tagRomanceBetrothed Ch. 05

Betrothed Ch. 05


Allison stood on the prow of the boat, letting the wind stroke her hair. She was going home. With Nick. She couldn't quite believe that it was really happening. Then all of a sudden, strong arms encircled her waist from behind, and she knew that this was real.

"Look Nicky, I can see land," she said pointing it out to him.

Nick chuckled, there was no way you could miss it. "Oh yeah, there it is."

She turned around in the circle of his arms, and wrapped hers around his neck. She pressed her face into his shoulder, and breathed in the manly smell of him.

"Can you believe it? We're finally together again," she said, pulling back and looking in his eyes.

"I knew we would be, we are meant to be together. Nothing can keep us apart."

"I didn't know. I thought you were lost to me forever."

Nick couldn't stand the hurt that suddenly came into her eyes. She always got that look on her face when talking about the years when she thought he was dead. He groaned and bent down to kiss her. It seemed to be the only thing that soothed her hurt, the only thing that could convince her it was all real, the only thing that made her believe they wouldn't be separated again.

Allison stood on tiptoe so she had better access to his mouth. She deepened the kiss, ravishing his mouth with hers until she heard catcalls behind them. She pulled away, and didn't have to look to know the men were staring at the scene they were making.

"Hot damn," one of them said, "You got a real affectionate girl there, captain. Better be careful to keep her or I might just try my hand at it."

"Not a chance, Hubert," Allison said good-naturedly. Despite the fact the men were crass and fought constantly and stole anything that took their fancy, they all had good hearts. Allison could see that in them, and had formed a sort of bond with the rag-tag bunch.

She turned back around to face the ocean, and the faint line of land in the distance. Nick kept his arms circled around her, and she set her hands on top of his, which were resting on her stomach. He leaned his chin down on the top of her head.

Allison remembered another time they when they were in the exact same position. She had been twelve and he sixteen. It had been only a couple of weeks before he had died, or so she had thought.

She had been over at his house, and they were out in the garden, eating blackberries off the bush, when all of a sudden Nick bent down to kiss her lips. He often pressed chaste kisses to her mouth, but this time she pulled back before he got the chance.

Nick looked confused and tried again, but again she pulled back. Allison had giggled at his annoyed expression, loving to tease him like that. All of a sudden she stood on tiptoe and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, then took of in a run.

"Get back here, you little minx," he called after her, taking off in a run to follow. Allison had giggled in childish delight at their game. She ran into the house, running along the hall, in and out of rooms, Nick chasing after her.

She had finally stopped in his room, catching her breath, and when she looked up, she saw it on the wall. It was one of her paintings, a portrait she had done of herself. And it was hanging right there, framed on his wall. She just stood there staring at it, her face staring back at her. The fact that he had hung it up made her feel special, like she was a real artist.

She hadn't heard him come into the room, but she felt his arms go around her and his chin rest on her head.

"Oh Nicky," she had said, "You hung it up."

"Of course I did, it's beautiful."

She had turned in the circle of his arms, and this time let him kiss her. She felt like she was the most precious thing in the world to him when he held her like that. And that day he had done something he had never done before, he let his tongue hesitantly leave his mouth and brush her lips.

Allison had jumped back in surprise at the unexpected sensation. He had just smiled at her astonished expression, and she had giggled nervously, before taking his hand in hers, and leading him back outside to eat more blackberries.

"What are you thinking about?" Nick asked. The question jarred Allison from her memories, and she turned once again to look at him.

"I was just thinking about the day we ate all those blackberries. Do you remember?"

"How could I forget?" he said, allowing his lips to softly touch hers. He then quickly swiped his tongue across her closed mouth.

Allison pulled back and giggled up at him.

"You were so young, and I had to be slow and gentle with you, when all the time I was tempted to go further."

She smiled and rested her head against his chest, his heart beating in her ear.

"You can go as far as you want now."

"Okay, you two are going to have to row in from here," Smithy said a while later, when they were much closer to shore.

"Drop anchor," Nick ordered, and Smithy repeated the order louder to the men.

"In you go," Nick said, picking Allison up around the waist and putting her in one of the rowboats, before climbing in himself.

