Best Friend's Girl


"Not too fast," Mark groaned quietly.

"Rahrrrr," Karen said, grasping his hardness momentarily. "Do I scare you?"

"I'm terrified," Mark answered softly.

Karen nodded slowly and said, "Yeah, me too."

Slipping one arm beneath her thighs and putting the other around her shoulders, Mark lifted Karen from the stool and he swung her around twice, loving the sound of her childlike laughter. They kissed again, and then Mark carried Karen to the bedroom.

He laid her down on the satin comforter, following her onto the bed and placing his body atop hers. Mark kissed Karen deeply, and together they savored the sensations, the flavors of one another for a long, long time. Mark felt Karen's hands fumbling with the buckle of his belt and he grinned, breaking their kiss, and he slapped gently at her fingers.

"Slow down," he moaned, pressing his mouth to hers again, and Karen replied with a whimper before running her palms over his back. Mark trailed the backs of his fingers down Karen's side, feeling her squirm under him, along her waist, her hip, and down her thigh until he brushed the top of her stocking.

He drew slow circles with his fingertip on her knee, and then dragged his fingertips up the inside of her thigh. As his fingers slowly climbed her soft, creamy tanned skin, a whimper escaped her, and Karen opened her legs. His fingertips brushed the leg of her tight tap pants and slid to the center, the top of her thigh and began moving lower, and then back up.

Mark smelled her then, the sharp musky smell of her sex, of a woman wanting a man. His fingertips continued upward, beneath the leg of her silk panties to the crook, the join of her leg to her body, and then along it until his knuckles brushed the warm, swollen flesh he had wanted since the moment he'd seen her, over two years earlier.

His fingertips moved upward, tangling in the moist, dense hair of her pussy, and then down until he felt the swollen mound at the beginning of her open, wet cleft. He pressed there, and Karen arched in his embrace, pressing against his hand as he gently ground his fingertips on her hidden clit.

Karen pushed Mark off of her and sat up quickly, sliding her silk camisole off over her head. She rolled on top of him then, straddling his hips, and leaned forward, her fingers making short work of his shirt buttons. Mark chuckled as she grasped his suspenders and pulled them down over his shoulders, and then slid her hands under his shirt and pushed it open to reveal his undershirt.

"Damn it," Karen whined, "I thought girls had complicated clothes." She grabbed handfuls of his undershirt and pulled it up, bunching it at his chest, and she leaned down and kissed his hard pectorals, his ribs, and sliding down his legs, trailed kisses along his belly. By the time her lips and tongue had reached and begun teasing his belly button, Mark's cock had created a large lump in his boxers, the white fabric pushing out through his open fly.

She pulled it free, and further, free of the boxers. She gasped when like a Jack-in-the-Box, Mark's cock sprung loose and stood proudly for a moment, before laying back and falling against his belly like a breaching whale. Karen unbuckled his belt and opened his pants, then pulled them down to bunch around his muscular thighs.

The boxers were more of a challenge, as she needed to thread his engorged meat back through the fly to get them down. Once free of the cloth however, Karen had him at her mercy and began to lick, pressing her tongue hard against his balls. She sucked each of his testicles into her mouth and bathed them lovingly before moving to the other, continuing until she felt him shudder.

Then, placing her tongue to the base of his cock, she kissed, licked, and sucked on every millimeter of him, moving very slowly upward until his dick was bouncing against his belly, leaving wet marks on his skin. Karen pulled Mark's cock toward her, making it stand straight, and she gently kissed the head, marveling at him.

"It's beautiful," she whispered, kissing the head again. She'd never seen one like it, not that she was terribly experienced. She'd only ever been with five men before Mark.

Mark's shaft was thick and strong, with veins and ridges running over it, beneath the thin skin. An inch or so from the tip, the skin mushroomed and became rough, and finally was capped on the tip by a tiny head, smooth and purple. Looking at the sharply tapered point, Karen smiled and wondered if he'd been custom made for her pleasure.

