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Best Friend's Girl


Mark and Allison arrived at the Chili's just before seven and waited for their booth for four. Taking their seats, Mark ordered a pitcher of beer and two orders of potato skins before excusing himself to the men's room. He was on his way back when he saw the girl, and Mark stopped in his tracks.

She was about six feet tall in her high-heeled shoes, with a slender body packed with curves. Her green t-shirt was tight and showed off her bountiful bust, and it rode high enough that he clearly saw the little stud in her belly button.

She wore a blue mini skirt with ruffles around the hem, and her legs were bare and so shapely and perfect that Mark was paralyzed. Her long, straight light brown hair was parted on the side, and her brilliant green eyes were small and mysterious. Mark stood transfixed, drinking in every detail of this exotic and wonderful beauty, until he realized she wasn't just smiling with those full, luscious lips. She was smiling at him.

Mark blinked to clear his head and he smiled at the girl before rushing past her to join Allison. He couldn't resist the pull of his attraction, and looked back, seeing her slender lower back, and the firm, round globes of her amazing ass. The girl had not only seen him staring at her, checking her out, but she had smiled at him too. Of all the nights! He saw Jason at the table, and they fist-bumped in greeting.

"Where's the new girl?" Mark asked, sliding into the booth next to Allison.

"She had to run and powder her nose," Jason answered, and Mark felt his balls draw up inside his body. 'No way!' Mark thought, feeling his arm pits grow wet.

Allison was talking then about work, about her day, freeing Mark to worry about his possible predicament. As long as he kept looking at her, nodding appropriately, and making interested sounds, he'd found he didn't really need to listen to what Allison said. He watched Jason, his tall, blond friend from high school, chiseled features, bright blue eyes, and saw that he seemed to really be interested in what Allison was saying.

And then the brown haired goddess was standing next to the table, and Jason jumped up. "Mark and Allison," Jason said proudly, "this is Karen." Karen's eyes met Mark's and her expression became...playful? "Karen, this is Mark and Allison."

Karen sat, sliding to the inside of the booth, across from Allison, and Jason sat next to her, right up close to her. Mark noticed Karen's little diamond stud earrings, saw the way she brushed her soft brown hair back behind her ears. Her eyes seemed to smolder, even when she was comparing manicures with Allison.

Mark watched Allison carefully cutting small bites from a potato skin and eating them with her fork, while Karen slathered sour cream over hers and lifted it to her mouth with her fingers to take a large bite. A smear of sour cream remained on her lips, and Mark was seized by the impulse to lick it away.

When Allison excused herself to go powder her nose, Jason went to check the score of the game he could see on TV in the bar. Alone with Karen, Mark's throat seemed to close up. He couldn't think of a thing to say that might possibly be of interest to the gorgeous young woman.

"Mark?" Karen said, her voice like sweet, light syrup, light but with a sultry undertone, "Please don't."

"What?" Mark responded woodenly. Pretend you don't know what she's talking about, he chided himself.

"I like Jason," Karen said, "and I want to be friends with his friends. Don't ignore your girlfriend and fawn over me, please. I know you like me, but it's really inappropriate, okay?"

"My heart jumped out of my chest when I first saw you," Mark said, leaning forward over the table earnestly. "You took my breath away. If you weren't here with Jason, I'd have been over at your table, trying to meet you."

Karen looked over the dividers that separated the booths and saw Jason was returning. "Mark, I am here with Jason, okay?" Mark nodded, and felt like his heart curled into a little ball and died.

* * * * *

Mark and Jason had been introduced by mutual friends as Freshmen in high school. It would be hard to believe now, but the boys hadn't liked each other very much at the time, only a shared interest in, of all things, role-playing and computer games kept them in the same circles.

Both had been nerds, unpopular and unimpressive physically. That is until their Junior year, when both boys came into their own. Suddenly they found themselves tall and handsome, both good at sports, and both popular with the girls. Their old friends, the ones who had introduced them in the first place, faded away to become strangers as the boys became a team.

In college they had roomed together and had shared many adventures including their first "Devil's Threesome", first week-long jaunt into Mexico, and an eventful road trip through the South to Florida involving a truckload of pigs, a big dude with a shotgun, and an honest to goodness farmer's daughter.