"Bye Nick," Smithy said gruffly, trying to hide the emotion in his eyes.

"Bye Captain," Nick proudly said back, having left the position to his former first mate.

"Goodbye everyone," Allison called out to the crew, despite the fact that they had all had their farewells earlier.

The ship was taken up into a general hum of parting words and waves of goodbye, as the little rowboat was lowered to the ocean.

When they hit the clear, blue water, Nick took up the oars and started in a slow and steady pace toward shore.

"Are you nervous?" Allison asked.


She could tell he was. " Don't worry, everything's going to be fine."

He just glowered at her and kept rowing. Allison smiled to herself, and hid it by looking down at her lap.

She turned to look back at the boat, which had its sails up and was leaving again. She let her fingers trail over the top of the water, and watched the muscles in Nick's arms work as he rowed.

She was relaxed with the sparkling ocean surrounding her, and Nick by her side, but she got more and more excited as they got closer to land.

When they were only a few yards away, she couldn't hold her enthusiasm in any longer, and without a word, she hurled her self out of the boat and into the cool water.

"Ally," she heard Nick call behind her. She swam rapidly away from the boat. She was only wearing a thin day dress, and was unhampered by any corsets or petty coats, so she swam easily through the water.

Nick watched her swimming away for a moment, then jumped right into the water after her, the boat forgotten. His fast, sure strokes caught up to her in no time, and when he came up behind her, he pulled her down by the legs, until she was under water with him.

He grabbed her waist and held them both under the surface. His eyes were closed, and he searched for her lips with his own, kissing her chin and cheek before he found them.

When he did, he nudged his tongue into her mouth, tasting the saltwater that flowed past their lips.

They broke the surface still kissing, before they broke apart, gasping for air to catch their breath.

Allison giggled when she had recovered, and put both her hands on top of Nick's head, using all her weight to push him below the surface. When he came back up he splashed her full in the face. She angrily splashed him back, and it turned into a full out war. She had to squint her eyes due to the cloud of foamy water that was surrounding them.

After a minute or so, she realized that he had stopped splashing her, and was nowhere to be seen. "Nick," she called, looking about for him. Just then, she felt a hard pinch on her butt, and she squealed and jumped away as best she could in the water.

Nick broke the surface laughing. She couldn't help but laugh too, and she pushed his chest playfully and started swimming for shore again.

They had just gotten close enough for Nick to be able to touch the sandy bottom with his feet, when he grabbed Allison again. He held her up in his arms, and kissed her forcefully, trailing kisses down her salt tinged neck.

He held her waist in his big hands, and lifted her up higher until her breasts were eye level with him. Holding her easily, he kissed and bit the fabric-covered mounds. Allison could feel the tingling between her legs, and kicked them ever so slightly, restlessly.

He lowered her back down, still holding an arm around her waist so her head wouldn't fall under water. He used his free hand to search under her dress, and rub her pussy beneath the wet fabric of her pantalets. She squirmed in pleasure.

"Grab my shoulders, sweetheart," he told her. She did, holding herself up by them. And he used both hands to lower her undergarments to around her ankles. Then touching her pussy again, nothing separating it from his hand but the accession of cool water.

Allison moaned as the fingers spread her pussy lips, letting the water run in as the massaged her gently down there.

Nick let her hang from his shoulders as he turned to his own clothes. He undid the belt, and struggled to get the wet fabric down around his legs. When he was free of any constraints, he hiked her skirt back up around her waist, and pulled her to him.

He lowered her gently onto his erection, and she gasped at the welcome intrusion between her legs. He used his arm muscles to move her back and forth in a steady rhythm on his cock, letting the pleasure rise for both of them.

"Nick," she screamed as she came, feeling his seed spill and mix with the salt water that was already inside of her.

She breathed heavily and rested her head against his shoulder, keeping her legs wrapped around him. They held each other in a gentle hug as the both recovered from the aftermath of their orgasms.

Allison soon became aware that they were out in the open, in the middle of the day, naked from the waist down. The only thing protecting them from prying eyes was water that flowed gently about them.