Karen took a couple of inches, as much as she could before gagging, into her mouth and began to work her tongue around it, stroked him, bathed him, and she wrapped her slender fingers of one hand around the base, stroking him just a little bit but with a firm grasp. She felt him throbbing in her mouth, heard him moaning, and Karen felt a wave of prideful satisfaction rush through her.

Briefly pausing to catch her breath, Karen stroked Mark's cock, and smiled up at him, seeing a look of concern on his red face. "Is it as good as you hoped?"

"Better!" Mark gasped. "You'd better stop soon or I'm not going to be able to hold back."

Karen liked a challenge, and she quickly resumed her blow job, rubbing his cock head against the roof of her mouth and the inside of her cheeks as she licked and sucked him. True to his word, barely five minutes passed before his body tensed and the fingers of one of his hands gripped her hair painfully. "Karen, please!" he cried, but she felt his balls contract and readied herself for the eruption.

Thick, creamy cum shot into her mouth, again and again the spurts surging, and Karen carefully captured every precious drop, swirling the milky fluid around in her mouth until the rushing ceased. She kept her lips tight around his hardness and pulled away and off of Mark.

Seeing her expression and the set of her mouth as she moved up closer to him, Mark smiled. "So," he said, "the eternal question. Does she swallow or spit?" Karen's eyebrows raised and the corners of her mouth quirked. "My choice?" Mark asked, and Karen nodded slowly.

Mark watched Karen's pretty green eyes and he considered a moment before saying, "Whatever you want. You won't hurt my feelings either way." Karen got up out of the bed and hurried out of the room, returning very shortly with two glasses filled with Champagne. Her smile was enigmatic when she handed Mark one of the glasses and she took a sip from her own.

"Are you going to tell me?" he asked, having a feeling he knew the answer. He took just a moment to appreciate her body as he'd never seen her before. Her softness, the fullness of her unbound breasts, so firm. Her unabashed sexiness.

"Nope," Karen said, and she sat on the edge of the bed and set her glass on the table, next to Mark's. "So, how long do we have to wait?"

"Hopefully long enough for this," Mark said, sitting up and grabbing Karen. He wrestled her to the bed, both of them laughing, and he grasped her tight tap pants and slipped them down onto her thighs. Karen froze, staring intensely into Mark's eyes, and he slowed, dragging her panties down her legs and off.

He was on her then, and they put their arms around each other as they kissed deeply. His lips left hers and nibbled her earlobes beneath her earrings, and then her neck just beneath her ear. He moved down and around until he was dragging his teeth lightly over her throat, and Karen moaned.

His lips moved down over her chest and down between her breasts, around the bottom of one, and then up over the top before moving across to the other and moving across it with kisses, licks and nibbles. Her breathing was rapid, and Mark guessed that her breast were very sensitive.

He pressed the flat of his tongue down on her nipple, covering her completely, and he dragged it over her stiff areola and hard nipple. Her gasp was music to his ears, and Karen's arms wrapped around his head, hugging him close to her breast. He sucked her into his mouth and swirled his tongue around her, pressed her against the roof of his mouth and squeezed her as he sucked, and Karen whined.

Moving to her other breast, he likewise made love to her, stroking his fingers lightly down over her belly and feeling her legs kick slowly below him. He kissed between her breasts again, and then began the long, slow trail of kisses and nibbles down her taut belly.

When he reached her tidy, clipped bush he rubbed his cheek into the softness, the slightly oily fur there, and then moved lower still. He kissed her pussy with an open mouth, rubbing the flat of his tongue over her and dipped into her cleft. Mark guessed he was on the right track when Karen grabbed both hands full of his hair and yanked it painfully.

Her thighs rose up and apart, and Mark gripped her ass tightly, his thumbs against her inner thighs. He pressed with his thumbs and used them to open her up to him. Karen's loud, low moan encouraged him, and he started licking and sucking first her outer labia, and then used his lips and tongue to search and explore her inner labia, ending at her engorged clit.