By the time they had graduated, Mark and Jason were like brothers. When Mark had broken up with Polina, an exotic dancer, Jason had been there to pick up the pieces, and when the Franklin twins had found out about his two-timing each with the other and then suggesting a three-way, Mark had both taken Jason to Urgent Care and helped pay to have his car repainted.

Mark was now a copy editor for a web designer, while Jason was a bartender and occasional print model. They were both successful in their own ways, popular and independent, and Mark had even settled down to a long term relationship with Allison, who he'd been seeing for nearly a year and a half.

* * * * *

"Oh jesus! Oh god!" Allison screamed as Mark slammed into her. Mark was on his knees, one of Allison's long, pretty legs beneath him. He held Allison's hips in his big hands and Allison's other leg was stretched up on his shoulder. Her breasts rolled with each thrust, and her eyes were wild as she gasped and screamed, shocked by the intensity of their lovemaking.

"Come already!" Allison shouted, her body ravaged and unable to take anymore sweet punishment. She had never been fucked so hard and for so long before, and it was disconcerting given Mark's normal sensitive, slow lovemaking technique. Whining as her fifth or sixth (she had lost count) powerful orgasm sent her spinning toward oblivion, Allison felt the familiar tell-tales of Mark's orgasm; the tensing of his body, the change in his breathing, and the crush as he pressed firmly into her and held.

He fell on her, kissing her mouth, her face, his hands running over her hot, smooth skin, their bodies sticking together, bonded by sweat. Slipping from her, Mark retrieved his filled condom and reached across to set it on the bed table. He returned to kissing Allison and noticed her changed demeanor.

"What's wrong?" Mark gasped, concerned that he had hurt her.

"Was she good?" Allison said petulantly. She had crossed her arms below her breasts, pushing them up and framing them alluringly.

"What are you talking about?" Mark asked, genuinely perplexed.

"You never fuck me like that," Allison said, and a pout was forming on her lips. "You never keep your eyes closed, either. I have to think that you were fantasizing about someone else, and based on the way you drooled over Karen all night..."

"I didn't!" Mark said sharply, knowing she had guessed correctly on all counts. "Look," he said softly, pulling Allison into his arms, "I care about you. I want to be with you, Allison. If it seemed like I was fawning I'm sorry. I was trying to be friendly."

"I thought you liked my blonde hair," Allison whined, the one part of her personality that really annoyed Mark coming to the forefront.

"I do, Allison," Mark soothed.

"She's older than I am too," Allison said.

"Come on," Mark said, "like three months!"

"When is her birthday?" Allison asked.

"April twelfth," Mark answered immediately, feeling the world dropping away.

"When is my birthday?" Allison asked Mark, pulling away from him, already hurt.

"July," Mark answered softly. Allison arched her eyebrows, waiting for more, but Mark laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He heard her get up and dress, and he didn't fight with her, didn't argue or chase her when she left.

* * * * *

"Allison left you?" Jason said, leaning over to catch his breath between serves. Their weekly Saturday morning racquetball sessions were a tradition. Seeing Mark nod somberly, Jason shook his head. "Dude, she was great. I didn't want to say anything, but damn! She had the su-weetest ass!" He bounced the hard little rubber ball against the wooden flooring and asked, "What happened?" before serving.

They kept the volley going for several minutes before Mark crashed to the floor and the ball rolled away. Gasping, he answered, "She thought I was after another girl."

"Oh," Jason said, moving to position to receive Mark's serve. "She saw that too?"

"What?" Mark asked, wondering if he had been wearing a sign the night before. He served, and they battled hard for several minutes before it was Jason's turn to slam into the wall, losing the point.

"Dude," Jason gasped, panting for breath. "You were walking around all night with a huge boner for Karen. I've known you forever, remember? You have it bad for my new girl." Mark took on a hang-dog expression, feeling like his life was falling apart around him.

"No worries, Dude," Jason said brightly. "We're [I]compadres[/I], and I know you won't try to snake my girl. It' okay if you like her, and I hope she's into you too, just not like you are, you know?" Jason served, and Mark was still nodding slowly when the ball flew past him.

* * * * *

The doorbell rang, and Mark went to the door of his apartment and opened it. Karen stood in the hallway, alone. She wore a nice short sleeved dress that showed her amazing cleavage without being too revealing. The skirt danced around her knees, and the earth-toned colors of the tiny floral print managed to highlight her hair and eyes both, not to mention her tanned complexion.

