tagNonHumanBinding Ch. 02

Binding Ch. 02


The stood on the edge of a forest glade and of twilight. He was dark of hair and green of eye, tall, lean limbed and muscular. His power undisguised by the trappings of civilization he normally wore. She was delicate silver haired and eyed, but strong none the less. The waited together, hands intertwined, for the sun to set and the moon to rise. They waited for the moon to rise, and complete the binding which had begun the night before.

Looking down at the woman beside him, who so short a time ago he hadn’t known existed, he raised her hand to his lips and caressed the palm and wrist with his tongue. He wanted her more than any woman he had ever known before, and tonight he would bind them together for all time. There would be no uncertainty and no ending. That didn’t mean it would be easy, but it meant they would be together to face the difficulties.

Feeling his tongue and the lightest rasp of teethe over the palm of her hand and the pulse that raced beneath her skin she looked up. So short a time ago she was terrified of him, now she couldn’t imagine life without him. He who she had named monster and defiler, she chose as her life-mate, and tonight would bind them together, heart, mind, and soul for the rest of their lives. Smiling, she moved lightning fast to grasp his neck and pull his mouth down towards hers.

As their tongues and breath mingled he could feel all of his senses coming even more alive. The taste and scent of her was almost more than he could bear. With a wrenching effort or will he pulled back from her mouth and cupped her face in his hands. “Not yet my love, just a little longer. When the moon rises, no matter what happens, no matter what you feel don’t let go of my hands or look away from my eyes. Nothing will harm you and I will be right in front of you.” He held her face between his hands until she nodded and then reached down to clasp her small, wiry hands in his own. Standing, hands intertwined and gazing into each other’s eyes they felt nightfall approach.

As the sun sank behind the trees and twilight faded and deepened to true night she could feel a warm wind tingling up and down her spine. The small sounds of the forest that she had become so accustomed to over the last hours suddenly ceased. As the full, lustrous moon began to edge its way over the trees the tingling increased. She could feel a presence behind her, and gasping, tensed to turn around and confront it. Sensing her movement before she could complete it he clasped her hands more strongly in his and whispered, “Don’t look away from my eyes.”

Controlling her instincts to confront the unknown, she focused on his eyes. As se gazed into their lambent, green depths she felt her sense grow sharper and sharper. Soon every muscle and nerve was tense and jangling. As the moon finally rose completely in the sky the wind tingling up and down her spine rushed through her and washed her away. When she came to herself everything had changed. In front of her instead of her tall, dark lover was a gigantic black wolf with green eyes. As she drew back in shock her four unsteady legs tangled together and she landed in a heap.

Giving a soft whuff, as if of laughter the great black wolf bent his head down and began to lick along her muzzle and throat. Inside her head she heard a growling yet oddly gentle voice urging her to calm down. “Gently my love, give your self a moment to become accustomed to this form. Then you will find all the wonders of the night spread out before you.” Gradually as she calmed down his gentle caresses turned into nips and nudges, urging her to get up and join him. After a moment she did, gaining her feet unsteadily, she shook her self and settled down on her haunches to gaze wonderingly at him. He was magnificent. Half again the size of a normal wolf he was a deep midnight black on his head, shoulders, and back shading to a silvery gray on his stomach and legs, with eyes an unnatural, brilliant emerald. After concentrating for a moment of concentration she saw herself through his eyes. She was much finer in build, elegant and quick where he was massive and powerful. She was silvery all through her body with a white star on her head and a white tip to her tail, with the faintest edging of black on her ears and muzzle. Her eyes were the same silver, yet different, now glowing with a presence she’d never had before.

He took a couple of steps away and then looked over his shoulder at her. She could see the challenge in his eyes as he took off running. After a bare moment she was following. She could feel the amazing power of her body; it felt as if she could run forever without tiring. Soon she caught up to him and they raced side by side through the still, dark forest. Suddenly he came to a halt, confused she slid to a stop a few paces in front of him. As she stopped she smelled what had stopped him. Just ahead of them was a clearing where a herd of deer grazed. The wind was blowing towards them bringing the scent of warm prey to her for the first time. Her muscles bunched as she prepared to launch herself into the herd but recognizing her tension for what it was he moved in front of her and looked into her eyes. Once again she heard his voice, rough and gentle at the same time, inside her head. “Wait my love this is my hunt. You will learn later but this is my gift.” So saying, he started to glide forward soundlessly. With the wind the deer upwind they had no warning. Coming to the edge of the clearing he saw where the young bucks grazed together at the edge of the herd. Sighting the buck farthest from the rest of the herd he positioned himself and then tensed. With two great bounds he was on the deer. Slashing in he hamstrung his prey and then closed in and closed his teeth on the struggling deer’s jugular. As quick as that the rest of the herd panicked and scattered and the deer stopped struggling. Looking over his shoulder he called his mate. When she reached him he showed her where to bite and they shared the sweet, hot blood of his kill. Then they feasted.

