tagFetishBlack Cuckold Couple Ch. 02

Black Cuckold Couple Ch. 02


The last few months have been a sexual awakening for me. I am married to a wonderful man, an amazing husband, and a very kinky, cum eating, cuckold. My husband loves to see me with other men and it really drives him wild when he see's me shoving a giant white cock down my throat. It has really turned our love life around and brought our orgasms to a whole new level. You see, me and my husband are both black and both love white cock. What my husband doesn't know is that my perversion goes a lot deeper then that.

My name is Tasa and I am a junior executive at Advertising Strategies, a small advertising company in L.A.. Mrs. Mathews is our department head and a real bitch. She is a leggy blond, 5'10, 120lbs, and about 10 of those pounds were in her new huge fake tits. She has a flat ass but a cute face, kind of reminds me of Pamela Anderson. Mrs. Mathews is always giving me a hard time, making bitchy remarks, and doing whatever she can to get under my skin. I think its because when her husband came to take her to lunch he couldn't keep his eyes off me. He was a tall blonde, blue eyed, white man and his dick was fighting to get out of his pants when he saw me. I was a bit shocked because the bulge had to be at least 9 inches trying to burst out of his zipper. Her husband hasn't been back to take her to lunch since then and she has been riding my ass ever since.

One day after my lunch break Mrs. Mathews called me into her office to drop off the new graphics for the Wittier account. I headed into her office, she was sitting relaxed and loose in her chair, smiling ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. As I approached she tilted further back in her chair. I dropped the graphics on her desk and said, "Here are the graphics you wanted me to bring you Mrs. Mathews." and I started to turn away.

She quickly quipped back, "Wait Tasa, could you please hand them to me?"

I picked up the graphics and headed to the other side of the desk. Mrs. Mathews hand was below the desk and I started to hear a quiet lapping sound. As I handed her the files I looked down and saw her hand on top of an ebony woman's head. I was caught of guard, the files dropped from my hand and fell to the floor with a thud. The girl between Mrs. Mathews legs stopped lapping up her pussy and tried to move her head up but Mrs. Mathews pushed her head back down and said, "Keep licking my pussy you dark skinned slut or you will be collecting your last paycheck today."

From below I heard a mousey, "Yes ma'am..." as she a slammed her face back into Mrs. Mathews pussy and started lapping again.

I recognized the girl, she was a friend of mine, Charlene, barely out of college. She had a hot little body and a face like foxy brown. My pussy was starting to get wet and I hadn't noticed Mrs. Mathews put her hand on my inner thigh working her way up my skirt. I realized what was happening when I felt her fingers tickle my pussy. I pulled away with a gasp as Mrs. Mathews said, "Come on Tasa, why don't you have a taste and if your a good little girl maybe you can lay on my desk and spread them legs so I can return the favor."

I was in shock and yelled, "Fuck you!" as I headed for the door.

Mrs. Mathews replied, "Be a good girl for me Tasa and I will make it worth your wild."

I opened the door and slammed it as I left. I made my way back to my cubicle and got back to work. However I was still distracted, the scene I saw in her office kept haunting me and kept me wet. I was constantly eyeing her door, waiting for Charlene to leave. I moved my skirt up a bit and rubbed myself through my silk panties. That white whore got me hot but I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction. Eventually Charlene came out of the office, head down, she took her arm and wiped it across her mouth. Trying to wipe off the rest of Mrs. Mathews off her face.

She quickly made her way back to her cubicle, like a walk a shame from a fraternity. I walked over to her cubicle, she couldn't even look at me when I took a seat across from her. Her makeup was messed up, hair disheveled, and clothes loose and wrinkled. I asked, "What happened in there girl?"

She started to tear up and hyper ventilating when she tried to reply, "I was late delivering the specs to the printer for the Fowler account and almost lost the client." She sobbed and continued on, "Mrs. Mathews called me into her office and threatened to fire me unless... unless... unless...."

I put my finger over her lips and said, "I understand girl, just take a second and calm down." I moved in quickly and kissed her on the lips, I could still taste Mrs. Mathews pussy still on her lips. Charlene was shocked and started to calm down. Charlene had just divorced her husband a month earlier and had been an emotional wreck the last few weeks. That bitch went to far and I had a planned to get her back for Charlene before she tried to pull the same shit on me.