She was very wet, and when he released her ass and drew his hands away, Karen looked down, worried. "Is everything okay?" she asked, still breathless. His answer was to slip two fingers into her, and he watched her lift her hips from the bed and arch her back, pressing her head hard into the pillows.

He pressed into her, feeling the jerky spasms inside her against his fingers, until his thumb rested in the hollow between her labia, against her clit. He ran his tongue around her clit while he fucked her with his fingers, loving the way she writhed and moaned. He'd been with a few women, and Karen was the most appreciative of his skill, by far. Or maybe he was just taking more time because it was more important to please her than he usually had done.

Either way, Mark could see, by the deep coloring of her skin and the seemingly uncontrolled movements of her arms and legs, that Karen was very close to orgasm. He pulled his fingers from her and pressed his mouth to her, pressing hard against her clit while he worked his tongue deep inside her.

Mark instantly fell in love with her taste, and he lapped wildly, wanting every drop he could get her to produce. Karen's vaginal walls convulsed, contracted hard and held, released, and contracted hard again. Several times she did this, and her body was rigid. She didn't make a sound, only shaking and shuddering.

Finally, she drew in a long, loud breath and shook, as if sobbing for almost a minute. When she finally lifted her head and looked down at him, her face was nearly purple and her eyes wet. She smiled as if through hysterical tears and rasped, "Thank you, Baby. I love you," before falling limp back on the pillows.

Mark rose onto his knees and approached the head of the bed, intending to kiss and hold Karen again, and he noticed that he had taken long enough after all. His erection bounced impatiently when he moved. Karen noticed him, and she rolled onto her side, facing away from Mark and said, "That was wonderful, Baby. I'm going to get some sleep, okay?"

"The hell you say!" Mark said, a little loudly. He put his hand on Karen's hip.

Putting her hand on his, she grasped it and moved it to the bed behind her, saying, "Really, Baby, I'm so sleepy."

Taking her hip in hand again, Mark rolled Karen onto her back. Her eyes were wide, her lips pursed. Her face was a mask of perfect angelic innocence. "I've waited years for this moment, and I'm not going to wait for one more minute. Tired or not, I'm going to have you, Karen."

Her eyes narrowed as her lips curled into a sly smile. "Make me," was her purred challenge.

Mark roughly opened Karen's legs and he moved between them. He grasped her hips and pulled her to him, and she yelped surprise. Mark lifted Karen's hips and he pressed the tip of his cock into her small, slick entrance, both of them moaning loudly as he pushed deep inside her.

Karen's mouth was open and she smiled, her eyes closed. "You feel so good," she said, in a voice barely above a whisper. She reached her arms out to him, and he took her hands, holding them tightly. Karen pulled herself up, and once he'd figured out what she was doing, Mark pulled her as well, until their arms were around one another, holding on tightly.

They kissed as their hips moved in concert, both of them driving together, both pulling away. They moved slowly, their kisses amazingly tender for the passions they felt, and Karen gripped him, held him as he moved inside her.

Karen's breath caught, and Mark moaned as her pussy clamped hard on him, contracting hard and holding, and then relaxing for an instant before contracting again. She'd stopped kissing him, and Mark opened his eyes and found himself staring into Karen's beautiful green eyes. A single tear dropped down her smooth cheek, and then she drew in a deep gasp, her body seemingly released from absolute stillness.

The echoes of her orgasm pulsed around his hardness, and Karen reached her hands around him and she ran her fingers through Mark's hair. She kissed his lips once, and the leaned back in his arms.

Lowering her to the bed, Mark followed her down until he lay on top of her, still moving inside her. He kissed her again and she returned his kiss now.

"I love you Mark," Karen said, half whisper, half whimper. "Take me, please."

