi's nipples harden, and standing behind her I could see one of the other men here unashamedly sporting a good sized erection under his swimmers.

'D'ya think that's hot?' Amber breathed in my ear.

'Uh-huh,' was all I trusted myself to say, my eyes not leaving the scene before me. Sasha had pulled her mouth back slightly and now was assaulting Jodi with her long tongue. Jodi was jerking violently, but she wasn't trying to break free now. I recognised the moves as her desire to have more contact. And that she was going to cum soon. Amber ground down on me again, and I grabbed her waist.

'You do that a few more times and I'm gonna cum.' I was blunt because I didn't want a conversation.

'Then there'd be nothing left for Miss Conservative,' Amber giggled back. 'Though by the look of her there mightn't be much left for you tonight.' As she spoke Jodi cried out, her back arched and she threw her head back. Sasha buried her face into Jodi's pussy and I watched as my girlfriend came. It was incredible. The room had fallen into complete silence, the only sounds coming from Jodi as she rode Sasha's mouth through her climax. Amber had even stopped moving on my lap.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck, let me out. Amber!' Jodi sounded a little frantic as she came down to reality and realised we were all watching somewhat dumbfounded. Amber lifted herself from my lap and quickly released Jodi, while Sasha stood and bowed. As if on cue we applauded, the boys cheering and wolf-whistling again. Jodi stood, then staggered and at once I was beside her and providing support.

'You okay?'

'Get me into the bedroom,' she mumbled at me. I led her from the living room into our bedroom. I had a sinking feeling that she was going to tear strips from me for failing to intervene to prevent her public humiliation. Instead, the second the door closed behind us she threw herself at me and we kissed frantically.

'Fuck me, now!' Without waiting she tore off her bikini top and ripped at the ties on the sides of her bikini, revealing her reddened and wet pussy to me. I pulled my swimmers down, my hard cock bouncing into view. Jodi turned her back to me and leant against the door, thrusting her small, tight butt towards me. I stepped forward and slipped into her warm and very wet pussy. We both sighed and she looked at me, her expression still wild.

'Did you get hard watching me?' she asked

'Yeah,' I moaned as I gently thrust myself into her. Jodi pushed back against me, meeting each thrust. I had to keep the pace slow to maintain my self control so I gripped her waist firmly.

'Could Amber feel it?' Her voice was throaty, filled with lust.

'Uh-huh,' I mumbled. 'She kept wiggling on me, pushing against me.'

'Ohh,' Jodi groaned and her head dropped forward. I reached around her and began to play with her nipples. They were still hard and she moaned as I squeezed and twisted them.

'Tell me how you'd fuck her.'

'Like this,' I shot back straight away, pushing Jodi against the door with my body and beginning to increase my pace. 'I'd fuck her for my pleasure, not caring about her, and when I was ready to come I'd force her to her knees and cum in her mouth.' I was close now, and I sensed Jodi was too.

'Do it to me, make me do it.' Her voice was a whisper and she had lifted her head again and had her neck twisted back awkwardly so that she could look into my eyes. I saw the lust there, the desire and I felt my balls contract. It was too late to warn her so I pulled back, grabbed her by the hair and pushed her downwards. Jodi complied, almost sprawling at my feet and taking my length into her mouth. It was divine and I came as soon as her tongue touched me. She gagged and pulled away, but I still had hold of her hair and pulled her back towards me. Again she complied, this time grabbing my shaft with one hand and slipping her mouth just over the tip. I looked down into her eyes as I expended between her willing lips. Just before the last of my cum had shot from my body I slapped her hand away, pulled myself from her mouth and came onto her chin. The long strands dripped downwards onto her pert breasts.

Releasing her hair I lifted her by the chin and pulled her to me. We hugged, bodies heaving as our breathing slowly returned to normal.

'That was...'

'Naughty?' She asked.

'Yeah, but fuckin' good,' I added. She smiled at me, her chin still a sticky mess. 'How'd I taste?'

'Awful,' she admitted. 'I'm gonna clean up.' She pulled away and disappeared into the bathroom, while I flopped onto the bed.

'Hey, don't be an old man,' Jodi scolded when she returned to the bedroom, looking considerably fresher. She grabbed a sundress from the wardrobe and slipped it on without underwear. I twitched again and smiled at her.

'Here, put these on, nothing else.' Jodi threw a pair of white cotton beach pants at me. I liked this new self confident girl of mine. We held hands as we returned to the room to find that only Sasha and Amber still present.

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