tagNonHumanBlack Female Werewolves Rock!

Black Female Werewolves Rock!


The City of Houston, Texas, is a tough environment for a brother, and if you also happen to be a wolf-man like myself, life can be hell down there. My name is Jacques Saint-Croix, and I'm a newcomer to this town. I was born in the City of Cap-Haitien, northern Haiti, and spent most of my life there. In 2005, at the age of eighteen, I left the island of my birth and came to the southern United States in search of a better life. Honestly, it hasn't been easy for me around these days. Fast forward seven years, I'm a newly minted citizen of the U.S. and a graduate of the legendary Texas Southern University, founded by African-American educators in 1927 to serve the educational needs of Texas growing Black community.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Texas Southern University and I've decided to stick around and attend Law school there. I once thought about going to Howard University for Law school but Texas Southern University will do just fine. In spite of all the difficulties I've had down here, I've grown to love life in the Lone Star State. You wouldn't think that a guy raised on the island of Haiti and the average Texan redneck have anything in common, and that's where you'd be wrong. In both places, you'll find hard-working, church-going folk who are polite but also brutally honest about the beliefs they hold dear. One thing I like about Texans, they don't bullshit. Down here, you know your friends and you know your enemies. Nobody pretends with you. I'm thankful for that, at least.

Two years ago, I was dating this tall, beautiful young woman named Kathryn O'Leary. You should have seen her, man. Five feet eleven inches of slender and sexy, blonde-haired and green-eyed Caucasian loveliness. Kathryn and I met while I was visiting my buddy Jean-Marc at the University of Houston. I've always had a thing for "exotic" ladies. Even while living on the island of Haiti, I dated my share of Hispanic women, mostly visitors from the Dominican Republic. My dear mother Helene Saint-Croix wasn't fond of the ladies I dated and she thought I was headed for heartache and trouble. Even though we live on the same island, Haitians and Dominicans have a long and complicated history. Lots of Haitian women date Dominican guys but when Dominican women date or even marry Haitian men, the Dominicans tend to get mad as hell. Fuck these losers, man. Anybody can date whoever they want to date, it's the fucking twenty-first century. Anyhow, I was attracted to Kathryn O'Leary the moment I saw her, and I wanted me some of that Texas white booty. White women in redneck country aren't like white women from other parts of the country. They've got really nice butts, if you know what I mean. I don't know what they do different down here but it's working.

I pursued Kathryn, and she found me charming and cool. It's not her fault, really. At six-foot-two and 240 pounds of sexy and well-built, muscular chocolate stud muffin, I was hot and I knew it. I was used to having women stare at me. It's a price I pay for being a good-looking brother. Anyhow, Kathryn and I began dating, and we had a passionate relationship. Now, even though Obama is the President of the United States and Hispanics, Asians and African-Americans are starting to outnumber white people in Texas, Texans themselves aren't the most tolerant bunch when it comes to interracial dating. Most Texans don't mind when it's a redneck guy dating a Hispanic woman or a Black female. However, they STILL get riled up when they see a Black guy with a white woman. That's Texas for you. Kathryn and I got stared at wherever we went, and sometimes people said some racist stuff when they saw us together.

Out all the interracial pairings out there, from white men with Chinese chicks, Black women with white guys, Indian women with Chinese guys, Arab guys and white women, it's Black men with white women who seem to cause the most controversy pretty much anywhere. I'll never understand why. Even in 2012, it's still the case. I find myself getting the evil eye from white guys and Black females whenever I held Kathryn's hand in a public place. One time, a middle-aged Black woman walking around with a portly old white dude shot me a withering look of raw hatred. I swear, Black women get madder than rednecks when they see a Black man with a blonde chick. Yet those same Black women are all smiles when they see a Black woman holding hands with a man who isn't Black. Talk about your double standards. Welcome to my world.

