tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBimbo for Hire Pt. 02

Bimbo for Hire Pt. 02


Hey guys and girls, thanks for checking back to my diary. When you last left me I was explaining how the totally unfair ruling against me in court has left me penniless, homeless and completely humiliated. But we all know a pretty girl like me won't stay down on her luck for too long. These tits are too big to fail! (I don't know what that phrase actually means but it sounds clever doesn't it?).

After my bitch of an Aunt had kicked me out with only a few old clothes in a garbage bag (clothes from when I was much younger and less developed) I knew I needed a place to stay, and fast. As I stood on the curb outside her house I was so furious with her, I stamped my foot in a petulant rage. This smallish bra was from before my boob job and the wiring dug into me, it really hurt! Do you know how much a small, restrictive, wiry bra can hurt a girl? And these even older Disney Princess panties were so demeaning to wear after all the Victoria Secret stuff I'd splurged on months ago. I knew my bitch Aunt would be pawing through those now. She'd be trying on all my lacy lingerie, sparkly dresses and high heels, chuckling to herself that now she could dress like a rich bitch.

Wearing a far too tight, childish t-shirt, some ripped high-waist shorts and an old pair of scruffy sneakers, I did not look my most fabulous. I pined for the designer gear I'd been robbed of by her. But it was already beginning to get dark so I plucked up my courage and started ringing around my best friends for a place to stay....

Well the total bitches! Two hours later it's completely dark and I'm still sat on the sidewalk scared and alone. No-one wants to help me out. Even the guys I rang just laughed at me and called me the Dean's 'sloppy seconds'. I was Tiffany Anderson! Queen Bee! They all should have been honoured to give up their beds for me. I refused to break into tears and instead started the long walk to the only person I knew would let me stay for the night.

It took one whole hour to get there, dragging my possessions along in the bag. I was hot and sweaty from the trek, I tried to redo my hair in the windows of his car and make myself look presentable. The Dean didn't look at all surprised when he opened his front door. He spent a while leering over my tits in this tight shirt before silently beckoning me in, slapping my ass as I went past him. He callously told me he'd just been looking at new cars now that he had several thousand left over from the payment I'd been forced by the court to pay to him. He spent ages showing me them on his fancy laptop and I sat there like an idiot with a fake smile as I feigned interest in them. Like I was congratulating him for defeating me and ruining me! I was crying inside as he showed off the new sports car he wanted on the back of my totally unfair defeat.

I guess the garbage bag I was carrying of what was left of my possessions told him all he needed to know, but he still wanted to hear it. I was made to kneel in front of him, eyes looking up pleadingly as I asked if I could stay for the night. With his fingers he prized open my mouth in anticipation as he then undid his pants. His awful little hardon sprung into view and he told me to earn my stay. Reluctantly, I took his little offering into my mouth and tried my best to give my signature, awesome blowjob. He grabbed my hair and forcefully jerked my head up and down his little cock. It tasted awful and I felt so angry at having to give pleasure to the guy who had ruined me. This was so unfair! Why do men always win?!

He came in my mouth, thick cum exploding into the back of my mouth so I nearly gagged. This time I felt I had to swallow it all down, back during our arrangement I'd always spat out his cum in contempt. On my hands and knees and still half-choking on his hot cum he told me it was time to undress for bed. He had me stand up on the coffee table as he groped and unclothed me. He broke into laughter when my shorts came off to reveal my childish pink panties adorned with the Disney Princesses. I tried to explain my Aunt had took all my new clothes but he wasn't listening to me.

Taking a hurtful grip of my luscious blonde hair he dragged me up to his room. He fucked me without mercy, making me say things during like 'you won sir.' 'I'm just a stupid little girl.' 'I hope my money pleases you sir.' 'My pussy is a slave to your mighty cock.' 'Men rule, girls obey.' As he lay over me, thrusting his cock in and out, I finally accepted that man was king. I'd fought him and lost. It was his right to fuck me hard and fuck me over. His invasive hands pawed at my fake tits, harshly flicking my big nipples which both hurt and excited me. I tried to play with my clit but he grabbed my hand away and pinned it down above my head. This was for him to enjoy, not for my benefit. As I thanked him I found myself beginning to get into it, my pussy was slowly stirring into excitement when he grunted and exploded into me. Just when I was starting to enjoy myself, oh well.

I don't remember falling asleep but was forcibly woken early the next morning and told to get the fuck out. Like I was some cheap whore. Not even that, as I'd effectively paid him. I was back to square one with nowhere to stay, having been violated all night by my oppressor. He did give me one parting gift though. He told me he knew of a job which I had the brains for and wrote down an address on a scrap of paper before placing it into my busty cleavage. I obediently thanked him, "thank you so much, sir."