"Hey," Mark said, and he stepped aside to let her in. Karen went inside and put the bottle of wine she'd brought on the counter that separated the living room from the kitchen. Karen crossed her arms beneath her breasts, and the change in their presentation made Mark sigh.

"Look Mark," Karen said in a tone so serious that for once he wasn't lost in the honeyed sound on her soft voice, "knock this shit off."

"I don't know what-"

"Bullshit!" Karen spat. "I know you're all wild about me, and I think that's kind of sweet, really. But I've got my guy and I'm happy. I want him to be happy too, which means that his girlfriend and his best friend are going to like each other."

"I do like you," Mark said.

"Too damn much," she retorted. "I met Jason when I was out with the girls. He was the bartender, and we ended up spending the whole weekend in bed. He's nothing like I thought I'd ever be attracted to in a man. He's crude and totally immature, but he's also sweet and kind and he treats me like a desirable woman, not a sex toy."

"Jason is a great guy," Mark said, total honesty in his tone and expression. "He's not even as crude and immature as you think he is. When you spend more time with him he'll stop trying so hard and turn into an even better guy."

"Thank you," Karen said, smiling. Her arms fell away and she put them around Mark and hugged him. "I knew you'd understand and be okay with this, no matter how we feel." Mark hugged Karen back, inhaling the perfume of her hair. She was exactly the right height for him too. She was still perfect, and she was still Jason's.

Jason arrived fifteen minutes later, and the three friends made dinner, watched a movie, and ended up playing poker at the dining table until after three. Mark showed Jason and Karen to the door, collecting a kiss on the cheek from Karen and a shoulder punch from Jason.

When they were gone, Mark looked at the mess and promised himself he'd clean up first thing in the morning. He crawled into bed and smelled Allison on his pillow, and he missed her. Maybe he'd call her and try to patch things up. It was like Karen had said, "no matter how we feel."

Mark sat bolt upright in his bed, eyes open wide, completely awake. She hadn't said, "no matter how you, Mark, feel." She'd said, "no matter how we, Mark and Karen, feel."

Smiling broadly as his head hit the pillow, Mark stared at the ceiling and said, "Holy shit, she likes me too."

* * * * *

Mark did call Allison the next day, and they went out the following Friday night. Though he didn't tell Allison, there was something about knowing that Karen had feelings for him too that calmed him, cooled his burning desire for her. Mark apologized and told Allison how important she was to him, and while she didn't go home with him that night, it wasn't long before things were back to normal between them.

The four friends spent a great deal of time together, all of them noticing the change in Mark and no one saying a word. For himself, Mark found peace. His feelings for Karen seemed to grow with every passing day, but that was okay.

Every few weeks the four of them would take a trip together. They drove down through Baja California to Cabo San Lucas, went whitewater rafting on the Colorado River, and even took a fishing cruise in the Sea of Cortez. Things relaxed for the four friends, and after a year they all had seemed to forget the way Mark had felt about Karen.

The four of them were staying together at a desert resort for the weekend, sharing a suite. It was over a year since Karen had joined their group, and there was no trepidation at all when Allison had gone off for a day in the spa and Jason had gone off for a round of golf. The plan was for Jason, Mark, and Karen to go out riding motorcycles in the desert the next day before packing up and going home.

Mark wandered out of the room he shared with Allison, dressed in swim trunks. He went to the bar, and saw that Karen was stretched out on the big couch watching TV. Pouring himself a drink, he called out to see if she wanted one.

Karen rose from the couch and walked to the bar, wearing a short white silk robe with Oriental style roses printed on it. It had flowing sleeves that reached past her elbows and the lower hem of the robe displayed most of her lovely tanned thighs. It was tied at her waist, but open low enough that Mark could see she wore her pink bikini, his favorite.

Mark handed Karen the drink he'd made for her and they stood on opposite sides of the bar, looking into each others eyes and sipping. Karen pushed her hair back behind her ear and she looked down at the surface of the bar.

"Do you ever think about what things would be like if we'd met first, instead of my meeting Jason?"

"Not since fifteen minutes ago," Mark said softly, smiling. "Are things okay with you and Jason?"

Karen looked wistful for a moment, and then she met Mark's eyes. "Things haven't been great for a while. I have to ask you, is he in love with me?"