She arched beneath him when he made his first powerful thrust, and Mark gave up all propriety. He started fucking Karen, as hard and as fast as he could, slamming into her and listening to her delighted squealing. All of his passions focused on driving into her, using force to show his love and affection.

"Yes!" Karen cried, ecstatic, "Fuck me, Mark! Fuck me hard!"

Mark slammed his entire body against her, the blood thundering in his ears while she writhed under him, moaning loudly and screaming her joy. She pushed back against him, bucking her hips and grinding against the length of his shaft while he thrust into her. Mark's heart was racing faster than he could ever remember before and he was badly out of breath, but he refused to slow, rejected any betrayal by his body that told him to slow.

He felt her come again, hard, and saw her body not merely frozen as before, but shaking, thrashing silently under him, her cunt contracting seemingly in time with his own rapidly pounding heart. He saw her grab her hair and pull, and her neck stretched as her face turned away from him.

Mark roared as the sensation of a white hot poker piercing the back of his neck and penetrating his skull seized his body. His pelvic muscles cramped and seemed to catch fire, and his lower back exploded with tearing pain. His cock felt as though it was swelling so big that it tore open, and Mark felt his heart stop beating.

Mark found himself on his side on the bed, Karen cradling his face in her hands, placing passionate kisses on his cheeks, eyes, forehead, and nose. He had never felt anything so intense in his life, and he promised himself that as soon as he found all of the pieces, he'd put his dick back together and do it again.

Mark, feeling feeble, couldn't resist when Karen pushed him onto his back, and she crawled onto his heaving chest and held him. He managed the energy to wrap his fingers in her hair and let them gently curl in her damp silken tresses.

"I love you Karen," Mark said, and he repeated it again, sure that the first time had been too weak to hear.

She hushed him gently and whispered, "I know, Mark. Sleep now. We'll talk tomorrow." She buried her face between his neck and his shoulder and relaxed her body on him.

Mark was sure he was nodding, and then he slept.

* * * * *

Mark opened his eyes and saw through the door that the sun was out. He stretched out in the bed, his body feeling impossibly good. Nestling into the soft, warm sheets, Mark closed his eyes again and remembered the previous night with Karen.

"Good morning," he heard Karen say, and he opened his eyes.

She stood in the doorway, the sunlight behind her casting her in perfect silhouette. Around the darkness that was Karen, her diaphanous white baby-doll nighty glowed. She walked toward him, and he could see her.

Her hair was brushed out and was luxurious, a small white headband on her crown. Beneath the nighty she wore nothing, her bare breasts only vaguely obscured by the translucent fabric. A tiny lacy white G-string adorned her pussy, and she wore kitten heeled slippers with white puffs over the toes. She looked like a fantasy girl from a Playboy, circa 1958, like his fantasy girl.

And best of all, in his opinion, once she drew close enough to see it, was the look of complete adoration in her eyes when she looked at him. She was smiling softly, and she positively glowed with happiness.

"You like?" she asked, and then glanced at the tent that had sprung up in the bed and said, "Never mind, I can see that you do."

"It's not fair that you know all of my dirty little secrets," Mark whined playfully. "How am I supposed to know what to do to for you?"

Karen blinked slowly and her teeth showed brilliantly as her smile grew. "Just don't ever stop trying."

She perched her hip on the edge of the bed and ran her fingers over Mark's chest. "Are you hungry, Baby?"

"I could eat a horse," Mark said, wondering if it was too late for room service.

"That's my job," Karen said, and she slowly drew back the covers to expose his erection. "Work, work, work," she murmured as she leaned over him and engulfed his cock with her warm, wonderful mouth.

Mark gasped softly with pleasure and whispered, "Karen, you have to marry me."

She ran her tongue around the tiny head of his cock and then said, "If I say yes, can we wait a while before we set a date?"

"Whatever you want," Mark said, unable to keep the grin from his face.

"Just what I like to hear," she said, and Karen took him deeply into her mouth again.

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