Afterward, sated, they lay down together beneath the fragrant bows of a pine and talked. Communication of the mind was new and wonderful. She found that even though they could send each other thoughts there was no sense of invasion and their innermost thoughts remained private. What they were feeling colored the thoughts they shared and they couldn’t lie to each other. Everything combined to make their union sharper and closer than any she had ever felt. After a while of rest he got up and stretched. As if a continuation of the stretch his form shifted in a warm rushing blur into that of his human face. Crouching down to look into her eyes his warm thoughts brushed hers showing her without words how to change her form to human. It was simultaneously reaching and opening herself to the prickling energy that rode just beneath the surface of her soul. The change was nearly instantaneous yet seemed to stretch out forever. It wasn’t painful, more it was invigorating. She found that even after she had attained her human state her senses were sharper than humanly possible.

Reaching out to cup her face he pulled her closer and kissed her. Each nerve was instantly on fire. She could feel the rough tips of his fingers rasping against her skin. The heat radiating from him was incredible. As he deepened the kiss she realized that she felt not only her pleasure and desire, but his. A deep burning need began to churn her blood; she could feel his arousal raging, just barely within his control. Wrenching her lips from his she growled and pushed him onto his back. Nearly snarling with desire she latched her teeth around his jugular, biting down hard enough to leave her mark on him. releasing him before he could do more than tense she caressed her way down his body with teeth and tongue. Scraping her teeth over his nipples she reached down to grasp his aching manhood. The combination of her mouth caressing his nipples and her hands caressing his rock hard staff nearly sent him over the edge. He made a move as if to push her over onto her back but she looked up at him, growling, and her eyes were glowing. “Not this time! This time you are mine!” her voice scorched through his mind, leaving him no doubt that she meant it. Assured that he would accede to her desires, she turned her attention back to his body. Making a burning trail down his body, she avoided where he wanted her mouth the most.

Continuing feather light touches with her hand she licked her way down his stomach and then trailed fire down one leg. Working her way up the inside of his thigh she could feel the muscles bunching up. The tension in him was almost unbearable and she felt it as if it were her own. Growling again she finally reached the seat of his desire. This time she was in control. No longer afraid of him she knew he was hers. Without warning she threw her self up his body. Poising herself above his throbbing member she leaned forward and kissed him. As her tongue entered his mouth she lowered herself over his rock hard, burning cock. Gasping at the heat of her he thrust upwards convulsively. As he seated himself in her steaming passage up to the hilt she gasped and stiffened. He froze for a moment then felt her warm juices bathing him. Realizing that she had already cum he prepared to thrust his way to paradise but she put a hand on his chest and halted him. She leaned forward and kissed him and then sat back. Raising herself up she paused with him barely with in her and then slowly lowered herself down again, engulfing him completely. With tightly controlled motions she rode him slowly. Each ripple of her tight pussy caressed him separately. Each time he tried to thrust up to meet her she paused, leaned forward to kiss him and slowed yet further. She could feel his desire as well as he could feel hers. She knew he wanted nothing more than to pound himself into her until he collapsed and he knew that she would soon let him.

As once more she halted and leaned into kiss him he grasped her hips and with a wrenching roll pulled her beneath him. Continuing the kiss he thrust his tongue into her mouth in time with the thrusting of his hips. Again and again he thrust himself into her only to pull almost completely out and then thrust home again. He thrust in an ever increasing rhythm that no normal man could sustain. She came almost continuously, each time riding the cresting wave of fulfillment higher and higher. Finally when neither could take any more he erupted inside her, bathing her womb with his seed. Gasping, he fell to his side pulling her with him to tuck her up against his chest, his now soft organ still lodged inside her. “Well my love, now we are mated. It merely remains to be seen whether we shall survive the mating!” Sighing in repletion she leaned against him and let herself drift off to sleep. Just before she was pulled under the heavy tide of oblivion she let a thought whisper down their link. “Now who’s the ravisher?!”

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