Outside I read the address, and began the long walk with my garbage bag towards the centre of town. The address took me to the dodgy part, not somewhere I had really frequented. I was used to the top bars and clubs nearer the high street where I'd had VIP access. After getting lost a lot and feeling very sorry for myself I finally found it. It was a basement to a rundown terraced building. It had an inactive neon plaque over it that read "The Kitten." I descended down the dirty steps and pressed the buzzer. I waited for what seemed forever, sitting sulking on the dirty step, before finally being buzzed in.

He had patronizingly said a job 'I had the brains for' -- so was this bar work maybe? I could probably stomach that, just until I got back on my feet. Buy some nice new clothes with the money and I could walk into a secretarial role. I'd always thought that must be the easiest job in the world right? Just sit looking pretty at a desk for a powerful rich businessman, I could so do that. Then with that money, get out of town and go to LA to do modelling? Hell yeah! It was so obvious now. With my looks I bet I'd be the hottest model in LA easily. Simple.

I found my way to a dingy little office inside and let myself in. At the desk was a largish red-haired woman. She was wearing a low-cut top that showed off her huge rack, and below black leather pants and very tall red heels. She was expertly counting notes and beckoned me to sit down. Finishing her counting of the large stack of money, she turned her attention to me. I was used to the look guys give when they're mentally undressing me; but now this forty-something woman was doing the same.

"You want to earn some of this?" She asked grabbing a fistful of dollars. I decided I was low on options so I'd fake enthusiasm, "Oh yes please!" I replied, I thought very convincingly. I flashed her my dazzling white smile and fuck me eyes. I was pretty sure she was a dyke and knew I must be the hottest girl she'd ever seen.

"Yes..." She said thoughtfully, getting up and circling me, her hand suggestively running across my bare shoulders. "I think the punters will love a young blonde like you."

I tried to seal the deal, "I haven't done bar work before but I've been to plenty. Of bars that is. I'm sure I can learn it easily enough."

Still standing behind me, she replied sternly, "Bar work? You think I'm going to entrust my bar to you! Honey, you'll be up on stage, stripping."

I turned my head angrily to face her "Excuse me?! I'm not some dumb chick that has to take her clothes off for money!"

She shocked me as her powerful hands encircled me and grabbed my tits, squeezing hard, suggestively rubbing them together. "Honey, the only reason someone gets big tits as fake as these is to get them out. You've the perfect slutty bimbo looks for stripping. And I'm guessing you need all the money you can get. I read the papers...Tiffany."

Over the next half hour I broke down into tears as I fully revealed my terrible situation. She was motherly yet firm and kept bringing it back to me being a stripper. Ultimately, she got tired of being my shoulder to cry on and gave me an ultimatum. I could work here at 'The Kitten' as their newest, youngest, most adorable blonde stripper. What is more, I could stay in the apartment above the strip joint with the current occupier and stripper 'Jade.' The rent would be taken out of my earnings to save me the hassle of working out all that complicated financial stuff.

I resolved to take the job. Besides, it couldn't be that bad could it? All girls together, it must be a party atmosphere every night in the changing room with all those other fun girls, lots of free drinks! Maybe even champagne sent from generous rich men? And anyway compared to these skanks I'd instantly be a huge hit with all the punters. I'd probably get a sugar daddy or even a talent scout to whisk me away within a few shows. Yeah, it would probably pay more than bar work anyway. The red-headed owner, who called herself Red (I nearly snarked at her for such an obvious nick-name) said I'd have to sign a year-long contract plus put a big deposit down on that to ensure my loyalty. I told her just to take it out of my weekly earnings with the rent, however much it was, I really didn't care (once I was spotted by a rich man or a talent scout it wouldn't be hard to get out of whatever it was she was making me sign up to. See, I have a plan).

I asked if I'd get to pick a stage name and came up with a few really clever ideas. But she didn't seem that impressed by them and said, rather nastily actually, that Tiffany was a dumb stripper name anyway. Plus everyone in town knew about dumb Tiffany Anderson, so that's what she'd advertise me as:

'Come see the dumb blonde, Tiffany Tits: rich bitch turned stripper.'

I didn't like her calling me dumb (You guys know I'm not dumb!) but I did like the way Tiffany and Tits starts with the same letter, T, that was super clever. I guess that's why she's in charge. I signed whatever meaningless papers she printed out for me and was given my very own key up to the apartment above my new workplace, 'the Kitten.' After being cut loose by my Aunt, I've already got my own place and a job. And I don't have to sort out the finances myself! It just proves how smart and awesome I am! Boys, comment below praising me for how well I'm doing!