Allison self-consciously detangled herself from him, and swam awkwardly as she pulled her pantalets back up around her. Nick also pulled his wet pants up around him, but with decidedly more trouble. When he buckled his belt, he held his arms open for her, and she swam into them, hugging her arms around his neck.

He put one of his arms around her back, and the other under the back of her knees, and he carried her toward shore. He started to feel her slight weight in his arms as the water level got lower and lower around him. He didn't put her down when they reached the sandy shore at last, just continued to carry her up the bank.

Allison didn't mind, having lost her slippers in the ocean. She wiggled her toes as her bare feet dangled in the air as he carried her.

"Do you remember the last time you carried me like this?" she asked.

"Mmm hmm, you were six, and you fell and twisted your ankle by those rocks over there." He gestured his head to the left of them.

"Yeah, and you had to carry me all the way home," she nodded.

"You were crying so much. You said the only thing that would make you feel better is if I sang to you."

Allison laughed. "And you hated to sing, but you did it anyway. You sang to me all the way home." She rested her head against his shoulder.

Nick held her closer, and carried her up to his house, stopping at the front door. She knocked lightly on it, and he swept her inside when it was opened.

The butler looked aghast at the two wet, disheveled people who had just walked through his door.

"Mistress Allison," a maid said disbelievingly. Nick recognized her as his old nanny. A woman who had practically raised him, and Allison too, since they spent so much time together.

Allison wiggled in his arms, and he let her drop to stand on her own. Her bare feet pattered against the marble floor as she ran over to Mrs. Heegle. She gave the old woman a giant hug, and was hugged forcefully in return.

"Oh, Miss Allison, I feared you were kidnapped for good," the old lady said as she patted Allison's cheek affectionately. "What happened to ye? And who's this man that carried you in here?"

"Mrs. Heegle, don't you recognize him? It's Nick," Allison said turning to look at him.

Nick stood awkwardly, not sure what to do. He watched as Mrs. Heegle stared at him in amazement, and walked closer to him, examining his features with rapidly moving eyes.

"By the saints' almighty, it is Nick. Our Nicky has come back from the dead," she reverently touched his shoulders, then pulled him to her for a hug. Nick wrapped his arms around the old woman's brittle shoulders. He hadn't realized how much he had missed her mother-like hugs, the warmth and comfort they could bring.

She pulled back and he reluctantly released her. And before any questions could be asked or answered, the study door was flung open, and Nick's brother, Aurick Bancroft, along with several other well-dressed gentlemen, walked into the front hall.

"What the hell's going on here?" Aurick asked upon seeing the wet and grubby urchins in his house. But no sooner as he said it, than Allison turned around.

"Allison," he gasped, "I assumed you were dead." He grabbed her by the arm, and pulled her into his embrace. "Thank god you're all right."

He only held her for a moment though, before Nick roughly jerked her out of his arms and into his own.

"And who do you think you are?" Aurick asked condescendingly to the man now holding his fiancée.

"Don't you recognize me?" Nick asked his brother. They had never really been close, but still, he was the only family he had left.

"And why should I recognize an urchin like you?" Aurick asked, "And kindly take your hands off my fiancée."

"She's not your fiancée anymore," Nick said, his voice as cold as ice.

Aurick got a deadly look in his eye, and he stepped menacingly forward, "Now you listen here, I--"

"Stop it," Allison interrupted him, "You're brothers."

At her words, Aurick glanced at Nick with incredulous disbelief. "No...it's not possible, Nicholas is dead."

"No it is really I, brother," Nick said stepping forward.

Aurick stepped back, "This is insanity," he said shaking his head, "Allison?" He looked at her for confirmation.

"Yes Aurick, it is really Nick. He was never dead after all."

"What she says is true." A white haired man that had come out of the study with Aurick stepped forward, Nick recognized him as one of his father's closest friends, the Marquess of Rothburn, "I remember the boy, and this is him. Oh, if only your father were alive to witness your return." Nick felt a sadness sink into his heart at the mention of his father.

"You can't be Nicholas," Aurick still argued, "I saw him drown six years ago."

"Please brother, recognize me," Nick begged.