Kathryn and I ran into our share of problems, especially after she introduced me to her family during Thanksgiving 2012. Let's just say that her parents, Lewis O'Leary and Clarice Jacobson O'Leary, didn't like the fact that their pretty blonde daughter was dating a Black man. Being Texan rednecks, they didn't exactly hide how they felt about it. Kathryn did warn me about how her family would feel about us but getting called the N-word to my face stung like a motherfucker. I decked her pops, hitting him so hard that he fell, unconscious. For that outburst, I spent a night in jail. Got to love the beautiful State of Texas. The next day, I went home and got a text message from Kathryn informing me that our relationship was over. Isn't that frigging great?

After my relationship with Kathryn O'Leary ended, I decided to stay solo for a while. I felt jaded about relationships in general. I felt heartbroken and hopeless. The world seemed dull, gray and empty to me. Also, my mental state seemed to affect me physically. That's a big problem when you're a wolf-man. You see, unlike werewolves of legend, my people aren't human beings transformed into wolf-like creatures by the light of the moon. We're actually shape-shifters. Our natural state is the wolf, it's our humanity that's the disguise. Among my people, staying too long in human form is considered taboo. Kind of like how 'mixed folk/mulattos who looked white' got looked down upon by other Black people for "passing" in the old days. I've been accused of that in the past. The last time I assumed my true shape, I think Bill Clinton was still in the White House. Yeah, it's been a while.

I was walking around downtown Houston one night when I sensed...something. Even in human form, I have much sharper senses than the average person. I can always sense when one of my kind is near. I spotted the intruder immediately. In a crowd of humans, she stood out. Who do I mean? A tall, curvy young woman with mocha skin and long, neatly braided hair. Clad in a red tank top and black jeans, she looked sexy and smelled even better. I could smell her, the wolf-woman smell, hidden by her perfume. I smiled at her and she smiled at me. I walked up to her and introduced myself. She looked me over thrice before shaking my hand and telling me her name. Thus I met Jerusalem Berhanu, the six-foot-tall, absolutely stunning werewolf from the City of Ankober in central Ethiopia, deep within the Horn of Africa.

Jerusalem and I talked for a bit, and like the gallant gentleman that I am, I invited her for a long walk followed by a quick bite. I quickly learned that she was a newcomer to the U.S. and was staying with her aunt Amina in the Houston suburb of Spring Valley, while studying business administration at Texas Southern University. I was mightily impressed, this lady was fine, sexy and smart. Let me be the first to say I found her beautiful, but she was made doubly so in my eyes because we were the same species. Growing up on the island of Haiti, I was surrounded by beautiful Black women but for some reason, sisters simply weren't into me. I've always been luckier with women of other races. Even in America. Still, Jerusalem Berhanu excited me like no woman ever has. Tentatively I asked her out, and she smiled coyly before accepting. And that's how it all began.

I had been so long without my own kind that I had forgotten what it felt like. I've encountered other werewolves in America. We're a species, after all, and we're everywhere, from Latin America to the Caribbean, from the Middle East to Asia, from Africa to the Australian continent. Worldwide, I'd say there are perhaps a million of us or something like that. I had never been with a wolf-woman before. Women from my species are ferocious, demanding and jealous as hell. They're the dictionary definition of possessive. Male werewolves like myself prefer dating human females because they're more easygoing. Also, since humans and werewolves are two completely different species, it's fun to date and fuck females while knowing you can never get them pregnant. I couldn't impregnate a human female any more than an ordinary human male could knock up a chimpanzee. It was simply impossible. It's part of the reason why I fucked so many human women. Fun with little to no consequences.

I found myself really liking Jerusalem, the wolf-woman from Ethiopia. I had never been with a woman with power like mine, someone who was my equal and faced the same risks. We came from different cultures. Haitians and Ethiopians live on opposite sides of the world, even though we're both predominantly Black and predominantly Christian nations with a history of resisting imperialism. The Caribbean isn't the Horn of Africa, though. Jerusalem and I were alike, but different. It felt wonderful but also strange to walk around town with a beautiful Black gal, holding her hand and having a good time with her. I didn't think I could find a Black woman who would accept me for who and what I am. As a Black man, a foreign-born individual and a wolf-man, I've always been a loner. With Jerusalem in my life, I realized that I didn't have to be alone. That's why I've decided to give a relationship with her a shot. Hey, you never know, right? It just might be what I've needed all along. God helps me, when I'm with her, I feel just...right.

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