Charlene quibbled, "What should I do? I need this job, it's all that I have" she sobbed.

"Don't worry girl, we will get her back, I swear." I replied.

Charlene hugged me around my neck and buried her head in my shoulder saying, "Thank you, Thank you" over and over.

I pulled her back a bit and looked into her eyes. Her head moved in and we started kissing. We had a little privacy from the cubicle but I was constantly looking around to make sure no one could see us. This young ebony sister moved down to my neck and started sucking. Her free hand rubbed by breasts softly. I was getting hot and she was becoming lost in ecstasy. I grabbed the hair on the back of her head and pulled. She released a soft moan, as I stood over her pulling her head back. I leaned in a gave her one long kiss and said, "Girl, you are one sexy woman but we need to get Mrs. Mathews back first. If she knew what we were doing right now, she would use it to control both of us. We will have our fun but that bitch must pay first."

I headed back to my cubicle but couldn't stop rubbing my pussy the rest of the day. That night I talked Jerome about what happened. The dirty cuck pitched a tent during the whole story. By the end of the night I had devised a plan to get Mrs. Mathews back. The first thing I was going to need to do was get her personal information. Human Resources would have her info and Mr. Parker was in charge of HR. Mr. Parker was a 55 year old, beer bellied, white man with a mall Santa type beard. I explained to Jerome that Mr. Parker was always flirting with and groping the women around the office. Since he was head of HR it was hard for the women in the office to complain. I explained to Jerome that I was sure Mr. Parker would give me the info I needed in exchange for a blowjob.

Jerome laid behind me in our bed and I could feel his dick getting hard again against my ass. He reached around to my tits grabbing both of them with a tight squeeze and said, "Are you going to enjoy sucking that old mans white dick?"

I pushed back into his dick and said, "Ooohhh yeah baby, I am going to swallow his cock then swallow his cum, and let just a bit dry on my lips to share with you later. Maybe I will let him record it for you..."

This drove Jerome crazy and he was begging me to fuck him. I was so horny and wet myself I could barely contain myself. I was in my bedtime lingerie and pulled my panties to the side so Jerome could try to please me. He fumbled with his boxers and had his ABC, average black dick, in me within seconds. I wished it was a huge white cock, but I was so horny anything hard and warm would do. As he started fucking me I yelled back to him, "You better not cum before me or that little dick wont see this pussy again for a long time." He started fucking me harder.

I continued telling him about all the white dicks in the office I wanted to suck. That I would swallow the cum from every white man in my office till it filled my belly. Jerome started hitting my pussy like a jackhammer and I had cummed five times before the night was over. I couldn't wait to see how he performed when I videoed Mr. Parker choking me with his old white dick.

The next day it was back to work as usual. Mrs. Mathews had sent me seductive looks all day. She would come up behind me rubbing her tits in my back while pointing at something over my shoulder, pretending like she was showing me something interesting. Onetime she whispered in my hear from behind, "Hey Tasa, why don't you come to my office during lunch and help me work out this kink I got between my thighs?"

I got up to walk away with no reply and she grabbed my ass as I left. She was getting me wet, but what she did to Charlene was wrong and I wasn't going to let her have that much power over me. I have always had a thing for white men but also white women. Even though I wouldn't mind playing with Mrs. Mathews, it was going to be on my terms. When lunch rolled around I noticed Charlene go into Mrs. Mathews office again. At the end of lunch she left Mrs. Mathews office again, her head was down, lipstick smeared, hair a mess, and not making eye contact with anyone. That bitch did it again and now I was more resolved then ever to get her back.

Before the end of the day I headed to HR and asked to have private conversation with Mr. Parker. Before I arrived at his office I took off my panties. We traded cordial pleasantries as I entered the office and I shut the door behind me. Mr. Parker sat behind his desk and asked, "How can I help you today Tasa?" Looking me up and down like a hungry dog sizing up a bone, "Please, Tasa have a seat..."

I continued to stand on the other side of his desk starting to inch around it and said, "Mr. Parker, I am not comfortable saying it out loud can I come to your side of the desk, I think it would be easier for me that way" I knew he would take the bait.

Mr. Parker said, "Yes, that would be more then alright" He was drooling at the chance to get close to me.

