Birthday Party Olsen Twins Style


“Yes, yes, eat my pussy!” she cried out. Her girl friends where watching in open mouth wonder from their table as the red headed stranger suddenly yanked the top of her dress down, letting her large breasts pop out. With both hands she massaged and squeezed her breasts, her nipples becoming rock hard.

Watching all this happen within only a few seconds was more than Scott could take. With a loud primordial groan, he came inside Mary-Kate Olsen, his cum filling her tight little hole. Mary-Kate also came at that moment, her pussy milking his cock as her muscles shook. She could feel his hot sperm flowing through her body to fill her womb, the knowledge of her little prank that she had pulled earlier in the day making her orgasm even more exciting.

Unlike Ashley, Mary-Kate hadn’t been taking her birth control pills. She found sex more exciting when their was the risk of becoming pregnant. Of course, not really ready for mother hood, she never had sex when she was ovulating and at her most fertile, but there was always the chance that it would happen. Tonight, for example. Not quite that time yet, it was still pretty close, so she was incredibly turned on at the thought that Scott might be the father of her child. But to add to the thrill, she had secretly switched Ashley’s pills with candy. Her sister had never noticed, because they looked exactly alike. So there was every chance that he had gotten her pregnant too.

Thinking on this, and how Ashley was oblivious and what her reaction would be when she found out, Mary-Kate had another orgasm. By now, Scott’s balls where completely empty, but her pussy wouldn’t let him pull out just yet. Burring her face in the stranger’s pussy, she let out more moans of pleasure.

As she finished and Scott helped the stranger to climb down, the dj suddenly played their warning song. Ashley looked up from Mary-Kate’s breasts and saw the bouncer waving to them. “Shit, someone must have ratted on us.” Moving fast, she jumped up and turned to get their stuff, but she had forgotten that Scott still had his fist in her. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as the sudden movement jerked his fist into an awkward position that set off another orgasm. When her pussy had unclamped him, Scott yanked his fist out with a satisfying pop and the sudden release in pressure gave Ashley a sudden dizzy spell. “What was I doing?” she asked dizzily.

Mary-Kate was yanking her top back down and fixing her messy hair when she shouted over the music, “The cops, remember. We need to clean up.”

Scott had also pulled out of Mary-Kate and was fastening up his pants and fixing his shirt when the police entered through the door. They pretended to look around the whole club, as if checking things out, but before they even looked in their general directions, the cops where already moving towards them.

“Shit, no time to clean up,” Mary-Kate shouted. They had a bunch of glasses and beer bottles all around them, there was no way they could bluff themselves out of this, even if most of the drinks weren’t theirs. “Grab your stuff Ashley and let’s go out the back.”

Ashley picked up her pink purse and panties and ran to the exit, her long blonde hair waving all over. Mary-Kate kissed the red head stranger in her mouth before passing her a business card with her e-mail address then grabbed Scott by the hand and raced after Ashley.

Having seen their escape, the cops cursed and tried to run after them, but at that very second, a waitress had dropped a tray of drinks in their way, and the dance floor suddenly became very crowded.

Having been warned of the cops approach, their limo had been moved to the back and the three-some jumped into the open back and the car took off. When it had merged with the normal New York traffic, they slowed down. All three of them were panting in the back, excited from the near capture and subsequent public humiliation.

“That was too close,” Mary-Kate giggled as she turned to look out the back window.

“Yeah, but to bad the party ended so soon.” Scott added.

“Who said the party has to end?” Ashley said as she moved to squat on his lap. She had carelessly dropped her panties on the floor and was unzipping his pants once more.

“Oh, you hungry little slut,” Mary-Kate cried out seeing her horny sister going at it again.

Whether it was all the excitement of the fact that this eighteen-year old blonde miniature goddess was hungry for him again, Scott didn’t know or care. As she hiked up her skirt, Scott’s dick became hard again and she sat down right on it.

“Happy birthday to us,” Mary-Kate purred as she stuck her tongue into Scott’s mouth.

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