tagIncest/TabooBlack Incest Stories Ch. 04

Black Incest Stories Ch. 04


Chapter 4: A Fun, Nasty Visit

It was Spring Break, and I had decided to go visit my Uncle Ron. I didn't want to stay on campus, nor did I want to be bothered with my parents, so I made the choice to go see to go kick it with Unk, instead. Once I got there, it was so refreshing to be away from school, so I fully began to relax.

"Wassup, Damon?!"

"Sup, Unk?! What it is, man?"

"Shit, chillin, chillin..."

My Unk was cool as a bitch. I was 22, and he was 28, so we were pretty close in age, that's why we got along so good. We had much in common. More than I knew.

"I'm glad that you decided to come and kick it with your Unk for a few days, man. A nigga be lonely and shit, yo."

"Yeah, right, nigga. You don't be lonely. All the hoes that you have running up & through this bitch? Please..."

"I do need to male bond and all that other hoe shit at times, nigga."

"Whatever. Who's bags are these?"

"Aw, damn, man. I forgot to tell you that Charrise is her to stay a couple of days, too. Hope you don't mind."

"Risse? No, it's cool..."

Charrise was my Cousin and my Unk Ron's Niece. We were about the same age, so I thought that it would be cool to kick it with her, as well. When I finally saw her, I couldn't believe my eyes. Cuz was hot to death, yo! Long hair, pretty brown eyes, nice tits, with a fat ass to match. I know that this was my blood, but, damn.


"Wassup, Risse? Man, I ain't seen your ass in a hot one. What's good?"

"Going to school and stuff like that. Decided to crash here with Unk because I could not take my folks."

"I'm here for the same reasons, man."

"That's cool. Then this should be a fun couple of days, then."

"It should..."

A severe thunderstorm kept the three of us in for the night, so we just decided to chill out on the couch and catch up. Unk rolled up a blunt, and we got to cheifing, which lead to some shit.

"So, Niecy, what nappy headed ass niggas you been fucking around with?"

"What? I ain't been messing around with nobody, Unk. Don't have time for all that stuff."

"Girl, you ain't got to be all sainted with me. I ain't your Pops. Quit talking so safe around here, too. Ya'll grown. I gives no fuck about cussing. We close to the same age. No need to respect me. Cool?"


"So, tell me, who you been fucking with?"

"Well, I only been with one dude. I just broke up with him. We were together for about four months."

"Aight, aight. Did he treat you good?"

"Yeah, he did. Very nice. It was just that- never mind. I forgot who I was talking to for a minute. Must be this weed."

"Naw. What was you about to say, Risse?"

"I can't talk about that with my Unk & my Cuz."

"Girl, what goes in this house, stay in this house. Don't worry about shit. Me & D are cool peoples. We ain't gone say shit. Right, D?"

"Yeah. If you got something to say, then say it. What, he wasn't hitting it right?"

"Well, actually, he wasn't..."

"Aw, damn, Risse. My bad, yo. I didn't mean to-"

"Naw, it's cool, D. Unk said that we could be open and shit, so I will be. My nigga just couldn't fuck. He didn't really have much dick, and he was scary about eating pussy, so I dropped his ass."

"Damn, Risse! You sure did get loose, didn't you?"


"Don't be! I told you to be open, Niecy, so go ahead. So, can I ask you something?"


"If he was eating it & beating it, would you still be with dude?"

"Hell, yeah!"

"What if you got offered some good dick & tongue right now? Would you turn that shit down?"

"The way this weed got me feeling, probably not..."

"Even if the dick & tongue was from your Unk?"

Me & Risse's eyes got big as hell. Our Uncle was offering sex. This shit was getting crazy!

"Unk, you crazy! I see that weed got you talking silly."

"Yeah, the weed got a nigga dick hard and my tongue dripping, but I'm dead serious. I'm feeling freaky right now, and Risse, you looking good as fuck. So, you gone let Unk & Cuz hit?"


"Don't be trying to act all brand new, nigga! I saw the way you was looking at Risse earlier. You want it just as much as I do, yo."

I couldn't believe this shit. I mean, my cousin was hot, but damn, I didn't want her to know how I felt.

"Look, I ain't mean to make ya'll feel uncomfortable. If ya'll ain't down with it, that's cool. It's just that we're stuck here without anything to do, and we're all grown. What goes in this house, stays in this house. Fuck it, I'm horny, and I need release."

Unk, then unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. That muthafucka was big as hell! I tried not to look that hard, because I didn't know how he would react to me being bi, but, damn. Charrise was fixed on Unk's dick, too. She went in her shorts and got to playing with her pussy. She then got on her knees and took Unk's 10 inches into her mouth. That was about all I could take, so I got behind Risse and pulled her shorts & thong off.

Damn, her pussy was so wet & fat. I got under her and latched onto her clit with my lips and sucked on it. She moaned on Unk's dick, making him start to fuck her face. Risse humped my mouth, her juices running down the sides of my face. I was so into eating Charrise's pussy that I hadn't noticed that Unk got up from the couch. Soon, I felt a warm mouth on my 9 inch dick. It was my Unk! I guess it was obvious that he got down now.

I grabbed the back of his head and fucked his mouth. Risse got up on the couch and spread her legs. I got up and sunk my wet, throbbing dick inside of her.

Unk sucked on her titties while I fucked her down. He then went down and licked her clit and made her cream on my dick for the second time. I took my cream soaked dick out of Risse's pussy and put it in her mouth. Unk started eating my ass, lubing it up for the fuck down that it was about to get. Unk got on his back, Charrise sat on his face, and I slowly guided my self on that dick.

I sucked Charrise's titties as my ass got wetter, making it easier to take my Unk's massive dick. Unk let out a loud growl then shot a fat load deep inside me. I beat my dick and nutted on Charrise's titties, then licked it all off. It was definitely one of the hottest experiences that I have ever had. We soon moved to Unk's bedroom for round 2.

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