tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBlack Love: Transsexual Edition

Black Love: Transsexual Edition


My name is Steve Vincent. A big and tall young Black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Currently, I'm a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts in downtown Boston. When I'm not in class, I work for the Department of Corrections. I'm openly bisexual, and love to have fun. Whether I hook up with a male or female, it doesn't matter. As long as they're feeling me. Today, I'm having some fun with some friends of mine. It's been a while since we got down and dirty. Black college students like to have fun too, folks. We have way more fun than our white counterparts. Don't let anyone tell you different. It's just the way we get down.

Presently, I'm having some fun with my good friend Lisa Bards. She's a tall, light-skinned and short-haired Black woman from the city of Atlanta, Georgia. I'm madly in love with her. Like me, she's a swinger. I'm sitting on the couch, smoking a cigar while Lisa kneels before me. She's got those sexy lips wrapped around my long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock. I love hooking up with sexy mature Black women like Lisa Bards. She's got the perfect round ass. And she likes younger men. Especially well-endowed Black studs like me. I love that about her.

Nearby, my friend Roger Joseph is having some fun with his Amazon-like girlfriend Georgia Claude. Roger is a tall, lean young Black man I met at Emerson College. He's a member of the men's soccer team at his school. Like me, he's a bisexual Haitian-American stud muffin. He goes both ways but he's really got a thing for transsexuals. That's why he hooked up with Georgia Claude. I must admit that when I first met her, I had no idea she was a transsexual. Georgia is five feet ten inches tall, curvy and delightfully thick, with dark brown skin, long black hair and a big round ass. A really big round ass. She's got the body of Queen Latifah plus the amazing booty of Serena Williams, folks. And a face as pretty as that of Alicia Keys. What I also found out is she's got a dick as gigantic as that of well-known African-American porn star Lexington Steele. She's got a ten-inch Black dick, folks. Wow.

After Lisa Bards got done sucking my long and thick Black cock, I decided to return the favor. I spread the sexy mature Black woman's shapely thighs and decided to give her pussy a good licking. I haven't gone down on a woman in a while. I began licking Lisa Bards pussy while eyeballing my buddy Roger and his lady Georgia Claude. Roger was on his knees, sucking on Georgia's gigantic Black cock. Hot damn. I hadn't seen a cock this big in ages. And I watch Black porn and interracial porn movies daily on my computer. Georgia winked at me as she caught me watching her fucking my friend's mouth with her gigantic dick. I couldn't help myself. Lisa Bards ran her sleek hands through my hair and urged me to continue licking her pussy. I did precisely that, fingering her pussy and licking it like there was no tomorrow. Afterwards, I put on a condom and told Lisa Bards to get ready for a ride.

I put the sexy mature Black woman on all fours and caressed her sexy round ass. Hot damn I love a mature Black woman with a sexy hard. I mentally masturbate while staring at the big-bottomed mature Black women at the Haitian-American Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Brockton, which I attend weekly. What can I say? These women are fine. Lisa Bards was in a league of her own when it came to sexy mature Black booties. I caressed her sexy ass and gently smacked it. She yelped, and told me to get to business. I grinned. What can I say? I like a woman who's eager for my brand of action. I pried Lisa Bards sexy butt cheeks wide open and had a look at her asshole. Nice. I slipped one finger inside, then two. Oh, my. This sexy mature Black woman was definitely no stranger to anal sex. I like that a lot. I pressed my cock against Lisa Bards asshole and pushed it inside gently.

Lisa grimaced as I pushed my cock deep into her asshole. I gripped her sexy wide hips tightly as I eased my cock into her booty hole. I've always loved the idea of sliding my cock in and out of a big-bottomed mature Black woman's asshole. I guess it's because I found mature Black women both sexy and dangerous growing up. They've always fascinated me. I loved the feel of Lisa Bards tight asshole around my long and thick Black cock. The sexy mature Black woman's tight asshole gripped my thick member like a vise. It felt good. Nearby, I noticed my friend Roger was having some anal sex of his very own. Georgia had him on all fours, face down and ass up. I watched the sexy Black transsexual as she thrust her long dick deep inside my friend's tight asshole. Roger was squealing as Georgia fucked him hard. I've hooked up with Roger in the past. Matter of fact, I've shoved my dick up his ass quite a few times. And he absolutely loved it. Watching him get fucked by his sexy transsexual girlfriend reminded me how fun sex with men could be.

I gripped Lisa Bards hair and yanked her head back while sliding my cock in and out of her asshole. She howled as I fucked her in the ass. I loved the sounds she made. I was fulfilling my fantasy of fucking a sexy mature Black woman in her ass. And it was absolutely awesome. I fucked Lisa's sexy ass until I came, blasting my hot cum deep inside of her. At the same time, Georgia came inside Roger and his screams of pain mixed with pleasure filled the room. Afterwards, the four of us hit the showers. A good time was had by all that night. We went to sleep. My friends were welcome to stay in my two-bedroom apartment. Lisa slept next to me. Georgia and Roger shared the next room. I had gotten laid but still, I wasn't sated. I went to the living room to watch some porn.

Guess who I found in the living room? It was Georgia. The sexy Black transsexual was watching a porn DVD. She sat there, stroking her magnificent cock while watching some chubby young Black chick getting ass fucked by some blonde-haired middle-aged white woman wearing a huge strap-on dildo. Georgia noticed me and smiled. She told me she liked interracial lesbian porn. I sat next to her and watched the movie with her. I was turned on both by the movie and her dick. Without a word being spoken, we started fucking. I took Georgia's thick cock into my mouth and sucked her off like there was no tomorrow. I don't usually do this for guys or transsexuals but I liked Georgia. Once I got her thick cock nice and hard, we got down and dirty.

I got on all fours and Georgia came up behind me. She spread my ass cheeks wide open and pressed her gigantic cock against my asshole. With a swift thrust, she sank it inside of me. I howled as Georgia worked her ten-inch dick into this young Black man's ass. I have ass fucked lots of women, men and transsexuals before but this was my first time getting fucked in the ass. This was really different. Georgia gripped my hips and shoved her dick deep into my asshole. I felt like her gigantic cock was splitting my ass in half. Georgia laughed at my screams and pounded my asshole mercilessly. Reaching underneath me, she stroked my cock while fucking me in the ass. At long last, I surrendered to the tall and sexy Black transsexual. I let her fuck me and enjoyed it. Georgia fucked my ass until she came, flooding my asshole with her cum. Afterwards, we sucked each other's dicks off and went back to our respective mates.

Since that day, Georgia and I have been having a secret affair. I love Lisa Bards. She's always eager to receive my big dick in her mouth, pussy and asshole. She's a lot of fun. And you know I love mature Black women with big butts and voracious sexual appetites. However, Georgia's giving me something nobody else can. I've grown really fond of the sexy Black transsexual. I love the feel of her ten-inch dick up my ass and if loving it is wrong then I don't want to be right. This bisexual Black stud has some unique needs, folks. Sorry if I seem weird to you. It's just the way I get down.

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