tagGay MaleBest Friend's Brother Ch. 1

Best Friend's Brother Ch. 1


I used to spend a lot of time at my best friends house. Although there were 5 kids in the house with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and a split dormer, I still found it a comfortable place to hang out. My friend was the second from the oldest, with sisters flanking him on each side, a younger brother and a very little sister. The sleeping arrangements were casual when I was around, sometimes sharing a bed with my friend, sometimes taking someone else's bed from them. I was a frequent visitor even when by buddy wasn't home, something like an extension of the family.

I clearly remember one Saturday night when I spent the evening. Terry and I had been out doing whatever we did at that time and came home fairly late. Everyone else had gone to bed except his younger brother, Bill. Billy was in college but spending this weekend at home. I decided to spend the night and planned to crash in the bunk above Bill's while Terry went up to his bed on the second floor.

I dropped my clothes on the end of the bunk bed, stripping down to my underwear and was fitfully trying to get some sleep when Billy quietly opened the door, undressed and dropped onto the lower bunk. As he did the entire bed giggled and I made some smartassed comment to him which was responded to by a swift kick to the bottom of the mattress I was lying upon. This, of course, precipitated a rash reaction which was a pillow pummeling his head. In his struggle to fend me off he managed to grab my arm and pulled me to the lower bunk. All this activity created a wrestling match that culminated in me getting him in a leg lock around his head with us turned in a 69 position.

I had won, successfully pinning his head between my thighs and although we had relaxed our destructive efforts I had not released his head from my grip. During our tussling I had managed to wrap both arms around his midriff with my face tightly pushing against his stomach just above the band of his underwear. As I relaxed my gaze drifted down slightly to the bulge in his pants and it was then I began wondering if I should do something I had always wanted to do but never had the courage or opportunity.

Deciding to go for it, I allowed my face to slide down even further until it was gently resting against his slightly engorged cock. He must have been in a slightly aroused state since it wasn't flaccid and couldn't be completely hard at this state. I allowed my cheek to brush against the outline of his dick several times as I lessened the clamp I had around his head with my legs. Both my hands had slipped from around his back and were now running against the soft flesh of his sides, from his ribs to the edge of his underpants.

It only took a few strokes before I decided it was time and slid my hands to his waistband and quickly pushed them down, past his dick and balls. This was immediately followed by my slurping his semi-soft dick into my mouth without using my hands at all.

I sucked him deep, the coarse hairs bristling against my chin and in no time at all he hardened to the point I could only take half of him without gagging. I continued this hands free attack on his cock while pushing his underwear as far down his legs as I could and grinding my stiffy against his throat, my covered balls rubbing the underside of his chin. He seemed satisfied to allow me to blow him but I was interested in getting some of this as well so I pulled my underwear down, snagging on his nose in the process, past my knees and off to the floor they fell. I tilted my hips back, dropping my balls on his upturned chin. I felt his tongue flick out and lick the underside of my sack which sent shivers up my back and caused me to increase the tempo of my sucking.

With some effort, I managed to rearrange myself and position my cock directly over his waiting mouth, using my left hand to guide my way in. It was heavenly, the warmth and wetness of his mouth combined with the taste and feel of his hardness in my mouth. A good deal of pre-cum had oozed out of his dick and I eagerly drank and licked it all up. My right hand was now firmly attached to his rod, helping it along in conjunction with the bobbing of my head. My hips were pumping, forcing a large portion of my cock into his mouth, deeper and deeper and in self defense he reached up, grabbing the base to control how deep I thrust into his throat.

His hips were starting to buck in response to my efforts and it only took but a few more minutes for him to spurt into my mouth. I drank it down as naturally as if I were sipping from a faucet and continued to suck him dry, his balls and cock softening after his orgasm. It was now my opportunity to be satisfied and I continued to hold him tightly, nuzzling my nose within the furry confines of his pubic hair and around his now loose balls. His scent was driving me crazy although his technique left something to be desired.

It took several more minutes of effort, working together until I unloaded into his waiting mouth. He never questioned or hesitated drinking down my cum and continued to suck me, as I had him, until I was sensitive enough to pull out on my own accord.

After lying, side by side, for several unwinding minutes I snatched my underwear off the floor and jumped into the top bunk for a sound nights sleep.

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