I move to his side of the desk sitting on the corner, one leg partially on the desk, the other on the floor. This position pushed my skirt up my thigh and gave Mr. Parker a great view of my freshly shaved pussy. His eyes grew in size and almost looked surprised. His hand subconsciously moved to his crotch and started rubbing his dick. I stared into his eyes and he quickly came back from his trance stammering, "Wh-wh-what can I do for you Tasa?"

I bent at the waist to close the distance between our faces and whispered, "I know that your not suppose to give out employee personal information but I really need Mrs. Mathews contact information."

Mr. Parker Brow furrowed as he said, "You know I cant do that, I could get fired for that."

I got off his desk and dropped to my knees between his legs, looked up at him and said, "If I do you a favor... could you do me a favor Mr. Parker?" in my cutest school girl voice while rubbing his dick through his pants.

Again he stumbled his words and he said, "Ye.. yes, yes, I think we can work this out." He rushed for his zipper to pull out his dick.

I quickly stopped him, "Don't worry about that baby I will handle that part" I grabbed my phone from my pocket and handed it to him "I want you to video me sucking your dick for my husband to see." Shock and fear crossed his face, he had met my husband before and Jerome was quite an imposing man.

"Maybe this isn't a good idea Tasa, I don't need the trouble." He said while trying to move his chair back from me.

His dick started to soften at the thought of my very large husband till I said, "Don't worry, he is a pussy, he wont don't anything, he loves watching me suck big white dicks." I quickly got a hold of the monster hiding in his pants.

His dick shot up like a bottle rocket again. He laid back and slumped in his chair, nervously pointed the phone at me and said, "O.K. I'm recording"

I smiled up at the camera and started to slowly move his zipper down. As I helped it escape his pants I was a shocked at the size of his dick. It wasn't the biggest white cock I had ever seen but it was still bigger then my husbands. This old white man was easily sporting 8 x 5 inches and I could see Mr. Parker smirk from behind the camera as he said, "You love my big white dick don't you slut..."

With one hand wrapped around the base of his cock, I pulled his dick to my lips giving it a kiss and said im a schoolgirl tone, "Yes daddy."

I heard him groan as I swallowed his cock, keeping eye contact with the camera. I started to suck and slurp and lick his fat white dick faster and faster. I was getting better at swallowing large white dicks and was taking more and more of him down my throat the longer I sucked. With his free hand Mr. Parker grabbed the top of my head and was forcing me down making me gag and choke. I loved it because he started becoming more verbal spewing obscenities at me. Mr. Parker said things like, "Suck me you black whore." "I love those sexy black lips around my white dick" "choke on that white dick you fucking slut" and every time I would say "yes daddy" in my sexiest school girl voice. This was making me so wet I was dripping on his office floor.

Mr. Parker couldn't take it anymore, he pulled my by the hair off his dick and quickly stood up pulling me with him. He turned me around and bent me over his desk. As Mr. Parked lined up his dick with my pussy he yelled out, "I need to fuck that tight black pussy little girl." and he shoved it in and started jack hammering away.

As soon as the huge white dick slammed into me I started having multiple orgasms. I yelled back, "Oohhh god yes daddy, your big white dick is making my pussy cum." I looked over my shoulder while he was plowing into me. He had turned the camera around to himself and said, "Hey Jerome, your wife's pussy is great and she sucks dick like a real whore, I am going to leave a little present for her to take home to you."

My whole body started shaking again after I heard that and I yelled out, "Oohhh god I'm coming again."

Mr. Parker couldn't take it any longer either and I could feel is fat white dick pulsing inside me, filling me with cum. It felt like he dropped a gallon of semen inside me. I stayed bent over that desk for several minutes, breathing hard, and still trying to recover. Mr. Parker fell back into his chair, he had stopped recording. His old ass probably hadn't worked that hard in a long time and was breathing hard.

Suddenly I felt his hands on the back of my thighs, he was moving in to eat my pussy but I quickly turned to stop him and said, "That is for Jerome and if he didn't get a chance at it, then he really would be mad." a sad look crossed his face like a scolded child.

I pushed him back into his chair and resumed my position between his legs, looked up at him and said, "I also promised Jerome I would have a special kiss for him tonight."