"What's the matter with you boy," the Marquess of Rothburn addressed Aurick, "You're brother has returned to us alive, by some miracle, rejoice in his return."

"Of course," Aurick said, stiffly stepping forward, "It's good to have you back," and there was a long pause before he added, "brother." Then he wrapped his arms around Nick, and the brothers embraced, but it wasn't a warm and loving hug. It was cold and brittle, and was over in a second.

"Come son, tell us where you have been," the Marquess insisted, drawing Nick into the study. Allison made to follow him, but Mrs. Heegle stopped her.

"Allison, come with me before you catch your death," she held her arm. "We need to get you into some dry, proper attire."

Allison followed Mrs. Heegle, but her eyes lingered on Nick as she walked away. He watched her helplessly in return until he was drawn into the study.


Allison rolled restlessly around in bed. She and Nick had been back a week, and most of that time was spent visiting old friends and acquaintances, dealing with the bank, and all the paperwork that went along with Nick's sudden return from the dead.

She had been staying in a guest room in Nick's home, Aurick having sold hers while she was away, and dismissing all her servants. She could have been mad, but thought that it didn't really matter, Nick and she would be married soon anyway.

The only thing was, she had gotten used to his presence beside her while sleeping on the ship, and now she missed him terribly. Made even worse by the fact that he was only a couple doors down, but separated by the rules of polite society.

She didn't want to cause a scandal for him after he had only been back such a short time, plus he was probably exhausted from his long and hectic days. Still, she lopped over onto her stomach, she craved his touch and hungered for his kisses. She hadn't been able to spend as much time with him as she liked to.

The few times they were alone, they were interrupted by his brother. Allison wouldn't have minded Aurick's presence if he had wanted to catch up with his brother, to get to know him again. But all Aurick seemed prone to do was sit and scowl and sneer.

She knew that Aurick had never before showed any love for his brother, but she had hoped that he could find it in his heart to accept Nick with love and compassion, now that he had returned. Sadly however, Allison was coming to realize that that probably wasn't going to happen. And it broke her heart, because she knew how much Nick longed for his brother's love.

Allison rolled onto her back in frustration. She needed Nick, and she was sure that Nick needed her right now, too. She was past the point of caring about the scandal, and she climbed out of bed and tiptoed to his room, silently opening the door and slipping inside. It was unlocked, but she locked it behind her.

She heard his even breathing and saw his still figure. Not wanting to wake him, she climbed delicately under the covers and into bed.

"I was wondering when you would come," he said softly.

Allison started, "I thought you were asleep."

"Mmm," he nuzzled her neck sleepily, and wrapped his arm around her, "I missed you."

"I missed you, too."

He kissed her mouth, "I missed your honeyed lips."

Allison smiled.

He licked her cheek, "And your dulcet skin."

He brushed her nose with his, "And your dainty nose."

She wrinkled it.

He bit her ear, "And your pliant lobe."

She giggled.

He nestled his head in her chest, "And your comfortable breasts."

Allison pushed him off of her and onto his back, straddling his hips, the covers falling off of them. "Oh, you don't have any night clothes on," she said in surprise.

"Have I offended your delicate sensibilities?" he teased.

She nodded, "So much I might just have to leave."

He grabbed her hips before she had a chance to roll off of him. "Don't get distracted so easily, little one. I believe you came here to ravage me?"

"You know me so well, kind sir."

Allison grabbed the hem of her nightgown where it was lying on his chest, and sat up slightly, pulling it up over her body and off her head, tossing it on his face.

She giggled when he instantly jerked it from his head and threw it to the floor.

"Don't do that, the view from here is fantastic."

She felt his hard cock pressing against her thigh, and she grabbed it in her fist, running her hand up and down the length of it, feeling it get even larger and harder in her hand.

She used her hand to guide it to her entrance, slowly lowering herself onto the length of him, until she had him fully inside of her.

Nick watched her breasts jiggle and bounce as she worked a steady rhythm above him, moaning louder as she moved faster.

She had her hands braced on his chest, and in the back of his mind, he felt her fingernails dig into him as she climaxed. But he was so swept up in his own orgasm, that he didn't even feel any pain.

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