Mark was shocked. "I guess so. I don't know! We don't talk about stuff like that."

Karen put her hand on his, and she whispered, "Why don't you see if you can find out." After a moment of silence, Karen picked up her drink and returned to the couch, leaving Mark at the bar with his head spinning.

* * * * *

Mark and Jason sat in the cantina at the resort, each well into his third beer. The game on the TV had proven boring, and they ate chips and reminisced. Too drunk to try for a better opportunity, Mark asked Jason, "Dude, you gonna marry Karen?"

"Hell if I know," Jason said, taking another swig from his beer. "I mean she's hot as anything, and I've never gotten better head - [I]hic[/I] - You know how important that is to me." He swayed a little in his chair and said, "Did I ever tell you that she does this thing with her hips, where she kind of twists-"

"Shut up," Mark slurred.

"Sorry, Dude," Jason said, smiling. "I forgot you've got a boner for my girl. Maybe we could trade for a night."

Mark was aghast. "You want to screw Allison?"

"Calm down, Dude," Jason said, waving his hands, "Not forever or anything. I just want to slip her the burrito. She seems like a wiggler. Is she a wiggler?"

Mark stood up. "What the hell is wrong with you, Dude?" Mark's hands were in fists, his muscles tight and ready for action.

Jason put his face in his hands. He was quiet for a while, and Mark sat down and waited for him to speak. Finally he said, "I don't know, Dude. Karen's like the best, and I want her to be around and shit, but I want to screw around too, you know?"

Mark put his hand on Jason's shoulder and quietly said, "Tell her. I think she feels the same way."

"What?" Jason gasped, his head snapping up from his hands.

"I think she's doing you so she can hang out with us," Mark said.

* * * * *

The four friends sat around the big parlor area in their pajamas, laughing. Allison's bright blue eyes were wide with astonishment. "Did you really think we wouldn't be your friends if you stopped sleeping with Jason?" When Karen, flushed bright red, nodded, Allison shook her head and laughed, "We're not worth the price!"

"Ha freakin' ha," Jason said, wincing through his slight hangover. "Seriously, I wouldn't mind if we kept up the whole 'friends with benefits' thing though."

"Really?" Karen said brightly, sitting up excitedly. "Let me think about it - no."

They all laughed, the general feeling of the group of friends light, but inside Mark's heart there was a slow, painful tearing. She's finally free, Mark thought, and he looked in Allison's direction and smiled at his girlfriend.

Hours later he sat astride his motorbike on the top of a dune. He pulled aside the breathing mask and took a drink of water, surveying the desert before him. Another bike slowed to a stop next to him, and even wearing the helmet and heavy pads, there was no doubt the rider was a rather hot woman.

Karen pulled aside her own mask and took a drink. She looked at Mark and smiled. "Take a look at the idiot," she said, indicating the direction in which he saw Jason crashing dangerously hard into the sides of dunes. Mark shook his head.

"What about us?" Mark said. To his credit, Karen didn't even hesitate.

"There isn't an us, Mark. There was never an us. I thought you were over that." She took another drink, and when she wiped her sleeve across her mouth he saw something...

"You always knew," Mark said, "no matter how much you want to pretend, you always knew how I felt, and you know what?" He smiled wickedly, about to make himself very vulnerable but totally confident that he was right. "You've been in love with me since that first moment too."

"You're nuts!" Karen said. "Stalker!"

"You fantasize about me whenever you can." he said, making fun.

"Shut up."

"You imagine being together every chance you get."

"Stop it," Karen said.

"When something good happens, or if you have a bad day, I'm the one you want to tell," Mark said, his smile fading.

"Stop it!" Karen's eyes burned behind her goggles.

"You'd give anything to be free to love me openly."

"Just shut up!" Karen croaked, turning and walking off of her bike and to the edge of the dune, her motorcycle left in the sand. Mark parked his bike and he walked over to her, standing close behind her.

"I love you Karen," he said softly. "I know you feel the same way, so you don't have to say anything, but don't lie and try to deny it." Mark watched her shoulders begin to shake, and after a few moments he left her there and walked over and set her motorcycle upright.

Jason's bike roared to join them, and when he'd stopped, Jason pulled aside his mask and grinned at Mark. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah," Mark said, "Just clearing up a few things."

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