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I am the father of an extremely good looking 18 year old daughter. While I have never done anything with her sexually (unless you consider I encouraged her to orgasms while masturbating with her girlfriends). I must say she is truly a turn on of a lady. She, like her mother has an incredible body. Perfectly proportioned 36C breasts and a tight ass to match.

I am self employed so I make my own hours. One day I came home from work early and had a BIG surprise! My sweet innocent little girl was in the middle of pleasing two well hung black dudes. They were in her bedroom so they didn’t hear me come in the front door.

I quietly went outside her bedroom door to listen in for a while. With the door slightly cracked I also got an eyeful! There was my sweet little daughter riding one guys cock that must have been at least 10” and deep throating another that was 8’ or more. She moaned as she sucked the cock of one while the other rammed her tight pussy. I had thought all along that she was a virgin but boy did she have me fooled!

I have never had sex with another guy but I must admit I found the sight of those two huge black cocks taking my daughter a huge turn on! Summoning the courage I broke into her room and said “What in the hell is going on here!” My daughter quickly grabbed the sheets to cover herself while the two guys looked at me in disbelief. They jumped off the bed and tried to put their clothes on when I said “You’ve started the job; you might as well finish it.” But if you don’t want me to call the police you have to play by my rules!

First get back on my daughter and finish filling her mouth and tight pussy with your loads. So they went back to work as if I wasn’t there and pounded her mouth and pussy with total abandon. They shot their loads while my daughter screamed in joy, muffled only by the load of spunk she now had to swallow.

They hadn’t noticed but while this was going on I pulled my cock out of my pants was stroking my 7” rod now fully hard. “OK which one of you big black cocks wants to be sucked dry first?” They looked at me total amazement, but the smaller of the two came over and said me first. “I always wanted to have the father of son little white bitch suck my cock after I’ve fucked real good!” Without hesitation I took his still swollen member into my mouth and suck like there was no tomorrow! My daughter looked on in shock as she saw her father suck the same cock she had just swallowed a huge load of cum from. The other not wanting to miss an opportunity came behind me and with brutal force shoved his cock into my now aching ass! I felt the head go in first but unable to respond from sucking on the beautiful cock in my mouth allowed his member to pierce my virgin ass with his entire rod.

Imagine just a few minutes earlier I was astounded to find my little virgin daughter being rammed by two huge black cocks and now I was being taken in the same way.

Not to be out done and realizing that she was not in trouble for this taboo love of black cock, my little girl came over and started to lick and suck on my fat cock. I know that it is not acceptable for most but how could I stop her, so over taken by one cock in my mouth and another up my ass.

Well you can only imagine what came next. My wife came home from shopping and wondered what all the sounds of moaning were about. She couldn’t believe what she saw! But there we were a twisted mound of bodies in sweet rapture. You know the old saying; “If you can’t beat them, join them.”? Well join us she did. Before I knew if she was licking the ass of the 10” black guy who obliged by pulling out of my ass and shoving his cock into her mouth. Noticing there was another person in this orgy the 8” pecker pulled out of my mouth and slipped into my wife’s now dripping pussy. I just stood back as I watched what at first was shocking to me turn into the biggest turn on of my life.

My daughter said; “Daddy I never knew you and mom were so open about sex.” Before I could even speak she dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock in a way I had only imagined. Well, from having it sucked on already from the first guy I wasn’t far from cumming and starting to moan loudly. My little girl looked up at me and with that approving look in her eyes I knew she wanted my white ooze for her own. I screamed in ecstasy as I shot my load down her waiting throat. Almost at the same time I saw my wife taking a load down her throat and up her dripping pussy at the same time!

We all laid on the floor totally spend from our impromptu orgy. The two black strangers got dressed and left without a word, while my wife and daughter had quite the time of our lives to share.

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by divergurl10/26/17


Why even talk about thinking sexually about your daughter when you are clearly gay and submissive. And you have yourself the smallest cock haha

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