Okay so it turns out the apartment is super small and shared, but I'm not disappointed. Don't feel sorry for me, it's just a sideways move. The present occupier and my new work friend, Jade, wasn't actually that happy to hear that she'd now be sharing with me. You see there's only one bedroom, one bathroom and then one small kitchen/main room. It's super small. I helpfully suggested maybe we could alternate between the couch and the bed but she said it's still her bedroom so I'd be stuck with the couch which is actually a sofa bed. I guess that's fair. She was here first.

Red left us to mingle and I tried to introduce myself to my new friend Jade. But she wasn't too friendly back. It turns out Jade was a veteran of the joint and held one of the prime late-night slots. Curvy, ebony skin, with big tits and a diva attitude. She quizzed me on my boob size, not happy that mine were slightly bigger than hers. But she poured scorn on me when she realized they were surgically enhanced. Her proud big black boobs were all natural. She told me the punters would never like my 'laughable white fakes' over her natural black tits. I told her I'd paid a lot for these but she said they looked dirt cheap and fake.

I was really hungry now after missing dinner yesterday and breakfast and lunch today. She told me I could cook for us both and there was pasta and maybe even a sauce in the cupboard. But when I went over to the small kitchen area it was full of scummy old pots and unwashed pans. Jade told me as the new girl I have to do all cleaning. Which is fair, I guess. After the pasta I spent most of the evening cleaning up the place while Jade drank from a bottle of vodka and watched tv. It would have been nice to been offered a glass but I guess it was hers.

While I was down on my hands and knees, cleaning the toilet, I heard Jade rummaging. I went into the main room and was hurt to see she was going through my garbage bag. I pleaded for her to leave my stuff alone but she pushed me away and said 'finders keepers'. She picked out a few dresses and what's worse, the one nice lingerie set I'd managed to smuggle away from my aunt. A black lace bra and matching thong with stockings. I was super hoping to wear that for my first show and bag a rich guy with them, it was the most expensive underwear I had left. But Jade pushed me aside again and went into her bedroom to try it on, locking the door.

I pounded angrily on the door with my little fists "Give them back! Give it to me!"

I heard her shout through the door. Did I want her to give it to me?

"Yes! Right now!" I shouted tearfully, I'd tried to be nice, but I was tired of being pushed around by this skank black bitch. It's time she learnt Tiffany Anderson was Queen Bee.

The door opened. The bitch was in my lingerie and stockings. She grinned and told me she was going to give it to me. I looked down.

She was wearing a huge black strapon.

I shouted NO! And tried to run but she jumped me near the kitchen.

"Little white rich bitch is going to take this big black cock!" she whispered menacingly into my ear. I tried with all my might to break free but she just laughed as she easily held me down. I'd never agreed to anal before, it wasn't for me. But now...


She just rammed it in and I was now crying. She grabbed a bunch of my old clothes from my garbage bag and stuffed them into my mouth. I lay and cried, muffled, as this black bitch pounded my ass open. With every thrust my resistance fell until I lay face down like an unconscious slave as she asserted herself over me.

And she talked down to me. I was now her white bitch. I tried to nod my head to agree with her. I wouldn't challenge her. I just hoped she would not rape me again. My ruined little delicate asshole hurt so much I just had to cry. My precious anal virginity had been stolen from me. After I tearfully agreed to serve her she pulled her black strapon out and forcefully flipped me over. I had barely worked out what was happening when the big brown lips of her pussy descended on me and locked onto my mouth.

I didn't know what I was doing, maybe you guys have some technique for this? I just licked as hard as I could until my tongue ached so much. And then it happened. Jade's entire body shuddered in pleasure and I felt her juices seep into my abused mouth.

I thought my raping would be finally over but I was then made to give her black strapon a blowjob as she casually watched tv. I thought how stupid I must look, expertly using all my twists and tongue techniques on an inanimate piece of 10 inch black plastic but I didn't want to risk annoying her with lack of effort.

When she finally went to bed, in 'her' bedroom, I re-gathered my strewn clothing and folded my few garments neatly onto the one side table Jade had designated as mine. I finished the washing up and set about trying to work out the sofa bed.

It proved impossible. I think it might be broken and I'm not very good with mechanical stuff. So for now I'm just sleeping on Jade's sofa. She hasn't given me a blanket just yet. It is a bit cold. That's where I'll end this diary entry. But seriously guys don't feel bad for me. I've got my new place and job. And it's only until I get talent-spotted or earn enough money to move away. Jade will still be here, the tired old stripper at the Kitten when I'm a top A-list model in LA. Then all you fans of mine can laugh with me at her for ever presuming she was better than me! I'll be Queen Bee again one day.

But I'd still like to hear your words of encouragement if you have the time. It's been a bit of a tricky beginning for me but I need to stay confident. It's a scary new job I'll be embarking on in my next diary entry. When I start stripping for men. No doubt I'll earn tons of money with my amazing looks. Hugs and kisses from your favourite girl xxxx

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