I went down and started cleaning the cum and pussy juice off his dick. I swallowed most of it and smeared the rest of it over my lips . Mr. Parker started getting hard again but I just gave his dick a smack and told him that's enough for now. Mr. Parker was more then happy and quickly got the info for me. He made a copy of her contact info and handed to me, as he did he said, "can we do this again sometime?"

I responded with a smile, "Only if your a good boy, maybe one day I will give you a treat." I quickly stepped out of his office, his assistant Mary, eyeballed me all the way out the door. She definitely could hear what was going in that office and it made me feel so dirty just imagining what she was thinking about me. As I walked through the office towards the parking lot I could feel Mr. Parker's cum leaking down my leg. I kept my panties off because the cum running down my thigh felt amazing. My clothes were wrinkled, skirt still hiked up a bit, and hair a mess. I think the Samoan security guard noticed the cum running down my inner thigh as I left the building.

As I drove home I used Mrs. Mathews contact information to call her husband. I started rubbing my pussy as I dialed the number and he quickly picked up. "Hey William this is Tasa, I work with your wife... we met before when you came to take your wife to lunch a couple months ago."

William curiously replied, "Sorry Tasa, I don't think remember you..."

"I was the one with the long black legs, long black hair, and round black ass." said Tasa

"Ohh I think I remember you now" said William

"We didn't really get a chance to talk cause your wife led you out of the office very quickly and I never got a chance to tell you how fine you are." said Tasa

"I think you very hot also, this seems a bit strange though, how did you get my number?" replied William quizzically.

"That doesn't really matter, what does matter is I called because I thought you should know your wife is cheating on you?" said Tasa mischievously.

Mr. Mathews became enraged, "I told that bitch she better not cheat on me again, I don't care if she gets half, that bitch is not going to disrespect me!" yelled William.

"Hey William what if I told you I can get you hard evidence that your wife is cheating so you have control over your marriage and at the same time I let you stick your dick into this nice tight black pussy?" Tasa purred.

"I hate to look a gift pussy in the mouth but why do you want to help me?" said William.

"Frankly because your wife is a bitch and she needs someone to teach her a lesson. If you want that evidence and this pussy, don't tell your wife we talked. Just come to my house tomorrow night at 7pm. Your wife will be in a very compromising position then, I will text you the info. Tomorrow night you will be fucking my tight kitty in front of you wife and she won't be able to do anything about it." said Tasa as she hung up the phone.

I sent over my information along with a picture of me sucking Mr. Parker's dick with the message 'this could be you'. He text-ed me back 'Your so fucking hot, I will definitely be there tomorrow.'

I got home and Jerome still hadn't gotten home yet, so I got comfortable in our lounge chair. I heard Jerome pull up, I made sure to have my feet up on the ottoman with my legs apart. As he walked in he must of saw the huge smile on my face and made a bee line for me. I turned on the video of me sucking Mr. Parker and Jerome dropped to his knees between my legs. Jerome smiled and said, "Did you suck and fuck him..?"

"Yes I did, give it a minute and you will see him bend me over his desk and fuck me like a whore" I said.

Jerome just continued to stare at my used pussy while listening to all the dirty moans, grunts, and Mr. Parker talking dirty to me while he fucked me. I looked down between my legs at Jerome and said, "He left a present for you, I think some of it ran down my leg as I left the office, could you clean it up for me?"

Jerome took my foot and started sucking my toes. He slowly licked up my ankle, to my calve, and then cleaning the dry cum on my inner thigh with his tongue. Finally he dove in for his creamy surprise. He ate my pussy and licked me clean for about a half hour. We fucked several times that night watching the Mr. Parker video over and over again. After we had finished I told Jerome everything was going to plan and that we would be having visitors the following evening. Jerome knew if he followed my instructions that we would have the greatest night of our lives.

The next day I made sure to wear the tightest skirt and top I could fine. I left all my undergarments at home. I saw Charlene in the morning and told her my plan to get Mrs. Mathews back. She was very timid at first and wasn't sure she could help. I gave her a deep passionate kiss and told her to trust me. I was actually a bit surprised when she finally agreed to do it. She really wanted to get revenge on Mrs. Mathews. I gave her my info and told her to be at my house after work. Later in the morning Mrs. Mathews made her morning rounds and stopped at my cubicle.

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